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  1. It doesn't matter what the pronouns are. The Captain is left to your imagination. Full stop. By word of the Devs.
  2. I would like to put forth the pairing of New Orleans and Kirov for this week!
  3. I support this question!
  4. (Pats back) Is okay, there may be some who could be in to it.
  5. I actually like the mature way the Belle's take on this position.
  6. Good to hear! More incentive to try to get all of them!
  7. Also, will all these Belles have to be acquired for this event? It looks like it'll take a bit of footwork and diplomacy to get them all.
  8. I support this as well. It would be interesting how belles in general feel about the connections they form with their Captains and it would be good to get a blast from the past in Le Motte Picquet.
  9. Could it be Guayota? The Demon dog from the Canary islands?
  10. I choose #2! Mysteries are meant to be solved. Also, it's always good to see the Spanish Belles.
  11. That poor crew. Also, it's an honor to have Mahan's approval!
  12. I tried to make something in Bomber Crew.
  13. They only take part in human things by their own choosing (outside of rest). So the question is less "Can you get a Belle drunk?" and more along the lines "Does the Belle want to be drunk?", I can imagine belles drinking everyone under the table because she chooses not to let alchohol affect her body.
  14. The US also gets Boise and Mahan of you backed her book.
  15. I'm gonna change my vote to January Abbott