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  1. Wellington99

    A fan artist appears

    Always love some dark African coffee
  2. Wellington99

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    As an English captain, it is my due duty to select the last option. The Royal Navy runs on grog and rum after all
  3. Wellington99

    A fan artist appears

    Remind me to send a copy of that to Belfast and put one up in my quarters
  4. Wellington99

    A fan artist appears

    Belfast needs more love, so it's great to see someone do her up. I just wonder what her reaction would be upon finding such a picture
  5. Wellington99

    Seasonal Belles Commission

    Obviously I'd like to see Wicher as a witch. Maybe Bulldog in a Jack the Ripper outfit?
  6. In any case, John was the one saying HMS Cossack, and he's not even gotten close to starting his Belle captaining training.
  7. It's more about the fact that they have soldiers shooting right by the airfield rather than somewhere else than the noise. You can imagine they've had pilots complain about it, and so hence why he's saying about stuffing cotton in their ears so they can't hear it. While that would normally be true, two things: 1) Cossack is a British ship. She was HMS Cossack all the way through the war 2) Would that therefore mean that it would be possible to have HMS Bismarck? (Bismarck under a British captain) I would assume that they would just refer to the ships by their names rather than the navy they belonged to, but when they would, it would be in regards to the original navy. So Mahan would be USS Mahan even if the Japanese had her
  8. Wellington99

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I'm more interested in Orion
  9. After a very long delay, I present to you all Chapter 6 today, on my Birthday and the day WWII got kicked off.
  10. Wellington99

    KS Update 114

    Tough Indian lass who doesn't take shit but is also very cute
  11. Wellington99

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    @Legate of Mineta what kind of sweets does Belfast like?
  12. Wellington99

    A fan artist appears

    Leningrad: How do you hide these under your uniform? Mahan: Can you please not? Leningrad: Not what? Mahan: You’re getting closer to me. Leningrad: I just need to find out if they’re fake or not. Mahan: What!? What do you mean by fa- Leningrad: Luckily I can feel the difference. Mahan: ...oh you better not- eep! Leningrad: Hmm. Interesting. Mahan: Interesting, yes, can you let go of me now? Leningrad: Oh come now Mahan. I’m good but not that good. I need to throughly test them. Mahan: Can you not? Leningrad: Oh, there’s Kongou. Let’s ask her opinion shall we? Mahan: I’m going to kill you. Leningrad: All the reason for me not to let go. Oh Kongou! Kongou: What...are you doing? Mahan: Can you tell Leningrad to please stop and let go of me-eep! Leningrad: I’m trying to tell if it’s just the bikini giving her this bust or if she’s had it all this time and if it is fake or not. Mahan: I can tell you that it is very much real, now can you let me go-ooo! Leningrad: Heh heh. It’s like a squeaky toy. Kongou: *sigh*
  13. Wellington99

    Update #113- Gneisenau and Takao

    100 Percent Option 1 Also I agree that "German" is a funny word.
  14. Wellington99

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Remember kids, don’t drink and write
  15. Wellington99

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    That’s exactly Belfast, now excuse me while I whip up lines to flatter her with