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  1. 1.) What do nobles who are too low on the line of succession tend to do for a living? 2.) What would the general reaction be for someone to discover that a student in the academagia has an entire library of nothing but research on dragons? Including things like physical remains, Theories on their magic, Books written in their language and the likes. 3.) Which student has the most wealthy family? 4.) Did any of the alumni of Icanicix and Kazus vanish off the face of the islands when the banning occurred? 5.) What kind of reputation would someone who consistently changed colleges every few years gain? 6.) Is there any religious tradition of Hermitage that is fairly well known in educated circles? 7.) It has been mentioned that in year two the player has the option to mentor a younger student. Does the game take into account things like how many days you missed or the likes when offering this? Or is it solely based on grades? Because it sounds hilarious if someone missed every single day of class and gained the ability to mentor someone based only on the grades they achieved.
  2. If I remember right the average cutoff point for mastery in game terms would be something like 2. After that point it's close to impossible to weasel your way out of punishment. Once you hit 10 or 11 you're a flat out journeyman at mastery and so had to have cast spells to refine your techniques. So the argument that you only learn it to know how to negate it could work on a personal level. But society wise you are getting the hammer.
  3. If some crazy wizard was to summon a dragon directly into the imperial palace. Who would be more surprised the populace? Or the dragon? What if more then one was brought in? How long would it take for anyone to figure out what just happened?
  4. 1.) is there any legends or references to dragons entering an undead state? Do educated wizards consider such a thing possible? 2.) How impressive would it actually be considered to get a final exam score of 120+ on all enrolled subjects? Mechanics wise it's not too difficult but I'm kind of curious how that would be seen world wise. 3.) What's the average lifespan of an average wizard? 4.) How difficult would it be to use revision to remove poison out of someone's body? 5.) Since we know lichdom is possible and vampires exist. What is the succession policy in cases where a noble becomes one? Are their heirs just kind of out of luck?
  5. I'm honestly kind of wondering how much of the PCs family life is preset vs customizable. Makes me wonder how crazy things can get if you have the wealthy noble background. Or the secret heritage.
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