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  1. I can't decide! stay on topic, stay on topic......... bah! who am I kidding? Option 1! The commissars will find all contraband within the hour!
  2. Pacific war fleets! Nagato, Hiryu, Fubuki, Nenohi, Kumano, Aoba, I-8 vs. Lexington, Mississippi, Swayback maru, Nawlins, Boise, Mahan, and Nautilus! Mostly because this seems like an air battles test example, which means using the two nations who did everything they could to perfect and focus on carriers and their development. I would have done full Battle of Midway fleets, but I'm left at something of a lack of revealed belles to work with! P.S. regarding the most recent update: Option 2! Lovely ladies and hangovers! I love every passing update which cements my need to have a hardworking communist maid in my flag position!
  3. #2, for the war effort, of course.
  4. Nawlins for halloween Kirov for bikini
  5. I rise from the dead to pose an absolutely crucial question to the lore and continuity of the universe..... Does Kirov wear undergarments under that massive hole in her trousers?
  6. Party like there's no tomorrow, since it's probable we won't be conscious for it. I approve.
  7. I'd like to know about this too. It wouldn't do to walk in blind and walk out with several 16" rifles to your back.
  8. I would like to put more effort into the more practical. Instead of digging after theoreticals and myths, I will fund the Russian project to gain a more solid, quantifiable edge against the threat.
  9. And in addition, Please keep the Fanart VB related.
  10. It may be too late to vote, but I would like to see a pairing with a serious real life connection. More than just shenaningans, but instead to have emotion and depth in the connection. For Example: Aoba and Fubuki: Aoba led Fubuki to her death. Swayback Maru and Fubuki: Salt Lake City is supposedly the one who sank Fubuki Hiryu and Arizona: This one is obvious. Rawa and the Ugly Sisters: Again, are you guys starting to see a pattern? Some others: Kongo and Nautilus: Not direct, but I'd like to see her react to an american sub nonetheless Graf Spee and Exeter Nerpa and a Gulag I suppose Nagato and any of the Peal Harbor belles (Swayback, Nevada, AZ) would also work because Nagato was the flagship at the time. From her point of view it would be an interesting relationship as well, no? Edited for Ninja's correction. Silly me, I got confused knowing all American subs were named after marine life.
  11. Back from Davie's depths I come, to give my best their proper due! 1) Парижская коммуна 2) Nagato 3) Профинтерн 4) Mahan 5) Киров 6) Leberecht Maass 7) Z17 8) Nevada 9) Kumano 10) Aoba -1) щ-205 Нерпа The traitor must dissapear! Long live the Union! (since she's the first on my Negative list, she loses 10 points. That's how it works, right?) Also, a very special mention to USS Salt Lake City! I can't say her belle made my list, but the ship itself is always going to be on my top 10! From there, back to the depths I go......
  12. revealing the obvious secret time!
  13. A2, but I won't reveal which board until a little before the voting ends
  14. I am Aoba for the outlier vote
  15. I resent that remark. Willie Dee was either extremely inept and just as lucky to counter, or the other way around: Extremely competent, but luck to hell. Personally, I believe in a separate theory: Willie Dee build up luck by dropping the negative luck she gets in a series of misfortunate instances, then expends it all at once to be the luckiest ship in the fleet when she needs it most. It's odd, I know, but how unlucky can a ship be if despite 5 recorded instances of friendly fire,not a single casualty was noted (except maybe flowers). How unlucky is a ship that shoots down more planes than most capital ships? Finally, How unlucky could a ship possibly be if she saves every single member of her crew upon sinking, despite having a broken keel and capsizing in the middle of combat?