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  1. It's pretty par for the course. Now I'm just awaiting the eventual return salvo. Nothing like some banter between rivals
  2. Your keyboard messed up on the last sentence there. Might wanna get it checked. I've head she's into exploring the waters of the Rio de la Plata. Namely the bottom
  3. I guess I would do option 2 and sell to the highest bidder
  4. Sometimes you look around on YouTube and you are unable to find what you are looking for regardless of how hard you look. And at other times, you end up finding something you never expected to find. In this case, a 1950s video using archive footage and declassified documents about the Battle of Midway (ahead of time, be warned because bad stereotypical Japanese accents) And I thought it might be a good idea to have this topic for people to post videos from YouTube of this kind, ones that are of the time period. I know I come across videos of the same kind when I look around YouTube every now and then, be it actual footage of battles or a documentary of the times.
  5. More of a question to the other writers/people looking to write their own stuff. When VB gets its own category on FF.net, will you shift your stories to there if they are posted here already and post links to chapters? Or will you keep writing your current ones here and any future ones go up on FF? I personally will probably re-edit my fic before uploading to FF, probably even expand the chapters more to allow more length and detail, and probably upload them to FF and link to them in the topic.
  6. It's not molestation if it's consensual, as per Orion
  7. My vote is for option 1 I think I just found Salt Lake City in man form (be warned, some sweary bits) after seeing how into exercise she is
  8. It was a single crewman who was promptly reassigned to a minelayer. How much stuff on the ship can a Belle sense? Can she only keep track of her captain, or can she figure out where every sailor is on the ship and what they're doing?
  9. Hood is English. Therefore she cannot be uncivilized unlike the Hun over there
  10. Can I add my vote to the Rawa one? I don't think I have
  11. New Nautilus skin: Tiddy Monster
  12. My vote is option 2
  13. Hello? 911? Yes, my heart just stopped. Hm? Oh, I just saw this adorable chibi of Velasco from VB. Yep. Straight diabeetus. How long? Ok, I'll start writing my will. What's the official name for it? Death by Cuteness, gotcha. Yep, swing by in an hour, I should be properly dead by then. Mmhmm. Thanks
  14. Here's some of the Royal Navy's Jack Speak: https://owlcation.com/humanities/JackSpeak---The-Language-of-the-Royal-Navy- http://www.hmscarysfort.co.uk/MessageBoard/Naval Expressions.htm Be warned, it's naval slang therefore some is offensive
  15. *Wearing a solid steel helmet* Pola's looking surprisingly adorable. And Kommuna is very cute
  16. Option 3 for me
  17. I'm already standing by to collect if so
  18. Nicely done, Jojo
  19. [interest intensifies]
  20. I vote Hood for bikini Belle too
  21. I vote the Engineers. Also if we have Scharn in with anyone, have her and Rawa
  22. Option 1 I want a fleet of boozehounds now. NO, Kirov, and three other alcoholic Belles to sail the seas and drain wine cellars
  23. Maid Pupper would be cutest
  24. After a few cases of vodka, probably not.
  25. I put it into Google translate and it translated into "Russian Maid with Floofy Hair"