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  1. I too am a bit bummed, but elated at the prospect of a Victory Belles beta. When launched though, I think BCS should go all-out with the marketing and the pomp to maximize excitement. I mean...it's the first Western-made Kantai Collection-like game. That's exciting!
  2. Dang...that could be angsty headcanon. Imagine Belle Missouri looking over the remains of her long-gone comrade Arizona while thinking about the veterans of her past. The Belles would be the embodiment of this trope - http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WhoWantsToLiveForever
  3. They basically summed up the question like Short Round.
  4. Definitely an interesting question lore-wise. Gameplay-wise, I think we can have multiple relationships a la Kantai Collection without any sort of real problems.
  5. I just found the most beautiful Scottish / Irish song ever. Kinda sad, but I imagine Belfast singing this alone at the docks as she toasts her long-gone comrades...
  6. After all, this game has the potential of being very big for the ship-girl genre, but the marketers have to use the hype machine well.
  7. I hope the beta is out by Christmas, but I'm patient. I just hope BCS's marketing team is ready to go into overdrive to reignite passion for VB with those who aren't a part of this forum.
  8. Wasn't it implied that Kirov drinks to keep that hard-partying nature of hers?
  9. I'll second your vote for the German. Hopefully, she does her goodbyes the Austrian way...and not the German way ;).
  10. Just out of curiosity, when is the next time you guys are going to discuss a potential Beta?
  11. That could be interesting. I imagine that Queen Anne's Revenge would be a saucy Belle...probably with a tinge of a French accent because she was originally a French slaver ship.
  12. That makes the Morganas the true pirates of the sea. Maybe they could be named after famous pirate ships like Queen Anne's Revenge, Fancy, etc.
  13. Maybe Morganas could have zombie pirate crews...or spectral ghosts a la Pirates of the Caribbean. The Belles have their own human crews, so they could be enhanced or reinforced by the Belle. If anything, it would be like the game Dynasty Warrior with the Belles acting as the hero / officer units.
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