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  1. Hi ho! While i'm also on board with the #1 option, #3 sounds so comical as well, and can be used as well, since both answers address different points from the conversation. Therefore, I vote on both. Kind of a bittersweet revelation for the Captain XD On a side note, do you know what that "german" exchange reminds me of?...
  2. Hi ho, everyone! I could swear that more than 10 Belles are being featured in this Special, 8 or more redacted to boot. From what I remember, we vote on support conversations that happen when the present Belles are part of the Captain's team. To think that we need all of them to reach this Summer Special...'s really special. As such, I cast my vote on knowing the crazy outcome of the Battle of Summer Snowballs as a neutral witness (also, the story team can use my naming suggestion if it fits their funny needs) to a battle between three sides. One vote for option 1 - let them have the battle as three separate factions while enjoying the cherry-flavored snowball. I know it features option 4 and 6 mashed in as well (5 instead of 4 if the Captain is not so neutral), but at that time they're asking for the captain's opinion, not his allegiance. Edit: We now know there is a silent Belle, who only speaks "..." (Redacted3). I wonder what others think of this,
  3. Hi ho! One vote for option 5, please. Why? Best not explaining. Reputations are at stake.
  4. Hi ho! One vote for option 1, please.
  5. Hi ho! I'd go for Option 11: "Mind if I test a gun before the hunt?" *reaches for a gun under the table* But since we're following the rules here, I'll go for option 5, since it's the only one that gives a proper explanation of the conversation's title. Also, in before...
  6. Hi ho! One more vote for Option 1, please. Hope that voting can still be done. Also, regarding the Battle Engine - patiently waiting for any feedback on the game's development, even if just evolved imagery.
  7. Hi ho! One vote for choice 3, please.
  8. Hi ho! Option 1 for me, please! I can't wait for the Captain to do a Don Quixote quote and accidentally tear one of the windmills' sails.
  9. Hi ho! First of all, something that I didn't mention in its first iteration: thanks, Mineta, for placing links as part of the opening thread, as it helped out my browsing a lot. Second, my vote goes to option 3. My reasoning is in the spoiler below.
  10. I'll say: I prefer the last variant the more due to the bubble coat on her - feels like she has just submerged in a very confident way. Though I think her torso looks shorter than intended, even with her pose in consideration. Nonetheless, an enjoyable drawing. 7/10 from me.
  11. Also, here's a dialogue that I wrote for choice #5. I hope you enjoy it! (Also, to Minetta and BCS: if you enjoy this dialogue and think it to be a good piece for the dialogue's continuation, you have my permission to use it. I know the authors would also have to be in agreement with this - I didn't want to disrespect their work, but I had a lot of fun and care in writing this part, probably the same they'd place on theirs, and hope that, if they agree with the perspective and effort, it could complement their work)
  12. Hi ho! Option #5 for me, please. Why so? Reasons in the spoiler.
  13. Hmm, thought of a joke regarding that: Q: Why weren't U-boats so cheery during WW2? A: Because "Under the Sea" came out on 1989.
  14. Mineta, could I have my vote changed to option 3, please? I have done a rash decision.
  15. Hi ho! One more count for option 2, please.