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  1. Ninjapacman

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    Andersson, I believe, is an officer. He is not a ship but merely a poor man being taken along for the Wild Belle ride, likely as a part of Ark Royal’s crew, judging from context. It would have been nice to have another single-stacker though.
  2. Ninjapacman

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    Rocks aren’t your biggest worry here. Look out for flying pianos. And yes, the kazoo is marvelous in that a kazoo can play any song recognizably, and is not limited like other instruments. 4 good kazoo players together can recreate any song in history with a remarkable degree of accuracy, and just enough amusement to make anyone’s day.
  3. Ninjapacman

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    I wasn’t going to say anything, but well, that’s just giving it away, isn’t it?
  4. Ninjapacman

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    I love Kenobi, and can't help being happy whenever she's around, not that I'm not generally happy anyways. I think she fits rather well with my also cheery demeanor. As much as that was one of the major pros of this update, I also have to say I would love to hear Nenohi playing a Kazoo. I think she would be a savant with that instrument. As a proficient Kazoo player myself, I am also forced to vote for #3, as it is almost word for word what I thought when he described the Kazoo incident, long before I got to the voting options.
  5. Ninjapacman

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    I rather enjoyed the update, although I read it hastily and without too much attempt at analysis. For now I will say that it was done nicely, and I rather enjoyed the poetry, but I'd have to choose option one, as it's unfortunately rather true. I'll read the update again later to speculate on the redacted ladies.
  6. Ninjapacman

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    We all know what that looks like, and for those who don't, there's an excellent short film by Dr. Hankinnson on the USS Solace, moored on the other side of Ford Island.
  7. Ninjapacman

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    Even ridiculous American levels of fleet structure and anti-aircraft defenses on their tight ship formations accounted for only a small percentage of Japanese aircraft shot down. Most of the work was done by the Carrier fighters.
  8. Ninjapacman

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    While it is true that belles' aircraft can fly further, hit a little harder, maneuver more smoothly, etc. Combat flying and adverse weather flying are two entirely different things, and carrier operations rely on far more than just the aircraft. You try launching and prepping aircraft when the deck, nearly 100ft off the waterline, is completely swamped and slick, with winds upwards of 90kts whipping across it, as you pitch and roll more than 30 degrees. Flying in those conditions is near impossible for even the best of pilots. Commercial airliners being routed around storms isn't just for convenience and a smooth flight for the passengers. Even a belle can't launch her aircraft when they're going to be thrown off the deck if they're brought out of the hangar, or if her bow is aimed 30 degrees down towards the sea once every 5 seconds, and 35 degrees in the air any time it isn't down. I'll provide you a small example: Now imagine that in addition to what these people are dealing with, they're flying far lighter aircraft more susceptible to such conditions, their airstrip is significantly shorter, and their airstrip is violently rolling and pitching.
  9. Ninjapacman

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    No need to worry. It has now been fixed, so there is no longer a problem.
  10. Ninjapacman

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    Might want to touch up that thread title. Update 16 was my favorite update. It was in fact the interview with the greatest of Belles. This was update 116. As for the update, I'm loving the transparency from the team, and especially the workings about the weather, with some slight hints about how they're making campaigns. It's nice to see updates like that again. For the Duo, I've always been a fan of both those belles, and I think with the whole mama De Ruyter thing, people often forget that she's a world-class strategist. It's very good to see her using her mental strength and showing off that side of her, even if it is for a board game. It doesn't hurt to see a little more of the ever-so-crafty Kumano. I'd like to point out a small editing mistake in the voting before I place mine. "Here's a list of belles to with you" is missing a word, presumably work. For my vote, I'd like to go with option 3. I'm quite interested in why those specific designs were chosen. In fact, I have some ideas on that myself, but I'd like to hear it from the belles' lips.
  11. Ninjapacman

    Update 115: Captain's Association Special: On Sleeping Belles

    I believe the quoted consequence when a belle is too far away is that she disappears, “going to sleep” for a certain amount of time. Possibly a few hours, possibly a couple weeks. She will reappear on the ship at the end of her rest period, though.
  12. Ninjapacman

    Update 115: Captain's Association Special: On Sleeping Belles

    That is quite the interesting conundrum. I actually have a little theory on that. It’s sort of how extension of magical power works. In a simple system of magic, I can surmise fairly that since the boat is a part of her, she can board it, and ride it away -probably to a far further extent than we’re she to walk off the deck- but think of it like stretching taffy. Even though it can get very long, it has a limit, and the further it goes the thinner it gets. So outside that regular 10yd limit, she can ride on the boat, but she couldn’t step off of it.
  13. Ninjapacman

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    This is all quite related to something that's been in my mind for quite a lot of time. I believe I've brought it up several times, in fact. It's to do with how belles' power actually works, and the reason they're the only ones able to fight the Morgana. It's been stated (update 14) regarding the first encounters with Morgana that "Only a handful of ships survived those encounters, Captain, and almost all of those had Belles manifest aboard." and that "Early conventional attempts to stop them ended in disaster." Now, of those handful, only most of them manifested belles. Knowing what we know now from update 115 about sleeping belles, it's harder to determine this, but I can well assume that of those that didn't manifest a belle, it's likely that they were simply fast enough to outrun, and lucky enough to not get hit. There is still the chance, though, that they did in fact fight back, and were strong enough as conventional ships to engage and destroy these Morgana. This brings me to the actual question, of how Belles are able to engage the Morgana so successfully. There's two theories I have. The first is to put it simply, magic. Morgana are magically invicible, as are belles, and they each simply have the magic to get through each others' invincibility. Other than that, they're all regular ships. It eliminates the fighting back part, and means that all ships that survived early encounters simply could run. There's a couple holes with this theory though. Mainly it's that there isn't any power scaling. We know that belles get more powerful, but with this theory, they're just regular ships. So more powerful doesn't need to happen. It also means that Morgana and belles have actual firepower equivalent to their non-magic counterparts, so things like the Treason-class battleship, which we know has 31" main batteries and ridiculously strong armor, would be literally insurmountable for anything with the power of a regular ship. Going back to update 14, we see: "...among our talents is the ability to know when a Morgana is near, what her name is, and a general sense of course and heading. In battle, we can sometimes tell if they are wounded, and where, and even the best place to direct our fire." So we know that belles can engage Morgana far more effectively, due to inherent capability, than regular ships. But something like this intuition alone would not have any chance of beating a Treason. So in comes the second theory, which is simply explained as "Leveling-up." For this theory, the belles and Morgana are entirely regular ships. Nothing really magic about them. Guns are guns and armor is armor, there isn't any special protective field. Their weapons and armor however, do become more powerful. Their 6-inch guns punch like 8-inch guns. Their 2 inches of belt armor stops shells as if it were 5 inches. So regular ships would have no problem damaging them if they're weak, but if they "Level up" then the odds tip largely in the favor of the belle. An 11-inch shell hit from a regular ship is still an 11-inch shell hit though, so even a leveled up Morgana or belle would take the same damage any ship would. it seems to be the more popular theory, and it's clearly the one Twoheavens has based his post on. Using Twoheavens' post as an example, For the magic theory, it would work something like this: Using the first theory, a 41cm shell from a regular ship is fired at Belfast. She's a nice tough belle. Even having just awoken, her protective magic is strong enough that the 41cm shell crunches against her armor. She fires back, and her shots are able to punch through even the toughest belt like it was made of butter, even though they aren't normally strong enough. When she fights her next Morgana, her crew are not so lucky, and the foe's 6in shells punch through that same belt with no issue, leaving large holes in the poor Irish girl. Using the second theory, a 41cm shell from a regular ship is fired at Belfast. She's a nice tough belle. Having just awoken though, that 41cm shell hits her belt as if it were 8 inches thick, which it can still punch through, but the shell loses more momentum, and doesn't do as much damage inside. She fires back, and her shells, despite being only 6 inches, still can't punch through the armor of the battleship, but they leave sizable dents, as if they were the guns of a much stronger heavy cruiser. When she fights a Morgana, its much the same. This has run a little long, so I'll cut it here for now. If you have any questions about the theories, feel free to ask.
  14. Ninjapacman

    Update 115: Captain's Association Special: On Sleeping Belles

    You raise a good point, as I haven't actually determined that specific. Rather, if I have, I don't remember what the verdict was. I'll have to go back and do more research on the topic.
  15. Ninjapacman

    Update 115: Captain's Association Special: On Sleeping Belles

    I've often considered this, and I think I have a solid answer for you, taken from many hours in the general questions thread and reading back through dozens of updates. I've gotten a little bit crazy when It comes to researching these things. Plus a lot of this is my own speculation anyways. The stuff I've known for quite some time is basically what was revealed in this update. That belles can 'talk' to or otherwise communicate with any ship, whether or not it has an active belle. In this update, they seem to have quite clearly stated that every ship does have a belle, some are just Dormant, if you will. I've touched on this in my "To die on your feet" Story (Shameless writer plug, woo!). What this mostly boils down to is that if a belle is being refueled by a fleet oiler, which doesn't harbor a sentient girl walking the deck, she can still have a friendly conversation with it while she "drinks". She could also possibly give it a bit of instruction, and to some degree, the oiler might be inclined to follow, whether or not her crew are aware. As for what ships actually qualify for "Every ship has a belle," that goes into more philosophical things, and far more speculation. Being a fan of supernatural things like this and having my own opinions on it for many years, I think this more relates to a case-by-case basis for the ship itself. It really depends on how much of a "Spirit" the ship has. For example, a great warship with a large following, tons of stories about her, and a famed namesake with plenty of meaning will have a very defined and clear belle with a distinguished and powerful presence. On the other hand, something like an unnamed lifeboat on a cruise liner with dozens of identical sisters would have almost no power, as nobody knows her or cares, nor was she made with any particular care or significance. On the other hand, a fishing boat smaller than said lifeboat, but with her own name, crewed by a father and son who love her and take good care of her, and with plenty of miles on whatever lake she sails, might just have a belle with a certain amount of power to her. That's the thing about spirits. The more you take care of them and believe in them, the more real they become. Such a girl on that fishing boat might even have some presence to her, even a manifestation. Something like the Queen Mary in Long Beach harbor, despite not being a warship, but well-known, well-storied, and brought to life in dozens of ways over the decades, would be quite the presence indeed. A noted dozens of times in several interviews, updates, and otherwise threads on the forum, belles can appear and disappear as they wish. Some surface ship belles will rarely show their faces to the crew at all, preferring to remain a silent and hidden watcher. Ships like Kirov on the other hand, or even nautilus, will be quite proactive in being visible aboard their ship. So technically all belles can turn invisible, but I suspect from reading this update that submarine girls can sort of hide themselves from surface ship belles while manifesting. I hope that answers your questions. As for my own thoughts on the update, this post is getting to be quite long, so here's a spoiler tag: