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  1. I vote Hood for bikini Belle too
  2. I vote the Engineers. Also if we have Scharn in with anyone, have her and Rawa
  3. Option 1 I want a fleet of boozehounds now. NO, Kirov, and three other alcoholic Belles to sail the seas and drain wine cellars
  4. Maid Pupper would be cutest
  5. After a few cases of vodka, probably not.
  6. I put it into Google translate and it translated into "Russian Maid with Floofy Hair"
  7. I vote the Russian Maid to be drawn as a maid. The one with brown floofy hair
  8. Sometimes you look around on YouTube and you are unable to find what you are looking for regardless of how hard you look. And at other times, you end up finding something you never expected to find. In this case, a 1950s video using archive footage and declassified documents about the Battle of Midway (ahead of time, be warned because bad stereotypical Japanese accents) And I thought it might be a good idea to have this topic for people to post videos from YouTube of this kind, ones that are of the time period. I know I come across videos of the same kind when I look around YouTube every now and then, be it actual footage of battles or a documentary of the times.
  9. You don't know if they can have kids or not. For all you know, that's how PT boats are born
  10. Increased torpedo bulges for Mahan
  11. I gave it a bit of thought before deciding on this. As today's Veteran's Day, I thought I'd share the man behind Captain John "Jack" Falshaw from my fanfic. A soldier in the Duke of Wellington's Own Regiment, not much is known about my great grandfather other than from a newspaper scrapping and a picture of him. He went to Canada shortly after the war and it is unsure what happened to him after that. I also happen to have from his son (my grandfather, also named John) his leather dogtags, handmade Christmas card to his sister, handmade leather wallet, record of service paper, and his diary complete with two photos of his wife In the pic, he's the chap with the mustache.
  12. How so?
  13. I'm interested, though I'd be more towards Nawlins explaining romance outside of "I was on display for all to see"
  14. As it is that time of the year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDpYBT0XyvA
  15. They're as human as they want to be. Some probably get hungry and tired just like humans while others eat sociably and are up 24/7 without need of sleep. I'm sure that there's plenty who want to seem as human as they can be so that no one is freaking out that she's not eaten in a month. Does raise a question about if you can get Belles drunk
  16. I wouldn't put 16" guns on Rawa I'd put 18.1" guns on Rawa
  17. I'm sure I can tame them. I can appeal to Rawa's sense of daring courage and Bulldog's Northerner spirit (read as: buy her Newcastle Browns). Besides, it's not as harrowing as getting Hood and Kongou
  18. But if I choose both....
  19. If both Pupper and Rawa are starters, can't I just pick both right off the bat? I don't like having to choose between them (despite both probably not minding either one of them being selected)
  20. My vote is on Abbott. As much as I'd like to give money to the Brit, the American is making guns.
  21. Mine is just a shell-shocked WWI vet who has zero political experience (unless you'd count the War in any shape or form) but a heck of a lot of military, albeit from a grunt's point of view
  22. Vote is for 2
  23. Even with all that was said, I'm still dubious that it'll do much to reign in the Man of Steel or the Austrian Corporal
  24. I vote [redacted] and [redacted] from the latest update
  25. I'm sure other captains will participate in games with their Belles with higher stakes