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  1. I mean even if it is a no go. That an actual vote is held already says there was a lot of progress. Which is good to know. Still hoping for a christmas miracle though
  2. Not unexpected but still a bit sad. If I can add my 2 cents I am not sure announcing the votes like this is a good thing. It makes people look forward to the next vote and hope for a release only to be disappointed again. Maybe it would be better to just do monthly updates on the progress without the whole vote thing until it comes to actually releasing the beta. Especially since there wasnt actually a vote the last few times because the game was deemed unready. Which is completely fine. The game will be done when its done. It is just frustrating to me and some other people I talked to that are interested in the game. It probably doesnt apply to everybody but thats my take on it. So basically instead of saying "The next vote will be held at that time." Just dont mention the estimated time for the next vote. Do the vote thing internally but keep the monthly updates going. So that the players are kept in the loop but dont get disappointment after disappointment. On a more cheerful note: good to hear that progress is going well and a lot of the combat mechanics have seen progress. More team members are also a good thing. Still looking forward to the game and I am sure you will deliver
  3. Yeah Option 3 as well. Dont want the girls start a fight over a card game Well more of a fight that is
  4. Small question I didnt really find an answer to and forgot if it was answered. I know we are getting new Belles later in the game but does that only include belles that were comissioned after 1939 or will we also get new Belles that were in service in 1939 but not in the game at launch?
  5. Guess we will have to wait at least another month. Gonna be honest though it would be nice to get a bit more information on the progress since the list hasnt changed since last month and some points go back to the very first vote. I will wait patiently but it would just be nice to know.
  6. I am voting for Gneisenau