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  1. yep i vote for Orion too
  2. lazarusdw

    KS update 190

    well next update sould be a Q&A with a first look after that. i vote for Camicia Nera
  3. lazarusdw

    KS update 190

  4. lazarusdw

    KS Update 189

    for the next First Look i pick Nürnberg
  5. lazarusdw

    KS Update 189

  6. i'd be interested in hearing about thier dream none the less
  7. Constitution reports having woken - only for a few moments - early in the War of 1812, has victory ever awakened before 39
  8. lazarusdw

    KS Update 188

    still fighting the french
  9. lazarusdw

    KS Update 188

    i see victory was left out any reason for that
  10. lazarusdw

    KS Update 188

  11. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

    that's 2 for aoba
  12. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

    if that's the case i'd like to see Aoba please
  13. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

    Uh, as always, let me know if there are any Belles you’d like to see again in the near future. And take care of yourself until we see each other again.
  14. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

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