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  1. I made a list of the starters a few days ago, and I decided not to include the campaign belles. I was on the fence as to whether or not you'd be able to pick them as starters. Are they available as such?
  2. As far as lore questions go, I have a relatively minor one I think the ladies would rather not answer. It would be interesting to see what they come up with though, so I present the query anyways. What do the belles look for in a captain? I know some of them prefer very unconventional things. For example, rather than an experienced and proficient tactician, I believe Henley would choose her commander from a list of fine chefs. U-29 might choose them for their more inquisitive and curious minds, rather than the knowledge they already possess. So what other quirks do you fine ladies seek out in your search for a Commander?
  3. I wish that were the case, but different Romanization of the same sounds doesn't change the actual sound, so they're all speaking with the same accent anyways. You'd have to actually mess with the Japanese itself for verbal tics like that.
  4. Since this isn't going to be a real answer anyways: Etc.) Without the flare gun, all I could do was pick up the cheese and run. The other answers were phenomenal, but I just love keeping the fun going.
  5. @Legate of Mineta With any luck, the team will actually pick a route to use for the romanization. It doesn’t particularly matter to me how you write it as long as you stick to it. It’s funky if two different Japanese belles romanize the words differently, much more so if the same belle switches in a single set of dialogue.
  6. I believe of the girls who should not be with each other, several of the French and British girls might be utterly insufferable if in the same room. I'd also think some of the spanish belles would be impossible to put together, for reasons best known by our own @Dmnt On the other hand, some of the british and american girls will probably get along rather swimmingly, (or sailingly, if I want to make the worst possible pun out of it) such as Perth (actually she's australian, but it's all part of the commonwealth) and Houston, grim as the story behind that friendship is. On the other hand, a girl like Lexington might find herself a little bit above relations with snooty redcoats.... Interesting relations I'd like to see would be such as those between say Nenohi and Stewart, who, besides being on complete opposite sides of the conflict, are both bubbly baskets of energy. I think it would be hard for them not to be friends. On the other hand, if Nenohi were to be placed next to someone such as Diether Von Roeder, I think Diether would have a fit at the impropriety of a girl from such a notably respectable and disciplined country.
  7. I saw the best shipgirl. I give 3 thumbs up, 150% approval rating, and a cookie to you sir for that wonderful Chibi of the bespectacled Lady Spee.
  8. For anyone that has been on the forum a while, I hardly think my answer would come as a surprise. If you don't already know what it is, please check my signature.
  9. Unfortunately BCS, I have a few grammar complaints to lodge before I make my vote. The first is merely a missed word in one of Hiryu's quotes. "In these lectures, I encourage those listening to leave behind decadent and irresponsible practices [and/to] live healthier and more moral lives." The second is to do with the Romaji transliteration of the Japanese. Early on, you spell words with the long お vowel as such: "Senchou. Youkoso" Later on, however, you actually switch the spelling to use the accented long お: Yōkoso It would be nice if you could choose one spelling and stick to it. I also noticed that in some cases the Japanese was italicized, and in some it wasn't. Once again, consistency is key. Now that that's all out of the way, I did actually enjoy the update, as quite a few of these girls really do need an intervention... While option 6 seems like a lure, the only real appeal to it is that [redacted], and with no clues as to her identity (besides possible kleptomania or frequent sabotage) I'm afraid it hasn't endeared itself to me as much as option 1. I do rather enjoy sarcasm such as that, even with the very high possibility that the next line will be "Thanks Captain! Glad you appreciate our efforts. We'll stop holding our fire now!"
  10. I’m certain we all feel the loss of his creative mind and abilities, and my heart goes out to the team, and to all who he influenced. With any luck, you may all strive to continue the game in his vision, and under his guidance you may make it the best you can, for him. And to Sergey, May the forever seas be always salty. Sail on, Sir.
  11. @Käpt'n Korky I think you focus too much on the minor ports. While it would be nice to start low, there's only so many ports that I believe the VB devs will put into the game, and they are more likely to start with the more major ones. From their First Update, I can assure you that there will be many smaller ports (though the only one I've confirmed is Dutch harbor, Alaska) and you will be able to invest in these ports to make them more capable of providing support for you. As for the starting ports, I believe you were probably on the right track the first time. The difficulty of starting probably lies more in the ships you have to begin with, not the ports you sail from, so they've likely given us areas to start where the nations have significant control. Therefore bases such as San Diego on the west coast are not such an odd idea. While I do quite love Emden, and all who share her small spotlight, the German port I have the most fondness for is in fact Wilhelmshaven. As for the Japanese, I do not think they'd give us a small relatively uknown fishing port. It is likely we'll start in one of the Naval districts of either Sasebo or Kure. I couldn't really argue any of the others due to the sheer numbers of solid choices a few of them have, but I would like to make a case for Russia having access to the baltic and being relatively strong in Leningrad. As far as early missions go, most of your missions as Russia will likely be either against Poland or Finland. For either of those, being in Murmansk is almost useless. You have to remember there's a war on. We're not just engaging Morgana. (much to the INPF's displeasure.)
  12. Option 5 is flawed. You’re game. They aren’t afraid to arm you, there’s just no reason to hand a deer a rifle. I much prefer option 4, which is the best of the manipulative options. Many of these options are relying on begging without incentive. 4 makes the game more interesting, and provides a reward for the winner. Although I am very partial to option seven. My only Hangul with it is that I do not believe they would put all of their ammunition in one place.
  13. Sent
  14. Nevada was phenomenal on this one. It also provides very good insight on the makeup of crews, and how they are selected. I had been wondering for quite some time just how international things in that area were. I feel a little sorry for Captain Korky, as Verdun seems to have declared that she will not work with him in any way. I would like to note that the Japanese is a bit jarring when transliterated without spaces. 「あなたにあえてよかった」 is hard enough to read without Kanji.
  15. Not going to lie, it's a hell of a challenge to get some of these clues, and I'm certain there's still plenty me and the others have missed, despite our efforts. I, however, do believe I speak the opinions of us clue hunters when I say that we would not like you to make the clues easier. I think a large part of what has been keeping our interest these many months is the long and arduous searches on each and every little thing we believe to be a clue. We would be somewhat upset and feel rather put-off were the team that has put us through such a fascinating challenge up to this point to decide to suddenly start giving names to us like candy for a child.
  16. While I’d love to give you guys one of the answers provided, I do honestly think that Texas has the best barbeque, and I do want to see what you do with a write-in! Option 7 it is.
  17. Fantastic that the battle engine is done! Any word on whether we'll get a beta vote soon, Legate? As for the vote, count me for number 1. I am rather curious about those stories!
  18. I wrote this one-shot on a random idea in an afternoon. I was originally planning to put it in my one-shots thread, but after reading it, I feel it deserves its own thread. Please, enjoy and give me your comments and criticisms!
  19. In this thread I will post on the days that famous ships sank, which may help less informed captains to prepare and save their belles and the sailors on them. I believe there is no better start for it than today. Today marks the anniversary of the death of the Imperial Japanese Navy. On April 7th 1945, TF 58 launched 386 aircraft to intercept Operation Ten-Go. It was an overwhelming success. For the loss of 10 aircraft and 12 aviators, they sank the light cruiser Yahagi, the destroyers Isokaze, Hamakaze, Asashimo, and Kasumi (scuttled), and most famously, the Yamato. However, the Yamato would not go quietly. When she sank, one of her forward magazines detonated, resulting in an explosion that could reportedly be heard and seen in Kagoshima nearly 200 miles away. The smoke cloud reached over 6km into the air. This was the last major Japanese naval operation in the Pacific of WWII, and with it the Imperial Japanese Navy died. Also sunk on this day was the Nagara class Cruiser Isuzu, who was torpedoed in in the Java sea, and U-1195, a type VIIc U-boat who was sunk by depth charges in the English Channel. In 1943, USS Aaron Ward was bombed and sunk in Ironbottom sound, and U-644 was torpedoed and sunk west of Narvik. In 1944, U-856 was sunk by a combination of Depth charges, shelling, and ramming in the Atlantic Ocean. Today's deaths: Yahagi Isokaze Hamakaze Asashimo Kasumi Yamato Isuzu U-1195 Aaron Ward U-644 U-856
  20. Going for #3. I rather enjoy taking a bite out of Henley to assist the fleet as a whole. Plus the government really does pay quite a lot for all that food.
  21. Option one, please. No slick commentary from me this time.
  22. As her commanding officer, I believe it would be rather uncouth of me to order Orion to do such a thing. However, I am feeling in a rather uncouth mood today. I think I shall pick option #1, much as I wish to sate my curiosity on the third option.
  23. Since the Canadian pride thread is limiting, and the Minor Nations thread also fails to cover what I need, I have decided to make this. This is the thread where all you Nazis/Fascists/Japanese Imperialists1 can post your ideas for the game and the belles of these nations. So please come in and discuss Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan. I'm sure the game developers would love to hear your ideas and suggestions2. 1: This thread does not condone the ideological beliefs of said Nazis/Fascists/Japanese Imperialists, and is merely for the countries these ideas came from. 2: The Game Developers probably have a lot on their plate with making the game as they planned it, so don't be surprised if your suggestions don't make it to the final game.
  24. I think in terms of booby traps, an easily malfunctioning fountain pen, made as a replica of a rather important one... When you start writing it sprays ink the wrong way, and the thief is painted. I do enjoy the false journal entries idea. "Dear diary, Today I discovered that Surcouf has stolen something very important of mine. Tomorrow I shall ask her to return it, and if she doesn't I will have Espero steal it back for a reward."
  25. For me it is between option 1, 2 and 5. I believe Option 5 will just restart this whole set and give them an opportunity to redirect the conversation. Unfortunately, Option 1 only seems worth your while if it's not a bluff, and since the captain appeared to not notice their repetitive antics before they mentioned the contest, I fear he has yet to give that order to the crew. So both of those are out, leaving option 2. While it may be a bluff, watching their reaction will be highly amusing. I Vote option 2.