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  1. Dmnt and Pac are very much on point here, translating Japanese accents in general is incredibly difficult. "Color" and "Colour" really don't do the issue any justice.
  2. Legate if this gets enough of a response it might be fun to stick it in somewhere. Perhaps as part of a lead in to an actual scene. Captain: "I pulled the knife out of my leg, taking care not to show any pain, I looked her in the eye, and I said, "I bet you wish you'd brought a gun."" Redacted: "Dear Lord, please don't do such risky things with such a risky Belle in the future. Redacted2 is... unstable on a good day. Now... on to further business *actual plot starts*
  3. 2 of course. Certain Belles are like wild animals in a sense, if you show weakness, they'll kill you.
  4. They did, but the experts in knocking small fast moving objects out of the skies would be the destroyers and cruisers specialized for AAA duty.
  5. The argument can be made that destroyers and light cruisers should be the defender/goal keepers acting as radar/sonar pickets.
  6. Are there any belles who can't work with each other? Obviously there's personality clashes and nationalistic tensions, but are there belles that simply cannot be allowed near each other without risk of violence or issues in combat? Conversely do certain belles work better together than other belles?
  7. This is a unsurprisingly contentious vote so far it seems.
  8. Link Apparently festivus has come early this year! Before we get on to the feats of strength, I'll vote for number two, might as well rip this band aid all the way off, then reward the Belles with a traditional festivus meal. Captains, for your convenience the options are once again... Question: Captain: 1: I’m proud of all of you for holding your fire over the last twenty minutes. Well done. 2: I have a few more grievances to air. I actually have some visual aids prepared back in my quarters... 3: Note that reprisals against Hiryū and Bulldog are not acceptable, and in some of your cases might represent significant breaches of the neutrality agreement.4: I've waited so long for all this. So very long.5: I’ll make sure there’s an open bar for the next hour. Thanks for your patience.6: I want you all to conduct thorough security checks when you return to your own stations. I can’t believe that [Redacted] doesn't have something to do with this.7: Surcouf. Espero. Return the whistles to their rightful owners until Gneisenau and Scharnhorst have left the room. It’s a matter of public safety.
  9. I'm honestly not convinced cons are a good investment any more for a variety of reasons.
  10. We're all quite glad to hear that I'm sure Legate, looking forward to further information as it can be released.
  11. Far winds and following seas.
  12. So many options really for how the Devs could handle the opening of the game and the various ports. I'm truly fascinated to see what happens.
  13. Thank you Korky, I couldn't ask for a more detailed analysis to build a character out of. Moral simplicity and character simplicity is a sin after all, and S-H in particular has incredible potential as a character. This little project will like as not be on the shelf as I finish other writing obligations elsewhere, but the possibilities are quite exciting.
  14. The Falkland Islands are out, they aren't exactly developed at this point. Ascension Island could be developed into a proper naval station for a South Atlantic British port, but I honestly can't see that as a starting base. I'd have to say you're mostly spot on with your guesses Korky except for Imperial Japan where I must disagree for the forward base. For their south Pacific base one would have to think of Truk (modernly Chuuk Lagoon). Tainan is so close to the home island as to really not be that "forward" of an operating base to start with no? I also question Japan basing INPF activities at any of the major naval arsenals like Yokohama. If you're trying to preserve assets for the conventional war, sticking Belles near non Belle assets has risks, as well as previously mentioned security risks. Norfolk might be right out for the same reasons. The Americans, not actively in the conventional war, would be far more likely to lend the INPF space in their major shipyards like Norfolk or Pearl, especially when considering the startegic access to the Atlantic and Pacific those bases give, but I suppose the team could always surprise us with New York or Mare Island.
  15. I think that would only matter to the huntress. You're not negotiating with the only actual hunter among them. You're negotiating with Scharnhorst. Who is not a hunter, and frequently allows her pride to get in her own way. Afraid? Even of a human worthy to be her captain, Scharnhorst knows no such fear... That depends on them working together. They won't be. Remember they're competing with each other as much as they are trying to catch you. Much like the original short story, the objective was not to kill the most dangerous game as a group, but to prove yourself the superior hunter and track, drive, trap and otherwise hunt down and kill the prey. Two, or four in this case, can play at that game, especially with weapons parity. If paint is all the rules require you're not just limited to Kumano's paint ball markers either. All manner of possible traps a wily captain can rig up after raiding the supply closet. Please see Mantrapping by Ragnar Benson, which technically doesn't exist yet, for more ideas, or if you want to be in universe, consult a copy of the Marine Corps publication NAVMC 2890 Small Wars Manual for more information and ideas. Unfortunately most of the best resources on the subject haven't been written yet as of 1939. Off the top of my head though, I would personally acquire fishing line, some string, adhesive, a couple candles and some hurricane matches, as many small jars of paint as I can get without sacrificing movement speed, another set of clothes in nice dark colors and maybe some other goodies if I can work out a proper margin of safety. But even without rigging up some downloaded shotgun shells, distractions like a rigged up flare gun and so forth, you can always go full Dennis the Menace with some doors. If the rules are that getting paint marked is a loss, and the Belles continue to play after being so marked by the Captain, they've just shown their own weakness, even in defeat, you win. Kumano's along because it will be fun. She's playing, testing out her new toy. Nubian's in it for the thrill of the hunt. She can only read stories and hunt Morgana, this is wish fulfillment. If the "prey" gets a mark on her she's failed, even if she can still get you. If Kumano fails, she'll probably want to play again for much lower stakes later, which you can encourage. Scharnhorst is the only one that might continue even after getting a hit on her and she'll be teased mercilessly by the rest of the fleet if she does. You're playing their game. Play to win.