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  1. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 127

    What's strange is that she still bothered to offer up the Irish Gaelic name for Father Christmas. Not a particular Irish parallel mind you, but quite literally Santa Clause/St. Nicholas in the wider Christian sense. So when Belfast says... What she's actually saying is "Santa Claus is kinda bullshit. But I totally believe in Santa Claus!" Daidí na Nollag is just straight up Father Christmas not an adapted Irish native tradition of any kind. So sure if you want to split hairs it's the thin European original in bishop's robes who's half saint and half Odin instead of the chubby guy who has a long term advertising contract with Coca Cola but I'm really not sure what she's trying to show off there. Though it's fairly novel to me that a Unionist is speaking Gaelic at all... not that I'm surprised she's a Unionist, but I'm not going to try open that can of worms without a good bottle of Tully on hand and me little Armalite nearby for when the agents of the Crown in this other benighted piece of territory occupied by the British oppressors who's minions will inevitably come for me once they detect someone making pro rebel comments on the internet. ...I'm sure this head would be better off without the bloody crown, so here it's up the rebels, get back our Teddy's head, her face and tail are all her own but her brains are foreign lead!
  2. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Considering Amagi was never completed, never commissioned and they started scrapping her after the Great Kanto earthquake rendered her unserviceable in spring of 1924, in a war economy where resources like steel were at a premium, I doubt there was much left by 1939. I hate to say it Laz but, as a great chief medical officer once said, she's dead Jim. If it was within human possibility to save Amagi, she would already be in service with the Kido Butai. I'm sure she'd be happy to swing in for the fight, but there has to be something for a Belle to manifest on in the first place. At least Derfflinger is still a ship, "lawn ornament" at Scapa or no. Of course the Unryu class aircraft carrier Amagi might make it into the game, but that's in the far flung future of 1944. Could that Amagi be saved? Probably. She was only capsized and was refloated without issue, and I find it doubtful she'd have been sitting in Kure without aircraft with the Morgana war still raging. As we have said. A ship is a valuable strategic resource. A ship with a Belle is valuable beyond measure.
  3. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Honestly Laz, if you want to ask if they can resurrect the SMS Derfflinger just ask them.
  4. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I sincerely doubt anyone here is at risk of such a horrible fate.
  5. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Firstly happy new year everyone. Next, I believe Ensign Fif's question has pretty much been answered. A ship who's just had her keel laid probably can't manifest a Belle. Commissioning has been determined by the detectives in this thread, and indicated in some of the lore updates, to be rather critical to manifesting, followed by exposure to Morgana mists, which is much harder when one is sitting in dry dock. As to ships not carrying arms, we have more or less proved who killed Cock Robin, and the identity of our mysterious hostess, and even if we are wrong with our specific deduction, we can safely say she is certainly not what you'd call a warship (I here define warship as a purpose built vessel designed specifically for engaging and destroying the enemy by naval gunfire, torpedo, aircraft dropped munitions, or similar means) even if she was given some AAA to defend herself from aerial attack as part of her wartime service. Ms. Rawalpindi, wildly popular with the Captain's Association as she might be is likely another example of this, as she was built and born a merchantman and retroactively armed however lightly by the Royal Navy. So all signs point to yes... provided said ship can survive an encounter with the Morgana, which seems to be quite the feat for a lightly armed or unarmed vessel, but one that we can safely sumise has happened. Not that I personally would stop resisting the enemy if I was down to a rifle (the kind carried by a single person, not the ladies naval rifles) and foul language, but I am also an obstinate bastard and I'm lead to understand that such actions are not normal human behavior.
  6. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    So I apparently failed to post this change like I thought I had... I ended up adding to my letter, I updated the post, but wanted to post the whole thing on it's own because I'm just pleased with it over all. To sailors and Marines, Belles didn't need to manifest for us to know they were there. It was, and is, an article of faith, we have evidence of this faith of sailors and their amphibian counterparts dating back to Greek Tiremes if not earlier still. Superstition drives the heart and soul of the sailor and the Marine and always has. Our ships are everything to us, and we love them as such. Shelter, sword and shield, a mental haven as the ramp drops on an assault craft, where you return, either in good spirits, flush with the twin thrills of victory and survival against all odds, or to be healed, or shattered, to be conveyed home or to be passed into the sea to eternal rest. For many of us over the centuries, those same ships became our place of final rest themselves. How could such creations, more than the sum of their parts, be it wood, iron or steel, not have something more to them than just being a mere object? So strong is this emotion, so strong is this conviction, this article of faith, that... it simply is. Civilians and the land bound do not question this faith, they see it as normal, and how we refer to ships and aircraft in most if not all world languages that have words for such things reflect that faith. Not mere objects. Her. She, not it. It's not that ships are just gendered in the same way certain words are gendered in say the romance languages either. They are referred to like one would refer to a person. In tones ranging from friend, to lover, to trying to start a bar fight during a particularly frustrating maintenance task. This linguistic reflection is subtle, but I believe because of it, many people who come into contact with a ship knows that there's something special in them. That a heart beats within her engines. The crews of the USS Constitution were men of courage and honor, but the ship herself is famous, a legend in her own right, lauded and beloved by every American who has heard her name. How could there not be something more there than just some wood and iron fittings? So when the Belles rose, we may have been surprised because it happened, but if any man or woman aboard was worth their salt, they weren't surprised that the Belles were there, because all that happened is that our faith was vindicated. So it appeals to an old salt like me to ask a superstition about their own superstitions. Belfast for example may well carry some belief or sense of the old Fae lore of our mutual home island with her. Respectfully submitted, T. Heavens, USMC Commanding ------ Regarding adoption, seems a bit odd with the Belles we've met so far. Even the "childish" Belles tend to be depicted as older than Yukikaze from Kantai Collection but could be an interesting alternative mechanic to have available in parallel to the "marriage" mechanic most of the other games offer.
  7. TwoHeavens

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

  8. TwoHeavens

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    An evil campaign option for VB would be awesome. Some people just want to watch the universe burn.
  9. TwoHeavens

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    Some crusading music, becoming a steel and soul rending werewolf is option, but highly recommended.
  10. TwoHeavens

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    ...Thor's bead, did the RN actually show up?
  11. TwoHeavens

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    Rise above the mountains, light a fire in the sky, because the blood is running still, from the roots of Yggdrasil.
  12. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Well as you may recall I myself am a Yank (though calling myself a Yankee feels disturbing and offensive) of Irish and German descent, and getting her into shape enough to make an Atlantic crossing, then having her fit out, and snagging a bunch of German American recruits and old salts from across the fleet was a very natural conclusion. However that plan was the most obvious course of action assuming no or minimal support from the Kriegsmarine. The plan could also sound biased in the favor of the United States. So I decided to let someone else raise it and force myself to consider other options. [OOC] That and it's what I consider the most obvious plan that has potential to be acceptable by Derfflinger. I love Scoot's version of her, she's an interesting character but if you had me write an HSF character besides raiders like the Seeadler (Now there's a Belle that would be truly wild.) because of my own inexperience with the Kaiserliche Marine my mind tends to conjure up very Prussian officers. Now Derfflinger's namesake Georg von Derfflinger had a reputation for loving his alcohol a tad much (by German standards mind you), being a life long soldier (his list campaign was in his 80s) and the former doing nothing or very little to impact his martial skill and tactical thinking, which is probably where Scoot's Derfflinger gets her own drinking habit. I'm not sure I'd personally follow that logic and justification on that if I was writing her. Perhaps she's rather like a fictional daughter of Field Marshal von Derfflinger. Not only does she not drink, or drinks extremely little, she loathes habitual drinking and considers excessive alcohol consumption a moral failing as well as a failing of discipline. She's a martinet even by German standards, and channels her irritablility into her training letting emotion fuel her direct actions while the mind remains cold, calm and implaccable. She has a dueling scar under one eye, but she didn't wake up that way, she simply arranged for swordsmen of sufficient skill to come and match swords with her. She has been defeated twice, once by a master German swordsman and an Italian heir to the Capo Ferro school, she stays in regular contact with both for instruction... and so she can challenge them for a rematch. And so on. Her modern crew have taken up the Iron Dog nickname with a passion, occasionally referring to themselves as the Iron Pack when morale is high. On the other side of the coin they sometimes call Derfflinger the Iron Bitch after a particularly severe tounge lashing, but never to her face and always with some degree of affection. Dame Derfflinger holds herself to her same high standards and will report to the Captain for punishment for her own infractions. Said infractions are fairly rare anywhere outside her own head, but the crew respects her for her standards being universal. Etc.
  13. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I mean, I'd say the same about any strategic/tactical asset. It just so happens that submarines are strategic assets designed to go under water and then come up again, so if they happen to go under and not come up... that doesn't have to be the end of that asset. Especially now that modern medicine has conveniently figured out this nitrogen narcosis thing that I know nothing about because it's the literal cutting edge of medical research proven literally a couple days ago and these heliox dive schedules and equipment that I also know nothing about except hearing one of my chief petty officers hold forth at length about the subject in the ward room after a staff meeting because it is such specialist knowledge that even the experts in the field don't really know anything about it yet. Because it's the Fall of 1939. Okay maybe there's some slight bias for submarines implicit in that statement. Assuming Morgana are generated in that way it makes sense plot wise to me. From what we've been told for the game however, that's not the case. In a theoretical world where the Iron Dog gets to come out of the the eternal time out kennel she's in instead of just being the aquatic equivalent of a lawn sculpture for the British Admiralty at Scapa... I think they'd be hard pressed to find English sailors willing to volunteer to crew aboard her. The feeling of hostility quite mutual, and the tension from the phony war isn't helping anything after all. I also wonder if the Nazis would want symbols of Imperial Germany "back". There's a few remaining HSF ships in the Kriegsmarine of course but those ships are largely out of the actual combatant portion of the Kriegsmarine beyond shore bombardment, and that is after extensive refits. So restoring, fitting out and crewing a badly outdated battlecruiser that won't even have her outdated WW1 era weapons is likely not going to get on the KM's "to do list" any time soon. Some of it would of course depend on who she selected as her Captain, but I think the best results you're going to get is to scrape together some of her original crew if any are left in fighting shape (and they can be scammed away from the German military proper) and fill in the rest with international volunteers who don't like the British. Maybe Ireland would volunteer as a way to get into the Morgana war proper. Could be an interesting plot. What jack to fly on her would be it's own kettle of fish that I could see going many directions. [semi-ic]Honestly I'm looking for any possible out for the Derfflinger in terms of bringing her back. The idea of being a trophy for the British causes me physical pain and I can't help but think the old girl deserves better. That better might not mean active combat service either, though God only knows what Belles can accomplish with some creative engineers who know how to beg, borrow, scrounge and otherwise acquire needed parts and a motivated enough Captain who can make the budget happen by squeezing it from a stone if needed. [/semi-ic]