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  1. Alright, feeling that "gaming frustration" mood again that it's also amusing to note the following: 1) I found myself back in Minecraft playing FTB (Feed The Beast) Inventions while having custom mods added to them. Had to Traincraft on my end, yet my host had to add in Galcticraft into it making it all awesome. It's genuinely fun when you have all the right features, something which should be noted in all seriousness in games. All this while waiting for the likes of 'Rising World' game to mature with these same features of technological advancements, as well as biome related fun. It won't contain space, just heavy realistic survival, something you should also look into #3. I love building a railway for my trains, as well as even flying my zeppelin around to get to places. I love this kind of creativity, and how everything has a worth and value in the world, something a game called 'Rising World' shall have in time. Development and waiting is a pain in the rear, yet I'm trying to be patient. 2) An interesting note was made during Steam altering review rating abuse that comments comes up, being the following: "...that developers should just make great games because we have too many shit games. If you make shit games you'll get shit reviews. Simple as that." .....Which I generalized a bit, yet is the general jist of things. I tried to review a game with it telling me that "you do not own the game", which I clearly do. Such a mess thanks to people abusing things...... 3) This should be first, yet '7 Days to Die' was something I got myself into in heavy curiousity thanks to how survival is done in that game. I'm a resource hoarder, and hoarding resources is damn fun in that game. I had to refund 'No Man's Sky' for how it failed on all fronts that I also feel like shit trying to defend it (look at #2). I did try to give No Man's Sky a chance, yet it failed me. It truly failed me. I love the first few zombies, even the moody vibe from it, something which wears off the more you familiarize yourself with the game. I still haven't encountered a Day 7 swarm, yet it's just insanely fun & scary that I give this game my high praise. I love how you have to scavenge for loot, even the "realistic" way you scavenge for resources & build thing. The way you have to upgrade. It feels all natural and right. The game however now suffers on my end that it has no AI partners, or buddies not interested in playing the game that the game simply wears itself out sooner than it should have. The game is built as a co-op game, and it sadly doesn't co-exist properly on my end I simply jumped onto Minecraft. Great game, yet need to do something about the multiplayer part of things,...or some AI companion to tag along.....The fun part of 7D2D also is the whole environmental effects of hot & cold, as well as temperature. You get sick, among other things. It's all nitty-gritty. 4) In response to 'No Man's Sky's' failure my Twitter made me aware of 'Everspace', a new space game. Something being "non-linear story-telling", something I love the most in my choices of games. I hate being cramped that games with linear gameplay feels claustrophobic to me. I need the freedom. [Everspace: https://everspace-game.com/media/] 5) UBOOT also updated, and I'm glad with where that's going. More visual improvements, more interior improvements, as well as being informed how you have to manage your power supplies to hunt convoys & such. How you'll have to disable various machines to deal with various situations. It's going to be a very nitty-gritty game. Next update should mention crew management & submarine pens, yet I'm now highly worried this might not be your "casual" game that it'll punish you at every turn. Silent Hunter 3 could be made casual, even serious, which is making me highly curious if there's a way to make it curious without it insulting you for being a weakling in difficulty mode, as tends to be the case in gamer pride & ego related stuff in difficulty. KanColle players get mocked for going on easy mode during events. . Even so, I'm loving the features in this game, even the diving for treasure in diving gear of the 1930's. I need to see more of this game. ---------- Yeah.....When I'm happy it's because someone did something right, and VB gained my high praise for adding one Canadian VB Belle & various features, among others (stuff I keep repeating in general). I again feel that seeing as how this is 2016 (going into 2017) that games should be more open, non-linear, and just all about doing as you desire. Basically what KanColle also allows you to do, and seeing similar with Victory Belles how you can switch regions. Anything that's stuck in a linear fashion is stuck behind the times & shouldn't be around. [Too many edits, yet the basicness of the thoughts out there. Curious how people shall take this, if they're interested to or not.]
  2. Oh, how I'm regretting making that last posting in the voting thread. I could compare it to a very nasty hangover when I should have left it be. I should have let it go >_> Nice! Congrats on obtaining Kawakaze! Even in her festive attire, nice! Well, I-26 happily reached level 50 & Kai recently which makes me happy. She's one of my favourites. KanColle1342 by SubTrance, on Flickr Harusame also having her remodeling fun on the same day as I-26. Was even surprised to find a drum among her remodel equipment. Nice! KanColle1343 by SubTrance, on Flickr Just a bit more on regaining fuel then I would feel fine with leveling Warspite and others. I now have 1497 buckets, and my fuel is back up to 121602. My ammo is now maxed out at 300,000 that I wish I could trade some for fuel. If only.......
  3. Well.......The Kitakami in KanColle was still neat, but her 'Kai' & 'Kai ni" being lazy as can be. Same pose, just different colour [note]. Yeah, you guys win in making Kitakami awesome, and I wish the KanColle developers would go back to fix up her Kai & Kai Ni art. Same with Ooi also. The two laziest remodels, something that got me in trouble on the KanColle forums for saying such when defending Murakumo. But yeah...... What a crazy 'raw' Kitakami. She's quite untamed, yet curious if there's a way to refine her personality, if one choses to do so. I love that outfit, and I love that axe. Speaking of my troubles on my forum, let's spin this back into creative fun that I now wish Kitakami in KanColle had this type of axe in her Kai Ni similar to Murakumo's weaponry use. An artistic opportunity wasted that you guys win by making Kitakami awesome in Victory Belles. A shame such frustrations have to be present on KanColle side, yet now hoping to see some fun with Kitakami with her lovely axe hitting fun. Anybody curious enough to see how Kitakami would use her axe on her own ship, and even on a dock somewhere? Fan art? Might be waiting a long while for that fan art though.
  4. I guess it's a good thing I let this thread go until today because I could see people's thoughts without tempering with them. I saw Nel vent on Twitter about me with a silly Anime character, as well as pretending to be logical on Discord. I love the irony in it that I keep being pinned against the wall, yet it's always the other party. I'm still annoyed at that one person who told me to stop sounding intelligent because I also view that as ironic in another thread. But yeah, I do agree it sucks having a stalemate, yet that can be easily broken by natural voting. Someone who hasn't voted in can change that, or have some volunteer join in. Maybe even create a script to randomly pick it. Having voting on Discord as the main event to then cheapen the forum voting ruins the whole fun & it's absolutely frustrating. What's the point? What's the point of voting if a Belle is going to win in a landslide. I see where you're coming from, but..........sapping the fun out of everything fun that it simply forces me to favour my KanColle comrade who hates this game. I'm trying to be patient, open minded with VB yet I always feel stressed out. Games are supposed to be fun. Just so we're also clear: I'm not saying to vote Canadian or Saguenay or GTFO, yet if you can't vote for your Belles on forums then that's just cheapened in voting. [Few typo fixes.]
  5. Apparently I have a Mexican friend enjoying Canadian military history on Twitter that he's been sharing some. He recently shared HMCS Ontario popping up twice with HMCS Ontario happily docked at Pearl Harbor before heading back to Esquilmault shortly after Japan's surrender of WW2. - HMCS Ontario: https://twitter.com/CanadasMilHist/status/772577054252535808 - HMCS Ontario docked at Pearl Harbour: https://twitter.com/CanadasMilHist/status/772516288761630720 - HMCS Ontario Crew: https://twitter.com/CanadasMilHist/status/772515886410399744 I really do have to wonder about her role in VB (if any), as well as a KanColle type....If she would be treated as "basic" Tama, Yura, & Kuma character, or something as special Kashima and/or Yahagi level of importance. Or maybe something "funky" as Katori. That is, if Canada is ever considered for KanColle, which again I still have to note as a "miracle". As for VB, I think I'll be a skeleton then or whichever happens. I'm not familiar with how VB plays so that's still up for speculation. But hey, it's nice seeing my buddies surprisingly tweeting about HMCS Ontario. Maybe the game would have evolved so much that my current foggy vision would be more "educated" postings. Also, here's the Canadian military twitter from all eras: https://twitter.com/CanadasMilHist Still a long wait till March 2017, yet wondering if Victory Belles shall even make a good birthday present or not. Making me curious all around.
  6. Yeah, loving Mizuho's change of not holding something while also hoping Yura shall get her Kai Ni. That be awesome Yup, that's also Kawakaze & happy I have her at Kai Ni. Got her last summer when I had ISP issues so I gained her from the second map (from what I can recall) from the event. I stayed until I gained her, or something I could manage that I wish I could replay that event. I'm still cursing at Bell Canada for being greedy with their bill. Your 121 runs is like my run for I-26. Just wouldn't happen & it just burned through my resources that I wasn't 1 bit amused. Same with E-3's RNG that it's just idiotic. Keep trying though because I did get Libeccio from 4-5, and you should get your Kawakaze from 2-5. I gained Taigei from 5-2, and even E-3's 2016 H Node run. Keep hunting, if you feel it valuable. Loving how my I-26 is now naturally 38 from all these runs. Even Ro-500 at 71, as well as I-401 at 69. They're leveling nicely while doing Orel cursing. KanColle Android is damn helpful that I love it. [Edit: Number switches]
  7. I kinda wish people would just vote for whom they enjoy instead of rigging the whole thing to be per Belle as a swarm. Takes the fun out of the whole thing, or so I feel. Not wanting to be disrespectful or pop people's bubbles, but shoving HMCS Saguenay to be 14 weeks later is making this whole pointless, no? I don't mind having HMCS Saguenay's interview as Nel's B-day, but the thought of rigging polls isn't fun anymore. Nothing random about it. That's just me though, & I'll keep voting Saguenay until she comes out to then vote Dutch after. Even nice when people vote for their own Belles.
  8. Wow...That was a nice nod. My mind is senstive in picking up "Tribal" so it immediately made me jump in joy. Then seeing "eight of them...." for the Canadians, and three in Australia's side of things. That's just awesome! Well, nice to know 8 of them are in Canada (4 I made note of), and that Australia has three of them. I guess I need to re familiarize myself with all 8 of them again. It be awesome to see Australian admirals chiming in with their pride. I have yet to see them boast, yet I guess they have on the Kickstarter page that it faded. I guess I'm just misreading things as I try to haste-read this update. Also, Nubian amusingly trying to hunt a rat for Mahan. Silly, if amusing. A bit of a "Tom & Jerry" vibe to it. I also see mention of HMS Warspite, our new Kanmusu in KanColle. Amusing to get a brief record of her around Italy. Not bad. Ooo!~ Even Pola there. Tirpiz, for the love of Bismarck, join KanColle so I can also tend to you! Nice to also see mention of HMS Eskimo, whom I had the pleasure of being in my British fleet in 'Victory at Sea'. A fine service she led in my fleet. Thanks for the read with it being very juicy on the historical trivia side of things. Even having my interest heightened with familiar ships. Nubian & Haida would get along well telling surviving war stories. Would love to see their banter, if possible.
  9. HMCS Saguenay (B-5, if she is B-5) I want to finally get her interview out so I can stop being so frustrated.
  10. - Oboro wanted to say "hi", so I amused her politely. Glad to see her eating corn again. KanColle1328 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Urakaze being the happy DD I also need to level up. Loving her proud stature, as well as willing to poke your eye out if you're a rude one heh. She's a fun one. KanColle1329 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Tama & Kuma both made me happy last year (with Hamakaze) when I came across their festive yukata art. The two light cruisers that were my favourite (pet ships) gaining a much needed spotlight. Even anime wise. Such awesomness! KanColle1331 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Tanikaze had a nice remodel while being expedition experienced. Felt guilty for scrapping her twice that I now need to treat her with kindness to my silly actions. KanColle1332 by SubTrance, on Flickr - "Kuma!~" being another one of my favourite festive art. My comrade jokes that she stares into your soul, and I guess that should be the case when bears in games can kill you with ease. Skyrim, 7 Days to Die, Rising World, & etc.... Do not underestimate bear types. KanColle1333 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Fubuki is the "odd" one here in that amusing manner. Your standard traditional Japanese art that I could even see Victory Art using. Fubuki is your basic ship, thus the basic traditional styled art & appearance that touches the art style of Victory Belles. Still not Kai Ni, yet getting there. Lvl 61, or so. KanColle1334 by SubTrance, on Flickr - SA-ZA-NA-MI!~ "Hoisa-sa!~". I happily remodeled her once I found out I could easily nudge her from level 18 to her lvl 20 requirement. All DDs require love, even the lovely Sazanami with her cheerful appearance. I'm loving her lines, as with her reactions. Awesome reactions, something I would have still been oblivious to if it wasn't for this event. It's a real shame people (such as myself) force ourselves to be oblivious to such beauty, as well as have other Kanmusu overshadow these lovelies. KanColle1336 by SubTrance, on Flickr - I absolutely love how cheerful she is. Always need more fun in the base. KanColle1337 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Mizhuho also joining in on the fun in her simple elegance. Such a beauty. KanColle1338 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Lovely Kawakaze also rejoining the fun, especially with her fox mask. Oh, how I'd love a fox themed fleet heh. KanColle1339 by SubTrance, on Flickr Yura & Sazanami being the lovely highlights in this that it brings a nice happy simple fun to this game, something that 'Gundam Build Fighters' teaches, yet goes ignored. Simple fun. Also, I have Bismarck AGP I need to get around to photoshooting so I might share that later, weather & time depending. Now to keep stockpiling resources then I'll see about leveling DDs. Need to also farm Maruyu's to up these DD's luck to be on par with Shigure's, while also being as useful as Yuudachi. I need more substitutes and powerful DDs.
  11. Looks like you guys had fun in my absence. Even finding Kanmusu I didn't bother to get after being worn out from the event. There's always another chance to get them so there's really no rush. Maybe some "in your face" boastings, yet nothing more than that. Akizuki is one of those "in your face" type boastings that you should have her, and for those that don't, well they suffer. Also, I'm loving this "after event" event with the yukata returning. Even seeing the gorgeous Yura finally gaining a spotlight moment, as with Sazanami. I thought I was oblivious when I saw Sazanami's remodel option, yet it was part of the update done in a sneaky manner. Happily nudged her from level 18 to 20 in some Orel Cruising runs. "Hoisa-sa!~" - I'm absolutely loving Yura's festive art hoping that this shall lead into her gaining Kai Ni modernized art. Please! KanColle1324 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Shiratsuyu is a fun one. She's just as uppity as the Demon Ship. KanColle1325 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Hamakaze, one of my favourite DDs to have a returning yukata art. I missed it during ISP issues last year, get glad I can fully admire her art this time around. Nice! I might choose to level her up some more. Even feed her Maruyu's for luck, maybe. That foxy mask <3 KanColle1326 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Jintsuu being one of my comrade's waifuu. Looking gorgeous, she is. That simple beauty. KanColle1327 by SubTrance, on Flickr More after the cut. I guess this image limit is in response to me, yet I'm now being too distracted to wait it out so I'd rather have one big post & bugger off again. Going to be a long while until the next event....... Part 2 below:
  12. I'm actually quite fine with the way the Kanmusu are right now. I guess if there's really an issue they can just pull a Hatsuharu by upping the necessary Kanmusu's stats as new features also come in. Also, my Tuesday was 10-11 hours in E-3 easy with no drops vs E-4 easy with three sorties (A-A-S) with the first S rank being Aquila. I want to strangle this KanColle game with how 10+ hours in E-3 gave me nothing, yet three sorties into E-4 gave me Aquila. It forced you into E-4 for drops. Also, I'm now officially done with the event. Screw the rest of it as it's having left over elements of Spring 2016 sadistic RNG and such. I was genuinely surprised when Aquila's 'GET!' screen popped up because I was expecting more bullcrap. Welcome to my fleet, Aquila! Sadly going to have to wait to level with Warspite & others until I can get enough fuel saved up for a sortie. Maybe I can test you out in 2-5 for the fun of it.But yeah, I'm just done with the event now that I have all 4 event kanmusu, plus lovely extras. It's been fun - Ooshi getting a lovely remodel. Again, I now want to focus leveling my DD's plus getting some lucked up nicely between now & next event. KanColle1318 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Summer 2016's E-4 Easy S-Rank get. I was genuinely surprised to see her pop up instantly on E-4, yet not after 10+ hours in E-3. She, just as I-26, are both fun to look at when tending to expeditions on both tablet & Android. KanColle1319 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Ah! Nice knowing & seeing Aquila in my fleet <3 I'll level her when I'm able. KanColle1320 by SubTrance, on Flickr This event can now go rot away with how silly it is/was with RNG on maps. I actually feel relieved I went off to play Starbound after 'No Man's Sky' failure also. Such glorious fun in KanColle & Starbound. My comrade are also having fun with KanColle while I'm pleased to know I have Amagi heh.
  13. Maya was around 80 or something, now 90. Souryuu reached Kai Ni status, and Italia in her 74's, from 50 or so. Anybody that joined me in my combined fleet gained a nice leveling boost for all the fun we've done through clearing & fishing up Kanmusu it's been glorious. Kongo, Haruna, Kaga, Italia. Everybody. Events are awesome like this because you get nice level jumps for how much you push, sortie, and combine the fleets also, yet the drawback is the insane hit to the resources. Hayasui is a fun kanmusu with how you can resupply whenever. Need to figure out how to make proper use of her. All my Kanmusu now above lvl 5 that it's nice. Oh, how I want it to be Tuesday so I can try fish up Aquila. She's the only stubborn one left. Every other Admiral in my circle has her, even Myuto. They all have her, just not me. RNG being stingy as hell in places that the only way I'm getting it is through the number of times I sorties that I burned through my fuel supplies. Aquila, do not become a thorn in my side like I-26 was, yet everybody is getting lovely Kanmusu this event. I need to even go back to get Akitsushima at E-1. I bet the RNG shall be just as worthless as the one for I-26. [RNG for Akitsushima seems to be the same as I-26. This should be frustratingly fun >_>] Leveling & gaining Kamusu has been glorious. All you could hear every sortie is a nice 'ding!'
  14. That's rough. Even after all that, that's rough ^ Also, just up a Flickr account so you can then copy your image onto here. Flickr is the easiest for me because you can put many images on there without worries. Just upload, go to your image, edit the title & description however you please, then look to the right of your image for an arrow pointing upwards then right to then get a 'BBCode' to then pick 500 x292 (forum friendly) to then just share the image. As for forum side, not sure. I simply share stuff through Flickr. ------- Loving my Nimu. She made herself nicely at home by now 'naturally' leveling to lvl 14. Nice. No rushing because that takes the fun & spirit out of Kanmusu, yet nice Nimu is now 14
  15. Interesting. Well, now I'm just hoping there's no miscommunication while hoping someone has something else to add. Seems to be typical I keep spawning miscommunication that I hope we're all on the same page hmm. I guess I could get used to what's in the combat there and could settle with speed issues at the least. I don't want to ruin the game either if someone does take my suggestions/ideas, if they even do. Looking forward to see what these tweaks shall do & add. The numbers & animations thing hopefully should be helpful. Hopefully the ship silhouettes shall reflect the ship-class in time? The one above & below the portraits hmm. [studying everything]
  16. You're welcome It appears that I felt so strongly about this combat issue that I dreamed about in a way I fought in real time against my friend (and lost to his superiority) on a map similar to that of 'Rise of Nations' & 'Red Alert 3', yet the units felt heavy & worthwhile. Having to chase down my friend that I tried to have my remaining submarine run up to Gibraltar type area to ambush my friend's incoming Destroyer/Cruiser, yet he hid his vessel last moment so my ambush failed because he hit it among some Finland type inlets islands, and such. Took my submarine up north then to try and sink some docked supply vessels, yet had my submarine bombed right out of the water. Was an interesting dream giving me the type of 'gritty' moment I seem to enjoy from these games that each unit is genuinely special & worthwhile in some fashion. My dream was basically mixing & meshing 'Rise of Nations' (map wise only), 'Red Alert 3', 'Atlantic Fleet', 'Victory at Sea', and even 'Silent Hunter 3' experiences. Fun stuff. But yeah, to that quote it be interesting to see how the planes change. I did go back & watch the video finally seeing where you're going with it, yet it had to take about 8-20 watches to finally do so with just how much both the game & you have to process. I finally put the two pieces together with what was said in this thread & interview with that video that I finally see the flow. Curious what this "structured" approach really means. And yes, too early, but at least you have a nice footing to flesh it out, polish it, and expand in a way I'm seeing KanColle doing so with giving planes experience, changing their sprites to match their units, and to even add airbases into the mix. That dream though, it be awesome to feel that kind of 'weighted' experience from Belles in these battles, similar to KanColle, and the games (excluding Rise of Nations) in the mix. The same type of vibe I even get from Atlantic Fleet. I'd love to feel that "hit" when they hit something.
  17. NIce to hear/see Mahan finally surprisingly enjoying something to the fullest. Mahan, like myself, need to venture out of our comfort zone to enjoy the actual fun stuff in life, and glad these Belles are forcing Mahan to see the light. It's awesome. Again, hoping these shall become mini-games in Victory Belles, if in a more 'chill' manner tied with Friendship & romance stuff. Also, I obviously have to note that Dunkerque is now the second French vessel to have visited Canada. Her, & Surcourf. That's awesome. Dunkersque seems like Graf Zeppelin & Aquila seeing more proper combat in KanColle & VB universe that you see them being far more epic in there. It's a shame she couldn't see proper combat in her actual battlefield. I bet you it's Halifax again. That be awesome if there's some in-game tie-in region wise for you to make note of this. That's just awesome. Surcourf & Dunkersque be interesting Belles if they would keep that immersion up of connection & other stuff. Be like Victini on Pokemon Black & White, then Black 2 & White 2 versions. Something like that, and with other Belles also when they visit certain areas. Outside the whole VN stuff, yet still something they'd make note of outside in the menu, or something. Chat bubbles. ------------ Also, I made note of in the video that the speed "too fast'. I agreed with one of the comments below mine (posted earlier) that the video shows the battles WAY too quickly that your Belles just zip past that you can't process your information. In KanColle it goes at a nice speed that each Kanmusu actually gives a proper weighted experience, as well as being an 'actual' unit in there. Not a number, not something to hit the Abyssals, yet still holds immersion with their presence and the way they attack. Another thing, the plane phase is weird, more so when compared with KanColle with how the planes are just images. In KanColle you can see a sprite of 1, two, or even three planes (for a grouping). They even have variations of seaplane, fighters, bombers, & even elite (or squadron leader). Planes have been changed nicely during KanColle's summer update, and more so leading up to this summer 2016. Be interesting to see a more 'weighted' plane movement on the map attacking targets. I guess KanColle is the middle ground, and I see the reply back to "Shooter Girl is too slow in places" is true, but that's when you add in a typical play, speed up, & normal speed options. Both Flower Knight GIrl & Shooter Girl do play with the speed option, yet I have faith that BCS can figure out some kind of pacing to fit everyone's tastes from 1x speed, 2x, video's speed, and/or something other. Not trying to phase out any ideas or anything, but I'm still hanging onto the idea of having a secondary selectable combat option of seeing battles on a combat grid as ships move about, somehow trying to figure out how to make them feel special, unique, and weighted. There has to be some way you should feel attached to your Belles in combat, something mostly done right in KanColle, yet still feeling that void. It's a shame we can't go KanColle Arcade, yet won't go down that road because that's now going too far. VB's combat again is too fast, doesn't feel like you can feel attachment to your Belles, and you can't really process the information in there that it's just like your typical "generic" web games, even if it's testing. I guess I have to be playing the game to feel any stress & tension that I'd become attached to a Belle, yet everything else is still in question hmm. Granted, aware that it's still being fleshed out, and in beta, etc, etc.
  18. Many thanks! Well, I'll level up my Kanmusu the "natural" way by sorting them when I really need them. My DD's however, they need to be leveled more so to fill a void I have in my fleet. I need more powerful DD's at the ready. The rest shall simply level whenever they're called upon. It's amazing, and glad I did what I did. If I tried to attack without the debuff I'd stall my HQ into unsortie status. I'd be robbed of another event. Glad I had that mishap so it's a "happy accident". Well..... If you care for mine, then here. If your DD's go red then simply retreat, plus try to get air superiority as much as you can. If any body, even DD goes red just retreat because fatigue is going to ruin your day, as well as not having superiority of any kind. You need every Kanmusu. - E-4 Final Clear Easy Fleet 1: Katsuragi, Kaga, Souryuu, Shoukaku, Haruna, Kongo Fleet 2: Italia, Yuudachi, Jintsuu, Shigure, Maya, Prinz Eugen [Carrier Task Force focus] [bomber Fleet + Torpedo Squadron + Torpedo bomber + Boss Support] Katsuragi had fleet facility (4th slot + blue planes in highest slots & fighters in lower). Similar plane set-ups for other CVs. Haruna & Kongo had two turrets, red AA shells (Yamato used in Anime). Italia & Prinz Eugen both having similar set-ups with 2 red guns, green AP Shell + scouting plane set-ups. Yuudachi & Shigure both having either 10 or 12 cm green guns + 2x strongest torpedoes for nightly cutins (Yuudachi won me the E-4 with a torpedo cut in <3). Jintsuu had 2 20.3cms & a scout plane. Maya for AA with 22mm (the somewhat highest type), 10 cm (DD type), 21 radar, & green AP shell. I then had a 1) Bomber fleet 2) Torpedo squadron 3) Hybrid bomber-torpedo & boss support focused with 2 BBs & 2 CVs (helped somewhat with 100 extra damage each on two units). My planes didn't reach further than I node so I focused it on H & I, then went without plane cover to Q Node. If you have any plane that reaches boss node then use that also. Friend's Fleet for E-4 [Medium set-up] LBAS - Escort Fleet Equipment: ----------- It feels so awesome being able to level up Nimu & the other event girls via Orel & expedition right now. DDs are out & about, and I got to know Warspite. I now need to gain enough resources by either Tuesday or Wednesday so I can try getting Aquila. She's the only one I'm missing, and only one I'm bothered not having. It's going to bother me, yet I do want her that those two days shall HAVE to have her drop, yet RNG is going to be a stingy piece of crap. As much as I hate E3, I'm going to go back to E-3 because it's the "easiest" when you get to that boss node.
  19. Other than the elusive Aquila, I'M DONE! DONE! YATTA!~ Both E-3's & a bit of E-4 was driving me nuts, even at easy. Even so, CLEARED! Yuudachi gained final kill on the lovely 'Heavy Cruiser Summer Princess' with a nightly torpedo cut-in. This, after being turned red three sorties previous today (Friday). "Save you from everything" - Yuudachi's nightly torpedo cut-in in vengence for being three-hit KO'd three sorties previous. KanColle1310 by SubTrance, on Flickr - "Ad-my-ral" - The gloriously elegant Warspite joins my fleet! YATTA!~ KanColle1312 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Katsuragi boasting her flagship & Kai Ni status, as well as beating E-4. KanColle1313 by SubTrance, on Flickr - E-1 to E-4 cleared, if on easy. Any harder would knock my base out of commission. That, and RNG was stupid as it was. KanColle1314 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Warspite is a glorious sight in my naval HQ room <3 KanColle1315 by SubTrance, on Flickr - Also getting to know my little Nimu/I-26 after frustrations from before. She's a fun little one needing to be trained. KanColle1316 by SubTrance, on Flickr Aquila shall have to be gained sometimes next week. Need to regain resources, as well as deal with real-world needs. Damn. This was a blast! Aquila, why did you have to be stubborn. Now I have to hunt you down, or wait for next event. Silly girl. Damn. Loving the Kanmusu's I gained, yet now sometimes in September I'll have to level up my DDs. Go damn, do I ever need to level up my DDs. Been hurting a lot. First event cleared all the way through. I love it! The hype!
  20. I"m curious if this shall find itself removed. I hope not because it brings a unique vibe to the whole KanColle scene which is unique by not being dark, or even happy. It's right in the middle closer towards sadness. It's the rare peace for Abyssals whenever they aren't attacking. I love hearing this for how almost soothing it is also while giving a peak to Abyssal life between battles.
  21. Yeah, it's such a resource hog in E-4. Trying to wrap it up again the way I did E-3, even if I may risk stomach pain again by a 2 am clear. Just need something like 2 more sorties to beat E-4, yet got more Kanmusu to join me. KanColle1308 by SubTrance, on Flickr Amagi joins me from E-4's K Node under S-rank, which is quite tricky because BB's enjoy targeting DD's that my Prinz has to get it. I even have the E-4 debuff this time (I heard it), yet unsure if I did the same for E-3. Getting S-ranks, yet no noteworthy Kanmusu at Q node.
  22. Did an edit to add in Haysui so look back up at my post. (to anybody) Umikaze was at the boss node of E-4, and wiki claims only at boss node. Katsuragi is on I, and I have her as flagship. Nice. Kiyoshimo is.....I already have her. Good luck on both I & Q Node!
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