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  1. I'll pick #2 as the "war effort" takes great importance
  2. i see.. wow that is very different to what im used to and how we celebrate Christmas Carols where im from, as children we go around houses in our neighborhood and sing Christmas Songs and expecting to get Candies or money (usually just small coins or change) a bit like Halloween but it usually starts at the last weeks of November till New Years.
  3. wow didnt know there were alot of events from other countries around Christmas (well lets just ignore the part where my country celebrates Christmas "way-way" earlier than everyone else) i loved it! btw question @Legate of Mineta when does Christmas carol where your from? and everyone else?
  4. I wanted Maid Belles due to personal reasons but.... since it's not available i guess i'll vote for Bunny Belles
  5. I'd vote for 2 though tbh it's a bit confusing if the topic is Drinking Alcohol not well experienced on that part.
  6. i know it kinda kills the fantasy that some of us have but judging how VB has been doing things kinda had the feeling they would take the close to real life approve without hampering immersion and fun. (cries in a corner for no Harem T_T)
  7. still if this will be an Halloween specific Event the wait will have to be a while still im pretty excited
  8. wow a landslide of Option 2's i'll join in i pick 2
  9. i smell a bad end on option 3 so i'll pick it!
  10. Spring Wind Skylark from Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (i use this song mostly in the morning and specially on morning walks)
  11. im going with C! since the captain is usually passive, lets go for something amusing.
  12. @RockyArby She's adorable *thumbs up*
  13. Delusion (pls don't shoot me)