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  1. MaskedHuzzah

    Mod Tools

    Okay, so that seems to end with making an .amm file that is quite large (basically the size of the AMO) - is that correct? Where would I put it in the mod order? Above or below DLC17?
  2. MaskedHuzzah

    Mod Tools

    Now that we have a new release out, what is required to mod the game? Are there new tools? If we need to use the old tools, what files do we need to use with them?
  3. Now I just got a random research level off of Match Wits with the Emperor Sphinx, so I'm going to explore that. EDIT: Nevermind - apparently the version in the AMO has the "Get 3 random skills" version.
  4. Okay, finally was able to try this, and it didn't seem to work either. Neither did attaching a Random Research to the standard Research action (It's also worth noting that the Skill Expansions I tried adding to the Research action did not appear on the Daily menu either). Unless someone else has another idea, I'm just going to have to give up on this mod.
  5. Thank you for the reminder, but I've been trying to update the names each time just to make sure to keep them straight.
  6. It seems to be separate from expanding the research skill itself, so I'll give it a try when I compile tonight. *sigh*
  7. I added the 'Research' effect with the same subject and conditions specified in the standard Research action. EDIT: So, Effect 'Research' with Subject: [Research]Research/Research Skills/Choice of Research Skill or [Research]Research/Research Skills/Random Research Skill or [Research]Research/Research Skills/Selection of Research Skill/Administration (Skill) No condition specified (no subject or target), because neither was specified in the original action. Also, some of the changes I made seem to be in the Academagia 1.0.0.amo file I am using - could that be the source of some of the troubles? It doesn't contain all of the changes I made, weirdly enough.
  8. Over the past few days, I've been trying to create a mod that adds the research action to a few other abilities, but I can't seem to get it to work. I've attached a 'Research: Random Topic' to some Library Study abilities, and while those appear on the daily actions menu, they don't seem to actually provide any benefit. I also attached a 'Research: Choice of Topic' to Study at the Library of Longshade, and the choice didn't appear at all. To hedge my bets, I also created a new action called 'Research, but better' that gives you choice of topic researched, a random topic researched, and a selected topic researched, but that didn't even appear in the actions list. This occurs even when running just the mod with no DLC. Anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong and how I can fix it?
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