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  1. lazarusdw

    update 183

    Found my jolly Roger, so i'm joining in this game
  2. lazarusdw

    update 183

    who trys to arm wrestle the physical manifestation of a warship. 'puts on an eye patch' did someone say piracy and my condolences to the team
  3. lazarusdw

    update 183

  4. lazarusdw

    Update 182

    what have you got @Käpt'n Korky
  5. so Aurora is about tell me more. what roll does she serve. and if Aurora is about has mikasa ,uss constitution or hms victory manifested. if so what are they doing
  6. lazarusdw

    Update 182

    belfast said we are not to fight, somone tell belfast, i'm sorry
  7. lazarusdw

    Update 182

  8. lazarusdw

    Update #181

    i was wrong shit i'm getting old
  9. lazarusdw

    Update #181

    i think it was in a trailer which one can't remember
  10. lazarusdw

    Update #181

    diffrently looks different
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