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  1. I am a dead member, no longer active here and rarely appears in the Victory Belles Discord.

  2. Same Reason as PizzaPocket, because I have no reasl interest in warships.
  3. Nobody Noticed Gerrion.
  4. I probably go with Task Force 47. I'm unimaginative when it comes to naming things.
  5. Glorious stuff RNN. You make this thread proud just like Shirogana.
  6. Depends on people want to do, some will only post here, some will only post on FF, or they'll post both here and on FF.
  7. And here is my late thank you Nel.
  8. Please wait for an invite now. Someone will PM a invite shortly.
  9. Updated my post to remove permanent link.
  10. Shirogane, keep up your good work. And if you need a USN Admiral on your side I be ready to support you. Glory to the Polish navy.
  11. You have to go to add server and put in the link to join the server.
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