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  1. you tease can't you tell little old me what your planing it's my birthday
  2. well to fair we have only met one and maybe heard from two if that letter was real. Out of over 1000 so I'm sure we will have a couple of cheery ones too
  3. that's alright just remember to keep all blows above the belt
  4. now now now that's not nice
  5. and to think you want to be that belles captain for shame only joking
  6. well someone is having a good valentines day
  7. I'm guessing that it's coming with the next go vote
  8. i actually asked a question like that some time a go, admittedly it was about technology develpment and deployment. (american torpedoes getting fixed sooner rather than later) and de's said yes so there no real reason why ship construction can't be accelerated as well.
  9. (i'm not seeing it) sorry about that the problem was at my end fix now and good work
  10. I like that idea
  11. well as the captain said I need a rudder so option 3
  12. nice casual Nautilus
  13. it posted here if you want to take a look also how much does a commission cost
  14. sure let me know when watermarks it
  15. @David J would you mind if i posted this to facebook here if yes how would you like to be credited