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  1. Ninjapacman

    Update 167

    NO DEV UPDATE Really though, this one felt like a whole lot of words to say pretty much nothing. I appreciate that this update may translate well in gameplay terms to explain AI enemy mechanics for detecting and hunting player fleets, but it certainly felt pretty empty. Let’s hope the next update has more meaningful content.
  2. O Captain, My Captain!
  3. Ninjapacman

    Update 166

    Because I would have preferred a different belle get her spotlight, I’ll jump on a common bandwagon. NO DEV UPDATE
  4. In so far lieu of a valentines update today, have some Kenobi I commissioned.
  5. Oh, blatant thievery. At least the Italian crime around here isn’t ‘organized.’ Looking at you, Chicago. Anyways, good update, but I’m really looking forward to the next one. Because it should be Kenobi. I need my peppy pink japanese smile factory.
  6. Two more questions for the list arising from Espero’s story. Firstly: can a belle be risen from a scrapped ship If the ship is rebuilt, and if so, at what point does it stop being the same girl? Perhaps if you stop the scrapping of Florida in 1931 once the turrets were removed, would she be different the way a sunk belle returns different, or can you just plop the turrets back on and have classic good ol’ Florida back? Secondly, The US navy had a habit in the late age of sail or taking pieces from the hull of an obsolete warship being scrapped and using them in the construction of a new ship to save on material cost and time, then calling it a rebuild of the old ship to mask the tactic. Would such a tactic produce the same belle on said new ship? Ergo, if we used hull plates from the Atlanta-class USS Atlanta, presuming she wasn’t sunk at Savo, to build the Cleveland-class USS Atlanta, would there be the same belle? (presuming for the sake of argument that the Atlanta class and Cleveland class were more similar than they actually are)
  7. As a question for Fubuki and Nenohi, since your subclasses, the Akatsukis and Shiratsuyus, are closer than most, do you consider your subclasses as Sister’s as well? Would Fubuki consider akatsuki to be a sister and would Akatsuki consider the same? TL;DR, do belles consider closely related subclasses to be sisters?
  8. I believe those first two questions were actually explained in the update... the latter is a good question though. Would a mk 14 torpedo fired by belles not have to worry about a 70% dud rate and ridiculously high chance of circular runs? On that matter, were a belle like Hood to acquire a different gun, say Nagato’s 405mm guns... would she have to rely on resupply from Japan or is she capable of hypothetically firing more easily acquired british 16” shells from the gun?
  9. Ninjapacman

    Update 163

    Odd for a US belle to complain about food. From the accounts I’ve heard, every other nation envied the food the US navy got to eat. It was apparently some of the highest quality naval grub of the war. As for suggestions on who next...let’s bring back Kenobi. I haven’t see her in a very long time.
  10. I believe some of those questions have been previously answered, Laz. Particularly the one about captains fighting a boarding event. I also figure whether a belle minds using foreign equipment is rather up to the particular belle in question. Kongo may not mind using british equipment, for example, but it’s possible she would hate to use French equipment. A belle like Hiryu may be completely against foreign equipment whatsoever, whereas Nenohi may be happily inclined to use whatever from whoever. I am interested in expanding upon the Non-navy captain question though, as it pertains to most of the player base. Is equipment restricted on a parent nation basis, allowed as required as a general INPF rule, or are non-Navy captains strictly forced to abide by military regulations?
  11. Ninjapacman

    Update 162

    Seal couldn’t make the update today. She was busy at re-education camp. In other news, laz, I think we’ve long theorized about the deeper connection between belles and captains. I not terribly long ago there was a lore update where they tested a telepathic connection between the captain and belle. A while before that there was one where I believe belfast and Orion went into some detail on how they receive orders from their captain. I recall it being different belle to belle. Belfast gets a whisper, and Orion saw a glow or something on her target. Anyways, it’s well documented that there’s a connection that could easily extend to the captain being able to sense the presence of his belle.
  12. My ships are suspiciously being cheated of their victories. I demand a recount! Short of that I demand victory!
  13. Ehehehehehe. If I’m not wrong, you’re referring to a beast of Iron and Blood in the north, and an unsinkable icy wind who roams the pacific, yes? (This is me trying not to give it away.)
  14. Ooooh... any hints, previews, or subtle references as to who may appear?
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