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  1. I'll stick with what I said. I vote for Henley, AKA, Sandwich.
  2. This was so worth it. Nagato is indeed done very well here.
  3. Welp, until my girl appears (Nagato my girl, where art thou?), throw my vote on whoever the majority is.
  4. Zodiark

    Fleet Names

    Eh, I honestly dont know if i could come up with one, other than Suicide Squad.
  5. Aight, just reading that, after what they said about saying no to the Discord, I'm thinking a certain couple of people are wimps when it comes to WORDS. Ah well, honestly, that seems pretty cool. And I could see it. She wants to fight for her country so bad, she's willing to risk it all, literally, to do so. I'd honestly like to see something like that.
  6. Gallerry. Someone went a bit pirate when they decided to make that. xD
  7. Aye. I'm curious about her as well, given I did a little research on some CV's from before and during WW2
  8. Zodiark69 in World of Warships. I do it all.
  9. Well, i'm curious just how much you can find out about the Nagato.
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