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  1. Ninjapacman

    KS Update 128: An Interview In The Blind

    I must admit that I’ve quite a bit of a sweet tooth... although my favorite chocolate happens to be dark. The darker the better. I must say I’m not likely to resist a whole box of chocolates if someone offers.
  2. Ninjapacman

    KS Update 128: An Interview In The Blind

    I must confess I believe that twoheavens is spot on with his theory of the Tenryuu class, although I’d need to do more research to determine which of the two it is. I have to agree as well that an interview with Kaga is overdue. I can’t wait for the next sortie, and maybe we’ll get a bit of a preview of a couple others... like Z-10.
  3. Ninjapacman

    Update 125: Nevada and Dunkerque Belle Duo

    It’s an endurance event. My favorite ship has that absolutely absurd 16,300nm endurance, about twice that of most of her contemporaries. I’ll pledge money, donate by far the most, and go horribly broke. I suppose that means I have to vote #3. Maybe she can procure me some funding to support the best Panzerschiff.
  4. Ninjapacman

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    Wooo! Pensacola! Also, Handegg! I should commission more art for Sterett. After that I’ll send some Go Navy Beat Army bumper stickers around.
  5. Ninjapacman

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    That's a good question. I've understood over various questions and Updates that the Rigging is sort of what the belles want it to be. It's not actually useful for combat, but it sort of allows them to show who they are as a fighter. Well, for one, thanks for correcting me about USS Rogers, and for two, Even if there are no real examples as of '39 (Which I had thought to be the case anyways) I think it's an interesting Hypothetical to delve into.
  6. Ninjapacman

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I must disagree. You’re following corporate America and celebrating Christmas a month early. We have no less than three more updates before that wonderful day. Although I wouldn’t mind sending along some treats for the belles. I made some ginger snaps and still have plenty that I have no idea what I’ll do with.
  7. Ninjapacman

    KS Update #124: On Destiny and Wrecks

    Whereas the Interviews talk about real life service, and are therefore required to be outside of the universe time-line, the lore updates directly ask about things in-universe, and are therefore required to refer to this particular time-line. In essence, they can't break out of it, and therefore are stuck within certain constraints of knowledge and understanding.
  8. Ninjapacman

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    That in itself is a topic of mysticism that I have been studying for near since I first learned of magic. Names are incredibly powerful, and for ships doubly so. However, a name change is not something to be taken lightly. It is well known by experienced sailors that any ship who has her name changed without proper ceremony is doomed to fatal luck. A prime example being USS St. Lo, a Jeep Carrier who was formerly USS Midway, but before her last deployment, the government changed her name in preparation for the new Midway class aircraft carriers. Shortly afterwards she was in Taffy 3, and in the morning hours of 25th October, 1945, she became the first ship of the war sunk by Kamikaze attack. There is a way to mitigate that bad luck, via a proper ceremony to Un-name, and a proper Ceremony to Re-name, but most governments don't waste the time or money, not believing in such conspiracies.
  9. Ninjapacman

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    She would be, just as Putnam, rather than The Sullivans.
  10. Ninjapacman

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I assume you're referring to USS The Sullivans, who in herself is an entirely isolated case. As the only ship in history that I can think of named after a specific set of more than one person, she is unique in both her namesake and their circumstances, and likely has several caveats on what a belle would otherwise know about her namesake. She does however, fall under the classic category of being named in response to said persons' demise, when all five died during or after the sinking of USS Juneau. I would also like to add that we are strictly talking Pre-September '39, for the purposes of lore, so a ship like USS The Sullivans (Being 1943 commission) would be wholly unknown to whatever presenter we get.
  11. Ninjapacman

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Here's a question referring to the extent of knowledge. I understand that the practice of naming ships after people is not a common one, with the main examples I can think of being German and American destroyers, but what of ships named for living people? Since a belle has innate knowledge of her namesake, for example, Mahan could probably remember when Alfred began his quintessential works of Naval Literature, how deep does the knowledge extend? Would Mahan, for example, be able to tell you the answers to questions only Alfred Thayer Mahan would know, such as "What is your deepest regret?" Would she know the answers to questions that he would have never told anyone, because she innately understands him? And Consequently, were a ship to be named for a living person, would that ship be able to hypothetically speak for that person in inherent knowledge, even going so far as to learn everything said person does as they learn it. An example being if the namesake were to become fluent in a new language, would the belle also inherently be able to speak that language with the same fluency, regardless of having studied it independently herself? I suppose this has gotten rather long-winded and full of hypothetical examples, so I shall leave it here for now. (If chosen, it will probably have to be boiled down a bit.)
  12. Ninjapacman

    KS Update #124: On Destiny and Wrecks

    Once again a question to be answered by Kickstarter Update #14: Update #14: Briefing on the Morganas It doesn't directly answer the question, but it tells you what we know about them.
  13. Ninjapacman

    KS Update #124: On Destiny and Wrecks

    There are in fact several theories on what the Morganas are. You can find many of those, including the one that you have just theorized, in this update: Update #90: On Morgana Myths
  14. Ninjapacman

    KS Update #124: On Destiny and Wrecks

    Today, we have for our Captains a rousing (less for some) discussion on predestination and fate, along with some theorizing on what may be done to "Reanimate" the lost. Captain's Association: On Destiny and Wrecks
  15. Ninjapacman

    KS Update 123