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  1. I obviously have no idea if he's correct or not, but that's some fine detective work Korky. Option 3, as the only individual in the present trio presumably wearing trousers and flats, it would be most boorish to send a lady up a ladder.
  2. Most of the other powers don't have the USSR's well deserved reputation for re educating or erasing "problematic" individuals, no matter how useful they they are. I have no doubt the USSR would scuttle or otherwise correct rogue Belles. Even if that fix is just de facto exile with the INPF until such a time as more drastic measures are required.
  3. Discordia would love the entire situation. Not enough to set it up but I'm sure she's watching golden apples and enjoying the show.
  4. Who needs undergarments eh comrades? They're just a luxury of the bourgeois. @Procyon considering how human the Belles are, post war survivors will probably have those feelings any way, even if their Captains survive. The Belles will lose people. Friends, be they crew, passengers (imagine if Queen Mary* got to know some of the troops she was ferrying to combat service), or other Belles. They might be able to tank cannons shells, but they're not all that different from us. PTSD, depression. Diseases of the mind and heart. You don't need to be immortal to feel that. *To clarify I am of course talking about the ocean liner and troopship the Queen Mary, who this body is still fairly convinced is our mysterious hostess. @Käpt'n Korky @Ninjapacman That is the key question of course. Can Belles "transfer" to a new permanent duty station? The nuclear super carrier Enterprise (old one, but the new one that's being built too) all carry the legacy of the name Enterprise, an enduring name in American naval tradition even from the age of sail. Is each generation a step forward for that spirit? Or more like a daughter? An inheritance of all that's come before? When I did my little time hop story USS Mahan (DD 364) came face to face with USS Mahan (DDG 72, an Arleigh Burke class Guided Missile Destroyer currently in active service.) and it was more akin to a daughter or a little sister. That however was a world where most of the WW2 Belles had passed on over time, and USS Mahan (DDG 72) had woken up due to an returned active Morgana presence. Another possibility is that Belle ships could be refit, reconstructed and upgraded. That's normally insane for a normal war ship, but considering the raw lethal potential of a Belle it might well be worth the extra expense as time goes forward. For example USS Wisconsin, an Iowa class battleship was in active service as recently as the early 1990s. They've refit her a fair bit over the years but we're now at a point in tech where she needs an insane amount of work to continue on. Is it worth it to continue upgrading? This goes back to Belle transfer as well. How much is needed to preserve a Belle? If I'm making the new Enterprise, and we incorporate a lot of material from the retiring Enterprise, does Enterprise step on to her new flight deck and we call it a weekend or what?
  5. Unfortunately chaps and chapesses we are another week without a vote barring a weekend update as this update is more of Mississippi's Christmas party. We have hints of a mystery Belle who follows one of the very old religions of the Middle East, Fubuki has magicked some trees aboard, and Leningrad has a unique challenge for our artists with a very special prize. That said even if I could art I'm not sure I'd take up the challenge, tempting as Leningrad's affections might be. Mostly because I'm convinced Canarias would coalesce to stomp you a new mud hole, if not out right kill you. She's a sweet girl, but pushing your luck could have lethal consequences. And I disagree with your theory Herr Korky, that our mystery Belle is Soviet. "Kapitan" isn't much of a give away in my mind, and she never uses terminology like tovarisch. Which would be a dead give away. However there's two issues beyond all that. 1. I'm not sure the USSR ever had dominion over a region where Zoroastrianism was ever the dominant faith, or was still in active practice. (It is in fact still in practice world wide interestingly enough.) 2. Even if it had religion was brutally suppressed in the USSR. That'd go for Belles too. If Nerpa was on the Soviet Navy's shit list an actively practising religious Belle would be in even deeper fecal material.
  6. I heartily endorse Nawlins and Kirov breaking out the booze. R&R is important after all, and grog in it's many forms from Nelson's blood to crew brewed vodka is a naval tradition!
  7. I'm also interested in this question, especially presented by the lovely investigator U-29. Lubu I think we won't get an official answer on that but generally speaking assuming the Belle in question survives the war, and that they don't disappear when the Morgana threat ends (a bittersweet victory to be sure in that case) I'd assume they'd shape our politics as a species greatly going forward. Things simply wouldn't be able to proceed as they did last time, and perhaps with a threat from beyond our world defeated it might unite our species somewhat more aggressively, allowing the INPF to stay in place for the immediate future, but as technology out paces even the magic of a Belle, what will actually be left? They're bound to their ships and a warship is a monstrous expense in any sense, but we can't just scrap a sentient life can we? That would be an unimaginable cruelty, so retirement for ships of legend where the legends still walk their decks would be where you see them now. Docked at the waterways of our nation as floating museums and monuments.
  8. Easy waves. With any luck there will be enough sustained interest that y'all can do a big art book after launch.
  9. Maybe Belfast wants to avoid the INPF Library for a couple weeks once the transcript of this gets around the fleet.
  10. Well they certainly have my number. I did ask solely to cause trouble. *bows* You're welcome for my service. Shots across the bow to me aside there were some pretty serious shots taken at all manner of Belle and human alike, and is it just me or did Belfast call Mahan fat? That said I concur with Arby, the ladies handled my immature question very maturely and the answer was excellent. Hats off to the writing team member who had to write this one up. More Belle's with minor screen time for these!
  11. Right. Like I said. Well fingers crossed for that. The art book is the ship in the night I'll forever miss but such is fate. Thanks Legate, I'm sure we'll all be interested to see where this ends up as we get closer to launch.
  12. Throw a bottle of everclear and white lightning on the table to go with it and let's get this party started. Please notify your next of kin before hand. Back to subject though, any other lore questions on anyone's minds related to the courting and fair treatment of fine ladies who happen to be warships? Where does one find good vintages of diesel fuel?
  13. You know, with anyone else you might have had a good point there my friend. If you can drink and run 5 miles, while drinking, you can hang with me and the lads. I've tabled sinners and saints, lawyers, strippers, holy men, Russians, rednecks and scoundrels of all accord, and I'll be damned if I surrender without dying of liver damage first just because they're "Inhuman spirits born of the heart of warships to battle an enemy from the darkest parts of hell."
  14. It'd be fun to see them trying to drink each other under the table, but mayhaps that would be a good scene for the next double belle event as opposed to question answering?
  15. Probably, though in the materials such behavior /was/ actively warned against, but that way well have been teasing and fluff versus actual philosophy of design. Get them drunk enough and they'll probably spill all sorts of shit BuNav doesn't want us to know yet.