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  1. Inspired by Dreamweaver's aranaz portrait, I decided to make a dark-skinned character. And then I didn't realize that she'd made a godina as well, but I made one of my own anyway, and I kind of like it better because she looks (slightly) stockier than the other girl. And then there is the portrait I modded to look like the one that is my avatar. Haven't uploaded it elsewhere yet. edit: Here's the Morvidus girl. I decided to give her twin-tails. Another portrait! I was itching for a Durand redhead, even though it clashes horribly with the uniform, so I did it! As a plus, she doesn't look so bad. Something less original: Aranaz, the bob girl. I hardly did anything to her, but the difference is supreme: instead of a super evil malicious expression, her face is gleefully benign and innocent. So if you want a goody-goody Aranaz (or one that's better at acting than the super-obviously-a-villain haha) then here's the edit: