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  1. Wellington99

    KS Update 127

    At least she enjoyed the chocolates
  2. Wellington99

    A fan artist appears

    Everyone's getting Vodka under their trees for Christmas
  3. Wellington99

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    I certainly need to step up with getting more Manchester art too
  4. Wellington99

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    Pensacola looks amazing!
  5. Wellington99

    Update 125: Nevada and Dunkerque Belle Duo

    I’m hoppin on the number 3 train
  6. Wellington99

    A fan artist appears

    Ride ‘em Cowboy?
  7. Wellington99

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Well I see the Sinterklaas celebration, but no one outright saying they believe in Santa
  8. Wellington99

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Well save that question and the treats for the Christmas update. Knowing it’s probably been answered before, but does wearing their rigging do anything for the Belles or is it just cosmetic? And are there any Belles whose namesakes were rivals of each other or friends and they emulate it? An example being Hood and Rodney, as Hood, Rodney’s second in command, accused Rodney of sacrificing the interest of the service to his own profit and “of showing want of energy in pursuit of the French on 12 April 1782”. Would Hood and Rodney have the same kind of relationship, especially with Hood being the pride and joy of the Royal Navy and technically Rodney’s superior in this turn around? Adding in with that, do the ships named after admirals and captains often argue over who is the better at battle strategy and tactics?
  9. Wellington99

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    For the next update (which might be a Christmas update), could you also send a small box of Belfast's favorite sweets with the following question: What would you want for Christmas? (Directed at the wonderful Belfast and the Belles she's with on the update) And are there Belles who believe in Santa Claus?
  10. Wellington99

    KS Update 123

    Option 4 for me
  11. Wellington99

    A fan artist appears

    I'm gonna just ignore what that sign says
  12. Wellington99

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    Well I don't have a full on fleet idea. I'd just like to see Hood, Bulldog, and Rawa to make an appearance, one or all three.
  13. Wellington99

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    On a similar vein with it being the season, do the Belles have any superstitious belief in the Flying Dutchman and its Belle if it has one, or the Bermuda Triangle?