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  1. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

    if that's the case i'd like to see Aoba please
  2. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

    Uh, as always, let me know if there are any Belles you’d like to see again in the near future. And take care of yourself until we see each other again.
  3. lazarusdw

    KS Update 187

  4. https://apnews.com/15a7061222add012d94cbc8dadfb112b?fbclid=IwAR0Sj1J9HLKM9HeRiL-FdYlHyzzBKw7-0xeAbNpLW0SQKQf0uAjQf6gnaqc
  5. intrested in finding out why she went down
  6. yeah i posted that on discord not many ww2 warships left to find edit just looked it up all that's missing are submarines and they will be the hardest to find
  7. lazarusdw

    KS Update 186

    i get the feeling that getting Kommuna to sleep may be a full time job
  8. lazarusdw

    KS Update 186

  9. do belle's have a conection to where they were made or the people who designed and built them
  10. are belle's aware when refits happen does it hurt or change there personalty
  11. final question for today, can belles be aware of fictional versions of themselfs. (in universe) i know Nautilus talked about captain Nemo but was she serious. because if lets say someone made a visual novel about a japanese battleship being turned into a space ship. would the belle be aware of her fictional self, if done right would be a great way to pass on secret messages. say the fictional version knows somthing but don't show or tell anyone what that thing is and let a belles hyper awareness pass on the message in complete secrecy
  12. dear U-29 I plan on conducting an experiment involving you. it's based on the power of names and a belle's hyper awareness of her self and said name. I have made a model of yourself, which i plan on launching into a fish tank. can you please tell me about you'er launching ceremony, i've made a bag with your name on it. each friday at 18:00 GMT I will be placing a micro picture in said bag and leave it there for an hour. let me know if you can pick up on what's happening, or any thoughts you have about said experiment. Yours sincerely Admiral LDW
  13. you know belles would make excellent firefighters. don't have to worry about smoke can phase through walls so they can avoid setting off a Backdraft. if belles could phase people through walls we could save a lot of people.
  14. ok a question about damage. we know a belle is linked to her hull but does damage tranfer to the belle. like for instance if her range finders are knocked out is said belle now actually blind. if so how long does this last, and does this apply to just battle damage.been thinking about Accidental Fire if a fire starts on her hull will the belle also be on fire. I.E. ( on the lexington trying to convince her to let other belles use her hanger bay as a film studio, she has 33,528 square feet of enclosed space, when suddenly lexington's hair is on fire. " lexington you'er hair is" lexington interjects " on fire i know one of the new hands spilled oil in the gally. its under control should have the fire out at any moment." fire go's out but hair still smoking " see")
  15. lazarusdw

    update 184

  16. lazarusdw

    update 183

    minus expenses
  17. lazarusdw

    update 183

    Found my jolly Roger, so i'm joining in this game
  18. lazarusdw

    update 183

    who trys to arm wrestle the physical manifestation of a warship. 'puts on an eye patch' did someone say piracy and my condolences to the team
  19. lazarusdw

    update 183

  20. lazarusdw

    Update 182

    what have you got @Käpt'n Korky
  21. so Aurora is about tell me more. what roll does she serve. and if Aurora is about has mikasa ,uss constitution or hms victory manifested. if so what are they doing
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