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  1. Tipsy Perth is great. Can't wait to get these sisters in the game
  2. Don't mind me, just putting Achilles down as another Belle to collect. Both she and Orion are great. Would be great to have them flanking you
  3. Hi there, Shoot a post over in the discord thread and we'll see about shooting the link to you
  4. "NV Ingensomething voor Scheepscheep" Yep, definitely Dutch naming convention there. Also I'm 99% sure she's on a permanent sugar high all the time. *Makes note to ship English Toffee to Wichita* So far enjoying the two Soviet submersibles we have met so far. One being an overhyper 6 year old who found all the Halloween candy and ate it, and the other being a cute amusing rebel against Communism.
  5. *hic* Th-Three for *hic* me
  6. Further on that, what about if a Belle is named after a city and that city becomes attacked? Would HMS Liverpool be affected if Liverpool the city was attacked by the Morganas?
  7. I like her a lot. Also another member of the walker club with Yavuz
  8. My vote is obviously for Bulldog. I needs my pupper!
  9. A bag of coffee for Mahan, flowers and chocolate for Hood and Bulldog
  10. I appreciate the cute fang and the Japanese version of the crotchless pants Kirov wears. However while I'm all for teasing and ragging, no bully our Mahan. Thanks for finally getting us the Kaga interview though. Well appreciated
  11. The idea is interesting. Technically naval ships, but not really what we think of. It's already an interesting premise. My critiques Chapter 1: I don't think the INPF or any international coalition can be founded in less than a week, especially in 1939 considering the political situation. The first week alone would be finding out who the hell attacked them, what the hell the Belles are, and so on. I'd wager by either November-December 1939 or even in 1940 the INPF would come in. Granted I am not extremely well versed in international politics of 1939 so I'm just guessing. (Note: I see that almost immediately after making this observation the Americans are in agreement that this has gotten together extremely quickly) Chapter 2: In regards to Ferdinand, excuse me what? It doesn't make much sense that she's already manifested when so far all we know is that Belles only manifest in proximity to Morganas, unless I missed something. Even reading the excuse in the second chapter I'm still a bit unsure if it works Chapter 2: I wouldn't mind someone with better airship knowledge than me to tell me if the weaponry of her is too heavy or works out ok. Just seems excessive to me, but I know barely anything about airships so feel free to ignore me. Chapter 3: To draw more attention to the comment on the chapter itself, I don't think that's how you correct a dirigible. Chapter 3: The belle senses thing is interesting. To see it more fleshed out in the future may not be a bad idea.
  12. .Actually her and Ark cause Ark wants to hunt Fascists and Nurn is one
  13. I have to agree with Two. Perhaps some Belles that have been already confirmed being in (like Kaga) or perhaps some Belles that are obvious picks for being in the game for being interviewed and revealed. And I like all sorts of chocolates. White, milk, dark, even the ones with caramel and nuts in them
  14. I feel this is the only appropriate response (ironic as I'm a Yorkshireman)
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