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  1. DrYuriMom

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    And thus we revel in our weekly punishment 🙂 Kazoos really do get a bum rap but the image of a piano being flung from a cruiser or battlewagon catapult is just too enrapturing to pass up. In the spirit of Halloween, the season of the pumpkin gun, and in honor of catapults and trebuchets everywhere, I vote #1
  2. DrYuriMom

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    Victory Belles Poetry Slam!
  3. DrYuriMom

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    I like Option 5 too
  4. DrYuriMom

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    #2! Keep those shells flying, Nagato-sama and Kongou-sama!
  5. Actually, Korky, we're not in disagreement at all. I think your idea has much merit. Would you agree that the closed beta testers would sign an non-disclosure agreement? If so, then BCS would still keep control of how and when information is released publicly. I think there are several people here who would make terrific testers whether or not they supported the KS or not. For example, I'd be a terrible cbt. I don't have the time and I've never played a game like this before and therefore don't have the frames of reference. You, however, didn't get in on the KS but would be a fantastic cbt both because you know what to expect and because you have European sensibilities. The key would be finding people who can keep quiet despite all our chatter. If BCS does it right, the rest of us would never know there are cbt's at all. Who knows? Maybe they're already out there... 🙂
  6. Here is something I posted elsewhere in response to lamentations on the delay which I thought would be relevant here: While I would be lying if I wasn't pained by the extent of the delay, I still must agree with the team that you only get one chance at a first impression. With all the stuff vying for people's time, people will take a quick look and pass you by if it's not quality. Have they lost most of the Kickstarter excitement - yes. Might they have less credibility with any future Kickstarter - yes. But insofar as success or failure of this project, I still believe they are MUCH better off spending whatever time it takes to go forward with something awesome than the trip up on launch like Mighty #9 or the like. As far as releases of game content with updates, I would think they want to make sure by the time they start releasing cool updates that a) it's accurate with what will eventually be released and b) it's relatively close to when the game will actually be released so the excitement can start building not just for us loyal diehards but in the aether of the internets. They have likely lost most of any excitement that was built up from the Kickstarter. In today's environment they probably only have one more good chance at building a really good pre-launch campaign. They need to make that one good last chance count. All this is just my own humble opinion, of course. Others have a valid case for their own. For me, though, success of the game is paramount and occludes all other considerations. If it takes more time then so be it. There's plenty to do in the meantime. Honestly, from a strategic marketing perspective, they might be wise to wait until spring to start their build up. Let the excitement over Azur Lane fade a bit. They lost their chance to be the first English language, non-region-locked KanColle like Gaijin Goombah heralded during the Kickstarter. Now it makes sense to wait a bit so they can look like "something fresh" rather than a "me too". As "something fresh" they can still bill it as the first shipgirl project to hail from the West among so many other unique goodies (real story, native-speaking VAs for each country, etc). However it works out, I'm with the project to the happy end. My wallet is ready and waiting to wine and dine my beloved. Come what may, I'll be the Captain of Yazuz' heart however many pretenders might be out there. :-)
  7. DrYuriMom

    Effects of Belles on developing history

    Russia and Turkey definitely have tense relationship because Russia wants to own the Bosphorus and Turkey is rather attached to it.
  8. Phenomenal work, Welly. You did a smashing job of handling Falshaw and his flashback on the course. Your dialogue skills are coming of age. The characters are truly becoming real to me now. You're inspiring me to get back to Dory. :-)
  9. DrYuriMom

    KS Update 104

    Mig, even IRL we misunderstand each other because we can't be in each others' heads - which is probably a good thing! It's 100x worse with text communication with people we don't know IRL so we cannot account for personal nuances. Legate has repeatedly assured you that your feedback is going the same place anyone else's feedback goes. I'd hope you wouldn't withhold your creative energies, whether it be your lovely art or your insightful opinions, just because of a misunderstanding. We've developed a nice family here over the past two years. Instead of a blood bond (Ark Royal, you can get out of my head now) we are bound by a passion for lovely ship spirits. Even families have misunderstandings but we share a bond and will all still come back together after we cool off a bit. Right?
  10. DrYuriMom

    KS Update 104

    I personally love the updates, even the redacteds. Eventually we will see these dialogues in their intended glory but right now the staff are keeping about half the initial Belles close to their chests so that there are surprises when the game does come out. I think that's wise. They have to consider building excitement when the time comes. I'm totally fine with the delays. Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder and in any case it proves that BCS is dedicated to investing in and releasing a quality product rather than whatever they could throw together with what they had when they started. As one of the handful of Kickstarter "whales" who gave $1000 or more to this game nearly two years ago, I am quite satisfied with where my money has gone.
  11. DrYuriMom

    Seasonal Belles Commission

    Very nice!
  12. DrYuriMom

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Don't forget Chiyoda. Seaplanes are planes too!
  13. DrYuriMom

    KS Update 96

    I'll back Korky. #5
  14. DrYuriMom

    Seasonal Belles Commission

    It may be two weeks late, but Happy Mardi Gras to the Victory Belles Krewe!
  15. DrYuriMom

    Seasonal Belles Commission

    Mardi Gras will be next Tuesday no matter what the calendar might say. :-)