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  1. Metis: Thanks for letting me know - that's what I was afraid of. Legate: I haven't had previous issues with alt-tabbing to check the wiki, prior to having a second monitor, so I'm not sure if it's a preexisting problem I was lucky enough not to run into, something specifically to do with multiple monitors, or just some weird interaction with the popup. I'm going to try to recreate it, I think... this time with more frequent saving
  2. With all the goings-on re: the Steam Greenlight stuff, I remembered how much I enjoyed this game and I couldn't wait for the new UI to start a new game. I have two monitors, and I was using the other monitor to check up stuff on the wiki etc. with no issues for the first half-hour or so. Then, while clicked into the other monitor, I got some kind of Firefox popup on Academagica's screen. When I tried to click into the game again, I found I couldn't click on anything and trying to do so produced loud dinging noises. Closing the popup didn't fix anything. Neither did clicking into the other monitor again, or alt-tabbing, or pulling up the Windows 8 screen. The only solution I've been able to think of so far is to End Task, but I'm... not enthusiastic about losing all my progress, since I hadn't saved yet and as far as I can remember Academagica doesn't have autosaves. (Please tell me I'm wrong about that one ) So: Is this a known issue? Is it fixable by some other method than, essentially, deleting all the work I've done? Should I restrain myself from using my secondary monitor while playing Academagica in future, or is this something that might pop up while alt-tabbing too? Thanks in advance for any advice. Even if it's "Sorry, you're going to have to break your habit of using multiple monitors." Which would be really hard to do.
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