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  1. You mean you want the nautilus first look? In other news regarding the update, looks like Kommuna has a political officer prominent in her storyline. the Dev corner’s location doesn’t matter, but it sounds a lot like they’re saying we’re really close to release. Interesting the point mentioning 4 years ago. It seems that you had the game almost done then. This implies that you didn’t just have some back end problems... you had a catastrophic problem and had to rebuild the game from scratch, which explains the 4 years.
  2. Ninjapacman

    update 183

    So some belles have crew that come with them? Any hints as to who or what a crew would entail? And for that matter, who has crews coming with them? Would it be plausible that in your fleet you obtain the crew of say... HMS Hood, and you decide their benefits would better apply to USS Boise, can you transfer them over?
  3. Ninjapacman

    update 183

    Officer Pitt: All right, come on, let’s do this! I’m not going easy on you just because you’re a girl.# Kumano: That’s good. I won’t go easy on you just because you’re a weakling.# The crowd: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!# I'd like to express my condolences as twoheavens has done regarding the loss the team has experienced, and I appreciate the effort everyone continues to put in despite these trying times. As for the update, I'm very interested in the idea that Kumano's officers include a "Wells" and "Pitt" which goes a long way to express the clear diversity of officers on Belle ships. I find it actually very surprising for a Japanese vessel. Then again, it seems Kumano is not one to have anyone say no to what she wants. Is she the one who picked her officers, much like she picks her Captain, or does the INPF have more of a say than previously inferred in officer assignments? I have a hard time imagining Pitt was selected by the 大日本帝国海軍。
  4. Ninjapacman

    Update 182

    That’s entirely plausible, but they do say “namesake wind”, which implies a certain Wind, not a wind-related weather effect. That rules out cyclone and Ouragan Or similar. Something like “Mountain wind” seems more appropriate to the phrasing. I did not look over Naval Rosters before making my post though. The Japanese were just the easiest ones that came to mind. I’ll have to look over RN and RM destroyers when I get home.
  5. Ninjapacman

    Update 182

    I’ll attempt to provide some insight. The yankee belle has to be one well known but not revealed. With such a large number of the US belles already on the list of known quantities, I can subtract every Belle we’ve been introduced to. That leaves very few to take the spotlight. I would argue in this case As for the wind, it’s most likely one of the couple dozen Japanese destroyers famously named for inclement weather. Since the Kageros under Such names don’t get commissioned until ‘40, it would most likely be any of the minekaze class, or one of the 4 windy Shiratsuyus, Umi, Kawa, Suzu, and Yama. My money is on Umikaze, as any of her inherent large scope knowledge would be most valuable to any Navy.
  6. Let me try to translate. If Aurora has a belle, what role does she play? Have other *experienced* ships such as HMS Victory, USS Constitution, or Mikasa manifested, and if so, what are they doing?
  7. Ninjapacman

    Update 182

    I feel cheated, lied to, and bamboozled.
  8. Ninjapacman

    Update 182

    I'm not sorry, but I shall agree to a truce. If nothing else this update was very informative. It gave quite a lot of useful insight into the relationship between the press and the Belles. It also gave me some useful insight into other things. For example, I feel the task force involving glorious was an example of ships that are not currently in the game as belles, and are just there for fluff. Aврора on the other hand is noted specifically as having a belle, and as one of those girls who really has to be considered essential in this sort of game... Well let's get it over with. I call for an Unredaction/Introduction for Aврора as the next update. That is, unless next update is the Game's beta announcement/next video.
  9. No update today or are we just running late?
  10. I PROPOSE A SUGGESTION. A SUGGESTY SUGGESTION THAT SUGGESTS SUGGESTIVELY. In Other words I propose something that could raise morale and hype again before release. New Interviews. It would only be a couple. One a month until release. But I figure throwing a couple new belles in the mix could breathe a little more life into the remaining fandom. They could be used as notes from the devs. “The writing team’s favorite and why” the next could be the art team’s favorite and why, etc.
  11. Ninjapacman

    Update 180

    WOOHOO!! A Lebi update! Really though, all her supposed bad luck situations seem more the fault of adorable clumsiness than luck. I’d be hard pressed to blame a metaphysical force for calling an XO dad. That said I know what bad luck feels like on a very personal level, and I don’t doubt she experiences it often. As for the dev corner... that tidbit about music implies very well a Video is coming soon, no TM attached. I hope your intended promise is as promising as I hope this message to be.
  12. Ninjapacman

    Update 179

    I would tune in every week. This sounds like just the kind of radio show I'd love to listen to. Maybe they could make it into a TV show too... when they become a little more widely accessible.
  13. One more question to fight the good the fight against lazarus’s spotlight, and speaking of spotlights, we are aware already that belles are to a certain degree, media personalities. Do their home countries choose which belles become highlighted in the media, does the INPF have a say, or do belles tend to choose for themselves? I know it’s not difficult to make a capital ship like hood or Kongou famous, but what if a destroyer like Stewart wanted to be the face of the fighting fleet back home? Does she get a say or would she be undermined for a more powerful ship like Nevada to carry the banner?
  14. That’s a great idea. Put together a reel with a couple of the hundred or so belles revealed since the first reel. There should be some high end voice acting on those belles.
  15. Because I haven’t done this in a while, I’ll just think of a lore question right now to push Laz out of the spotlight.😉 Often ships are given reporting names in the papers, which allow the news to publish exploits without breaking secrecy or pissing off the military. How much of a say do the belles have in their own reporting names? Do the papers pick for them and hope they don’t suffer the wrath of a warship misnamed? Also in regards to names, sometimes in the interest of secrecy, ships operating with other countries (specifically US ships operating with Britain in the early war, and vice versa) were given fake names to hide their true home country. Considering how belles seem to have an innate connection to their actual namesake, how much would USS Robin take on a connection to that name?
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