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  1. I haven't had a chance to do much testing in the item mod, mostly I just checked to see if the items actually showed up and not if they worked properly. I'm thinking of adding a few actions to expand the relationship with random students of their colleges as a workaround. Do you think there would be a reason it wouldn't work?
  2. ...She says, and the mod finishes five minutes later. I checked the other mod I'd been using and as far I can see I haven't added any new action or abilities, just added the items. :/
  3. When using things like your class fix mod, they show up. The other mod I'd been using in testing doesn't change any actions where you select other students. I'm pretty sure the other one only adds a few items to a location. I might have added something else to it and completely forgot about it, though. I'll have to wait until at least this evening to check though, because I'm publishing v1.2 of my chest mod, and my poor computer can barely handle running one instance of the mod tools, much less two and the actual game. And if turns out not to be fixable with the current tools, I'll live with it. I've already done Antonio's adventure anyway, I can live without doing Miya's. (I could also just not cheat, but tbh that's probably not going to happen.)
  4. I'm using version v0.63.3.0, and I've tried it with other mods and just it and DLC16 and it doesn't work in either case, and I always put DLC16 first, and this mod second. It only effects Antonio and Miya (i used the wrong name in my last post), and I can't select them for anything, not spells, actions, or abilities...
  5. I'd been using Zelifis' cheat mod for awhile, and also having a glitch where I couldn't select two of the DLC16 students (Antonio and Louise, if it matters) for anything, and until a little while ago I didn't put those two together. When I realized that it was causing the glitch, I decided I'd make my own, because maybe since it was made with an older version of the mod tools or something, and there were a few things I wanted to add to it anyway. But my version is causing the same thing? I was wondering if anyone would take a look at it and maybe see what's wrong with it? Here's the link.
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