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  1. Option one, please. No slick commentary from me this time.
  2. As her commanding officer, I believe it would be rather uncouth of me to order Orion to do such a thing. However, I am feeling in a rather uncouth mood today. I think I shall pick option #1, much as I wish to sate my curiosity on the third option.
  3. I think in terms of booby traps, an easily malfunctioning fountain pen, made as a replica of a rather important one... When you start writing it sprays ink the wrong way, and the thief is painted. I do enjoy the false journal entries idea. "Dear diary, Today I discovered that Surcouf has stolen something very important of mine. Tomorrow I shall ask her to return it, and if she doesn't I will have Espero steal it back for a reward."
  4. For me it is between option 1, 2 and 5. I believe Option 5 will just restart this whole set and give them an opportunity to redirect the conversation. Unfortunately, Option 1 only seems worth your while if it's not a bluff, and since the captain appeared to not notice their repetitive antics before they mentioned the contest, I fear he has yet to give that order to the crew. So both of those are out, leaving option 2. While it may be a bluff, watching their reaction will be highly amusing. I Vote option 2.
  5. That looks like some fun cavorting. And oh-so many beads for Maass. Oh how I wish I could have been there.
  6. I like your idea on having those two air nations duke it out, but I believe that I want to see a little more diversity in the fleets after all. So let's have it go something like this: Hiryu, Nagato, Pola, Canarias, Kirov, Diether Von Roeder, U-29 VS Lexington, Goeben, Swayback Maru, DeRuyter, Belfast, Wicher, Surcouf And regarding the options, Option 1! My respect for seniority outweighs my sarcasm in this instance.
  7. I am already Voting for Spee and Nagato. If there’s any room remaining in the vote, please add Diether Von Roeder. In other news, pilots always were hard to deal with...
  8. Korky how could you! I knew Germans were mean-spirited, but that was harsh. In the spirit of the thread though, I shall respond. Stronger than ever In Rio De La Plata My Heart never Sinks And since he mentioned his fan fiction, I shall continue on Welly’s with two of my own. Size is but a word The starry-eyed warriors Never to falter Always something new Life is a wonderful dance with an honest heart
  9. You wound me. Are my thoughts so shrouded in enigma that you cannot see where my heart lies? If I’m an open book, I believe you, sir, are illiterate.
  10. That's a lot of poetry. I think you can guess where my favorite is...
  11. Also 100% needed. I can't believe I wasn't the one to say that, considering how much I advocated for crests in the designs of the German capital ships while the interviews were taking place.
  12. Holy dear goddess on high I love this. There’s Really no words to adequately describe my elation. This image is just too damn good. Graf Spee is the purest and the best.
  13. Battle damage? Bos'n, get me my brown pants! I actually rather enjoy Le Triomphant, and I must say she's my favorite of the french girls. I'd normally vote #1, as I can actually sing the song myself, but what kind of nation puts "The blood of the impure will water our fields!" in a song. That's not really something that fits on a cheery radio show. Therefore, I must help the war effort by voting for option #2! And later I'll take a headcount of which of the belles bought them.
  14. I must say, I appreciate the answer to all three questions, but the last was of particular interest to me. Thank you, Twoheavens, for that gem. Their responses indicate that each belle gets their orders differently, but that fleet battles with belles can be incredibly efficient. The Captain of the Ship is a poor man indeed.
  15. I knew someone would point that out, and to that I counter; "How much do you want to judge belles in tight leotards doing epic feats of sports?"