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  1. Chiyoda and her sister end up as full light aircraft carriers as I recall.
  2. Yeah I was quite pleased the lore team tackled this one. That's a pretty complex curve ball I threw them on that one. Not that they've backed down on me before Oh. As a bonus Belfast called me an old friend. Seems I've made a long winded but good impression.
  3. I've got Westering Home by Celtic Woman stuck in my head today.
  4. I mean. The Japanese do end up exploring the concept of the Aviation Battleship quite heavily. Though it's doubtful they would have bothered if the Americans hadn't stomped the Kido Butai at Midway.
  5. I'm certainly glad you helped bring her into the game David. --- Personally I'm taking Nautilus's explanation as somewhat vindicating my depiction of USS Mahan (DDG-72) to at least some extent. More like a daughter in many respects than taking a nap for a bit then putting on a new uniform and turning to on the day's work. And DDG-72 was quite different than the good Professor we know and love "now"*. Not that daughter is a perfect term to fit the description, but when you talk about a new generation that takes up the torch of your values, who you are and what you stand for... a continuation of self without being directly you. (DDG-72 from what Nautilus says doesn't remember being our Mahan, but rather like a dream, or film, or like someone had been telling her stories since the day she had her keel laid.) The multiple active ships at once bit was quite interesting as well, a lot of "yes but no" it seems there that also came off in a sisterly sense to me, just sisters raised apart from each other. Like how separated siblings raised in vastly different situations can finally meet and find they have very similar tastes and interests and are thick as thieves within moments of meeting each other. Then again, familial terminology, while familiar to us, probably isn't the best here. One also wonders as to what kind of thoughts could make a lovely lass like Nautilus (SS-168)'s heart race. Inquiring (slightly dirty) minds want to know. *Someone should make friends with a sailor or three of USS Mahan (DDG-72) and not rest till the current ship adopts the Belle as an informal mascot.
  6. Let's not even bother to split the difference and bring in four Belles. I mean I can never say I don't want more Arc (not that anything obviously portrays my bias) and we did just find Lady Lex, but the Americans and Japanese were the real leaders in the field at the time. Too bad Housho hasn't been confirmed yet. The first purpose built aircraft carrier would be an ideal educator on the subject.
  7. All sorts of possible "loads" one can plant in a cigarette or cigarillo. They're both smokers so leaving a pack or case of the "good stuff" is obvious bait. Unfortunately naval tradition involving pranks connected to the ship itself simply won't work, considering the ship is the target, however getting one Belle aboard the other doesn't seem to be an issue, so perhaps traps could be arranged for each Belle on each other's ship. Playing into their vanity and their competitive natures of course make that do able. "I've decided how I want to resolve things with your contest with Surcouf. Here's what you're to do. You have complete discression of course, but you musn't be seen by her crew." Set the watches up in such away that Espero is driven where you want her to go... into a generous dusting of flower for example. Then ask her completely innocent questions the next morning about if she's heard these rumors going about the fleet of a ghost aboard one of the ships. (Just make sure U-29 isn't in ear shot or is in on it.) Lots of lovely options honestly.
  8. Though thinking about it a proper booby trap could be highly amusing. Captains regardless of your voting, how would you booby trap these light fingered, larcenous, but still lovely, ladies? Painting the eye piece of something irresistible to steal like the sextant would be a classic but for me I think I would have to plant false information. Wildly false. They're spies as well as thieves after all, so a journal with all sorts of nonsense in it, a fake love letter from a somewhat scandalous belle. All easily disprovable in such a way as to make them look rather silly. Too bad camera technology isn't what I'm sure it one day will be. Catching one of them thieving in a photo would be priceless.
  9. Sent
  10. Option 1 for sure, it's only fair to engage them on their own terms. Whether you're telling the truth or not, that I do not think they'll expect.
  11. Two miles depth is hard to salvage from from even more advanced wreck stripping scum. Or professional reclamation teams for that matter. So hopefully the Lex will continue to rest peacefully. More importantly though, now that we know where she is, she can be monitored.
  12. USS Lexington (CV-2) has been located by Paul Allen's team at two miles depth in the Coral Sea. Photos of the remains, and surprisingly well preserved aircraft are circulating.
  13. Well, can't say that's not unfortunate. Hopefully things come together at the quick step. Looking forward to whatever the surprise might be, I rather like those. Also looking forward to some full demos of the battle engine at work once everything's fighting fit.
  14. Seems the assembled fleet command doesn't mind showing some skin in the name of patriotic duty so far. I would want to get the list of the first hundred names from Motte though, A. So I can personalize the autograph, and B. As Maus said, to see which Belles in my fleet bought the book. So many uses for that information, even if the answer is none. >The answer is in fact none >Captain does some digging. >A set of the "battle damage" pics has been circulated to each Belle in the fleet, which meant they didn't need need to purchase the book. >Not sure if foiled or it proved my point
  15. An awesome nation that's who. Such an up best song fits and upbeat martial personality like our lovely spirit of Triumph. Hell, bring some Walkuren over and do the battle of the Anthems from Casablanca. Rip bad ass warrior France.