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  1. The way I currently have the training is they adapt Royal Navy officer training to include specific training in regards to Belles and truncate the experience to get Belle captains capable enough to handle a ship
  2. I'll have uhhhhh, a number 3 please
  3. Mahan's about to have a bad day
  4. Wooooooo!
  5. I believe you're referencing the Irish Unionist Alliance, and their platform of opposing home rule from England. Again, as I've grown up in America, it's the first time I've heard someone call an Irishman/woman a Unionist. However, it makes sense as the IUA's largest base was in Ulster, aka Northern Ireland. They were also more confrontational and included worries about "Rome Rule", that is a Catholic government as they were predominantly Protestant. I don't believe I've gotten much of it, but I wonder how Belfast feels about England and Ireland's state, if she thinks it should be completely free or still part of the United Kingdom
  6. $10 bucks says they're pop up books that come with free crayons to enhance the flavor
  7. I need more Ark and Belfast interactions in my life. Also:
  8. Can Belles just innately speak the language of whoever their captain is or do they speak their own native language but the captain hears it in their language? i.e. a German Belle speaks German but to her Russian captain, she is speaking Russian
  9. “When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? Perhaps to be too practical is madness. To surrender dreams — this may be madness. Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!” Option 1. To the rest of the captains, “if thou are not versed in the business of adventures...get thee aside and pray...whilst I engage these giants in combat...”
  10. I think she managed to snag the Captain in one of her traps
  11. I'm voting Option 1
  12. Option 1 for me
  13. In terms of who I want to next do a duo, I’d like to see Bulldog and Exeter. Pupper because, well, she and I are stuck together like a mosquito in tree sap and she is my Belle, and Exeter because we haven’t seen her since her interview all the way far back. Also because I need to see some of Bulldog’s foul language and have Exeter deal with her
  14. Fleet 1: Rawalpindi, PK, Lexington, Bulldog, Surcouf, Wicher, Exeter Fleet 2: Scharnhorst, Hiryuu, Axum, Canarias, Duca D'Aosta, Goeben, Leningrad Diversity, Axis v Allies, and the most important thing of all, Rawalpindi v Scharnhorst round 2 Regarding the choices, I choose option 1 I liked the update, however I did feel disappointed overall. I've not been vocal about it but I'm still surprised that HMS Warspite hasn't made any appearance, be it as a [redacted] ship or not. She'd be I think the second oldest there, slightly younger than Goeben, and has the most honors and awards of any ship in the Royal Navy
  15. I audibly groaned