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  1. Hi ho! One more vote for option 2, please. While option 1 is something we already know about Pola, and option 3 will most definitely let us and Lampo suffer some more in the net, the second will likely tell us of her tastes in Italian gastronomy. Just remember that, while pizza was a known concept at that time (though not as famous as nowadays), pineapple was only added in 1962. Belles taking sides in that argument would be conflicting with history.
  2. I believe he would hear constructive criticism - If a person has a valid reasoning, the artist could either explain why he ignored said reasoning, explain the purpose behind its denial, or even learn about it and use said interaction to improve, even if slightly, his trade. I also remind that experienced art critics sometimes accept the lack of art teachings if the said artist goes against it in a specific manner, be it to express something or to communicate some notion of value. Since the hair-eating eyes, born from poor experience in layer drawing, is a part of an anime stylization that ended up having a specific charm within the community, its correction didn't evolve and has been allowed to strive as it is. (Off-topic, I wonder if Salmon agrees with this perspective and could share some experiences with us) He'll probably ignore the harsh/bland ones. Since our community is an adult, moderated one (at least that's what I've seen so far) that accepts open dialogue, he'll be hearing us at least.
  3. jojo's colored art is very, very nice. But there's something that's troubling me: did Mahan's eyes eat the hair tips? O.o (My suggestion would be to "trim" her frontal hair just a bit to avoid this)
  4. Hi ho! One vote for option 3, please. And Merry X-mas to everyone!
  5. A short, yet sweet music that Extra History made for their take on the man behind our "beloved" Bismarck. "Bismarck has a plan... Bismark ALWAYS has a plan." - I'd laugh if BCS used that meme on one of her dialogues, or one of her acquaintances.
  6. Hi ho! A late vote for choice 2, if still possible, please
  7. Hi ho! Do i still have the possibility to place option 3 as my choice? Been a little away from the forum lately
  8. Done with my fiction. Hope you enjoy it, everyone. Mineta, feel free to show it to the team. And again, please leave a link to the kickstarter update in the opening post.
  9. Hi ho! Funny that INPF stands for International Naval Protection Force and i didn't connect the dots until later after Googling and checking the Kickstarter's older entries... least i've learned PA stands for Physician Assistant. It would be similar to a hospital's nurse, would it? Or does said duty carry greater duties/qualifications? For now, i vote for option B. Fairness will heighten Hood's triupmph as our spokeswoman, if that would be the case. I'll place my choice fiction later on.
  10. The coin toss it is!!! Looking forward to what they will bring up. And Legate, do show them my version if you could, please. Even if for just for the laughs.
  11. Hi ho! Option 3, please! I'll place my reason in a spoiler, as to not influence others: Also, i'll place my "fan-fiction" regarding this particular choice. Hoping you enjoy the piece ;-) Edit: Oh, and one request, Legate. In the future, please leave a link to the update regarding the duo that's being voted upon. Thanks in advance!
  12. Haven't visited this thread for a while, so... ... that Hood art looks really menacing. As if a proud, ruthless Hood was heading towards someone with surgical intent. Whatever the reason is, i wouldn't want to be in the offender's shoes. Graf Spree seems to be enjoying whatever she was gazing upon. A well-aimed shot, a thrilling card game between her peers, or even the sunset after a hard day. As for Mahan, great to see another nice, well-endowed art of her with an cheerful, joy-infusing, smile. Hoping to see more
  13. Hi ho! I truly enjoyed how Mahan was awarded for her dedication in all the interviews. And I do tip my hat for the original way they did it so - through Boy Scout culture. I still remember the happiness I felt when I received badges during my time there. As for Salmon. The fish motif on her swimming head cover was a nice touch, yet her swimming fins' design was a bit awkward in reflecting both swimming gear and ship parts. That extension next to the heel - what's its function, I wonder. The whale badge shows her Girl Guide side, and the algae tie looks both funny and great on her. All in all, a Belle I'm looking forward to have on my side
  14. Hi ho! I'll give a bit more thought to this in the future, but for now I'll add: -> Velasco & Nautilus - a cheerful conversation as a fan-service to the two highest contributors of the Kickstarter (unless I'm wrong); -> Nenohi & Takao - working together on a New Year's day written gift for the Captain, whether through cooperation or competition; -> De Ruyter & Henley - in search of the perfect snack! Ruyter supports her bread's quality while Henley defends the importance of an ideal filling. A succulent culture shock. And I also support the Hood & Bismark + Kirov & New Orleans... I'd even ask for more Leningrad & Mahan fun, but I think Mahan would resent me for it.
  15. I think i missed it too - feeling as curious as David J. There's an appropriate chat in the Discord server so feel free to post it there.