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  1. ..... Anyways, that's two belles I've been rather fond of even before the duo, and I must say that they're wonderful ladies. The duo itself was also fun enough that I'm going to ignore the grammatical mistakes this week. I know Korky will give me quite the German snicker talking to for not being enough of a stickler. As for my vote, I believe this one will be quite the landslide for #1. Remember, when you see a wagon, jump on! I'm editing because I just noticed... But did Takao Dye her hair? And for that matter... Her eyes? Edit 2: I have since realized after looking back that it's just the one large picture in her interview that is different. Her colors for the face they show every time she speaks have remained the same.
  2. I feel like half the fun of all this comes from posting it online. What's the point of making hilarious mistakes if you can't share them with others? Of course, it's all now permanent, so if one is particularly interesting.... Well let's just take Bob Ross's advice and think of it as a "Happy Mistake"
  3. HAHAHAHA. I laugh at your puny excuses to not write. I write even when I'm asleep! I write when I'm drunk! I've never thrown out a draft! This probably speaks volumes about why my quality of writing is so inconsistent.
  4. I’ll have you know that about 80% of my writing occurs between the hours of 9:00PM and 3:00AM. Writing at late night tends to turn out very well for me.
  5. Consider me in full support of this for a variety of reasons that I daresay most on this forum are well aware of.
  6. HMS victory with a french hairstyle? I hardly think you’ve thought this through. We’ll start with the obvious. What is her most famous battle, and who was it against?
  7. A question I ask myself every day. Oh if only you knew the horrible machinations within my mind....
  8. That, my friend, is still uncharted territory. I don't think it's really something to be discussed for the '39 release of the game, unless Legate has some special input...
  9. This question has been answered before in the General Questions thread. If I recall correctly (I don't keep exact notes, but my memory isn't bad for these sorts of things.) They are biologically identical, but none of the functions work. It's basically as they will it. It's different from belle to belle, depending on how they decide to live their lives, as some don't even appear to the crew, but in general the ones that do manifest themselves keep it in appearance only. When they do eat and drink and such, it's mainly for pleasure, and there are no actual biological functions at work unless they want there to be. If a belle wants to get drunk, then with copious amounts of alcohol, she can. If a belle doesn't want to be human, she can effectively eliminate the function of anything biological and not need to eat or drink whatsoever.
  10. Twoheavens and I agreed that would be its own can of worms. Firstly, the Japanese are highly Xenophobic. Secondly, the state control of shinto; and at least by the assumptions we use, control of that title, creates a situation where the state technically has the power to deny that title to the captain and dock the belle for the duration of the war as they see fit. Now, the INPF might have a few words to say about that, but if Japan's inter-war record is anything to go by, those words will fall upon deaf ears. The main thing those government types might have to worry about is that Belle throwing a bit of a fit. Warships throwing fits is never an easy thing to deal with.
  11. My pleasure. I do love the language, and I can't wait to talk to some of my belles using it. I would only hope that they show the proper care and dedication that any honorable servant of His Divine Grace The Emperor would.
  12. THE UPDATE I am rather flattered they chose to answer my question, as well as the others. I must say I was a little disappointed with how quickly they passed through it. I was hoping for more belles' opinions on the matter, after all. Nonetheless, I do think I could get used to this level of flattery. I'd also like to note that any update featuring lady Nagato is a plus in my book.
  13. Trust me, I’ve got plenty of detail. I’ve hidden a good chunk of it in what I’ve written of the story, but I’ve had very few people notice it as far as I’m aware. Granted, having only 3 comments on the story means I have no idea what people have found. As far as the team goes though, I do like to keep the Easter eggs in my story as Easter eggs, so any deeper details they’d like will have to be asked about. It’s very unlikely that I’ll take the initiative to post them on the forum for all to see.
  14. Hah. I bet they’ll be rather disappointed in the story. I have the last 3 chapters about 80% done in a word document somewhere, but I can’t get around to actually finishing them. Better yet As for her Vestures, I actually have a few in mind... I’m not the type to really hold back. If the team wants to know more, they’re free to ask, either on the forum or in messages. I’m also on twitter, not that I use it often.
  15. You know, it might be a touch late to say this, but please tell us what they think of it. I’m sure the three of us involved in making that art would all love to know. I certainly would.