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  1. Option 5 is flawed. You’re game. They aren’t afraid to arm you, there’s just no reason to hand a deer a rifle. I much prefer option 4, which is the best of the manipulative options. Many of these options are relying on begging without incentive. 4 makes the game more interesting, and provides a reward for the winner. Although I am very partial to option seven. My only Hangul with it is that I do not believe they would put all of their ammunition in one place.
  2. Sent
  3. Nevada was phenomenal on this one. It also provides very good insight on the makeup of crews, and how they are selected. I had been wondering for quite some time just how international things in that area were. I feel a little sorry for Captain Korky, as Verdun seems to have declared that she will not work with him in any way. I would like to note that the Japanese is a bit jarring when transliterated without spaces. 「あなたにあえてよかった」 is hard enough to read without Kanji.
  4. Not going to lie, it's a hell of a challenge to get some of these clues, and I'm certain there's still plenty me and the others have missed, despite our efforts. I, however, do believe I speak the opinions of us clue hunters when I say that we would not like you to make the clues easier. I think a large part of what has been keeping our interest these many months is the long and arduous searches on each and every little thing we believe to be a clue. We would be somewhat upset and feel rather put-off were the team that has put us through such a fascinating challenge up to this point to decide to suddenly start giving names to us like candy for a child.
  5. While I’d love to give you guys one of the answers provided, I do honestly think that Texas has the best barbeque, and I do want to see what you do with a write-in! Option 7 it is.
  6. Fantastic that the battle engine is done! Any word on whether we'll get a beta vote soon, Legate? As for the vote, count me for number 1. I am rather curious about those stories!
  7. I wrote this one-shot on a random idea in an afternoon. I was originally planning to put it in my one-shots thread, but after reading it, I feel it deserves its own thread. Please, enjoy and give me your comments and criticisms!
  8. Going for #3. I rather enjoy taking a bite out of Henley to assist the fleet as a whole. Plus the government really does pay quite a lot for all that food.
  9. Option one, please. No slick commentary from me this time.
  10. As her commanding officer, I believe it would be rather uncouth of me to order Orion to do such a thing. However, I am feeling in a rather uncouth mood today. I think I shall pick option #1, much as I wish to sate my curiosity on the third option.
  11. I think in terms of booby traps, an easily malfunctioning fountain pen, made as a replica of a rather important one... When you start writing it sprays ink the wrong way, and the thief is painted. I do enjoy the false journal entries idea. "Dear diary, Today I discovered that Surcouf has stolen something very important of mine. Tomorrow I shall ask her to return it, and if she doesn't I will have Espero steal it back for a reward."
  12. For me it is between option 1, 2 and 5. I believe Option 5 will just restart this whole set and give them an opportunity to redirect the conversation. Unfortunately, Option 1 only seems worth your while if it's not a bluff, and since the captain appeared to not notice their repetitive antics before they mentioned the contest, I fear he has yet to give that order to the crew. So both of those are out, leaving option 2. While it may be a bluff, watching their reaction will be highly amusing. I Vote option 2.
  13. That looks like some fun cavorting. And oh-so many beads for Maass. Oh how I wish I could have been there.
  14. I like your idea on having those two air nations duke it out, but I believe that I want to see a little more diversity in the fleets after all. So let's have it go something like this: Hiryu, Nagato, Pola, Canarias, Kirov, Diether Von Roeder, U-29 VS Lexington, Goeben, Swayback Maru, DeRuyter, Belfast, Wicher, Surcouf And regarding the options, Option 1! My respect for seniority outweighs my sarcasm in this instance.
  15. I am already Voting for Spee and Nagato. If there’s any room remaining in the vote, please add Diether Von Roeder. In other news, pilots always were hard to deal with...