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  1. So I can be rivals with joana and philippe in future; There are only 2 compulsory classes and they just happen to fit my char RP wise (I will branch out into other character archetypes after i feel like I have made a near-perfect Y2 save for my main); I like Louise; The Keystone adventure is so cool. That should be it, but I intend to give the other colleges a try each after I get my super Y2 save.
  2. Hatlo

    How do rolls work?

    I see.. So the high 20s threshold rolls will nearly always be blue? I can't see how to practically raise a subskill to 30 or even 25 even with equips. Is the only way to use spells for those hard final adventure steps? Pheme stacking?
  3. ModTools shows the main adventure (pirate) 02 having the option: Acting. Roll: Charm + Acting vs. threshold of 6 My Acting is 2. My Charm is 20, 10 base without equip/emotion/clique/spell bonuses The option is blue. Since charm+acting = 12 if we go conservative and ignore the bonii (if so, why even have them?), shouldn't the option be so green that it starts lobbying against GM crops, global warming and tar sands? So how do they work?
  4. Hello! I finally started playing the game about a week ago. Aggressive lurking the past week, but I've absorbed about 70%? of the useful information in the forum so I should come out and say hi. Love the game, the idea behind it, the sandbox-iness, the 1000s of skills, the hint at something bigger in certain adventures. Hardcore Vernin but sad that crafting and consumables are so incomplete/poorly thought out. I still feel dirty after completing Rikildis's adventure... Poor Rieulle, nobody deserves this! I will take Music for my next character as penance.
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