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  1. Hood or Bulldog. Need more Brits
  2. I love how our witch is becoming more and more the rapscallion
  3. In a similar vein, how much cooperation is there actually between nations in regards to the INPF and Belles? I would imagine while majority want the Morgana threat dealt with, there's also going to be moments where maybe the Pride of the Royal Navy is refused entry into a German port, or Polish captains having a really hard time working alongside German and Russian captains due to, ya know. Some nations probably wouldn't readily give as much aid as others. And what about intelligence? Crossing over in regards to classified materials, I wouldn't imagine that the British wouldn't still work to break the Enigma code, so would that get thrust into the open due to the INPF? "Oh hey we broke your guys' code btw".
  4. Given what was revealed about Belles being able to mount any equipment, does this mean one could give Rawalpindi a set of 15” guns and she could operate effectively?
  5. Wellington99

    Update 163

    Personally I'd like to see a Hood or Bulldog. I don't believe they've done a solo one for Bulldog and Hood
  6. Wellington99

    Update 162

    Am disappointed at lack of actual seal in the update, but it was a good update nontheless. Now I wonder what all Belles can take through doors, what the rules are for that.
  7. Like Rodnol (Rodney), who also fired and hit another battleship with her torpedo
  8. Oi, Kraut hands off *hugs Belfast* I feel a bit sorry for Belfast but it is cute/amusing seeing her get flustered
  9. Not sure if considered a lore question or not, but what is considered a Belle's birthday? Is it her launch or commission date?
  10. I’d love to see various Belles hopped up on Axum’s crack coffee. Otherwise Exeter or Ark Royal
  11. I know of a certain someone who I think would enjoy more Turkey on their plate
  12. Tipsy Perth is great. Can't wait to get these sisters in the game
  13. Don't mind me, just putting Achilles down as another Belle to collect. Both she and Orion are great. Would be great to have them flanking you
  14. Hi there, Shoot a post over in the discord thread and we'll see about shooting the link to you
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