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  1. go Nürnberg show the rest of the Walküren who's best
  2. lazarusdw

    Update 162

    Ok according to leningrad we can sense belle's. That's interesting
  3. lazarusdw

    Update 162

  4. Yes they did but the caveat with those were saying it at the start of the year and expecting to finish near the end. Unfortunately things went wrong and losses had happened this time however they are saying they are expecting to launch in next three or four months which makes me hopeful
  5. Well I have gotten a shiny new tablet so I'm ready for release
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2715193?ref=ksr_email_creator_project_update_copy
  7. I like how we got to see different sides of scharnhorst
  8. I agree with heavens on both accounts give that writer more updates. Also more progress updates please
  9. also i would like to pass on a request from some submariners, they would like to know submarine belles would be willing to form a submarine rescue progarm. I personally think belles would do better than human divers at rescuing submarine
  10. do you think spee and sharnhorst like to go to the falklands to pay thier respect or would it be to upseting. If they want to we the captains of the INPF have come to an agreement to see to it that they get there, this of course extends to any belle who has somthing personal to take care of.
  11. on a side note what kind of relationship do spee and sharnhorst have condisering that one is named after the other last incarnation commander. i'm just interested in the potential dynamic
  12. can modern knowledge be incorpereated into the lore in this case https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-50670743 i'm sure spee and sharnhorst would be interested giving these places the protection and honour they are due
  13. The mine was more for anti morgana work. I know a single mine is not going to greatly harm a morgana but hopefully it would give time and space, so as to maneuver to better position preferably behind a belle. 2 if there Japanese don't have a shinobi themed belle I'll be both disappointed and surprised, the smoke bomb has the same job as the mine just a different way to do it. Your thoughts about turning hull pieces into weapons very interesting
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