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  1. Well you know my opinion on bureaucratic terminology. No worries about anyone besides a few singular members of Allied intelligence reading those documents though, most of us can't even read our own bureaucratic nonsense with our minds intact never mind advancing to the eldritch horror that is German bureaucratic communications. Honestly I think the whole thing's an international plot to bring around the end of the world... but that's a different discussion... or is it? Hmmm... note to self ask ONI to investigate the whereabouts and movements of US bureaucrats leading up to 1 September, 1939.
  2. Maybe Schleswig-Holstein forced her crew to hoist the banner of the Reichsmarine after the initial engagement with Despair was over. Korky, wouldn't the Kriegsmarine be more likely to adopt the mythic interpretation of events? Especially once the rest of the German government gets ahold of it. Walküren isn't just a sailor's nickname, it's the official term from the German government, which itself is happy to support just about anything that pushes it's internal mythology.
  3. As Von Lipstig points out, with Greek words are frequently more than the sum of their parts. Apoandrasis potentially already has a meaning, and I think it's probably what they were going for versus Dr. Yurimom's admittedly detailed analysis. A spirit of a warship taking on the flesh, or at least something like it of a far more human incarnation and walking amongst us... and gods by the way we think of them, then and now the Belles are decidedly not. They're far too human for that. If incarnation is a god taking on flesh, apoandrasis would be more along the lines of a god becoming a man by way of actual loss of immortal/divine status instead of just taking on human form. Sounds like exactly what I'd expect a bunch of over educated, over paid bureaucrats to call a fairy tale in their government documents to me.
  4. Discord link now available here: https://discord.gg/GhUxkSt
  5. Hey Legate, tell them we want more Polish ships! Shiro's been regaling us recently withe ballad of the card shark submarine Belle ORP Wilk for example.
  6. Considering the failure to care for the USS Ling, a retired submarine, intended to be conserved for historical reasons, is on the hands of private parties, compared to mass disrespect for their active hulls by their parent navy I'm not sure I'd consider the situations comparable.
  7. Some of you may know that I was briefly in Japan with my wife for a vacation/honeymoon combo. For part of the trip we decided to pick some things we really wanted to do, hers with staying at a ryokan and making me play tour guide (which admittedly I'm pretty good at.) and mine was to pay a visit to Yokosuka and the Mikasa. I'm pleased to report she's in fine shape, though presently under some active restoration. They're entirely redoing her decks for example which are mostly wood. The museum itself was excellent, and if you're out that way she's more than worth your time to visit as one of the "Three Great Museum ships" (The other two being HMS Victory and USS Constitution*) https://imgur.com/a/g24jCEH *Fun game for Americans who make the trip, there's a minor error in the museum display for ol Iron sides. See if you can find it.
  8. There's got to be one serious one... though given how much attention the Russians paid to their sub fleet by my understanding, perhaps the girls are just returning the favor. Kinda ironic how the tides would turn for the Soviet Navy post war... though frankly they don't treat those girls much better. I'd post photos from Olenya Bay or even some of the actual proper Russian ports modernly, but Panay would either cry, declare personal war on Russia, or both, and I don't want to be responsible for either of those things.
  9. Someone bring our Kriegsmarine associate a paper bag please.
  10. "NV Ingensomething voor Scheepscheep" One of the best gags yet written.
  11. Infinite torps sounds good to me! Onward Gato!
  12. TwoHeavens

    Update 136

    >Implying anyone is sane My dude you came down the wrong rabbit hole near a naval base for sanity.
  13. TwoHeavens

    Update 136

    You have to be two steps ahead of your own crew and ships as a Belle Captain Korky. I'd also just like to note it's been quite awhile since we had a game play update, and it's been about 5 months since the first video update. I know some of the usual suspects were going to say something, but I thought a fresh voice in that particular chorus might be useful.
  14. Every day a little bit braver. Very relevant to a situation with a friend of mine right now.
  15. TwoHeavens

    Update 136

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2470547?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users_refresh#comments Question: 1: Yes. Why *has* no one gotten a drink for the Captain? 2: No. No, this isn't going to devolve into a drinking contest. I'm on duty in a few hours. 3: I like how you think I come to these events sober. That's funny! 3 for me. If you can't do your job drunk, you can't do your job.
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