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  1. one last question about names we know that belles are limited in how far they can move from thier hulls. i was wondering if belles named after places could freely travel said place .i.e. if belfast docked in the port of belfast would she able to anywhere with the city. second i have a question about submarine belles we know they can dive under water but how far under can they go. and can a sub belle operate outside of her hull while at depth would be a very useful skill to have. would make submarine rescue a lot easier or cutting through nets, then there all the possible civilian uses marine biology reserch Archaeology underwater investgations plus the fact belles could go to places human divers can't. and in call back to an old anwered question if you would'nt mind do pass on salmon that i think for a submarine belle civilian life would have a lot of opportunities so please don't discount it. third question what are belles aircraft are they smaller virsion of the human one with it's own pilot or they some sort of energy construct that belles are able to control remotelly forth we know belles have to be near there hull but if they cut a small piece off and carried it with them could they then go where they want as long as they kept that piece close also if you would mind passing on a few letter i would use the post but a friend of mine a letter for rome italy ended up in texus for some reason, dear U-29 i am terrible sorry you did'nt full transcript of the admiralty meeting. if you had seen the full transcript your see the reason that lewd thoughts were picked as a first attempt at telepathic communication. were reasonable we thought that trying to use pictures or sounds were to complicated for a first attempt at communication. that be why the test you did with belfast did'nt get the desired outcome (it did point to other ways that such a link could be proven will continue about that later). The admiralty dicided that simple feeling should be the start preferably ones tied to primal instinct. basic and simple was the thought to be the best start which leads to what one to we go for. to be honest most had very bad con, for instence fear could really mess up a captain leaving them a nervous wreck unfit for command. hunger was also discarded for similar reason. pain was considered minus accdents could work quite well. Then lewdness came up after some joke we could'nt find any real negatives, minor physical discomfort some embarrisment but no more than what pain would cause without any real risk to anyone. now on to some observations of your test belfast did'nt pick up anything but you did'nt try the reverse of having the captain pick up on what belfast was seeing. with belles being the center of all powers that we may see results with belles trying to initiate the first telepathic communication again try to keep it basic and simple maybe focus on sentaion of your screws turning while thinking of the captain. I would love to here your thought on this your's sincerely Lazarus D Walking Dear Nürnberg I apologize in advance for the shortness of this letter I've been meaning to write to you and others but with not much to say i'd thought it best to wait but. I can wait no longer, first I thank you for answering my civilian life question it was heartfelt and sweet that your first thought was your ok with it if your useful which i'm sure you would be. all i've seen of you so far shows to be a hard working if not somewhat mischievous and I can't wait to meet you face to face and try some of your Lebkuchen your's sincerely Lazarus D Walking Dear Leningrad I recently reread your part in the poetry night i believe you were reading poetry by Anna Akhmatova i do hope you continue to share. I was also wondering if you have any recommendation for other russian poetry. I also apologize in advance if this question is to personal but some of us at the admiralty have been wondering about you personal. it about the connection belles have to thier names in your named after a place named after a person we were wondering if you feel any connection to the person in question. also what are your thoughts on Boise becoming a US senator and have you given a political career any thought if you do know thier people out there who would be willing to help to the extension they are legally alound to. of course it's only a crime if convicted i hope to hear from you soon. your's sincerely Lazarus D Walking
  2. So how many injuries we have a bet to settle
  3. (Next Dev Update will be Equipment. All I can say about that is that it's simultaneously going much faster than expected...and needing lots of tweaking) legate where is it please
  4. Or leningrad I remember her letter and wouldn't mind hearing more of her poetry
  5. Well I'm voting for ark royal and I'd like to ask if her aircraft are just smaller versions of normal aircraft or some sort of energy construct
  6. here are some more excerpts from a post update admiral meeting this time discussing potential post war situations and effects of belles on religion mostly declassified lazarusdw09/02/2019 guys if at the end of the war people tried to scrap are belles what would be your thoughts if you are apposed to scraping ask about the (redacted belle's captain eyes only) CCI Korky09/02/2019 What is the (redacted belle's captain eyes only)? lazarusdw09/02/2019 A plan of mine to save everyone that fought with us from anyone who would see them harmed (redacted belle's captain eyes only) interested @CCI Korky CCI Korky09/02/2019 (redacted belle's captain eyes only) lazarusdw09/02/2019 (redacted belle's captain eyes only) Seaman Shmuckatelli09/02/2019 Start the debate in the news/public of whether it’s morally acceptable to tear apart a conscious being At the very least the American belles will have no problem staying afloat as museums that way because the american public is very into discussing morality “does it have a soul?” Obviously! it has free will! That will satisfy the conservatives Those wanting to scrap it to make way for better ships, point out there’s no guarantee the better/newer ships will even have belles, and the belles themselves are exponentially more powerful than their mundane sisters. this should appease them for at least as long as it takes to build a new ship and test the theory, which will allow time for the debate to spread to the public If they do it fast, give them more experiments, such as giving a new ship the same name as an already-manifested belle, and see if either’s qualities change or mimic. or if the belle transfers lazarusdw09/02/2019 Yes and that why one of the peaceful fall back options is for all Belle's the world over to clam asylum in the USA Also no nuking are Belle's TwoHeavens09/02/2019 American Belles are double extra safe. Americans get violently attached to ships now. The Chief Naval Officer's office received enough letters to name one of the new Ford class ships Enterprise that they could have pulled all the furniture out and filled it floor to ceiling. Literal millions of letters. Actual physical letters mind you! Imagine what that kind of attachment would be like if Enterprise was a walking, talking, sentient being. lazarusdw09/02/2019 Enough to get her to the white house TwoHeavens09/02/2019 Easy. The real issue with your question is, what does the world look like at the end of the war? Britain considered that most worth of Royal Navy battleships for a museum ship, Warspite for that duty... and scrapped her any way. To my knowledge that was very much a part of the money involved. Which is why Mikasa is the only British designed and produced battleship left to my knowledge. Is post war Germany rubble like my grandparents crawled out of? Did Japan get nuked and occupied, then rebuilt into a strong US ally against Communism? Or did the US and Japan end up as staunch allies after brutal fighting against the Morgana in the Pacific? lazarusdw09/02/2019 That I believe is up to us TwoHeavens09/02/2019 I've already made my argument that the very existence of the Morgana and the Belles means a very significant change in the Japanese government, regardless of player interference or action. lazarusdw09/02/2019 Yes that scares me too TwoHeavens09/02/2019 Regardless. Japan I'd say the Belles are pretty safe too all told. lazarusdw09/02/2019 Yes considering their referred to as Kami aka god's TwoHeavens09/02/2019 Don't overthink the word "god" in the context of Japan too much. Spirit might be a better term in English, with Okami being gods. lazarusdw09/02/2019 I know spirit would be a better translation See we are on the same page I was using god for political reasons TwoHeavens09/02/2019 In those terms though. Think about how much support that would give traditionalists, as well as people who were pushing for what amounts to a Showa Restoration in the late 1930s. Imperial loyalists would have a pretty serious string to their bow. Seaman Shmuckatelli09/02/2019 But if we get a couple “Kami-sama”s then I don’t think Japan, if no longer forced to give their entire afloat navy as reparations, would give them for scrapping so easily tradition is important lazarusdw09/02/2019 Wonder what the pope says about belle, Christian would useful TwoHeavens09/02/2019 Back to Japanese Belles post war, local municipalities would rally to take care of the Belles is my belief. As extensions of the shrines connected to those places already. Mount Kongou for example, is of course, a mountain in the Kansai region. Seaman Shmuckatelli09/02/2019 Even more so, a bigger question is raised: what of the crews? They probably, depending on the belle, think of her as a shipmate at the very least, and a minor deity at the high end. TwoHeavens09/02/2019 Mount Kongou has a dedicated shrine. As most major terrain features do. Thus the battleship Kongou is very much and very intentionally attached to that. Even before Kongou manifests herself. Seaman Shmuckatelli09/02/2019 Would you under any circumstances allow the government to—in no uncertain terms—dismember your crew chief? or Poseidon? TwoHeavens09/02/2019 I still maintain that most religions would generally be pretty pro belle. Beautiful women appearing from nowhere to fight monsters from what appears to be the very depths of hell, bearing the name of sins? The Pope will be all over that shit. Seaman Shmuckatelli09/02/2019 I think most would have a word to give about that TwoHeavens09/02/2019 I'd also imagine we have some pretty damn Catholic Belles. I mean. Italy is a place. You'll be shocked to know they like Jesus there. Seaman Shmuckatelli09/02/2019 There may be some religious extremists from some such as islam or judaism who may claim false gods, and believe the belles to be demonic TwoHeavens09/02/2019 As a former crewman if my plane had been a sapient entity, and the Corps wanted to do anything but retire her to civilian service I'd be in the brig before the day was up. Seaman Shmuckatelli09/02/2019 And I bet the 3 thousand men on USS Saratoga would do the same TwoHeavens09/02/2019 I believe General Puller would approve. ("Take me to the brig! I want to see the real Marines." - General Lewis "Chesty" Puller, proving the Corps really has changed in 80 years.) lazarusdw09/02/2019 To be fair when the middle East shipping lanes get cut off by Morgana s I think their change their minds about Belle's TwoHeavens09/02/2019 I thought we had heard what some religious groups were saying. I think religion in general would get a pretty serious boost from the Belles. lazarusdw09/02/2019 And anyone apossing them would quickly change their minds after being shot at TwoHeavens09/02/2019 Or they'd figure out what's what if they got a look at a Morgana. The Nixen are supposed to be pretty terrifying specters to behold. I've always thought of their ships as a mix between the Borg, but scrap metal enthusiasts, and diesel punk zombies. lazarusdw09/02/2019 To be fair if you can see a Morgana you're being shot at by one
  7. I bet you a bottle of 20 years old port for 5 I'm willing to bet that if you do get hurt Pola will try and nurse you. I'll put up my rum ration as my bet
  8. so wanna bet on how many injuries ninja gets
  9. someone is a bit grouchy. but please ignore my spelling and grammer mistakes it's one of my main weakness can read fine know many words but if you asked spell them or put them in the correct order and i havent a clue
  10. For the record the reason I picked lewdness was it's a primal instinct which should be easier to communicate than actuall messages and images. Start with something simple and then expand on it. fear should also work but was deemed too dangerous. no need to put the captain at risk
  11. i like how U-29 opinion of us went up and down like a yoyo 1 asking about her sources, vis-a-vis Naglfari, Naglfar, Loki, and... [plus] 2 hugs for everyone [negative] 3 exploring the idea of a telepathic link between the Captain and a Belle. [plus] bonus points because she did'nt think of it 4 lewdness [ big negative] For the record the reason I picked lewdness was it's a primal instinct which should be easier to communicate than actuall messages and images. Start with something simple and then expand on it. fear should also work but was deemed too dangerous. no need to put the captain at risk
  12. freeze ray, a transportation machine, a space ship, and a cloaking device. of the four options i'd go with transportation machine
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