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  1. So it appears we have four votes (I got one off-line) for Maas and two for Koln for Mardi Gras. The reasoning against Koln is that we just don't know enough about her and I find that reasoning persuasive even though i voted for Koln. As David J has mentioned, Mardi Gras is fast upon us and the artist will need time to do her/his thing. If anyone has a persuasive argument for someone other than Ms Maas to cavort with New Orleans in Mardi Gras finery, you have through Sunday GMT-8 (PST) to state your case.
  2. #3
  3. Amen. The US and Canada have sorted out a few issues over the years similarly.
  4. Beautiful! Thank you artists and thank you David for supporting the work!
  5. To my esteemed Old World captains who recognize such things, Merry Christmas! WW1 Christmas Truce: Silent Night - Extra History May we learn from our past to love one another in mutual respect and may war become the sole province of gamers, authors, and historians. ~A Christmas Prayer by DrYuriMom, mother of a 16yo boy Oh, and Option 3
  6. I dearly hope it wasn't a mistake. As our resident grand matriarch's chief huggler, I couldn't be happier with how Goeben was presented. In fact, I'm still in the afterglow of my fangasm.
  7. Accordion or bandoneon?
  8. It's still a vote and not a fiat decision, but for what it's worth I am voting for Köln as New Orleans' partner in crime companion for Mardi Gras. :-)
  9. Soviet Russia goes back only 20 years in 1939. The traditions of the local folk and the human culture of places go back millennia. I have no trouble at all imagining Soviet Belles that give Comrade Stalin heartburn. Seriously, for every Mahan, Leningrad, and Nurnburg who toe the party line, we have Belles like New Orleans (black) and Graf Spee (honorable) whose very existence as they are is a finger in the eye of the current rulers of their respective states.
  10. Okay, Korky, ya gotta riddle me this. What would Köln's connection be to Mardi Gras? For that matter, would any respectable German let loose to that extent?
  11. As is described in the updated first post, I will be commissioning a Mardi Gras 2018 work to include Naw'lins and a voted Belle. So feel free to also place votes for No Boat's companion for Fat Tuesday. :-) David and I are collaborating such that no Belle will be eligible for more than one work. Therefore New Orleans isn't votable now. We want to spread the wealth. :-)
  12. Yeah, the writers outdid themselves with this one, didn't they? :-)
  13. The votes are all over the board this time. :-) Option 2 :-)
  14. For the material in English, with some care you can avoid any gender usage when referring to the captain. Just look at the interviews for evidence of that. As far as the spoken snippets that will be voiced, I'm sure care can be taken even in other languages to maintain the ambiguity within the rules of particular languages. Certainly with English and Japanese it's not that hard at all. For the others, well, I'm sure some very smart and creative people are working to make sure the ambiguity is maintained.
  15. Okay, Korky and I are currently sharing a lovely text conversation about the inherent flaws of continental languages, Yes, because of the fundamental misogyny () of Spanish and German, anyone who knows those languages will have recognized that the honorifics used to refer to the Captain were masculine. This is because most everything is gendered in both languages...and anything having to do with warfare is pretty much guaranteed to be male. BCS can't maintain the technique they use in English and Japanese with the continental languages. That doesn't change the fact that there are women in the continental militaries or that BCS's intent is not to gender the captain, but I thought I'd throw this out in Dmnt's defense. Not that this changes that I'm still waiting for an apology for all the females of the gaming world.