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  1. Birthday/WW2 Anniversary Update! I bring my favorite chapter that I've written so far. Please enjoy and leave comments. Fun facts: The title is a parody, and majority of the dialogue in one of the sections uses actual dialogue from the event
  2. Thank you, Korky. As you can imagine it's been a bit hectic lately due to current circumstances. I have managed to get the next chapter up, and have started working on the one following it. Maybe pull a miracle and get a third chapter up this year. We shall see. I've also gotten worse at chapter titles, at least with this one, so I'm just going with whatever happens to work for it.
  3. Been reading through the old updates, and was wondering if we could maybe get say a European or Asian perspective on the first days of the Morganas and Belles in an update. There's a snippit of the European side in 139 where it goes over the American side of things, but a little more wouldn't hurt.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly. Something different, something new
  5. I think also having a dev update Kickstarter post wouldn't be a bad idea, even if it's just to say that there's nothing to report, just to check in with everyone. Could be tagged on to another kickstarter update.
  6. The little snippits are nice but I think the occasional interview would be good. Mix it up a bit, introduce a couple Belles
  7. Well prior to the "current situation", I would've guessed maybe July-September. Now? Probably would guess late in the year. I'm unsure how much BCS can do remotely on the game, hence why I'm guessing as late as I am. I remain optimistic however
  8. 1: They were in a yelling match that she was clearly winning and was humiliating him. The Captain and Lieutenant “saved” the American because they turned up, recognized her from earlier, broke it up, and went to drink with her (following the same lines as “he had it coming trying to pick a fight against you” sort of thing. 2: Yes, she commands Ostro which at the time was in the vicinity of Turkey. 3: Which scene? The whole first part? 4: I’m not an expert in politics. I try the best I can, and sometimes it results in confusing terms. Greyfax is Britain’s liaison to the INPF, not ambassador to Portugal. He answers to Halifax and the First Lord of the Admiralty. 5: Less that it’s the INPF, more who from the INPF is asking. They haven’t had anyone from the US or other (at this point in history) neutral country’s liaisons ask them as of yet, only Germany and Britain so far. From what I gathered from the bit I read on Portuguese history and gleened from Gerrion, Portugal was dead set at trying to be as neutral as possible at the beginning of the war. 6: Cooperation is again for the sake of Portugal’s attempts of neutrality. There’s still the war in Europe at the moment to worry about that I have no idea how to tackle, the fact that Germany has most of Europe in the palm of their hands. 7: Dory is DrYuriMom’s character. As is Pensacola and Doug. I had talked with her beforehand and she looked over the final product. This Dory, Penny, and Doug is obviously going to be different in some ways than hers, as it’s in the universe of my story, however she’s more or less said that Dory’d be in the position as a liaison to the INPF (or along those lines). 8: Why Canarias? Because I thought it would be a funny throw away. 9: Bringing it before parliament is more of a formality. It’ll be brought to the Prime Minister who will decide ultimately, just that as a formality they’re bringing it before parliament Ultimately, this is my universe of Victory Belles. Some things will differ from history.
  9. What rhymes with Self-Isolation? New chapter! ....not really, but it's been so long since I've uploaded a chapter and considering the situation in the world, probably a good time to upload. It took so long because of making sure I got a couple of special characters down. You'll see what I mean. Also wish I could have got it up yesterday if I had remembered but life gets in the way XD It was Manchester's Launch day on the 4th of April, technically Birthday if you wanna view it as such and a Belle's commission date as like a Bat Mitzvah or Catholic Confirmation Special thanks to Gerrion for the Portuguese assistance
  10. Hood or Bulldog. Need more Brits
  11. I love how our witch is becoming more and more the rapscallion
  12. In a similar vein, how much cooperation is there actually between nations in regards to the INPF and Belles? I would imagine while majority want the Morgana threat dealt with, there's also going to be moments where maybe the Pride of the Royal Navy is refused entry into a German port, or Polish captains having a really hard time working alongside German and Russian captains due to, ya know. Some nations probably wouldn't readily give as much aid as others. And what about intelligence? Crossing over in regards to classified materials, I wouldn't imagine that the British wouldn't still work to break the Enigma code, so would that get thrust into the open due to the INPF? "Oh hey we broke your guys' code btw".
  13. Given what was revealed about Belles being able to mount any equipment, does this mean one could give Rawalpindi a set of 15” guns and she could operate effectively?
  14. Wellington99

    Update 163

    Personally I'd like to see a Hood or Bulldog. I don't believe they've done a solo one for Bulldog and Hood
  15. Wellington99

    Update 162

    Am disappointed at lack of actual seal in the update, but it was a good update nontheless. Now I wonder what all Belles can take through doors, what the rules are for that.
  16. Like Rodnol (Rodney), who also fired and hit another battleship with her torpedo
  17. Oi, Kraut hands off *hugs Belfast* I feel a bit sorry for Belfast but it is cute/amusing seeing her get flustered
  18. Not sure if considered a lore question or not, but what is considered a Belle's birthday? Is it her launch or commission date?
  19. I’d love to see various Belles hopped up on Axum’s crack coffee. Otherwise Exeter or Ark Royal
  20. I know of a certain someone who I think would enjoy more Turkey on their plate
  21. Tipsy Perth is great. Can't wait to get these sisters in the game
  22. Don't mind me, just putting Achilles down as another Belle to collect. Both she and Orion are great. Would be great to have them flanking you
  23. Hi there, Shoot a post over in the discord thread and we'll see about shooting the link to you
  24. "NV Ingensomething voor Scheepscheep" Yep, definitely Dutch naming convention there. Also I'm 99% sure she's on a permanent sugar high all the time. *Makes note to ship English Toffee to Wichita* So far enjoying the two Soviet submersibles we have met so far. One being an overhyper 6 year old who found all the Halloween candy and ate it, and the other being a cute amusing rebel against Communism.
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