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  1. I was actually less concerned with the explosiveness than with the excessive modifications required to mount them and the logistical problems of supplying them to anyone who isn't Japan's bestest friend.
  2. I would get British torpedoes first, for two major reasons. Firstly, most nations use a fairly standardized 533mm torpedo width. The Japanese use a much longer and wider 610mm torpedo that would require much more significant modification of torpedo launchers and in a lot of cases, the hull of the ship. British torpedoes follow the 533mm standard and can be much more easily fit. Secondly, Japanese torpedoes have a serious issue with Oxygen. It has a rather unfortunate side effect known as Thermobaric explosions. It's like having a significantly sized fuel-air bomb on your deck. Much as I'm the kind of crazy bastard to take my girls out for a date on their death-days... I would seriously hesitate to do so with Japanese torpedoes carried.
  3. That is indeed a good sign
  4. MUST PROTECT DOC. Seriously though, when I asked the question, I expected them to be important, but I didn't expect them to be important such that the enemy would divert significant portions of their strength purely to engagement of Docs alone. It's Rather telling, and I think that early in my campaign, I should do what I could to protect them. I have a feeling it would go a long way to improve my campaigns throughout my gameplay. That said, Korky's win is quite nice to hear. Well done Herr Kapitän. As for the dev note, which seems to have been overshadowed by the rest of the update, it's a little worrying to note that the android build will be set up after thanksgiving, as from what I understand BCS intends to deliver all parts together, so the computer and Apple variants, possibly complete already, are waiting for that android release. Working on kickstarter rewards is a good sign though, depending on how you mean it. Is it "Working on making sure kickstarter rewards are properly attributed to their in-game accounts" or is it "Working on making sure kickstarter belles / Items are actually in game"?
  5. It's very definitely a new piece of art. I do like that they take these first looks to debut alternate costumes/art for the belles we've known for so long. It's one of the little ways they breathe life into this absurdly long project.
  6. More Orion is always welcome. As for the essay contest, I eagerly wish to see who everyone will pick as their least favorite commanding officer. Plus that winning prize really is something special... Not often any game provides an official special item to just one player, well earned though it is.
  7. What is the relation between Belles and floating Dry Docks? I have a personal theory that at the very least, the ones with names and classes have belles, sleeping or otherwise. Girls like USS Dewey or USS ARD-1 do a lot for the fleet, and USS Artisan even more so. Without these forward repair bases that performed more than 7000 repairs during the course of the war, ships would have had to return far greater distances home and been out of operational use much longer. More importantly. since they repair or heal you belles, do you call them "Doc"?
  8. Just reviving this thread as we get closer to the 5th supposed launch of this game... As I've recently been in some discussions about the battle off Samar, I think it would be fun to give each ship from taffy 3 that appears a nice reminder. Maybe a badge or pin in the shape of a Tin Can to be worn somewhere on each of their designs. Now, all US destroyers were called Tin Cans, but only taffy 3 and two other noteworthy ships had a book titled that written for them. (Mind you there was also a documentary with a similar title.) So I think it would be fair to give a nod to the Noteworthy girls who made that moniker known outside the navy.
  9. A question for our recently silent poster girl Mahan; How much do belles believe in their own battle doctrines? For example, how much would a Japanese believe in the effectiveness of the Kantai Kessen doctrine, or for example, would Mahan, whose work inspired the doctrines of a large battleship force and decisive battle, be more inclined to that or to the increasing light forces / Task force operations the US was leaning towards in the late 30s when she was designed? Are the germans happy with the plan for commerce raiding, or do they want to build a fleet in being to challenge the British as Tirpitz once did?
  10. If you read further in the update there’s speculation that said “awakening” is just an imagined dream from her time asleep, and did not actually happen. I would be inclined to believe that whatever memories victory has from before the fateful moment are much the same.
  11. This update here has some notes on victory, short though they are... It would appear her presence alone keeps portsmouth out of harms way, in much the way constitution holds boston secure. It's no surprise either. I am rather fond of the idea that older/more prominent belles have a significantly more powerful "magical" attribute, if you will. Whereas a young belle maybe has some augmentation to her own armament that lets her fight morganas, a grizzled veteran of 3 major wars and 150 years of naval tradition could blow significant holes in battleships with a 12-pounder. I have no doubt that the mere presence of ships of that caliber make a significant effect on the morale of both sides of a battle. In other words, great update, and I have a rather personal vested interest in the lady Constellation.
  12. You mean you want the nautilus first look? In other news regarding the update, looks like Kommuna has a political officer prominent in her storyline. the Dev corner’s location doesn’t matter, but it sounds a lot like they’re saying we’re really close to release. Interesting the point mentioning 4 years ago. It seems that you had the game almost done then. This implies that you didn’t just have some back end problems... you had a catastrophic problem and had to rebuild the game from scratch, which explains the 4 years.
  13. Ninjapacman

    update 183

    So some belles have crew that come with them? Any hints as to who or what a crew would entail? And for that matter, who has crews coming with them? Would it be plausible that in your fleet you obtain the crew of say... HMS Hood, and you decide their benefits would better apply to USS Boise, can you transfer them over?
  14. Ninjapacman

    update 183

    Officer Pitt: All right, come on, let’s do this! I’m not going easy on you just because you’re a girl.# Kumano: That’s good. I won’t go easy on you just because you’re a weakling.# The crowd: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!# I'd like to express my condolences as twoheavens has done regarding the loss the team has experienced, and I appreciate the effort everyone continues to put in despite these trying times. As for the update, I'm very interested in the idea that Kumano's officers include a "Wells" and "Pitt" which goes a long way to express the clear diversity of officers on Belle ships. I find it actually very surprising for a Japanese vessel. Then again, it seems Kumano is not one to have anyone say no to what she wants. Is she the one who picked her officers, much like she picks her Captain, or does the INPF have more of a say than previously inferred in officer assignments? I have a hard time imagining Pitt was selected by the 大日本帝国海軍。
  15. Ninjapacman

    Update 182

    That’s entirely plausible, but they do say “namesake wind”, which implies a certain Wind, not a wind-related weather effect. That rules out cyclone and Ouragan Or similar. Something like “Mountain wind” seems more appropriate to the phrasing. I did not look over Naval Rosters before making my post though. The Japanese were just the easiest ones that came to mind. I’ll have to look over RN and RM destroyers when I get home.
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