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  1. i know that japanese belles are thought of as kami's but does that belief extent to belles of other nations are belles mentioned in propaganda since we know belles can control thier hull could a submarine belle guide herself through a minefield by standing on the outside of her hull and mentally control her hull through
  2. i vote for edinburgh for a full interview
  3. lazarusdw

    KS Update 198

    can we get Edinburgh's full body or will you wait till her interview
  4. lazarusdw

    KS Update 198

    Edinburgh will be interesting to meet
  5. lazarusdw

    KS Update 198

  6. what about lost pause https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsGKrLHOxr2113efbnkp5MA full on weeb channel
  7. yeah jingles has a wide reach definitely worth a try
  8. what will ocean liners do apart from being glass cannons
  9. by my clock in 46 minutes i will be chugging myself
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