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  1. That reminds me! because of my unintended break from the forums, I never did get this posted here!
  2. Speculation leading to a question to answer one of Urza's questions in the thread for the update. (164 for later reference): Theoretically, Belles know how they work. they know everything about themselves from their top speed to the range of their guns and the amount of shots they can fire continuously before overheating. Perhaps the "Captain of the Fleet" drastically improves a belles potential by being a man who can interact with the crew and has an incentive to keep the ship and all men on it afloat. Naturally belles have been smart enough to figure out naval tactics out on their own, but they aren't necessarily empathetic to the crews on board in a way the skipper would have to be. A belle cannot act on any ambitions she has without a crew loading the guns and working the radios. So what I'm thinking about is the Morganas' effects/auras. I Imagine captains are chosen in part because of these. Most, if not all, naval crews have shown vulnerability to the Morganas' effects. As stated earlier, a Belle cannot fight without her crew, so this would be somewhat infuriating for a belle without a Captain. But perhaps a Captain of the Fleet is chosen because he does not lock himself in his stateroom or jump ship at the sight of a terror-class battleship. Perhaps he stands tall while the crew all collapses hunting down an Asphyxiation-class submarine, and maintains the level head required to disengage and finish it off another day. So the question if used for an update is: To what extent are Captains affected by Morgana auras?
  3. Let's look at the wording a bit. "...the presence of a chosen captain can double or even triple performance..." If we take that on its own, as I believe it's supposed to be taken, it's not a 16% to 45% increase. A captained belle gets a 100% to 200% increase in performance.
  4. Given the recent update, what's the state of classified materials? Or rather, how are nations reacting to the understanding that Belles from any other nation can intuitively understand, integrate, and utilize their most secret of projects? I ask because Japan in particular--and there are examples of this sort of thing from each major nation--took incredibly great care in hiding the type 93 "Long Lance" torpedo. They even went so far as to send divers searching for hours or days to recover a single torpedo after test firing. It worked well too, with some US admirals believing the Japanese torpedoes had almost identical performance to their own through 1943. Imagine their surprise or horror when an american or british vessel is photographed in harbor with some brand-spanking-new oxygen torpedoes! So how do the nations react to the realization that any or all of their secrets may fall into the hands of the foes they're still at war with, and at any time? And to take that the other way, to what extent can a belle from a less developed nation integrate technology that is not known or understood to any of her designers or used on any of her sisters/colleagues? When Kuma was designed, Radar was a pipe dream for even the British. How well would she be able to integrate an american 1940 or '41 SC set as found on Atlanta or Helena?
  5. Don't mind the lack of update if you're doing major testing. That's a good sign the game's still moving forward, and possibly in the later stages.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkNK2rf1ms0
  7. Fifrein

    Update 163

    As an actual sailor, I'll have you know that traditionally navy food is supposedly not terrible compared to army food. that said, it's still somewhat worse than civilian food for distribution and uniformity purposes.
  8. Though it has been long since I posted, I came up with something a couple days back while on the road and only now have been able to translate it to the forums. The deadly Morgana submarine: Complacency. She's a submarine, and does what submarines do, trailing their target for some time before making their attacks. But her aura's what's most dangerous about her. It's simple; as with any other Morgana aura it amplifies the trait she is named for. In this case, complacency. It starts within the first couple hours. a couple crew members go to sleep early, cause it's been a long day and they really deserve it. Then it becomes alright, because it's easier and they feel safer that way, to leave more ready ammo in the turrets or by the AA guns than designed for. There's nowhere to store it, so they just leave it around where they can reach. Maintenance starts to drop off. Patrols become less frequent. Each sound in the water is dismissed as biological life, cause the lookouts haven't spotted anything. After a little while, they stop zigzagging. They'll get to their destination faster and they haven't heard hide nor hair of a sub for days, what could go wrong? And of course, that's when she strikes. When half the crew watches aren't even manned so the crew can get more rest, when the convoy is sailing straight at a constant speed, when the machinery is malfunctioning, the paint isn't chipped, and the ammo is stowed everywhere they can fit a shell. And now, a pair of disclaimers! 1) I'm well aware game progress has developed past inserting new enemies at will. This is mostly for fun on my part. 2) I have a rather embarrassing reason i haven't posted to the forums for a while: I forgot my password! I kept locking my account trying to guess it and didn't have the damn common sense to press the "forgot my password" button! But I'll be more active again from here on out!
  9. Etc.) I drained the coffee, picked up the gun, and earned my $200 back. or alternatively I had a lot of fun reading through this one. Sportsball isn't my strong suit, but imagining the story the cap was telling is leading to endless fun.
  10. I would add a couple more to the CCCP and USA, Korky. USA: San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle are well-developed american Naval bases on the continental West Coast. Nothing saying we can't have more than two bases for a nation, where possible or necessary, correct? Edit: More info after a little research: San Diego and Seattle are up and running in time, but Hunters Point base in San Francisco wasn't actually purchased or developed until 1940, so that one will have to wait a little. However, San Diego was a major, MAJOR repair port, and NAS Seattle was well developed and busy. Speaking of necessary, your choices for the CCCP left the Baltic out, which was where the Soviets kept a pretty big chunk of their navy. so, in CCCP: St. Petersburg, for the Baltic, and Murmansk in the Arctic.
  11. You make a good point, even if it is too long to properly quote. Umbubu! Fetch my vote number 5 instead!
  12. 3 problems with that plan: 1) the 3 hours could be spent actually preparing. Get to a different ship. Set traps. Find a better weapon. In addition to further post against those rooting for option 5, The knife may not be able to hurt the belles, but I don't believe a paintball gun would change their hunt either, and a knife is useful in other ways. 2) One of them may very well be guarding that comm room that your precious wireless is in. Also, good luck convincing any belles to go up against Scharn and Nubian in a hunting game, who would be in the area and could arrive in less than 3 hours. Naval travel takes time, and there's a war on. No doubt the ugly sister has already made provisions and alerted all operating forces nearby not to interfere, if they don't already have some task to occupy them. And isn't calling in reinforcements dishonorable and cheating? 3) Do you think Scharn, or either of the other belles, for that matter, care about human disease? They are spirits of steel and magic, I do not think we are contagious to them. On that line, do you think a quarantine sign would stop Scharn from barging in and shooting everyone in the room on principle?
  13. See, Option 4 seems like the most "begging" option of them all to me. You don't think you can win the game, so you've resorted to bribery. On the topic of Option 5, on the other hand, I agree with you. That would tend to lead to a firefight, which might leave you trapped in one place long enough to get tagged. I'll actually vote option 8. It's got a good amount of sass, and it's just cocky enough to imply that I can both win and enjoy playing. This may have the added side effect of making the belles more angry and thus making our game more challenging, or at the very least, enthusiastic.
  14. Fifrein

    KS Update 104

    You’re right, Texas is a battleship! I did say I was hesitant to display favoritism of the cruisers, did I not? But, if it must come from a cruiser, perhaps Houston would be a good advisor. In any case, it’s still Boise’s department, so she should at least have a say in which beasties they round up and chomp on, even if Houston gets the challenge of figuring out how to cook what she brings. It’ll be an interesting exercise in improvisation for everyone!
  15. Fifrein

    KS Update 104

    Wow...Great fluff, as usual! Unfortunately, I can’t get behind any of these options....Never been a fan of Seafood or Spam, and Favoring certain belles is bound to cause trouble. So I won’t! Option 7: I’ve found Texas has one of the greatest barbecue traditions in American history. Go ask her for some pointers.
  16. It's here, once again! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2178554?ref=backer_project_update Option 3, Пожалуйста
  17. "...beyond that is unknown." That is why I ask, Lazarus. I believe at the very least the first half of this is worth getting an answer from the devs on, no? We know they can communicate with themselves, with other belles, and to an extent, have a supernatural connection with Morgana. But, we have no information on their ability to communicate with mundane vessels.
  18. A couple things I read recently got me thinking, and I came up with a question I don't think has been asked here or in the general question thread. Can Belles communicate with Non-belle ships? Even though the Non-belle ships obviously can't communicate with people, do the ships have their own special way of passing information? For example, A Belle destroyer is moored 200 yds from a cruise ship. The captain and crew of the destroyer would not, under normal circumstances, go and talk to the crew and passengers of the cruise ship. It would be a breach of security! In this case, the Destroyer herself goes and starts chatting with the cruise ship, and even though the cruise ship has no belle, she's still got the spirit every ship has, and she's still somewhat aware. She knows submarines were spotted 2 days before, on her normal passage between the US and Britain. The Destroyer can then go into her next patrol with this information at hand, which helps explain how belles can know more than their commanders and crew, and helps them survive. So to repeat, could this happen? Can the belles speak to non-belle ships? As a side note which arises from the same question, we've only seen warships with belles, with the loose connector being HMS Rawalpindi. So, to expand, can non-warships, even completely unarmed ships, manifest belles as well, so long as they hold the necessary fighting spirit? It doesn't particularly matter who answers this, but maybe a hint from the connector herself, Rawalpindi, would be appropriate!
  19. Very tempted to #2, but bandwagoning onto #3. Henley might actually be useful.
  20. Option 1! I never picked Option 2 for update 96, but I'm thinking I should have.....Ah well. The Commissars will find a booby-trapped kettle nonetheless! More proof!
  21. Fifrein

    KS Update 96

    I can't decide! stay on topic, stay on topic......... bah! who am I kidding? Option 1! The commissars will find all contraband within the hour!
  22. Pacific war fleets! Nagato, Hiryu, Fubuki, Nenohi, Kumano, Aoba, I-8 vs. Lexington, Mississippi, Swayback maru, Nawlins, Boise, Mahan, and Nautilus! Mostly because this seems like an air battles test example, which means using the two nations who did everything they could to perfect and focus on carriers and their development. I would have done full Battle of Midway fleets, but I'm left at something of a lack of revealed belles to work with! P.S. regarding the most recent update: Option 2! Lovely ladies and hangovers! I love every passing update which cements my need to have a hardworking communist maid in my flag position!
  23. Nawlins for halloween Kirov for bikini
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