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  1. 100 Percent Option 1 Also I agree that "German" is a funny word.
  2. Remember kids, don’t drink and write
  3. That’s exactly Belfast, now excuse me while I whip up lines to flatter her with
  4. Remind me to flatter Belfast more often. Also first instance of "goober". Belfast is kind of one but I still love the lass
  5. Broken link
  6. What are Vestures? I'm certain there was an update where they were discussed, but I don't know which one it would be at. What kinds of items are Vestures?
  7. Same here. I’m free to be messaged by the team if they wanna ask anything. My next chapter is slowly chugging along, but right now the plan is no later than September 1 (my birthday and date Poland got invaded and when the Second World War started) release.
  8. Certainly for Manchester a cap badge of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, due to it being the unit her captain from my story was originally from. It would be a nice reference. I would need to think about it a bit more were I to come up with what other Vestures she would have. How many do Belles typically have, or is that not information we’re privy to?
  9. I also would like to plug my fic, A Bittersweet Symphony, which Manchester (or Manc) is from. She's eager for action and hi-jinks, a desire to get stuck in when possible. As you said, she's very much a tomboy, but (which so far hasn't been explored too much but is going to be, and I'm only a couple chapters in atm) she does have her unsure moments, especially when it comes to her internal doubts that she isn't a "proper" Belle, like Ark Royal or Hood or Bulldog; that she isn't capable of being ladylike. The others have the typical British upper class stoicism, while she epitomizes the working class. But as Ninja said, I'd suggest reading my fic as well to get a better understanding of Manchester. We can say what we intend the personality to be, but ultimately it's up to the reader to work it out themselves. Also, Ninja was the one who paid for the actual artwork. We'd discussed about commissions and I mentioned about eventually wanting one from Mig of Manc, and he offered to pay for it. I figured it was only right to offer that it instead include both our Belles, and now here we are.
  10. Aye. I'm really impressed at how Mig was able to get Manc's crest as detailed as she did
  11. So me and Ninja teamed up and commissioned a pic from Mig showcasing Manchester and Sterett. Honestly one of her best works
  12. I feel about the same as Ninja in regards to the update. Choice number 5 for me
  13. Also, who are the starter Belles for each nation? Excluding the KS backer tier reward ones. I remember some, like Rawalpindi and Bulldog for UK (which I’m gonna have a hell of a time deciding between) and Mahan is one for the US
  14. Who let you into my- ehem. I mean... Whatever are you on about?
  15. I also wonder what their reaction is to certain *ehem* propaganda of them used to improve morale of the men and women. Mahan's reaction especially would be hilarious
  16. Pretty sure it was probably answered before, but why did the War College swap Belfast in for Mahan? Not that I’m complaining. I love the Irish lass. Just curious
  17. Have to go 9 as it’s the proper answer being English
  18. Like Rawa and the Ugly Sisters (Cause Rawa would turn them back into Kruppstahl) or Hood and (when she eventually comes out) Bismarck (Cause Hood would pull the same magic trick Rawa did and *poof* Bizzy is now a pile of Kruppstahl)
  19. Well there’s also the American Belles and the baseball and American Football teams
  20. Obviously it depends on the Belle, but as they are national symbols in some cases (Deutschland, Bulldog, Hood), how into the national sports are they? Especially considering the current World Cup and that England beat Germany 6-3 in 1938?
  21. Pupper is probably the type you never want to get her angry with you and her to turn those knives on you. Knows how to use them and well
  22. Option 3. I shall protect the pupper
  23. Very cute
  24. 50% Knowing, 25% red lasers, 25% blue lasers
  25. So technically songs are just poetry set to music. With that in mind, have my half assed attempt at a VB parody (couldn’t find a good replacement for the battle cry part or replacement for “real American hero” so gotta make due with whatcha get) Music: Crashing through the night Comes a fear full cry Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) Navies of great might Evil taking flight Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) No where to run No where to hide Panic spreading far and wide Who can turn the tide? Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Mahan: Let’s teach them a lesson! Victory Belles are there Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Fighting for humans Wherever there's trouble over all the seas and air Victory Belles are there Can the world oppose Deadliest of foes? Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) Belles will risk it all To end the evil call of Morganas! (Morganas!) Morganas! (Morganas!) They never give up They never say die Walking tall with banners high They sound their battle cry- Manchester: Get stuffed you Morgana bit- Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles will dare Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Fighting for humans Wherever there's trouble over all the seas and air Victory Belles are there Victory Belles is the codename for the world’s daring, highly trained special naval force. It's purpose, to defend human freedom against Morganas- an extraterrestrial organization determined to wipe out man. Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles will dare Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Fighting for humans Wherever there's trouble over all the seas and air Victory Belles are there Avarice: Morganas! Retreat! Retreat! Victory Belles - (Defenders of humanity) Victory Belles are there Victory Belles