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  1. I could never say no to Italian food, 2 it is. The whole net bit gave me a chuckle though, as it seems Lampo has graduated from the Robbie Rotten School of Catching Enemies. This update has also reminded me of how much I love Lampo's fashion senses. Hopefully we can resolve this dispute without anyone getting seriously hurt. Well, maybe Pola's pride will take a hit, but that's inevitable.
  2. Well I was aware Pola was supposed to be a flagship. The unique bridge layout gives it away, and to be honest it makes her my least favorite ship of the Regia Marina in terms of superstructure. But, then again, the RM isn't all just about looks despite what some perfidious Anglo propoganda might say. The Italian cruisers were quite wonderful ships and some of the best interwar cruisers from my point of view. With a leader like Pola, I'm sure they'll be able to accomplish great things. Though, then again her temper and tendency to punch first and ask questions later could easily lead to a repeat of Matapan by rushing in without thinking, so she's going to have to learn to cool off sometimes!
  3. Glad I casted my vote in for Pola, she was more amazing than I could have hoped for! I simply love a girl who can be fiery and ferocious when she wants. Being someone who isn't a big Mahan fan (I don't dislike her, I just don't particularly like her either), I actually laughed way too hard at Pola punching her in the nose. She could stand to learn a bit more self control, and I am sure she will find some if you pursue her story arc. I find it interesting that she indicated her sister give her crap, but not as much crap as she gives them. So, the other Zara class are hot-blooded too, but Pola is the biggest hothead of them all? I always loved the Zara's from a perspective of their combat capabilities, and if they're all passionate, fiery tempered warriors like Pola I think I'm going to have them be my fleet mainstays for anything requiring a cruiser! Also, I am honestly curious why she has the crest of the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars as a hair piece. Especially ironic since Italy at the time wanted to become the Roman Empire again
  4. I'm casting my vote for A3! I need more pasta in my life.
  5. Here's a very interesting article for those interested in the German Navies. It explains the core reasons why German warships of the Imperial German Navy achieved such excellence, and why Kriegsmarine ships ranged from mediocre to disastrously bad. It was quite interesting for me at least, as I've been curious for quite some time as to why German ships in WW2 seemed so lackluster for a given displacement.
  6. Necromancy go! Legate, I am extremely curious as to how a Belle can handle impractical outfits, or ones generally not suited for regular usage. Hiryuu for example is dressed in full body armor, that has to be pretty heavy and chafing unless her Belle magic somehow negates that. Similarly, Mahan's lack of....leg coverage looks like it would hurt her badly if she got into some cold weather. Does Belle magic make these outfits functional when they otherwise logically shouldn't be, or do they just change into more suitable clothes when their main outfits aren't fit for what they're doing?
  7. I've ran the upgrades Derfflinger undergoes through a program called Springsharp. Not going to go into a super in depth explanation here, but here's the gist of it- Derrflinger's new deck armor is heavier, but she completely lost her upper belt armor and casemate armor so in the end the weight gain armor wise is minimal. Her armor deck is actually fairly low in the ship so it actually doesn't contribute so much to top weight. The real top weight gain is in the new superstructure which is far heavier than her old one, but her torpedo bulges balance it out so she remains stable. And thanks, for the feedback as always!
  8. Chapter 2
  9. Well I guess I won't be wholly withdrawing my story, but I do appreciate the feedback and criticism.
  10. Syntax is being worked on and will be updated. The planes are fairly vulnerable and weak because they're intended to be low level enemies. The raid is only thirty planes and they're launched from a not particularly impressive morgana carrier. This is in essence supposed to be a suicide raid by a very expendable, weaksauce Morgana unit just to probe the defenses and gain an idea of how well prepared the humans are. On a side note, I felt that by this time such active ships as those of the Royal Navy Home Fleet would have started to manifest Belles, accounting for the effectiveness of their AA fire. I'll tone it down for Kendal probably however, you are right. Since this is a raid and not a full on assault, Derfflinger will have to sit this one out. Eventually, she will be pulled right side up and brought back to her former glory. In fact, not just to her former glory, but rebuilt with all the advantages 25 years of technology that will fix up her shortcomings in her previous fits. Also, HMS Kendal's top speed is 16 knots and she's nowhere near the battleship anchorage. Better to defend the helpless tanker that's within range than to try and waste time ploddign across the harbor to battleships and carriers that can fare much better for themselves. All shall be revealed in time and with more chapters, I swear!
  11. You know you're getting the best when the title is a single line! Presenting, the one and only story on this site about the glorious Iron Dog, SMS Derfflinger. Chapter 1 Feedback on both story content and syntax is appreciated. So long as it's constructive and helpful, I'll be glad to hear it.
  12. Same here. Playing as Italy, I think that priority #1 should be to ally with Russia since they're relatively close and have vast resources. Italy had the least resources, and the least industry in WW2, so making ties with the US and Russia would be my primary goals. That's assuming they make Italy's pitiful supply situation an in game reality and that having rich friends is the way to fix it.
  13. Let's get things back on track with a question I had, which came to me after reading the interview with Yavuz. There aren't many choices for Imperial German warships to be further added to the game, but I was wondering if the dev teamk would consider the addition of the German battlecruiser SMS Derrflinger to the game. She is the sole remaining German battlecruiser of the fleet that was scuttled at Scapa flow in 1919. All the others had been scrapped years prior, and in 1939 her wreck was raised. Destined for the scrapyards, of course, but perhaps in the Victory Belles universe she would get a second chance at life in the form of a Belle manifesting for her. I think it would be a really neat addition to the German ranks to bring back an "old guard" warship, especially one as prominent as the "Iron Dog" Derrflnger. I'm sure the dev team has many more important things to do that to revive old timey German battlecruisers that never actually participated in the war, but I'd like to at least know. Is it possible this could happen in game, even in theory?
  14. Well that was a pretty amusing interview. A very crafty and sneaky ship, I wonder if somehow that'll translate to her in game performance. It'd be fun to have her sail straight through Morgana seas and never have an encounter she wasn't pursuing. Always just slipping by somehow. Imagine how fantastic that would be if you needed to make high speed supply runs? It's really sad that there are so few Imperial German warships left in 1939, they were such excellent vessels. Very sturdy, especially the battlecruisers. But luckily there is one more German battlecruiser that can join the ranks of the Belles and I really, really want to see her. SMS Derrflinger, the old Iron Dog. In 1939 she's the last of the German battlecruisers at Scapa flow that hadn't been scrapped, and she was raised that year. Which makes her the sole Imperial German deradnought capital ship above water in the game's timeframe. *crosses fingers*
  15. Didn't Pola mistake the Queen Elizabeth class battleships for friendly ships and fire a flare to guide them? If so, clever little reference by the dev team.