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  1. For the material in English, with some care you can avoid any gender usage when referring to the captain. Just look at the interviews for evidence of that. As far as the spoken snippets that will be voiced, I'm sure care can be taken even in other languages to maintain the ambiguity within the rules of particular languages. Certainly with English and Japanese it's not that hard at all. For the others, well, I'm sure some very smart and creative people are working to make sure the ambiguity is maintained.
  2. Okay, Korky and I are currently sharing a lovely text conversation about the inherent flaws of continental languages, Yes, because of the fundamental misogyny () of Spanish and German, anyone who knows those languages will have recognized that the honorifics used to refer to the Captain were masculine. This is because most everything is gendered in both languages...and anything having to do with warfare is pretty much guaranteed to be male. BCS can't maintain the technique they use in English and Japanese with the continental languages. That doesn't change the fact that there are women in the continental militaries or that BCS's intent is not to gender the captain, but I thought I'd throw this out in Dmnt's defense. Not that this changes that I'm still waiting for an apology for all the females of the gaming world.
  3. /me joins the bandwagon
  4. /me raises a glass to the pairing Let the sloshing commence!
  5. Nah, it's all good, Korky. My issue earlier was with the claim I can't even exist in the game. The old "No gurls allowed" shtick that Dmnt seems to subscribe to. "Your world of starship captains doesn't admit women" - Janet Lester That's bullpuckey We've learned a lot since 1939 and gladly the Belles are ahead of their time.
  6. I invite you to find a single reference to the captain's gender in anything that has been written and released by BCS for VB. You won't. There's a reason for that and they've gone well out of their way to preserve that ambiguity. Kindly don't poke your dick at my dreams and aspirations. I don't appreciate it. Also:
  7. I endorse this lore question. I also would vote NO Boat to present it. :-)
  8. What Panay said. :-) Dos!
  9. I'll just note that there is a world of difference between researched, tested, and in-service...
  10. Actually, yes. :-)
  11. Good thing my starter Belle is such a closely held secret...
  12. I'll complement the good Kapitan Korky. I like the same two he does. Both his half votes are now full votes. :-)
  13. The image that keeps coming to mind for Kirsten is that nutcase femme fatale from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Dr Elsa Schneider. Makes me want to take a bullwhip to her...
  14. No one from the great Republic of Turkey. :-(
  15. Sounds kinda similar to if an American Belle chose a black man as captain. Lynching in the late 30's was not a practice peculiar to Germany...