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  1. You're right, I misread the post!
  2. Shouldn't New Orleans be a Mardi Gras Belle? It does take place in the city of her name sake.
  3. I vote for De Ruyter
  4. Option 2! People are more agreeable over food!
  5. In Prointern's interview she had a Torah though she didn't answer when Mahan asked if she considered herself Jewish. So there may be one religious soviet Belle.
  6. Sadly I can't see any use of black face coming from an American company that doesn't want to invite scandal on itself (black face has a very negative rep over here).
  7. Is a proud German Captain such as yourself, Pac, attempting to win the eternal love and devotion of communist Leningrad? I approve 😉
  8. Real good job!
  9. Hood for Bikini Belle
  10. I'll go with option one. It's an unfair playing field going in.
  11. The game is in it's own crazy world. But the main character is a relative of Rommel who doesn't know that he is related. So I would go with no or he would have known about that. Also the whole game takes place in Japan.
  12. It doesn't matter what the pronouns are. The Captain is left to your imagination. Full stop. By word of the Devs.
  13. I would like to put forth the pairing of New Orleans and Kirov for this week!
  14. I support this question!
  15. (Pats back) Is okay, there may be some who could be in to it.