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  1. Ninjapacman

    Update 162

    Seal couldn’t make the update today. She was busy at re-education camp. In other news, laz, I think we’ve long theorized about the deeper connection between belles and captains. I not terribly long ago there was a lore update where they tested a telepathic connection between the captain and belle. A while before that there was one where I believe belfast and Orion went into some detail on how they receive orders from their captain. I recall it being different belle to belle. Belfast gets a whisper, and Orion saw a glow or something on her target. Anyways, it’s well documented that there’s a connection that could easily extend to the captain being able to sense the presence of his belle.
  2. My ships are suspiciously being cheated of their victories. I demand a recount! Short of that I demand victory!
  3. Ehehehehehe. If I’m not wrong, you’re referring to a beast of Iron and Blood in the north, and an unsinkable icy wind who roams the pacific, yes? (This is me trying not to give it away.)
  4. Ooooh... any hints, previews, or subtle references as to who may appear?
  5. To be fair it’s been some time since I read the update. I recall that’s how her actions presented her, but I might have to read it again.
  6. Happy new year! Glad to see the devs do care. It's been quite some time since an actual development update, and we really were overdue for some numbers. It is excellent to see how close we are to finally getting this game out into the world. I really do hope it does well. On a related note, I highly recommend that BCS puts what effort they can into advertising as soon as possible. I've seen games truly live and die on advertising. One of my favorite games of all time only ever reached a server population of a couple thousand because the developers didn't care to tell anyone they made a game, and it was shut down within 3 months. It really is important in today's market. The sooner you bring up more interest in your game, the better it will do in the long run. As much as our little community is devoted to Victory Belles, it really seems at the moment to be just us. There's only double digits of members on the discord server, and I wouldn't be surprised if half of those are just people who forgot to delete the server when they lost interest in the long development process. If we're still the only ones who know about the game at launch, I fear for the game's prospects.
  7. I must confess it's me who is the most conspicuous in my absence up to this point in the thread, so I have decided to make my appearance. I have several things to say. Firstly, HOORAY! MY LADY SPEE RETURNS! In all seriousness, I must confess I am very giddy at finally getting another update with the fairest lady in it. I do love her so, and I am excitedly looking forward to how her story goes in game. As for Scharnhorst, she's really wild, but certainly worthy of my attention and my respect. I found that she carried herself very well in this update, and I am interested in her story as well. Secondly, I had been wondering for a time about the notion of two ships whose names correlate to each other would interact, such as that whose namesake was the captain of another ship. Somers and Nautilus, for example. Scharnhorst and Spee happen to be of such a connection, and with far more recent history between each other. I would have loved to see that explored more in the update, but unfortunately their interaction only lends credence to their close companionship, not to any supernatural or name-related ties. It's a fantastic pair to work with, and it's really a shame that connection wasn't explored more. Finally, props to the writers of the update for giving us a different side of each of the girls shown. We got to see rather than the neutral girl Spee generally represents, a fierce and aggressive fighter, willing and able to engage a battleship guarded by escorts, all on her lonesome. As for Scharnhorst we got to see an understanding, caring, and almost motherly side of what should normally be a violent wild spirit. It really is fantastic to see such complex facets of each belle, and I hope all the belles are as interesting as this in their writing.
  8. Not so much a “can do will do” as a “can’t do will do anyways”. The battles of third savo, Samar, Surigao, etc. provide examples of this. Because after all, what is a battleship but a really large destroyer with less torpedoes? That makes them less armed than us! It’s an easy fight. What are 2000 determined men when faced against 150 unbreakable idiots?
  9. The morgana in the interview seems to have been for the purposes of the interview, and lore-wise is likely not possible in universe. Just in case though, I’m not sure why you’d carry a mine, as that seems rather impractical, or why you’d ask Nagato about obtaining armament. I’m much happier carrying a saber to repel boarders and more than a couple personal firearms ranging in size from a hunting shotgun to a 1934 production of the absolutely adorable beretta 418. With talk in the most recent Captains’ meeting surrounding how a belle can travel via turning parts of her ship into other land-based items such as cars (a theory in which I find no credibility) I find myself wondering, if I were to make a sword out of my belle’s hull, (melt a hull plate or fixing and forge it into a blade) would it have the power to strike and harm supernatural foes, such as Morgana?
  10. I have to agree. The point has been made so I won’t stress further... but I wonder what ninja that Italian might be making for... (I must confess, I have it on good authority that the ninja is not one to run away, so a runaway he is not.)
  11. I’ll take that bet. The loss of my own run ration is very well worth the conditions of the loss.
  12. If it's more than 10 do I get a pack of ground horrifying tar for myself? Medical reasons.
  13. You probably should have clarified that it was the feeling of lewdness that was to be conveyed. Visual porn is lewdness, and the easiest interpretation of the meaning.
  14. Alright. Bit of a long one here. I am very fond of this update and Arizona's excitement at Captain-belle relations. I do believe she is correct in that the four of them are quite entitled to hugs. For the questions: 1: No. There really isn't. ------------------------------------------------------- 2: Can you draw me riding on the back of a shark and punching a Morgana in the face while fireworks go off in the background? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To posit another question, though Belfast could not see what the Captain sees visually, is it still possible that a belle could receive telepathic communication from a captain in the form of linguistic thoughts? I would like to see a test done with words, phrases, or conceptual thought. For those who don't speak the same language, turning left is always turning left, even if the word is different. (unless you're in an absolute direction language, but those are few and far between.) Alternately, we could just spend a day lining up belles and giving them hugs. That sounds nice. I want an update focusing on how each belle responds to a hug.
  15. To make things clear, I'll claim the couple of those that were from my own mouth during the meeting. 1) All I have to say is yes hugging. 2) Pola is cute. And I think she is not all mean. I intend to put myself in the way of great personal harm to find her not-mean side.
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