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  1. Gerrion

    Update 125: Nevada and Dunkerque Belle Duo

    Hi ho! One vote for Option 2, please.
  2. Gerrion

    KS Update 123

    Hi ho! One vote for option 2, please.
  3. Gerrion

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    Link to the update. Captain Choices: 1: … I bet we could get that piano loaded into the catapult before they get back. 2: ...you don’t actually know how to play by ear, do you? 3: ...Kazoo players get a bum rap. Also, one last notice: expect a first Fleet Problem by October 26th. Schedule your calendar accordingly.
  4. Gerrion

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    Hi ho! One vote for option 5, please.
  5. Hi ho! I believe some of us are eager for the Monopoly reference. Henceforth,I'll place my vote on option 3.
  6. Gerrion

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    Well, I'd like to think in those cases beyond blueprint genealogy
  7. Gerrion

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    Hi ho! Hope you're all well today. I wanted to ask the Belles something a little... awkward, if I may. The notion of a Belle having an offspring, while both amazing and unsettling at the same time, is a bit impossible from the perspectives I've been gathering (unless miracles are involved, of course). So I wanted to approach the next, closest option related to the issue: adoption. Would it be possible/affordable for a Belle to have a vessel of a different family/country under her wing, combat-ready or not? Would they have a different care over between Belle-present ships and spirit-linked boats as a human would respectively treat an adopted child and an adopted animal? And how would Belles cope with differences in country or culture between them and their adopted protégés? My apologies if the question brings any... troubling feelings.
  8. Gerrion

    Update #113- Gneisenau and Takao

    Hi ho! While i'm also on board with the #1 option, #3 sounds so comical as well, and can be used as well, since both answers address different points from the conversation. Therefore, I vote on both. Kind of a bittersweet revelation for the Captain XD On a side note, do you know what that "german" exchange reminds me of?...
  9. Gerrion

    KS Update 111

    Hi ho, everyone! I could swear that more than 10 Belles are being featured in this Special, 8 or more redacted to boot. From what I remember, we vote on support conversations that happen when the present Belles are part of the Captain's team. To think that we need all of them to reach this Summer Special... ...it's really special. As such, I cast my vote on knowing the crazy outcome of the Battle of Summer Snowballs as a neutral witness (also, the story team can use my naming suggestion if it fits their funny needs) to a battle between three sides. One vote for option 1 - let them have the battle as three separate factions while enjoying the cherry-flavored snowball. I know it features option 4 and 6 mashed in as well (5 instead of 4 if the Captain is not so neutral), but at that time they're asking for the captain's opinion, not his allegiance. Edit: We now know there is a silent Belle, who only speaks "..." (Redacted3). I wonder what others think of this,
  10. Hi ho! One vote for option 5, please. Why? Best not explaining. Reputations are at stake.
  11. Hi ho! One vote for option 1, please.
  12. Gerrion

    Update 107: The Most Dangerous Captain

    Hi ho! I'd go for Option 11: "Mind if I test a gun before the hunt?" *reaches for a gun under the table* But since we're following the rules here, I'll go for option 5, since it's the only one that gives a proper explanation of the conversation's title. Also, in before...
  13. Gerrion

    KS Update 104

    Hi ho! One more vote for Option 1, please. Hope that voting can still be done. Also, regarding the Battle Engine - patiently waiting for any feedback on the game's development, even if just evolved imagery.
  14. Gerrion

    KS Update: Death and Taxes!?

    Hi ho! One vote for choice 3, please.
  15. Gerrion

    KS Update 99: Exeter & Chiyoda

    Hi ho! Option 1 for me, please! I can't wait for the Captain to do a Don Quixote quote and accidentally tear one of the windmills' sails.