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  1. It's been mentioned numerous times that 'Victory Belles' is inspired by 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel', as well as KanColle. The mention of Belles being the true captains of their vessel is how the 'Mental Models' behave in 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel'. You still have Belles, yet they're on their ship, roaming about in the sea nearby, or somewhere within the vicinity. Each Belle you see is implied & openly mentioned to be a physical form of the ship's conciousness. The ship is alive, yet you can see them (and the Morgana) with their own forms somewhere around their respected vessels. I'd even expect some Belles to eventually hop onto another vessel (post-'39 update), or similar while holding the core, or similar (if any). As for the nitty-Gritty details in Victory Belles's lore has yet to be seen and explained in full, and I can patiently wait for such. Now, take what you've seen in Arpeggio then add what you know from both Civilization (diplomacy) + KanColle (Gameplay), by also adding further fears, depth, and freedom to chose any node. You now have Victory Belles, or I hope I'm correct here. Being able to have more in-depth feedback to exploring maps, changing regions, as well as chosing whatever node you want. Being able to gain 'Vestures' to then confront the Belles (Arpeggio style) to then have them join, or be out there....Somewhere. It's an interesting concept on paper that I'd love to see when I can finally play the game. Can't wait to play. -------- Extra: My Canadian 'FOG': I can see this being nicely unique. I'm glad I backed this game, even hoping to bring more pride to the Canadian navy within this game. I'm now waiting to see what craziness occurs with these Belles away from their vessels. Hoping for card game mini-games with them, or something post-'39 update, or something.
  2. Busou Shinki - Renge - Type Ninetails. A fox . Oh, how I miss thee. Konami JP, such a screw up stuck in older times. And my most amusing & comical nostalgic memory: Curious what Busou Shinkis you have
  3. Guess I can't say this on Kickstarter anywhere anymore, yet I hope you get in contact with Himeka to voice HMCS Saguenay. I can't believe I forgot about her for all this time, yet finally recalled after two trolls on MAL (Myanimelist) decided to mess about. Himeka being born in Quebec, Canada, yet went over to Japan. > Opening to Valkyria Chronicles Anime - - If not for Saguenay, then maybe some other French-Canadian Belle. That, or some aboriginal French-Canadian, or something *shrug* I have faith so I'll just stop there. I'm just upset at myself for forgetting about Himeka. ------ Also happy for no region lock, yet hoping for a simplified offline mode for when internet connection isn't a thing. I've been burned hard during the last summer that I have to heavily keep holding this one up. Doesn't matter if certain things can't pop in.
  4. That has been indeed fun that I had to spend a few hours catching back up after work. It was like a fun & festive new year's party over on Kickstarter. Nice stuff. I"m also amused in that Update 15 with the (Kitsune Curiosity) comment noting my behavior. Amusingly silly, that one. Enjoy the party, you all deserve it! My party is through the Belles & updates you shall release. I'll keep track via tumbr & reddit mainly. Well, hoping to see more Belles popping out, among other lovely goodies. Wanting to hear HMCS Saguenay's voice, as with Voykov's also, among others. Much growth/progress is to be seen and head. More RCN also, and others; Goomba's custom Belle being a fictional would be amusing, if you do decide to pay tribute to him in a long-term manner in a game. A fortress, or some in-game default event of some sort.. Even from Netherlands for my Dutch comrade & such, or whatever you guys & gals got planned. Been a fun & eventful ride that the kickstarter comments seemed like a New Years festivity with how abuzz it was. I'm hoping to boast my Canadian pride some more as time goes on with the 'Forgotten Beauties' that decide to join in & are let loose into the world. I want to hear those guns thundering deeply & sharply through my headphones causing the enemy to be instilled with fear, as usually is the case when the Germans encounter the Canadians on land & sea. FIRE/FEUER! Also, I'd be amused if a Canadian Belle decided to wear a foxy spirit (kitsune) type outfit. I really would find that amusing. That, and hopefully seeing the 'Three Princes' sailing the seas at start in their glorious manner in their mini-navy apart. (Holding back his hype and excite in an attempt for some clever wording above while listening to 'Kabaneri of the Iron-Fortress' Soundtrack.)
  5. Many thanks! Makes sense. Keeping track of your favourite game by tracking another. WHo knows, maybe you'll slip in and enjoy playing the game with us once it releases. All that curiousity in the end. Glad it's also moving along nicely, this VB games, as with yours. Can't wait to set sail in these waters of VB with whatever nation & fleet I'm given and choose. All that fun to be had. I also have to note that I indeed see more 'Arpeggio of Bluesteel' than the likes of 'KanColle' now with both merged interestingly in it. It's doing what those at Kadokawa/DMM are fearful of by just going all out & detailed with the [gameplay] features winning me over. Can't wait to see what the game does with the Canadians also, and if there'll be any fancy/elegant types, or whichever. Finally manage to get here & I'm now rushed for time that I'll ramble later
  6. Oh, awesome! I can finally report in from the RCN side of things. Nice! I had a nice laugh skimming form page one to page 12. Seeing Sankaku complex being braindead bias, as well as laughing at your reactions to Goomba's 'beehive poking' momentum. I managed to get roughly 2-3 Admirals on board on my end. Caught the Kickstarter in the early days when that first trailer video was sent out also. I also see it [forum] connected to my Gmail account by giving me Busou Shinki - Renge avatar hmm. @Metis: Nice to be able to communicate with you on here also. Amused you bothered to reply back to me after skimming through the Kickstarter. Also makes sense you wouldn't do such, so that's 'each to their own'. We all have our tastes.
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