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  1. TwoHeavens

    Update 182

    Yes that does seem to be the case unfortunately.
  2. TwoHeavens

    update 183

    That was kind of my point with Goeben actually. Who's going to spend the money to train these random volunteers? Not like the League of Nations has a real budget from someone like the UN does modernly. Sure casualties might be high, it's called warfare. I've personally dealt with the results of that particular form of human endeavor. Luckily most belligerents have entire nations to call on, or in certain notable cases, entire empires, where they might be able to find more of their own people to invest money in before making recruiting drives in third parties and hoping the INPF can figure out how to read their manuals. It's not like the big seven didn't manage to man all this ships during the actual war after all.
  3. TwoHeavens

    update 183

    That's more in line with what I'd say is reasonable, but also at odds with what you just told us, so you can see why that one lit the discord up a bit. I mean thinking about it in context boggles the mind a bit and that's before we factor in random crews manning say... HMS Hood. The pride of the Royal Navy. Or KMS Bismarck in 1940 assuming she's a belle. I mean some Belles like Nuremberg are so cuddly and give peace a chance types I could see them pushing for such measures... but especially among the belligerent navies circa 1939... I think you'd see plenty rather scuttle their belles than see them handed over to random foreign nationals, no matter how neutral they absolutely pinky promise they are. Even the Americans, who aren't belligerents at present and so technically speaking have no enemies... would be hard pressed to hand symbols of national pride over to random foreigners who aren't even qualified sailors besides whatever rump boot camp the INPF's running to avoid making this process an elaborate form of suicide, or even worse, are volunteers from foreign national navies. I fully believe the various Admiralty boards and naval departments would accept full gender equality aboard ship a couple decades early before any of the big seven was just... "okay" with handing over their vessels. If we approach this at all realistically... As my dear friend Pac pointed out... Goeben was transferred to the Turks in WW1 and even THEN while flying Ottoman colors still kept her German crew. A handful of foreigners? Sure. Americans in particular. We have a habit of going places as volunteers, especially for causes that seem particularly dire, in the name of finding a good scrape. It's something of a national past time. We also have a habit of turning up in all sorts of odd situations by hook or by crook. Which is how you end up with an American on the bridge crew of the Yamato during Operation Ten Go.
  4. TwoHeavens

    update 183

    Even with casualties... and even with precautions of some sort as has been previously mentioned, I admit that's a hard one to get past my suspension of disbelief. I find it hard to believe parent navies wouldn't at least try to maintain national origin majority crews. "Right so HMS X has awoken." "Well that's good!" "Her entire crew was killed or injured in the process." "Well spit." "The INPF has a replacement crew." "That's good." "They're primarily German." "So we'll place the scuttling charges along the keel at even intervals..."
  5. TwoHeavens

    Update 182

    I admit I'll be disappointed if Schleswig-Holstein isn't playable.
  6. TwoHeavens

    update 183

    Well, Officer Pitt obviously. I think it's fair to assume he's an American. Which explains everything tidily if I'm honest, because that's *exactly* what I'd expect from a certain strain of American officer or common sailor. Hopefully the petty officers would know better, but... *shrug*
  7. TwoHeavens

    update 183

    I for one heartily approve of Kumano and Wichita's proposal. As soon as I figure out how to make sure I'm insulated from any potential international blow back, arrange an appropriate supply of libation and select who's deck I'm going to watch this shindig from. I'm sure I speak for everyone on the Discord and on this forum when I express my condolences to the team member who lost a family member this last week. Fair winds, and following seas.
  8. TwoHeavens

    Update #181

    Still a tragedy about the art book. I couldn't afford one at the time and I actually could all these years later and that mildly hurts my soul.
  9. TwoHeavens

    Update #181

    I like what I'm seeing on the new art. Any chance we can get a reveal of the whole piece?
  10. TwoHeavens

    Update 180

    The Dev corner lives, excellent. And I'm almost terrified to learn just how bad Maas's luck is.
  11. TwoHeavens

    Update 178

    Glad to see even a bit of a hint of what's on behind the curtain to distract me from figuring out how finches eat so much bird seed in a single day.
  12. I have to concur with my colleague Pac. I'm glad BCS is going to be here. I'm just not sure how many of us will be left. I know I will. I know Pac will. Dr. Y, and a select few others, but we're the most die hard of the die hard, and even we're starting to suffer morale wise. I can only imagine how harrowing it is on the studio end. We can all hang alone or we can all hang together. Without the discord, which is very much us backers hanging together, and has itself been suffering a slow, but steady stream of casualties over the last two years... well. I'd still be in. But again I'm not representative. On some level I understand not wanting to disappoint everyone. I get it. I really do. I've bought in entirely, I have a personal stake in this game going off like the DM-2 launch. At the same time... I think it's okay to let us in a little bit. We've stuck with you for four years now. A peek under the hood, no matter how messy the engine compartment is presently, is not going to scare anyone away. But literally what you just said in the last post is enough if presented officially! "We're doing pre-alpha testing, here's what we can do in that build, blah blah, lame that progress gets wiped at the end of the week. Things are going better than not, everyone's really tired and putting a lot of heart into this but we're committed to see this though to the degree of quality or better than we promised." That's the type of thing people are asking for. It doesn't need to be grand gestures, sweeping promises or wide scale anything. Just... "Hey we're hereish."
  13. Well this update sold me on D'Aosta at least. Well wishes to the BCS team wherever they might be.
  14. Well that'll be cool. Seal watching though. Yay?
  15. That's all anyone is asking for I think. I too think I know of some highly motivated Alpha testers...
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