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  1. Google Play Music lets you have notification popups for the currently playing music, which should make it pretty reproducible; otherwise if you have a smartphone, you can connect Pushbullet on the desktop to the Pushbullet app and just send yourself notifications. (Also handy for sending yourself links to things when you're browsing the web on your phone.) Edit: Google Music doesn't trigger it; AdiIRC definitely does. Skype also does. Can't tell if Steam does at this point, and not sure if Pushbullet does either - will test with Pushbullet. Edit 2: As a possibly-related note, AdiIRC and Skype both have .NET as a dependency; could this possibly be related to the method they use to create popup notifications?
  2. Okay, I think I have it narrowed down - the issue is, in fact, entirely different from what I thought. It stems from popup notifications rather than from scrolling up / down; it just happens that I spend a LOT of time scrolling through the options in lists, so that's where I noticed it the most. It doesn't appear to be limited to Windows 10 notifications, either; popup notifications from my IRC client, Skype and Google Music seem to be able to trigger the behaviour reproducibly.
  3. I'm going to see if I can get it to replicate consistently since I have some free time this afternoon. Edit: I seem to have reproduced it by using the scroll wheel as I moved the mouse down off the selection box. Going to see if this reproduces the error. Edit 2: How very odd. After reloading the save I made immediately after character generation, but before the first day's events, it seems not to be happening in the same way that it had been before. Either the error is connected to character generation and following just the right steps to utterly break something, or it's some sort of wooginess that's harder to reproduce than I had thought. I wonder if the memory locations used in character generation have anything to do with it. Edit 3: After alt-tabbing over to type up the above edit, I had the glitch immediately occur with a selection menu I had opened before alt-tabbing. I now suspect it isn't anything to do with the actual scrolling, but more likely to do with the game losing focus while a dialog menu is active. More tests to follow.
  4. Game version: Client v2.14.0.0, Publisher v0.63.3.0; Content: 1.0 DLC 16 (The New and the Returned) / Patch 41114. As far as VS... I'm running the Preview build of Win 10; I know it came with .NET 4.6 installed but I don't believe VS is installed - a look at the registry seems to confirm the suspicion. Edit: Installing VS Community 2015 to see if that fixes anything.
  5. Heya! I've come across an odd yet incredibly irritating bug. When mousewheel scrolling through the list of locations on the Orders screen, the list of locations will occasionally disappear completely; the bottom-right of the frame is still visible, but the rest disappears, and the list cannot be clicked on. In fact, if the remnants of the list are moused over, they disappear; if ESC is pressed, and any other buttons are moused over, they too disappear. At this point, clicking on anything has no effect other than to play the default error beep noise, and the game must be force-closed as it does not respond to Alt-F4 or close commands from the taskbar. I'm not sure if this is a Windows 10 issue or an issue with the version of .NET / VB it ships with, or something else altogether. Regardless, it's quite annoying.
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