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  1. That's a shame. I think we'd appreciate at least v1.2 of Holdfast, as it had some significant fixes in it.
  2. Vandervecken

    Any news?

    Hi there, Is there any news on an updated Holdfast PDF (v1.2) and the next volume? It's been a while... Vandervecken
  3. // EDIT: Fixed links Hi folks, I mapped out the entire Act 3 quest, it's huge! Enjoy! Here is the SVG, viewable on a browser: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4zw7knc88t6kypp/Holdfast.svg?dl=0 And here is the original Graphviz file, readable in a text editor, for those who are interested or want to improve it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d142a452za3pyp0/Holdfast.gv?dl=0 Please note, this map includes a major correction: 999 should not connect to 1202, it should connect to 1205 984 should not connect to 1205, it should connect to 1202; Vandervecken
  4. One more: The fight at 1153 is against the Baalghast, and I think it should be Path of the Hidden Strength but isn't.
  5. I've been working on a DAG of Act 3, and it's a huge undertaking, but a lot of fun. It also helps me learn the dot language, which is good. Anyway, I've come across some issues, one major (that needs immediate correction), and a couple minor: Major issue: 999 should not connect to 1202, it should connect to 1205 984 should not connect to 1205, it should connect to 1202; Minor issues: 1170 - if you succeed and survive, should go to 1097, not 1032 What does the link from 1119 -> 1082 mean? It doesn't seem to make any sense.
  6. Interesting, when I asked about using Boons for Forgecraft here: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2876 You said No. But in the new v1.1.1 on page 7, it says yes.
  7. Here's another bug: In Act 3, if you have no relationship or a bad relationship with Skali, you can get Reinforced Command by swearing to his service, and then either dueling the Warholders or selling the Hold. However, if you came in with a good relationship with Skali, you are never asked to swear to his service, so you never get Skali's Favor, and you cannot get Reinforced Command by dueling the Warholders, only by selling. I think that's a mistake. A good relationship with Skali should function exactly as well as Skali's Favor for the purposes of Section 1155.
  8. I just finished all the Act 2 quests. It's probably a bit late for the current fix, but here are a few more finds: * Section 330 - part of the Pit fighters quest. There's a way to get here without an orc attack - frame Krak and back out, then ask him to join. Therefore, it makes no sense to say "Alrik is recovering from the orc attack" because there wasn't one. Also, you can take this path to get to the end of the quest and be told "Alrik is staying" even though you never got him, because you took the "frame Krak" route. Also, Alrik has inconsistent spelling. In sections 454, 773 and 934 he is spelled Alric. * It's not clear from the rules what "Slow" does. * I may have asked this before, but does Prevent/X rounds include the round you used it? Can you prevent an immediate Claw in this way? Might be worth clarifying when exactly powers like this start.
  9. I'd be a huge fan of a hardback/paperback version of the updated book. Especially if there are still plans for a volume 2.
  10. A couple more: Yrgulf Stonestock sells something called Dark Lore. You should probably make clear that this is the Dark-breaker skill The link between sections 943 and 270 is jarring. It feels like you're going back in time, since 270 narrates events from before the end of 943.
  11. More: The link between section 943 and section 270 is jarring, it seems to go back in time (Secret of Crossroads Hold) When fighting the old dwarf in sections 874 and 306, it says we win the right to buy his stuff, but we neither pay money nor get stuff (Secret of Crossroads Hold) The map in the Settings Guide for Death Devices of the Gray Lords shows section 530, which is incorrect. It should be 540.
  12. The map for Axe of the Drowned King in the Settings Guide refers to a section 843 which is not part of this adventure. The rest of the map seems ok though.
  13. Could there be clarification on the following question: When you get a boon from a gambit (e.g. Timeless Ring) must it be spent immediately?
  14. I'll keep going. I'm slowly playing every adventure in the book, and my wife tells me I have the soul of a copy editor.
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