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  1. Don't forget Chiyoda. Seaplanes are planes too!
  2. I'll back Korky. #5
  3. It may be two weeks late, but Happy Mardi Gras to the Victory Belles Krewe!
  4. Mardi Gras will be next Tuesday no matter what the calendar might say. :-)
  5. We've gotten a lot more insight into Goeben over the past nearly two years. She speaks of the Christian heritage of Asia Minor in the Christmas Star events but appears from the Old Dame's Club events to abstain from alcohol like a Muslim. For a German to abstain from social alcohol with friends and instead drink ayran seems a serious decision. I wonder if her history has simply made her pragmatic, or is she something like the Janissaries of antiquity and has she converted?
  6. In 1939 Turkey had been a republic for almost 20 years but was still essentially Muslim in character. Muslims, at least those who submit fully to Allah, are forbidden alcohol. It may be that the Grande Dame abstains out of respect to her adoptive country. A great sacrifice for a German, I know, but the Turks give her great respect in return. As I sit here I am reminded of the Janissaries. The original expert warriors and administrators, not the decadent buffoons they had become by the end of the Ottoman Empire. Christian children who were converted and treated as noble slaves. I wonder how much that mold reflects Goeben?
  7. My answer to the question is Option 3 As far as the fleet - I'm partial to aboriginals and non-Europeans: Axum (African) I-8 (Japanese) Hiryu (Japanese) Chiyoda (she's a carrier, right? :-) ) New Orleans (African American) Rawalpindi (subcontinental Indian) Saguenay (NA aboriginal) Nubian (African) Yavuz (adopted by the Orient) Arizona (NA aboriginal) Kommuna (Russia is both European and Asian) Kongou (adopted by the Orient) Graf Spee (was in Latin waters when she went down) Pola (the history of her namesake has Oriental connections) This is assuming the alternate mechanism I proposed is used.
  8. I realize the current idea is to likely go with one particular person's fleet idea, but can I propose another way of doing this? Everyone who wants to vote lists 14 separate ships they'd like to see. The top carrier vote getter goes on Team A. The second highest goes on Team B. The top sub vote getter goes on Team B. The second highest goes on Team A. Team A gets the highest voted ship. Team B the second highest. Team A the third highest and so on to 10 total ships, skipping over the carrier and sub selected above. BCS can go ahead and double the vote for whoever makes the effort to give a really good justification. Just a thought...
  9. The Mardi Gras commission is well along. The artist has had some live events come up but she's been sharing progress and it's looking nice. :-)
  10. I've reached out to the tried and true and am waiting for a response. We'll see where it goes given Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a little bit more esoteric than Christmas.
  11. Life killed me and I still haven't moved on getting an artist for the Mardi Gras pic. I'm still wanting to commission it, but I'm pretty sure it'll be released sometime between Mardi Gras (next Tuesday) and Easter. Sorry, I'm lame.
  12. Meh, it worked out here.
  13. Kongou and Yavuz? I endorse that pairing! Add in PK and that's quite a menage a troi of experienced women. PK could also be said to have flown two flags - Imperial Russia and Soviet Russia. Not that Kongou EVER flew anything but the Imperial Ensign, but you get the picture. One served two nation but even after the switch was crewed and maintained by her former countrymen. Another served the same people but two entirely different forms of goverment. And the last was built in one nation overseen by her commissioning nation, serving only her commissioning nation but still having roots to where she was born.
  14. So it appears we have four votes (I got one off-line) for Maas and two for Koln for Mardi Gras. The reasoning against Koln is that we just don't know enough about her and I find that reasoning persuasive even though i voted for Koln. As David J has mentioned, Mardi Gras is fast upon us and the artist will need time to do her/his thing. If anyone has a persuasive argument for someone other than Ms Maas to cavort with New Orleans in Mardi Gras finery, you have through Sunday GMT-8 (PST) to state your case.
  15. #3