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  1. Today I found out about USS Recruit!
  2. Languages are fun aren’t they? I’m interested in hearing dialogue in at least 3 languages that I’ll be able to understand to one degree or another.
  3. No point in delaying this one further. The longer we wait, the longer those two will have to prepare... Let's party like we want to wake up 500 miles away and two weeks later!
  4. I have a question! I wish to know what the myth behind the morgana is! What sort of stories have belles and people made up to explain the origin of our mysterious foes? This sounds like a perfect one to be presented by the equally mysterious U-29!
  5. I am quite interested in finding this little event in game. I wonder if this update is a replacement for this friday’s Update though... any confirmation on that, Legate?
  6. I think you’d get along very well with Mitsumasa Yonai.
  7. And there lies the flaw in your plan. Of all the belles you’re trying to get Kirov and Nawlins drunk. You’ll be under the table before they’re slightly tipsy. And don’t say you can just not drink with them. They’re a Russian and a partier from the Deep South. They expect you to share in every drink and go one for one with them.
  8. I approve the party of epic proportions, but I fear we won't actually get any information from them, as we'll be too busy partying like it's 1939 and the world's about to end.
  9. I second this question, I was pretty much flat broke during the kickstarter and even what I got was pushing what I could afford but I wanted a much higher tier.
  10. This sounds like fun. Let's hear about battleship love triangles from a battleship. Nagato, perhaps? Maybe someone who might show a different side of themselves.
  11. They’re going for realistic. Kirov (and a few other belles) is having her lines re-recorded.
  12. That was an incredible read, full of excellent information. Great find, Korky. If only I could read German...
  13. Once again, I ask that you read the update before posting your vote so that you know what you're actually voting for.
  14. Awesome article, Shirogane. Thanks for the story as well. It's a great read and Poland is a nation that I feel doesn't get quite enough attention.
  15. I found this quite amusing, and I love the disparity between Velasco and Canarias. If Velasco didn’t particularly catch my eye during her interview, she certainly endeared herself to me with this update. This was adorable: Captain: You’re an especially terrible liar, you know that?Velasco: ¡Sí! Anyways, this matter is clearly important, and I don’t want to go into it with nothing. I’m also quite intrigued by this mystery person, so I must pick option 2.