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  1. Sorry for the delay but I'll be busy for a bit. Seeding a revolution on two fronts isn't easy but someone needs to do it.
  2. For me, she is going to be my Launch Flagship and will hold that position for the better part of a year.
  3. Ironic that she was hidden... she's a sub
  4. Sorry for the delay. I really enjoyed making this one and poured myself into it.
  5. sorry, finally got Photoshop on new PC after old PC finally died.
  6. Agreed. Finally some pure [Redacted] U-Boats for my all German fleet. We will crush those before us as is our right.
  7. Setting course for full German fleet. Commencing vote for Gneisenau.
  8. As you can see here, Genny was considered a Legit vote last time. Two replies between Legate's replies. Both Genny. Legate responds accepting the ballot.
  9. Write ins as in we had to write them by name because they weren't listed as images on the bingo board.
  10. Indeed! From this point on it seems like it's the write ins turn!
  11. It's should be clear that while Ninjapack is going to be more of a hit and run fleet I'm going more for overwhelming force.
  12. Only British food I'd accept is charred black and filled with holes.
  13. Prolly Scharn or Gneise (depending on how the interview goes) until Bismarck / Graf Zepplin or Z-44
  14. Gneisenau for me. Pizza doesn't sound too bad, so long as it's not British.
  15. As one of the Kreigsmarine members and will be streaming the game at least once a week I've planned my line-up (with future content planned out) Flagship: Camicia Nera (Until Bismarck joins the fray) Flankers: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau Carriers: Graf Zepplin U-Boats: Nerpa & U-99 Mantle piece for my Captain Quarters will be the wheel for the HMS hood. That being said, I will for certain cycle all the Kreigsmarine Belles in for a chance to be seen and used fairly on stream. Off stream I'll get any Belle that catches my fancy.
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