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  1. TwoHeavens

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    I honestly have no opinion, I'm just having fun with the fleet problems. I do have one question though, and it's a bit superficial and silly, so pardon me, but why in the world does Arizona have a southern accent? She's got a straight up Texas drawl, I'm from Arizona, we don't talk like that! Haha. Aside from the occasional "y'all" and modernly a fair bit of Spanglish, I'd say we speak "normally" for the West, which is quite different from the South, Yankees and Midlanders. Is there a particular metric by which accents are assigned to Belles beyond strong regional ties?
  2. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    Lots of Kazoo players in here walking around with presumed Kazoo related childhood trauma. Load the catapult, one please.
  3. TwoHeavens

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    Helping uphold the image of the officer and a gentleman (or lady) Captain, Option 4 if you will.
  4. TwoHeavens

    Update 116 Captain's Association Duo: De Ruyter & Kumano!

    Romance in a time of armored warships. Wonder whatever that could mean. ;) Option 4 for me. Pass the rum and hoist the black flag. Then get the junior officers, and tell them to hoist the gin pennant... On Welly's flagship's halyard.
  5. Push too far, you run out of juice. Or lose coherency too far from your projector.
  6. TwoHeavens

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    Been listening lots of sea shanties recently. Not that I don't do that frequently any way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEWS5dGSDOc
  7. TwoHeavens

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    I would believe you'd get pretty positive results from that. I mean, Mign can speak for herself, but from listening to what everyone's saying, that seems like the best solution to me.
  8. TwoHeavens

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    Legate I don't think people are really asking for firm dates. I think they just want the kind of thing you were telling us just now, but in a KS update. Where's everything stand? How's the writing? How's the art coming? Sound design? Sound track? Where's integration and ongoing engine work stand? Not when it will be done necessarily. Just... what's happening. I think a lot of people would be content not having dates or deadlines, provided they have a general feel for what's going on with the actual state of the work. And don't get me wrong, I fully understand an update like that's extra work on the pile, but communication doesn't have to commit the studio to dates or timelines, and it seems like a lot of folks are feeling like they're really in the dark.
  9. TwoHeavens

    World War 2 In Real Time

    WW2 is officially a world war, with combatants on three continents.
  10. TwoHeavens

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    I'd argue that making a Belle a Shintai would be incorrect. Shintai or Mitamashiro are items that contain a part of the god, the ship's hull is acting as a container for the avatar of the kami, and likely a small shintai from the parent cult as well as mentioned below. Making a ship a shintai would require making the ship a shrine, and shrines really can't be mobile for a variety of reasons, location is very important after all. Plus there's the factor where you're pissing off the the parent kami if the ship sinks in combat. In short, the key factor is the mobility, not how temporary the ship is or is not, and it can be argued the ships are temporary, as we know that the spirit moves from ship to ship in her line. The other critical factor, beyond the ships being a temporary vessel, is that the Belles aren't new Kami. Nor are they specific to their ships. Not as far as Shinto is concerned any way. Japanese warships are named primarily for features of the Japanese landscape with a few notable exceptions. These features would already have individual cults, long established. So if you have a woman turn up aboard the Ashigara, claiming to BE Ashigara, the cult of Mount Ashigara is probably going to want to be involved at some stage or another, because that's an avatar of *their* kami. Then making the ship a Mikoshi instead of a Shintai, best allows (from a Shinto perspective) a warship following a warship's business, with minimal risk of backlash from a ship being sunk and allows the Kami the dignity of being evacuated with the rest of the crew. The Belle can't leave, but a Shintai from the main shrine could be, and very likely would be placed aboard since the kami has chosen to manifest itself aboard the warship named in it's honor. I'll also say that I'm using the term "Gods" quite loosely here, and the IJN Belles likely don't see themselves in the entirely divine sense of the term at all. There might be one or two, but you'd have to have a hell of an ego to think like that, and we haven't seen a IJN Belle with that kind of loud personality yet. Note to self, do not let Scharnhorst hang out with any Japanese Belles who might translate the word kami for her under any circumstances. I'd also note there are no examples historically that I or my correspondents could find of entire ships being enshrined. We did find Mikoshi being installed on boats and ships however.
  11. That's an interesting qualifier indeed.
  12. Fishing trawlers are ocean going, but they lack true endurance. You aren't going to circle the world in a trawler. You might be able to swing it, but it's way outside the design. Ditto the small water craft used by the RNLI, which are primarily focused on coastal operations around the British Isles last I knew.