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  1. AAhb;


    I'm sure it will be in an Update a bit later on, when the UI for it is done.


    The German paper ships aren't for '39- they would have been in commission later.


    Oh yeah, I figured. I'm just saying there is little point in choosing a Nation based on it's ships unless they are starting ships you simply must have Right this instant. If say I choose the UK but can get The Enterprise, The Bismark and the Yamato through game play why get too wrapped up in the ships. Its the hinted at other features that should weight more on this decision.


    Yes I know this is the Super early thread. But still I think taking the presented idea (which can still change, I know) of these things into account can lead to interesting conversations.

  2. I find these kinds of things interesting. We look back at 'The Greatest Generation' and are told just how great they were. No one like to be told they suffered trench foot, or that the constant bombing irreparably broke some of them or that they had to guard P.O.W.s. We keep getting told they were great because they fought the war. But its these little details the says perhaps they were great despite the war, not because of it.

  3. My great grandfather Joined WWII by enlisting through Canada. He was a German who had only been in the America's for less than ten years and he saw Canada as his opportunity to save 'his people' from repeating WWI. I don't know all the details. He was 90 when I was 8, so I was too young to understand most of it. and he spoke primarily German until the day he died and I can't speak any. But I do remember him saying Trust Canada. If you can't trust them to do the right thing you can't trust anyone to.


    He was a German American with a real soft spot for our northern neighbors. I think he would agree your pride is well deserved and under appreciated.

  4. I think most people don't have an idea what a specific Texan accent is. It's like when someone realizes that Yorkshire and Lincolnshire sound totally different despite being close to one another, or a London accent vs a Cockney accent


    Yeah, all valid points. I guess its just a pet peeve to hear a supposed Texan in media pop up with an overblown cheerful "Howdy!" Its a stereotype that makes me wonder just where it comes from and how its still being perpetuated. But that is not here or there. It's BCS's baby and I wanna see what they do.


    Also, I'm looking forward to seeing their version of 'The Biggest submarine in the British Navy' as well.



    I'm not here to rain on anyone's parade. Have fun imagining things and I promise no more posts in this thread from me. But for me, the designers of these ships (not to mention BCS's staff!) put a LOT of themselves and their souls into balancing the various requirements using the technologies available at the time. Our girls are all unique with their glorious quirks *because* they're not perfect. I love my precious Belles and the ships that give them substance just as they are.




    PS- Please don't flame me! :(


    No one is seriously expects this. It just a fun do something silly thread. No point getting mad or flaming about that, right?

  6. No, no, Howdy is still used. Usually it only gets said because nonTexans seem to expect it from us. It's an image thing I guess. The problem is these stereotypes don't sound anything like a Texas accent. But I'm just dropping my two cents. ^_^ Really looking forward to seeing Mighty T and so many others.

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