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  1. He is also familiar with weeb culture. He indulged in Girls Und Panzer, Kantai Collection and Fate Stay Night.
  2. ...and she sunk ships too, though by accident.
  3. I think Legate said that was dependent on net issues as well.
  4. Nonsense! Poland will reign victorious!
  5. I hope we get more Spotlights on various ship girls as we get closer to Beta to ramp up more media stuff.
  6. Now it is the finishing touches to make sure it can pass through Beta well. Then...release 😄.
  7. Oh! That is exciting. I am so happy to see this project chugging along!
  8. Oh! Wonderful! Yeah. The game should work first before marketing goes into full swing 😀. Love the teases for the new ships. My guess is that this game is more focused on a full narrative with a limited amount of ships...as opposed to the "catch them all" approach to Kancolle / Azur Lane?
  9. Happy New Year, Legate! While I know you're not completely involved with the marketing, I recommend sending some press copies to some bigger YouTubers and media personalities so they could demo the game. My personal recommendations: Gaijin Goomba (he supported your game awhile back) and iChaseGaming (He is a popular World of Warships YouTuber who is very familiar with anime stuff...like Azur Lane: https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming) I think that can help build back momentum from the Kickstarter to now. I just really want this project to succeed!
  10. That is understandable. I'm so excited for this game! There is a lot of potential for a more "grounded" ship-girl game with a focus on more "real-world" narratives. That and the proper languages for the ship-girls is something unique in the ship-girl genre.
  11. True. That being said, maybe some more media can help drum up some enthusiasm for the game...since it has been awhile since the initial campaign. Heck! Maybe another fundraising boost for beta keys + extra goodies could increase interest in the game once again. There have been a lot of new ship-girl rivals that have arrived since the initial crowdfunding campaign for Victory Belles, most notably Abyss Horizon and Azur Lane. They need to hit the ground running against such formidable foes, but I find a few aspects of Victory Belles more appealing than its rivals: -Sensible costumes -Native tongue -Nice art -Interesting lore
  12. A trailer?! I look forward to seeing more Victory Belles media. I am especially interested in hearing the ship-girls in their native tongue 😀
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