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  1. BrOtaku

    Captain's Association, Round 19: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

    C3 for me por favor!
  2. BrOtaku

    Captain's Association, Round 18: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

    C4, Bring in the Polish!
  3. BrOtaku

    Captain's Association, Round 14: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

    C4! Let's hear about the Polish Navy!
  4. I'll mix it up this time, C-4 please.
  5. BrOtaku

    Captain's Association, Round 12: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

    C2 for me por favor!
  6. BrOtaku

    Captain's Association, Round 11: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

    4-B for me please!
  7. BrOtaku

    Captain's Association, Round 10: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

    Gonna have to go with D2 again! Gimmie those carriers... please.
  8. BrOtaku

    Captain's Association Bingo, Round 9!

  9. I'm torn between USN (Great Granpa was in the USN in WW2, Grandpa in Vietnam, Dad in Persian Gulf, Me from 2006-2012), or Japan. Great Grandpa was on a PT boat and a Destroyer (no idea which), but he bore no ill will to the Japanese. In fact he loved them... we're pretty sure we have Japanese relatives from the post war years. Also I've played KanColle for a year now so I'm somewhat attached to being called Teitoku.
  10. BrOtaku

    Victory Belles Kickstarter is Live!

    Huge Congrats again on making it! Can't wait to hear more about this project!