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  1. Yeah... A lot of great ships have gone to scrape because they are hard to maintain as museum pieces, along with many other reason. Even the Enterprise went to scrap having won 20 battle stars. What a waste of great history.
  2. I've been wondering about some of the Belles. Six Warships are recognized for having fought in both World Wars and survived to this day. The surviving vessels that hold the distinction of serving in both World Wars are the Medea, which served both the French Navy and Royal Navy, British Monitor HMS M33, the British Light Cruiser HMS Caroline, Greek Armored Cruiser Georgios Averof, the Drazki a Bulgarian torpedo boat and of course my beloved Texas dreadnought. It seems to me they should be a bit older and more experienced and maybe make comments like "Well, back in '17..." They have been in large scale wars before.
  3. No, she was dead before this and nothing was going to stop her from sinking. The scuttling was more shooting a horse to put it out of it's misery. The ship was practiacally dismantled in a vicious way by the British fleet. They took losing the Hood hard. But since we are saying nice things about the Bismark I'll just leave this right here. After the sinking, Admiral John Tovey said, "The Bismarck had put up a most gallant fight against impossible odds worthy of the old days of the Imperial German Navy, and she went down with her colours flying."
  4. Hey, Legate, ever figure out who I meant when I mentioned 'The Largest Submarine in the British Navy'?
  5. Maybe they could do some thing like ease Fuel and ammo consumption because you do an en route resupply. Or repairs part of the Belle's health between nodes. I really like the idea of little chibi ships following the Belles.
  6. I ask because Ingham is already in service in 39.
  7. All because of bad timing and a lucky shot. R.I.P. HMS Hood.
  8. Are we going to see ships like USCGC Ingham? they mostly did convoy duty but the fought too. Ingham was the last active US ship to kill a U-Boat. They may not be well know but these ships played a big part in the war. And I don't just mean Coast Guard ship but the little known convoy ships of all nations.
  9. Actually Arctic that's pretty neat. Some national flags have changed a lot since '39 for lots of reasons. The old flags make the game more accurate. Even if you can't tell the difference with the U.S. flag.
  10. 2017 isn't that far away. We just need to stop being sly with Legate. He seems as excited as we are.
  11. I got to say thank you. That made me smile. . And sums up this thread for me pretty well. lol. But... Straying eyes still want to see 'The Largest Submarine in the British Navy'. But just look.
  12. I don't mind a quick click and one attack from a friend's flagship. It hardly makes enough difference to be required.
  13. I don't do self ships but, anyone how has read anything I post will know this, Texas. It was the ship that got me interested in naval warfare to begin with. She'll have to be my girl.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ So much that! Just look at it like that.
  15. I had thought about this too. It is hard to separate a military from a government, because governments use the military to forward party ideologies. But at the very base, this is a game where you can change all of that. Its alternate history. Those atrocities have not happened yet. It does not excuse the real world happenings but the fictional one are redeemable.
  16. The designs of all the Belles are outstanding, but then you notice these little details and they just get better.
  17. It doesn't matter. But the entire string to get Law is really bad about it. The one where you escape the prison with the Enterprise C too. But mostly it seem like just random mission will suddenly not count. I've turned in tickets but I get told they cannot find the issue. I was just wondering if anyone else had these issues.
  18. And that's not wrong. I'm going with the US to get my Texas and my Enterprise and CV-16 when she is launched. But that won't get me a Bismark, A Hood or a Nagato without a lot of work. I'm just pointing out this choice could be way deeper than we are giving credit for it.
  19. Does anyone else have issues with completing a mission and getting no reward for it? Then you have to replay the entire mission?
  20. Not really, no. You pick the nation that will support your style better. You like to send out recovery fleets to gather? The pick something that works with that. Are you just going to wait on the natural, slow, and capped resource generation? Then find a nation that has a higher cap, or faster generation. Its more get the most out of your style rather than suffer because you chose a Nation that is not in line with your style or maybe even counter to it. Yes Belles should matter. I want the Texas, I have made this more than clear here, but what does it matter unless I get her as a starter choice is all I'm saying. I doubt any of the Belle's I really want will be starters so why not pick what makes the game more fun for me and just acquire the Belles while playing the game? I picked Bulbasaur so I could name him BulbaFett and dinosaurs are cool.
  21. See, that's what I mean. To be honest the thought that your national Belles would be easier to get than foreign ones did not even pop into my head. Working with the assumption that all the starting Belles are comparable, unless the ship you simply must have as quickly as possible the Belles should not be what you base your Nation selection on. Well, not entirely anyway. This game seems way more complex than we are giving it credit for. Diplomatic channels, Manufacturing capability, Ease of resource acquisition, should all be considerations along with the home Belles. This simple question actually seems rather involved.
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