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  1. Yeah, that's cool. Glad you made it sound neutral, but if it's to also remind me also then the Canadian bit has to be a demand, even if we have HMCS Saguenay. If Milihime didn't get pulled then it be a simple request, but if we have games also dropping off the radar then someone has to pick it back up to fill it back in the void. SOmeone has to make a successor to Silent Hunter 3, yet noted that BCS aren't them. That's UBOOT, apparently. That's just a given to fill in a void. You need to keep improving your games also by adding what hasn't been added into it before, such as Canadians, Dutch, among others. Games need to keep improving so there are times you need to nudge the developers also. The rest being requests, even if they did sound like demands. This combat thing is a request. A hyped one, yet a request. But yeah, noted. If something sounds like a demand then just take it as over-excited requested request. Alright, now curious if I can finally play Shooter Girl because it just got stuck on loading. Loading on daily missions, as well as the loading screen......Makes sure that's sorted with VB No loading screen hanging.
  2. Thanks for the "energetic" & "enthusiastic" compliment, yet feel there's another round of a small misunderstanding. Something minor though so it ain't much of an issue. Yes, it be awesome if Victory Belles would have these combat features (thus me linking to them & mentioning them), yet I'm expecting the combat we were shown in teaser form because even BCS doesn't know of them. It's a bit anti-climactic, yet we'll see where the combat takes us. How immersive, and how it'll hold up in repetition of combat is what I'm curious about because I'm going to be among the many using it, and then using it in repetition. I'm requesting these other features (both as inspiration & in a somewhat serious tone) that it be neat to have a selectable alternative to combat, not replacing anything, that you can see what we see now or the alternative. Maybe to even spice things up, or to even just connect with your Belles more in some manner. Basically have what we have now for mobile phone users to then eventually branch out as an alternative to see the Belles doing whatever in combat as they would in 'Shooter Girl', or 'Fate/Grand Order'. I guess even using Pokemon GO's AR mode style of as a poor example of how seeing pokemon via AR or just a pre-made background type of alternative to combat. If we can't have it then that's a shame. BCS is still the boss so I can't argue with them. Yeah, I'm aware that this is asking too much and such, yet just trying to help the game where I can because Victory Belles is awesome, and just finding ways to make it more awesome. Games are still lacking, even if it's 2016, that there needs to be more developers making quality games, not shitty ones. There's still many voids to be filled, yet nobody wants to fill it in that I'm constantly frustrated. It's what we do for a game we love by finding ways to improve it, even by modding such that we give games a long shelf-life. Even helps when developers listen to keep the game living as long as possible. You see it through modding also. When a game doesn't have modding then the game itself is shit because you can't really find ways to continue adding content, adding your own touch, among others. Games like Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, Rising World, Empyrion, and etc live because they frequently update, as well as have modding support, thus you're seeing it still alive, or going to be alive for a long while. Yeah......seeing KanColle out first, then Shooter Girl, then Victory Belles. Each game being a stepping stone for the other to learn from, just as how Rising World is stepping up above Minecraft right now, yet nobody is bothering to pay attention because it's not Minecraft. Nobody sees it because lemmings are steering away from it right now . That, or seeing Shooter Girl using KanColle's formula to 1-up it in other areas. I'm just interested in seeing Victory Belles being awesome because I'm one of those people hooked on playing the game that it be interesting to see what's possible & not. The "Diva" singing feature (Macross style), or whatever else. Hearing a Belle singing casually as you wander from one menu to the next, or something. If I can't mod or personalize anything in or outside of the game I can at least request these features, right? Even if they may or may not appear in the game, at least being considered. Damn. Made a longer posting than I should have...... [if I don't make sense in this post then I'm blaming my cold. I had to go back numerous times to fix irritating typos.]
  3. Heyo. This thread has been held back for so long as to not over-saturate the forum with Canadian-ness, yet I guess it doesn't really matter now because of all the selective hearing going on. Just wanting to get it out of the way now while both annoyingly, yet happily, wanting to share the fruit of my frustrations of seeing a void. It ain't anything highly special, yet it's still special when one views a void & fills it, especially giving it a nice touch of "what if's" of seeing Canadian warships "KanCollefied". In this case, "Arpeggio-fied", something that this Victory Belles game is proud of inspiring from. That, and always seeing USN plastered everywhere really hit a nerve that I just went out to make some RCN related characters to "even out the playing field", something Victory Belles should hopefully be doing by playing with most of the nations partaking in naval warfare. - General Thoughts: I love 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel' so much that I noticed a scene where American warships were coming towards I-401 (Iona) & Kongo's stupid super-weapon scene. It made me highly curious (as well many episodes back with a Fog-less destroyer) that I was curious what Canadians would have as a threat to their boarder. I was highly curious if Destroyers also had 'Mental Models' to join in on that fun, or if it was more of a vocal thing (voice without a body). It made me think of HMCS Haida, as well as her sister HMCS Huron at the time that I tried making them also appear punky because we Canadians (in a youthful sense) are quite punky & hisptery. We love picking fights, even if we want to admit it or not, that we enjoy a good verbal fight. Every Canadian I've come across always had some kind of temper (myself included) that I just had to have that included into Haida's & Huron's visual appearance in both a "FOG rebellion" behavior, as well as a national trait of ours. Maybe at least through the hair. Maybe even in the booze-drinking image I screenshotted. I enjoy seeing a nice visualization of HMCS Haida & HMCS Huron in their 'fan-form' appearance, even if it may be plausible or not in their universe. It adds that nice variety to that void, and I get to even have them crow as characters now. That nice RPG feeling of 'progress', something you feel in 'KanColle'That whole US scene (as stupid as that was of them being wiped out in one shot by Kongo's super weapon) just simply inspired me that I was simply curious in filling any gaps. Seeing as how 'Victory Belles' is inspired by 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel', I find this appropriate to post this here. I can't draw, I can't ask anybody for assistance (in short: people aren't interested) that I'm forced to use 'Illusion Games's' R18 Hentai game's character creation to give form to these. Game mostly being 'HaremMate', yet still seeking out any other to give finer details, even clothing wise. Waiting on 'Rising World' for the necessary updates to continue there. --------- 20150115025101734 by SubTrance, on Flickr [Note: One annoying thing is I can't really go back and adjust their bust. They're now stuck with big busts in these images >_> .] HMCS Haida [Fog] 20150115015127015 by SubTrance, on Flickr Haida, being the 'lead destroyer' being the most refined of the bunch in terms of intelligence, behavior, mannerisms, as well as tactical mischievousness towards the enemy. She completes any tasks given to her done without hesitation. Refined, meaning matured mindset with focus mainly on the battlefield, tasks at hand, as well as keeping any emotions in check. Even with that, she wisely, if jokingly (somewhat sadistacly) harasses her foes in a manner which could be similar in viewpoint of "playing with one's food" through traps, assaults, and even (when given a chance) beaching her enemies. Her personality being far more matured, refined, and serious when compared to a more "playful" & "less experienced" sister, Huron -------- - HMCS Huron [Fog] 20150115021106578 by SubTrance, on Flickr Huron, being one of the many sisters, having a more "playful" personality. Still serious, yet more focused on having an enjoyable time both on and off the battlefield. Her personality being the highly mischievous type which shrinks Haida's sadistic & mischievous side of her personality in a drastic manner. She enjoys teasing her enemy, harassing them, and even just messing about. Her hair (as mentioned about in 'General thoughts') is supposed to reflect Canada's "hipster" personality as a whole. Both her hair and personality that we Canadians use our knowledge as weapons to compete with our American neighbors. This is what Huron is supposed to reflect, reference, and mirror back onto her enemy. Using her enemies information against them, to trap them, to destroy them (sometimes slowly). When necessary, and if the mission calls for it, she'll pull a "serious Haida" by simply destroying the enemy outright. ---------- I have more images, but it seems I failed to upload them onto Flickr. That, and they may be stuck on my other hard-drive and such. When I find more I'll try and up more. Had some nice drinking & boat swimsuit shots....... Seeing as how 'Victory Belles' is inspired by 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel', I find this appropriate to post this here. I can't draw, I can't ask anybody for assistance (in short: people aren't interested) that I'm forced to use 'Illuion Games's' R18 Hentai game's character creation to give form to these. Even other more 'KanCollefied' girls.
  4. I'll take 'Z' over Lexington. Everybody else (& Saguenay) left in the dust from that tally. Alright, let's see what Friday gives us then. See you then.
  5. Another song why I enjoy Rasmus Faber's song, yet I guess I'm now taining it for myself by overplaying his tracks. Everything is supposed to be in moderation. It's what made 'Rinne no Lagrange' & 'Asterisk War' all the more enjoyable. That, and I now have the little teaser of [Hear the universe] from Macross Delta stuck in my mind. Nice style.
  6. "Give it to me!" "So you want to test me?! So you want to TEST me?! To see if I'm real enough?"
  7. Alright, one more thing before I finally let this go. Finally unlocked Diva which makes 'Shooter Girl' seem like Macross (original) up to Macross Delta. I unlocked a Diva which gives you various benefits of attack, defense, and whatever else they may be thinking. Giving them bouquettes would motivate them to sing for 30 min to give you these various benefits. Upgrading the HQ would give them stronger music effects allowing the Diva to be more effective, if they even are, that it's also awesome hearing them sing on the battlefield. You can simply watch their performance in the music room, or you can even hear them on the battlefield. I've been wondering if there's a playful (and proper) manner of having a Belle doing the same by choosing to randomly sing during combat, or to hear Allied/Axis broadcasts playing music openly without a care. It could be used to boost some sort of morale, or something, that it may even charm the enemy into a ceasefire. I guess that may be hated, yet if done right it may spawn some interesting lore-related mini-events of the Morgana to hold their head in pain, or something along those lines. Silent Hunter 4 had the option of tuning into Tokyo's radio station to hear their music. Was a fun little easteregg & immersive factor that felt like you're tuning into the enemy past their heavy net. WW2 Sniper vs American trumpetter. It would be amusing to hear Belles sing in combat, at your base, or even at a music room, or similar. Oh, how that would be awesome. It would fit in the style with other Japanese games with the archive system, and even KanColle's jukebox. It be sweet to even hear Nerpa sing, among others.
  8. Oh, that's depressing. Something worthwhile shut down probably because of lacking interest, funds, or similar that I wish people shall actually give Victory Belles the proper respect it deserves for a lengthened period of time. I hope it continues to have a "friendly rivalry" with KanColle that both shall have a long healthy life. A game called ' Milihime' was pulled to join the likes of 'Busou Shinki: Battle Rondo' from the MMO world in a depressive appearing grave. Such a shame too, because it contained a handful of Canadian tank girls. It had the necessary variety of being awesome, yet it died. RIP. Milihime Canadian Units: Sherman Firefly - Currie: http://milihime.wikia.com/wiki/Currie QF 25 Pounder MK. II - Matthews: http://milihime.wikia.com/wiki/Matthews Spitfire Mk.II V - Beurling: http://milihime.wikia.com/wiki/Beurling [best of the bunch, and rarest. As it should be, also appearing in the Strike Witches universe. Ace pilot, and etc assassinated by own Canadians, or allied buddies post-war.] 4-Ton Amphibian 'Terrapin - Simonds': http://milihime.wikia.com/wiki/Simonds Sherman Firefly VC - Walters: http://milihime.wikia.com/wiki/Walters This just pisses me off because I can't get all curious about this game. That's 5 Canadians! 5 Canadians I can't check out because the game is now dead. RIP. Seeing this simply wants me to pressure BCS to find a way to make Victory belles playable offline also so that you can keep playing even if the server experiences mishaps, or when you can't play the game for internet issues, and such. An offline mode needs to be done. I mentioned this before, and it seems I have to mention it again in paranoid fear for Victory Belles, more so after seeing Milihime having died when I wasn't looking. It's going to happen eventually, for every game. Oh, I'm going to be so happy when I can finally take command of my Canadian angels. Saguenay being the only one we know of, and one of whom shall keep popping up until Skeena & others join the rank. Hopefully others I mentioned in my listing numerous times over....... Seeing as how I'm denied playing Milihime I really do have to wait till March 2017 to play this game. And yes, my fault for not jumping on earlier, yet I would have felt a much harsher burn by seeing my Canadians poof before my eyes. Well, that's another void needing to be filled because it had an interesting concept of all WW2 units, variety, and etc, something I'm now brainstorming if it would fit with Victory Belles in some manner. Another thought being seeing 'Ace Squadrons' being recruitable/commandable by having Beurling pop up for Canada's land-based air patrols, or some Hellcats for the Americans. Even the Russian "Witches" for keeping their junkers in the air in a form of Russian sexism (Giving female russian troops garbage type old bomber planes) back then, among other types to do dangerous bombing runs. It be interesting. If we do ever get transport related vessels (troop & tank cargo type thing) I'd be amused if we could visually see various nationalities of vehicle units in the cargo hold. Even being shuttled across the maps, and such. Even seeing them embark & disembark from the vessels to occupy areas, if allowed in a 1940 expansion onward. We are getting land-based air cover so that's where this thought is coming from. I'd be amused to see a Canadian roundel among the WW2 mayhem of Beurling, and others.
  9. Oh, please...let's see HMCS Saguenay. *crosses fingers wishing for the best* Seeing the votes going all over the place isn't reassuring. It's more stressful than fun. But I guess that's part of the fun & how diplomatic this whole thing is, if stressful waiting for next Friday to see who finally gets in. Surprised to see mikelima posting about her, plus an image to boot. Respect!
  10. Nerpa, being another Belle, simply proves the point that this game needs a section where you can see your Belles gifted with various items. Something like museum room, yet a collection of what makes them awesome. Something like USS Texas with an artillery shell cautiously displayed when it landed in her bunk, or Nerpa's basket weaving showing what makes her fun & entertained. When a Belle has something precious to them that needs to be shown along side of what they were gifted & enjoy doing. Trophy rooms, basically. That, and the singing itself reconfirms a jukebox type section which KanColle uses. I assume 'Shooting Girl' does also, as does 'Flower Knights Girl' in the Japanese version. Fun fun. Even so, I'm still loving Nerpa, even after a painful sleep (stupid cold/flu) over into the next day. I'm wanting Nerpa in my fleet for being a fun submarine & with a great taste in fashion.
  11. You're welcome. I just can't get enough of 'Shooter Girl' right now, yet miss the likes of some sort of expedition to regain resources. It seems the resources regenerate, yet you still get them via quests & sorties. Over-leveling is also my standard strategy to things that it just knocks threats away with ease, most of the time. That's also proving oddly interesting because my second squad is now managing to do what my first one couldn't because of the types in there. Also, just to renote for clarification: 1) Popularity: This is basically how popular the girl is to you. How attached she is that the more stars, the more you've sent her in missions. I love seeing something like this used in how much you've focused on her (a unit) would be a measure of how much she's worthwhile to you. I'm now at one heart (out of four, or so) for my main squad that they're now probably going to obey my orders more directly as more arts are added. It's quite handy having this. We had a mention on here in a brainstorming manner that if you abuse your Belle that they would leave your fleet to be an NPC in the world to fight. a Neutral-enemy to reclaim to your side. Something to play around with KanColle wise I'd enjoy having this lead into weddings, yet what's done is done. Victory Belles has a chance to start clean that you could gain hearts to lead into whatever you choose to. Weddings, or whatever you're going to have as an end result of relationship. Though, KanColle could still back-peddle a bit by adding hearts, but it's odd that way. I already ringed Bismarck. Flower Knight Girl failed here via stupid gift affection that there's no reward there. Reward comes from progression, not forced gifting achievements. 2) Strategy Commands: A drop down of strategies your girls can learn by leveling every 5 levels. Even adding another girl of the same type unlocks another hidden skill type for them to make use, activate in battle, and be more feared by the enemy. The whole 'attack at will', Northern attack', southern attack', frontal attack', & etc. 3) Mention of "Learning AI": This ties in with Strategy commands that they would choose to obey or disobey your orders. This is something I've seen in a now dead MMO called 'Busou Shinki - Battle Rondo' that the unit themselves decides how to treat your orders. Carrying this over into Victory Belles could prove amusing for immersive sakes, especially for the roleplayers. More so in a gameplay sense. The fresh recruits would struggle with orders, yet as they gain experience they would be able to better execute your commands more faithfully. Even blindly following your commands by habit, and by what you mentioned, in a high enough relationship/affection/popularity type thing. A bit of this is used in 'Dragons Dogma' with the AI learning of the enemy that they'd then destroy the enemy quicker by hitting weakspots, as well as leading you to landmarks they're now aware of. Imagine tying this in with negations, and them leading you through the safest way in maps. I have yet to experience this in full in Shooter Girl so I only see a 50/50% of obeying orders. It can go much deeper, if you're willing to dedicate time to making Belles react & immersive enough I simply love how Shooter Girl 1-ups KanColle in various areas that I wish it carried back into KanColle. Even wishing Victory Belles to make note of & to try their best in adding this into the game.
  12. Always nice seeing more submarines, something KanColle is shy about adding. Love how classy Nerpa looks in her simplicity. I'll happily try recruiting her into my fleet, if I can manage. Basket weaving? Nice. I love her simple beauty.
  13. Going B-5 because screw it, I need some Canadian pride now after failing Dutch pride for a comrade. Not in a good mood. Caught a stupid cold >_>
  14. Well, he can do both by either posting in 'Minor navy thread', or making a new thread focused purely on Poland. It's fine either way. As for it being dead is because of the mood. I was told to post in other threads, and I've been doing that before I was told that with others not posting. People only pop in during drama, or the arrogance of knowledge in those KS Updates. I guess it would be playful knowledge stuff, yet from my POV it's just information fighting that there's no fun in it. I'm off put by it that I keep away. Friend even questions me why I keep following Victory Belles that I have to wonder also, yet it's for the game itself. I come here for the news & to dump information hoping to improve the game in some manner, if in a blinded way with how youthful this game still is. As for sources. Follow "ship-a-day Helfrich" and see where that gets you because "Times" blocked that off under a pay subscription. Can't really source things on a whim either. I'd have to go back searching in the manner I have to reconfirm the Trio Prince sisters of their accomplishments, history, and personality in Kanmusu form. Deep searching which I can't really do by constantly retracing steps that it's too tedious. As for Canadians winning Italy is a combination of Canadians, Italians, New Zealanders, among others with USA there also, yet USA stopped the forces so they could parade into Rome themselves. Check every Italian based WW2 documentary available and you'll see it. If you do want a read then here's [some Canadian accomplishments in Italy]. As for the actual source of USA stopping & stealing the credit is within a documentary long aired on History Channel that I can't make note of. Wish I did, yet never did note it. ----------- Edit: Seems like I can't find the Dutch sinking comment with USA & British telling the Dutch to "chill out". I guess I may never find it again because information is like people with it coming & going in the wind.
  15. Noted. Hoping for a nice smooth evolution, similar to how KanColle has been adding various elements throughout the years. Plane experience, as well as the new preemptive ASW assault on 100+ ASW stats. Fun stuff. Just wanted to pop by again to note 'Shooting Girl' on SFW Nutaku that that combat is done amusingly, if gimmicky. Seeing your lovelies moving about as they attack the enemy while seeing where & how they got that damage. Even seeing this game as a nice polished version of what KanColle would be, or as inspiration to step up higher into a proper direction. Be interesting to see alternatives to screen switching that you could see your Belles & their vessel in a deformed manner roaming the waters as damage is being done, and such. I guess that would require lots of work, yet should be an interesting alternative if you want to allow variety in combat, if such thing is ever welcomed. Seeing where & how the damage is being done, as well as for immersion. Even a fun element seeing how your units choose to obey your orders, or not. The fun parts of this game being how lengthy it is to recruit these gun girls, the rising affection (natural, not Flower Knight Style), as well as how you grow them. I feel more attached to these girls because I can see gradual progress with them, as I would in Pokemon, and even KanColle. I'm seeing various forms of progress in them that I"m hoping Victory Belles has them, or makes note of them. I think it be fun seeing your Belle mature by loosely obeying orders [unless that's already in the game, forget it] to eventually faithfully obeying them as they mature, and more so when romanced. This is similar to how a Konami killed MMO 'Busou SHinki Battle Rondo' did things with their AI learning your preferences so they would attack in a specific manner. You would order them how to attack, then they'd try to (best of their ability) to do so by attacking in a way you suggested in varying levels of success. This is what I've read for 'Shooter Girl', and am seeing for with 'strategy' commands of 1) 'engage at will', 2) 'Frontal attack', 3) Northern attack, 4) southern attack, among others. If a "learning ai" was added into Victory Belles then I guess I'd find that amusingly immersive, if it's ever considered and added. Another level of growth which would add another level of personalized connection to your Belles, as is happening with these shooter girls. Maybe frustrating at first, yet once you get the ball rolling you'd see how they mature. More of an attachment to your Belles. I'm more familiar with warship battles that I could probably nudge Belles into a certain strategy because firearm combat is oddly complex to me still. Trying to learn the way 'Shooting Girl' does things that I'm simply resorting to "level-assaulting" the enemy. Basically bringing in higher levels to deal with the troublesome issue because I'm too ignorant with nitty-gritty details . I'm learning though, and hopefully the same deal over at Victory Belles as it matures. Bit of gameplay there.
  16. Oh! This is something I want to learn more about because it's something you never hear about. It's always focused in one direction that we need more 'pov'. I want to see/hear this source of ORP Piorun, as well as see her in Victory Belles so we can learn about this more in detail. With the mention of Bismarck this has me even more curious that I'd love to hear more all around. You just had me happy with joy hearing ORP Piorun had fun messing with Bismarck for an hour, or so. Yeah, go ahead and make a Polish thread with various goodies. This is awesome! Yeah, the Allied Nations (major ones) threw major fits when it came to us Canadians, and even Dutch, out-performing the Americans and British. It's both hilarious and highly disrespectful that it goes back to amusing that Canadians did all the hard work in Italy with USA stealing the credit there, and Dutch in the naval side of things by outscoring both USA & UK combined throughout the whole war, even homeless at that! Have other people do the hard work with the majors stealing the glory. Very sarcastically respectful Yet, I can still respect the British because they still had that air of formalities around them in places. Hopefully, yet we're now starting to see people dipping fragmented pieces of both Canada & Polish units into games, even this one. It's awesome seeing ORP Blyskawica in 'World of Warships' that the Polish can pride themselves in their own navy. Even twinned with HMCS Haida as a museum ship. Variety is what I seek, and variety is what I'm getting in 'Victory Belles', and the mention of me being pushy & demanding is viewed as justified on my end to fill in a necessary void needing to be patched up . If it ever happens, I'd love to see at least ORP Blyskawica in KanColle, yet similar to Canadians, being a slim chance. Yeah, go ahead. Go make a Polish navy thread because I'm eager to learn more, more so in bias with my friend having a Polish background. It however bugs me I can't jump on 'Warship Girls' on a whim to meet the loli-jailbait HMCS Haida because it requires you to jump hurdles like KanColle. Not even sure if it'll be worth it, but hey. I guess this is why we have Victory Belles. Makes me curious how many Polish girls we'll see.
  17. Rasmus Faber popped up in Macross Delta that it's awesome seeing him going around the anime scene. Rinne no Lagrange, Asterisk War, and now Macross Delta. Sweet! A tiny bit NSFW because of the Valkyrie armor, but yeah. I hate these disclaimers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snr1jVg-lPw View from 2:25 onward for Rasmus Faber's Macross Delta beauty & tease. I now want to hear [Hear The Universe] in full. It's playfully teased in this episode. The whole ep 17 was a tease. Constant teasing. --------------- Edit: The youtube link was put into private so here's the song below: Hear The Universe: https://streamable.com/1kcm
  18. ^ Sweet. Also, I can now see why activity drops when you see gyms with 1000+ CP Pokemon. You stand no chance so you just walk on. That, and my inventory is now full that I just don't do Pokestop runs anymore. You also have to travel further, and the common sense type things people already knew. The gyms with 1000+ CP offending me the most because there's just no fun to it. That, and people being stupid humans that they must ruin everything for other people by playing through their PC, not in person. Trying to be special when they really aren't. The whole fun is in traveling with your phone, yet people just want to have small brains. Well, I'll be playing Pokemon GO more calmly now by allowing my eggs to hatch, see what Pokemon comes around, as well as waiting to see what the Pokecenter does. I'll expand my inventory once I get a good phone because I just can't justify putting cash in right now when Grimer crashes the Pokemon GO app on my phone on profile viewing. It's a great game, just needs more patience in waiting. It was pushed out a bit prematurely, yet is still a nice strong game. It's a shame people have to ruin everything for other people >_>
  19. Wanted to say many thanks for the Avro Arrow information that I didn't even know. We Canadians are just too shy to even support our own pride that I'm doing all the digging that what 'Shirogane' mentioned is much welcomed. Hearing more goodies is awesome. Can you understand why I'm frustrated all the time? Maybe not . I'm seeing a rise in Polish pride and I'm happy they're getting their pride also. Hopefully we'll see the 3 or 5 Belles on their side so they can continue being proud. Also having a friend whom is Polish makes hearing about Polish all the more worthwhile & unique. That, and I have Slovak types so there's these funny connections to be had & made. Ah, the gorgeous variety, ones you never hear because of another I kept harping about hogging the spotlight. And it's amusing to note that the movie is half right & half wrong. It still happened, just in a 'twisted' manner. ----------- Not wanting to attack or be hostile again, I came here to post this: HMCS Haida - [Warship Girls] She is indeed a loli ship with a neat design. The Chinese even went playful with her by giving her a patriotic string panties which made me laugh, yet made me feel guilty because of her being a loli. Don't do this to me (jailbait). Yuudachi (KanColle) or even Bismarck body (KanColle), just not a loli body which makes everything a guilt trip all around. I'm still loving the serious Haida tribe cape, as with the smooth RCMP type uniform. The hat also, now that I see 'First Nations' references of Haida. RCMP Haida Tribe mixture. Chinese went a bit too playful that they screwed around by adding RCMP. That, and I'm still seeing a [Kill La Kill - Senketsu] type design on her chest area of her RCMP uniform. I just can't unsee it. - Haida: Clean art: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2433958 - Haida's damage art [NSFW Jailbait] https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2433961 That Canadian string panties just makes me laugh, if in a "guilty jailbait" manner. She has that smooth stern also which just....again, jailbait & absolute conflicted feelings. If it was on Yuudachi's Kai ni form then it be less guilty, but wow......They sure had their fun designing Haida that it's both serious & comically amusing at the same time. ------- HMCS Saguenay - Surreal feeling: I've also been thinking about HMCS Saguenay that I STILL can't believe a Canadian has been added onto the roster. Seeing her in the bingo card is also surreal that I STILL can't believe it's real. It's that much of an issue because of what you guys told me of how "small", "minor", and etc, and why Canadians aren't in the game. Constantly being told, and even at times guilt tripped into not being allowed to connect to her. Struggling to play them in every other game just makes me feel like minority that seeing HMCS Saguenay, even imagining her card, is absolutely surreal. Probably lost within these 7 pages, yet having struggled to play as Canadians in any game that it's just odd finally being able to pick Canadians, even still stuck as something minor. The emotions & feelings I'm experiencing right now is hard to put into words because every other Belle is handed to people, mostly the USN ones, that it's a feeling not experienced unless you're in the minor nation zone. I'd bet those wanting to learn about Polish, Turkey, and even Dutch struggle with such. The ones constantly denied, yet wanting to play with their nation also in major games. That feeling of 'exclusion', then suddenly accepted, at least in a 'Token Role'. Example being seeing your friends eat Chinese food, yet you're being given a reason why you can't eat such so you never do. They finally allow you, after many months, that it just feels weird. I guess I now know how it's like when dark skinned people feel when they see their race characters in cartoons/Anime/games. I'm still processing this because, damn....Even seeing Haida for Warship girls....Seriouslly, what the hell happened that someone would focus on Canadians in war games after all the excuses & guilt tripping one would have to endure. Granted, I was hostile, but that's because a void had to be filled in. It feels wrong after what feels like being beaten & whipped by people to finally connect to something Canadian. Again, KanColle was a major spark which allowed me to research RCN related vessels, disappointed I couldn't see their RPG side of things. But yeah, everything feels surreal on both Victory Belles & Warship girl side. Even seeing your own city of Ottawa on TV feels weird. I guess one has to suffer the lacking in choice to understand why it went to 7 pages.
  20. July 17 was when it released in Canada? Yeah, I tried ot get it working on my phone officially yet Google play sees my phone as a piece of shit. I guess it's right when I can't play AR mode, nor have it view Grimer on the profile side of things. It crashes when I try to look at Grimer. Had to keep to the unofficial version still to even play it, and it's still fun regardless. I'm looking into upgrading my phone, also because of PSO2es & F/GO. Damn.....Resource intensive >_> Also, I did something stupid which I shouldn't have when my workplace pissed me off so much that I missed two Pokestops on the way home. Basically went into a PITCH BLACK park at night (11 pm, around) to spy two guys huddling together with the phone & a girl skateboarding. Couldn't make out much, just that it was a stupid move on my part. Basically asking thieves to come up & grab the phone out of my hand only because my workplace stupidity got the best of me, erasing my common sense. Even though it was stupid, I discovered they were Team Valor & that Pokemon GO players are mostly chill. Not so much with the fatties, or the arrogant types, yet when you get a "down-to-earth" player that everything can be awesome. Once you find out you're on different teams is when people also show their stupid side, similar to Canada's hockey teams, and such. Gang-warfare brings the worst out in people. Tribal mentality. Even so, managed to have awesome moments. On another note: - Pokemon Centers shall spring up: Rumors has it that they'll heal your Pokemon & that you'll be able to customize your Pokemon center. Possibly & instanced manner. - Pokemon Gym Sniping/poaching Mended: People sniping Pokemon gyms from others shall now be mended that only the victor shall have it. Other people can't place their Pokemon there to stela it from others. - New Team Leaders Revealed: So glad & proud I chose right with Team Valor with Candela. Nice brown skinned leader. You don't need Ghostbusters for fake feminist drama when you have Pokemon, KanColle, anime, & Victory Belles Candela, Blanche, & Spark revealed as leaders, and they'll eventually play a major part in the game later down the line. Also said that the game is only 10% complete. Way more is to come.
  21. Having to wonder how Kiso shall behave and appear in Victory Belles. These ponderings sparked by a Nendo Kiso being shown by GSC. [Nendo Kiso Link] that it has me putting the spotlight back on my precious Kiso, especially after ringing my Bismarck. I'm fearing that her design shall be more tame/casual when compared to her more 'nightly' KanColle art/counterpart that it's making me fearful that she's going to turn into a golfing Chiyoda [Chiyoda is neat, just something random in VB]. To me, Kiso would hopefully keep her nightly traits, as well as some boasting pride, and maybe that one (or a few) seaplane she's supposed to have with the hanger under her bridge in experiment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_Kiso http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Kiso I'm strongly hoping, and wishing for, VB Kiso to have a formal attire that she could appear like Nera, or even Lampo, but in darker clothing (maybe).My bias from the KanColle game with Kiso in her Kai Ni being awesome with her 'tomboyish' battle pride, and some softness [intimate behavior] when off the battlefield. I guess I should just see what VB does, yet just wishing Kiso to lose the school outfit, but to keep the dark cape, and to go all 'night' in her attire. Or at least formal. I haven't read into her service in detail so I guess I should do that, yet just wishing she would keep her "seriousness" (formal attire) in VB, or something along those lines. Being a 1920's vessel she sure is something awesome in my fleet. . It's a shame I've been struggling to sortie her in the game when there's fleet composition locks asking for Ooi (poorly designed in KanColle) & Kitakami (neat design, yet lazy Kai Ni designs), yet Kiso always gets locked out in her Kai Ni form. That bugs me. My Kiso constantly proved herself to be awesome, yet the game always locks her out . That's another thing [fleet composition restrictions] I'm curious about VB, yet maybe should leave that for another time.
  22. ArcticuKitsu

    KS Update 24

    If Mahan was brave & wise she would have made use of the new-found speed in her strategies. She would have been the Koko Hekmatyar of Jormungand to use it against the Abyssals/. Any wise commander would have happily used such an opportunity to use even the weakness as a weapon against the enemy. MS Igloo (Gundam 3D) had a Zudah which was faulty, yet it caused the GM suits to vibrate heavily from the vibrations within to break apart, and the Zudah as well when controlled. When you know your weaknesses you can use it against the enemy. Lampo is indeed lucky, but when you know your weaknesses you can even use that as your strength to one-up the enemy. That boiler explosion could have been used as either a decoy or some form of Abyssal destruction method. Mahan, stop being fearful by figuring out how to use Lampo in the way Yavuz would. You need to be sneaky & crafty as Yavuz (Another brain fart. I forgot what the enemies in VB are called so I'm just going with Abyssals. Same thing really. This humidity is insane with 36 humidity Celsius, and rising)
  23. ArcticuKitsu

    KS Update 24

    Hai, hai. Seeing as how she reacted to Lampo's tinkering was highly fearful. Like a bird not knowing if it should feed or run away, or a mix of both (edit; Also, the forum can't handle stress from these updates it seems. Lagging so much. About 10 seconds too slow to do anything.)
  24. Alright, seems like UBOOT is still alive, yet I feel that it's still hiding away in that corner where it might still be punishing. Even so, loving where this update is going. More about the game, less about teasers. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1752350052/uboot-a-ww2-survival-sandbox/posts/1635853 Highlights: 1) You can choose ways to float your subs by dealing with sections. This is important when depth charged, rammed, and similar. 2) Menu view. Nothing special there. 3) Second image with the 'US Liberty Ship' shows gameplay related elements & features. The ships appear stunning, as with noting what's in the area for you to hunt. You can make note of shipwrecks below, something which would disappear after you've traveled away which shall be of use in this game. There's also various British & American vessels within the area, yet hoping for Silent Hunter 3 & beyond type nation variety. You have choices & some hand-holding information, if in a more modern take. Instead of a map you get HUD related informations. 4) Third image shows a diving suit allowing you to visit wreck sites, and such, for valuables. How it'll play a part of the game is interesting to see. I now would be amused if we could have Belles in VB do something along this lines in place of expeditions. SOmething you can interact & have a menu, or similar. 5) A 'lazy day at sea' simply shows how it's inspired from Silent Hunter 3 that both games are visually pleasing. The conning tower of the sub being awesomely detailed, as with the ocean. It's a very modernized SH3, yet worried about its crew-sim elements ruining things. 6) The section view is something they're highly proud & pleased with. You can't shun it, and nor would you. They're proud of how detailed their game is that I can see that pride & satisfaction. As it should be Now, can someone also give us a much needed free-roaming surface ship game on SH3 & UBOOT level? Not the World of Warship crap..... -------- Also, belated notification that I acquired my trusty VIIB as U-52. I love this submarine [both games needing the Adua-Class Submarines. UBOOT, you know you want to add in the Adua Class submarines for that much needed Italian pride. Maybe eventually with the I-400 type Sentoku submarines.]
  25. E-2 because we really need Dutch pride in general & for a comrade. I've caught it early so here's to hoping........ I see B-5's Saguenay, yet she can wait because a Dutch void needs to be filled in.
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