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    Nel's Wallpaper Emporium

    Great work with The wallpapers Nel.
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    Welcome to the Victory Belles Forum

    It feels a little late to introduce myself but feel I should anyways... So, hi, I'm HallowedFury, I will mostly be lurking about yet still want to show my support to the other Kriegsmarine captains out there.
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    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    W99, Legate: ok, thanks for the clarification
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    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    So does each Nation have only one base for the player to work from? I was under the impression that we could choose from a number of bases to start from.
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    Fanfiction And Fanfiction Ideas

    The first update from kickstarter implies that the Morgana mists can cause combat to begin at closer ranges than on the open sea. it also seems to directly imply that the mists hamper aircraft maneuvers. to quote the update. "The scout planes are color-coded red because scouting in the clammy miasma is more difficult than usual. For the same reasons, our carrier strikes may be impaired." So it seems that direct interference from the mists is canon, at least in some capacity. Here's the link if you want to double check my thoughts, it would also be appreciated to have a second opinion. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/1553070