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  1. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 131

    I second that appreciation. I also have to say that I find Wichita absolutely bewitching. I think I'll have to get art of her hanging out with Wicher for Halloween this year. As a heavy crusier I'd expect that Wichita has a slightly thicker skin than dear Mahan, so hopefully that serves her well in the second round of interviews. (She's going to need it if she has an interview with a vampire...) P.S. the ruby red slippers were a nice touch.
  2. TwoHeavens

    List of Belles in game Victory Belles

    Vampire wasn't technically confirmed. In the most absolutely technical sense of the word technical. Squalus (SS-192) hasn't be confirmed to have manifested and if she did it would be as Squalus and not as Sailfin until May of next year, if her name would change at all. Sculpin was confirmed to be active and defending her stricken sister however as Legate said.
  3. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 130

    1. I think Belfast was speaking more generally, not about U-boats in particular, which you have to admit, even by Belle standards, U-29 is quite the interesting character. 2. Sounds like a fun weekend to me.
  4. TwoHeavens

    The Daily Song Thread - Post Your Day's Tunes!

    Nighttime Rebel, stand alone against the wind Nighttime Rebel, break the Holy sin Nighttime Rebel, wake up in the night and let begin Nighttime Rebel, holy light against the dark Nighttime Rebel, bear a holy heart Nighttime Rebel, summon in the dawn and let begin In the ongoing darkness, where the sky is torn and belief has failed Be the guide and pretender, and invoke the dreaded rain By the hand of an outlaw, by the flaming sword and a headless veil Like a wolf, like a phantom, through the cross down nail by nail Seven hordes, seven daggers, in apocalyptic raid By the dawn we are failing, still tonight it's not too late
  5. TwoHeavens

    List of Belles in game Victory Belles

    I figured Sculpin would be like a certain aircraft carrier Legate. Not sure why, but it was just a sense I had.
  6. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 130

    I will say I'm a bit disappointed that Belfast missed what I was angling at. Perhaps I was a bit too verbose. It's not so much what mythology or belief system they (the Belles) fit. They fit the only mythology and belief system that truly matters in their case. The general unified belief of uncountable generations of sailors, Marines and other assorted flotsam and jetsam. The cultural conviction that they are there, whether they manifest or not. That our ships have a spirit all their own. So since they fit my superstition, I was curious if they personally had any superstitions of their own. Not U-29 obviously. Or U-47 her unidentified little sister.  I'd also like to point out that Ms. Redacted U-boat is incorrect. We have not been officially introduced. I believe I can speak for the Captain's association when I say that we would indeed love to be formally and officially introduced at some point however. You also might as well release the interview for HMS Vampire yes? When that happens, could Belfast or Mahan please ask her how she intends to impale Morgana on giant stakes? I have some friends with the US Navy Seabees (Naval Construction Battalions) who'd be happy to help with such an engineering project.
  7. TwoHeavens

    List of Belles in game Victory Belles

    USS Sculpin (SS-191) was hard confirmed as active and engaging Morgana forces encroaching on the salvage site of USS Squalus (SS-192), and HMS Vampire (D68) was all but confirmed in the latest update.
  8. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    We've discussed Derfflinger in particular in rather extensive detail if you read back Scoot, the general issue with Derfflinger as we've determined it, is that she's not in commission. Squalus and Thetis both are, which is why they can manifest a Belle. The Belles probably can't give us a firm conclusion either way since "they" wouldn't know one way or another, and I think it's doubtful we'll get an OOC lore discussion on something like that, much as we all desire it. (Maybe a live stream or something. Community round table. Something. You know maybe?)
  9. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Damn. Well as long as they have it down there I suppose.
  10. TwoHeavens

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Yes, let's hear about what trouble the Belles are up to for Valentine's Day. Such a crass commercialization of love... now where did pick up slip for that bouquet of roses go...
  11. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 129: A Long Awaited Interview with Kaga

    Captain Heavens is hoping that Akagi is as interesting as the other members of the Kido Butai we've met so far. And has fox ears but that's a given and entirely besides the point. As interesting and diverse as Kaga and Hiryuu have been I can only imagine the other IJN Fleet Carrier Belles will be equally interesting. Perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I'm already doing it so it's a little too later for that.
  12. TwoHeavens

    Belle pairing ideas

    Heh, hey now Korky, you're poaching Nell and I's INPF OCS program. That educational work belongs to the USS Recruit and any volunteer training ships from the international force.
  13. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 129: A Long Awaited Interview with Kaga

    I enjoy aggressive, over the top nut cases like Kaga, but I will admit that her comments on the Panay incident stuck in my craw a bit. Like Cat said, not just committing war crimes, but certainly feeling no remorse over them. I'm now wondering if Kaga's just a loud mouth. And not so much the staunch Imperialist she makes herself out to be. To admit remorse for the Panay incident is to admit fault or imperfection in her flight group and herself, so she pushes hard and past it. To talk about her past, to talk about Amagi or Tosa, any aspirations she might had had as a battleship in anything but terms of strict dismissal admits a possible weakness or fault in herself. Especially making a first impression to an unknown, she can't show any throat. So she can't let Mahan bring the Panay incident up, it could wreck her tempo and leave her floundering for answer she probably doesn't even want to think about, much less give. And we know that when Mahan actually has a chance to lock onto something, she'll stay there till she gets an answer. Could such questions or objections from Mahan be concerning enough to her pride that it set her entire tempo for the interview? Sure she wants to show the Captain (Us) that she's strong willed, aggressive, and zealous, exactly what she should be, but taking control like that also gives her the opportunity to avoid or gloss over certain subjects. For example her heritage and actions of her pilots that were less than honorable. If she's asked those questions, she has to ask them of herself, and that can bring the whole thing tumbling down. * What I just took two paragraphs to say is that she comes off on a second, then third reading, as strikingly insecure. Like she's trying to cover something up with outrageous behavior and setting the pace to her own satisfaction. It will be interesting to interact with her in game see how much of this wool gathering is arresting on her flight deck so to speak. Is she squicky? No. Not right now any way. I don't consider I-8 squicky either... in the end a machine is a tool, in the hands of good men, they will perform just actions, and assist their crews in the same. In the hands of evil, or worse, the apathetic, they can commit untold atrocities. Such is the potential of the human race. Even Belles aren't much different from their sleeping sisters in this regard. Belles can advise, cajole, interpret creatively, but in the end they obey orders. Guided by human will. So for me, they (Belles with atrocities or more directly dubious behaviors like a certain yellow eyed German warship.) start from zero. As of these interviews however... of the two, Kaga's in more questionable water, and I'll leave judgement until I find her in game and let her condemn herself with her own voice. The fact that there's so much contention over a single line of her dialogue (albeit a line with *very* significant impact) proves that she is, good or evil, redeemable or lost, damn well written, so a solid Bravo Zulu to the writer responsible. *I had a sudden brain wave but didn't want to restructure the entire post to accommodate it. Cat's comment about leading from the bottom might actually be even more on the nose than we might have suspected, not just in the case of His Imperial Majesty, but in the case of Kaga as well. I could see it being very possible that Kaga's currently "along for the ride" almost as much as when she was sleeping. How do you bully a Belle into going along with you? How do you bully an Emperor? If that's the case than the show here isn't just for (Us).
  14. TwoHeavens

    KS Update 129: A Long Awaited Interview with Kaga

    I think you should actually be angrier than that, I took that comment as the most petulant kind of mockery.