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  1. New Duo I vote for option #1!
  2. I like this, though the question is raised would Japanese society in WW2 accept a foreigner as a priest in their state religion?
  3. How do Belles view ships without Belles? Do they still see a spirit in them or are they just ships?
  4. To be fair, she did mention being good looking first. Maybe it's a lot of column A and a bit of column B? Lol But in all seriousness, someone get Nagato a Tijuana Bible just to ruffle her feathers 😁
  5. Option 4 for me. Can I have Popcorn for the show too?
  6. Option 3. Never use equipment given to you. They'll know what to look for. Plus confidence is key.
  7. Going with option 1. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking you know everything your enemy knows.
  8. Also, nice touch with the late frog.
  9. Number 3 as well. Also, gotta love Texas and their fascination with the belt buckle.
  10. The Marines aren't mad men. They're mad beasts. Make sure your shots are up to date before approaching. 😉
  11. Bearn confirmed Morgana
  12. As someone who plans to build their Fleet around an Aircraft Carrier this bit of info is much appreciated. I'm also liking Lex a bit more now seeing her interact with others.
  13. Option 1, Ole' Don Q is a story I grew up on.
  14. Option 4, always go for the money.
  15. Option 1