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  1. RockyArby

    KS Update #124: On Destiny and Wrecks

    That Uboat is both the most enthusiastic and skeptical paranormal investigator I've ever seen.
  2. RockyArby

    KS Update 123

    We have entered the age of Henley! Sandwiches and Hoagies for all! USA, USA, USA!!! I vote option 2 for that sweet blackmail! Edit: P.S. I'm from Florida and probably shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  3. RockyArby

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    Option 2 for me. Emperor Perk OP
  4. Oh shoot, my name showed up! Awesome to hear. I did in fact meant the philosophical meaning I guess. Didn't expect to get my answer from Nurnburg of all people.
  5. RockyArby

    KS Update 114

    Nice, new mail call!
  6. RockyArby

    Update #113- Gneisenau and Takao

    New Duo I vote for option #1!
  7. RockyArby

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    I like this, though the question is raised would Japanese society in WW2 accept a foreigner as a priest in their state religion?
  8. RockyArby

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    How do Belles view ships without Belles? Do they still see a spirit in them or are they just ships?
  9. RockyArby

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    To be fair, she did mention being good looking first. Maybe it's a lot of column A and a bit of column B? Lol But in all seriousness, someone get Nagato a Tijuana Bible just to ruffle her feathers ?
  10. Option 4 for me. Can I have Popcorn for the show too?
  11. RockyArby

    Update 107: The Most Dangerous Captain

    Option 3. Never use equipment given to you. They'll know what to look for. Plus confidence is key.
  12. RockyArby

    KS Update 102: U-29, Voykov, and the Battle Engine!

    Going with option 1. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you know everything your enemy knows.
  13. RockyArby

    KS Update: Death and Taxes!?

    Also, nice touch with the late frog.
  14. RockyArby

    KS Update: Death and Taxes!?

    Number 3 as well. Also, gotta love Texas and their fascination with the belt buckle.
  15. RockyArby

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    The Marines aren't mad men. They're mad beasts. Make sure your shots are up to date before approaching. ?