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  1. Very little I'd imagine, it's a very different format/communication style for one.
  2. Be interesting if your Belles can/or will tell you at some point why they selected you, and if it'll be anything more than a generic "Something something greatness, something something Uncle Ben speech." That said with Belle captains coming from all walks of life, and Belle capabilities meaning they can survive some xxx ups, thus ensuring the turn over rate in Belles and Captains isn't super high, I think it means the INPF will be a very resilient military force. A captain with the equivalent of a modern carrier battle group under their command might be an experienced naval officer, or a aging gardener from New Jersey. I think these individuals will be more likely to fight for and aggressively maintain the neutrality of the INPF, and better communicate the direness of their mission to the folks back home. More so than a naval officer who but for some notable examples, would likely be feeling a bit torn in loyalty to their parent service. Of course in the pool of "non naval officers" you can also find Soviet zampolit and fanatical SS officers, among other flavors of extremist and patriot. So that's not a hard and fast theory by any means. That does lead to an issue with this topic though. Some of it depends on You. You will be in a unique position to change the course of history like Heracles diverting a river. Your choices will impact millions of lives, never mind the men and women under your direct command relying on the skipper and the belles to see them through.
  3. All it takes is mist exposure so far as we know. Likely the wolf packs will be the most vulnerable to this type of awakening as they forward deploy to engage trans Atlantic shipping. Plus Morgana practice ASW too. I'd guess a lot of the hulls that don't become Belles won't become Belles because they were sunk before they even had the chance to awaken. We have always been a species that loves our paragons and heroes, our great villains and brilliant minds. The Belles select men and women worthy to command them by whatever intangible means they possess to do so. A potent reminder that the potential for greatness can be immediately around you. The old Fishing Trawler captain You (as in the player avatar specifically) met at your very abbreviated OCS as they tried to make you at least look like an officer and get you running on how to command a warship or flotilla was chosen too. So is the housewife and mother of four who's left her children with her sister to join the war. Another is a cop. A former janitor. A WW1 vet short a leg and with shaking hands. They all have something in them that means they were chosen. It will be interesting to see what form that takes in terms of gameplay. Especially as we meet other belle captains in our adventures.
  4. Legate, As indicated above the discussion has been... fiery... on the discord but I compiled some of the big things that got talked about in hopes it might be useful for you guys as you work on new content and consider new moves for customer engagement. The following that shook out seem to be the major points -More detail on what's going on. To paraphrase. ""Still replacing backend" for a whole month of work seems lacking to me." Personally I can't say I disagree as we get later in the dev cycle, but I know how that works, especially regarding development details. So in general a desire for an in depth technical update as expressed up thread. On the plus side, having a passionate fan base who actually cares about stuff like that as opposed to just griping might be a refreshing change of pace? -More game content plz. Specifically said it doesn't have to be final or anything close to it, doesn't have to be prettily edited or require Mahan to come in and do some voice over either. Connected to that questions about mechanics, such as how the affection system functions. (Personally I'd like to know more about that one too. I have an aircraft carrier to seduce and a gentleman must be fully prepared for such efforts!) People are also looking for more on character stories and the slice of life stuff for when you're not battling the Boche... wait. Wrong war. Munching the Morgana? I'll have to work on that. More of an idea of how it works maybe? Seems like that's connected to the affection system. Like say, can I invite Arc Royal up for music and and an apertif (British ships still had booze allowed aboard, god save the Royal Navy.) whenever? Set conversation lines during "normal" game play with events that pop up at certain affection gates? Or seasonal things of course. Then there's always the harem route question which may as well be staked in the heart one way or another already. That's some of the more concrete stuff flying around any way. I'd also like to note as someone with money down, not only do I have full confidence in the team, I'd throw /more/ money you guy's way. Hell I even asked about it via the KS email system a month or two back. Unfortunately unlike Cat and Pac, I can't promise to be more active on the forums or in running more writing projects. Real life has to come first after all, and just messing around on discord can eat up a lot of time.
  5. That's Dr.McNinja's point though. Without the Spee in the war, and the Kriegsmarine likely losing a good number of ships to the Morgana due to combat and awakening, Britain may well not be in the same dire straights that had people actively pondering surrender. The Morgana threat in the North Atlantic will make life harder as said, but it will also bring the Americans into the war, at least to the INPF, a couple years early.
  6. Well at the same time, the emergence of Belles rapidly depopulating the Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy may well leave a very different situation for Churchill to start with, and with the emergence of a new threat from the sea, gods only know how the people will react. The Battle for the North Atlantic will be heavily affected which could easily lead to the defeat of the Soviet Union when Barbarossa launches, and could possibly lead to Britain being militarily knocked out of the war. The Morgana battle for the Pacific may well ease or even erase tensions between the United States and the Empire of Japan, and even if they don't, you can't strike Pearl Harbor the way the Japanese did in our time line during war time. Even if you catch the defenders napping, which you probably won't in wartime, the bulk of the US Pacific fleet is going to be deployed, likely working with or at least coordinating with Japanese strike groups to contain the Morgana! Hitting battleship row will mean hitting concrete moorings and piers, not the bulk of American naval power in the Pacific. Considering the sheer scale of the Pacific war, it's quite possible there might not be much of a Japanese or American navy besides a few nationalistic belles that don't mind ditching their neutrality stripes. Which is a possibility for conflict against belles during the course of the game, and could make for some interesting plot.
  7. Well, on the plus side more hands on deck sounds like a good thing.
  8. Let's keep the Kriegsmarine train rolling. Gneisenau if you please.
  9. TwoHeavens


    We should at least accuse Victory Belles of copying the originator of the specific trend. Anthropomorphism of warships itself is older than writing. Sailors have been feminizing their ships for a very, very long time. So if we skip past the actual concept of ship girls, which is thousands of years old in it's origins, we should then look at game play. KanColle is a WW2 ship girls skin over a normal auto battler. I've also heard it described as a form of card collector, which I suppose makes some sense. There isn't extensive strategy, and while there's equipment, I don't have the heart to call them RPG elements. I haven't played warship girls near as much as KanColle but I don't recall it being particularly different. Victory Belles on the other hand, is bringing a significantly more complex and historically relevant combat engine, with detailed stages that allow you to do more than line your ships up and hope RNG-sama holds favor for you today. This is in addition to actual plot. The main story, the national missions, and missions and VN style story for the individual Belles themselves. All of the individual Belles. VN elements and an actual overarching story alone are more than enough to differentiate Victory Belles as a unique out crop of this particular sub genre if we look at things objectively.
  10. Kongou for this week. Down for the vote for our mysterious hostess plan for next week.
  11. I'll follow Nel's lead. Gneisenau if possible. Wouldn't be adverse to the Shiny Horse popping up either.
  12. 2B or not 2B, that is the question. Though with a certain battleship in the running as well, that vote will have to wait for a bit. Bring on the big seven! I cast my vote for the Nagato.
  13. LP is a male, and yes I believe he does. Contact him through Pixiv or Tumblr for fastest results I think. Yep, typo. Apologies, I was typing on my phone like an idiot. Please specifically use the following text for the voice test. Like I said we probably have a good actress who's willing to work with us, but the more applicants the merrier! Test paragraph: "Hey there! I'm USS Recruit, a Landship class Wooden Dreadnought born right here in Manhattan! Commissioned in 1917, my original term of service covered the first world war, where I helped recruit and train new sailors of the United States Navy, according to recruiting command I helped recruit 25,000 sailors, enough to crew 28 Nevada class dreadnought battleships! I was decommissioned in 1920, but with the rise of the Morgana in addition to the Second World War, Naval Recruiting Command decided they needed me back in service! I don't work for the USN any more now that the League of Nations has taken over anti-Morgana operations, but in the end I'm still looking for a few good men to help take back the oceans!"
  14. "USS Recruit here with a long over due update on the OCS project! Obviously we have an artist now, and he's been nice enough to start sketching me out! I'm a Landship class Battleship, my original dates of service covered the Great War, where I helped to enlist and train some 25,000 American sailors! That's enough to crew twenty eight Nevada class dreadnought battleships. After the Great War I was decommissioned, but with the onset of World War Two and the rise of the Morgana, I was reconstructed and posted to Battery Park in my hometown of New York! That's where I was exposed to the mists of a Morgana during an incursion into New York Harbor. Apparently I was ship enough to manifest myself as a Belle! I still can't you know, sail anywhere but... Oh! How does everyone feel about the Yankees? I'm a huge..." TH: *cough* "Recruit. The update." Recruit: "Oh! Captain! Err. Major. Yes sir! I'll get right on it! As said, there's an artist and the sketches of myself, Captain Nel and the Major are coming together, to be followed by our chibi forms for the actual videos! We're also on the verge of casting my voice actress! The episode guide the Major and Captain Nel laid out above is still pretty spot on but we're all getting back to going over it again, and starting the next few episodes of research, and scripting the first few episodes. It's really, really hard! I mean there's lots of stuff to talk about, Ms. Mahan's namesake's book, basic definitions like what a destroyer is and what it does. It's amazing how many people don't know about basic things like screens and pickets, and with our new captains coming from all sorts of positions like the Merchant Marines, enlisted Marines and sailors it means that the new officer training program is so very important..." TH: "Recruit. Focus please." Recruit: "I'm sorry Major I'm just really excited because I get to go through the class room portions of the Officer's School this time. I've only ever gotten to participate in drills and exercises before, even before I manifested myself! So this reassignment to the American League of Nations Naval Facility and the Fleet Training Command is really great! Any way everyone, I think I made it through everything the Major wanted me to cover, so that's it for today, but we're in construction and they've broken out the welding torches, so expect this program to set sail sometime this fall!" USS Recruit and Major TwoHeavens, League of Nations Morgana Task Force, Fleet Training Command. P.S. Our artist is the fantastic Loliphilosophy, he does lots of shipgirl related art!
  15. I was there the whole of the con. I'm terribly sorry for not checking back but I ended up extremely busy, busier than intended, both with seeing former colleagues and comrades who are still stationed aboard Camp Pendleton in SoCal and with a group I do support work for called Weapons Grade Waifus. Next year perhaps as far as AX goes.
  16. I wouldn't mind meeting up at some point. I'll be flying in for AX. I won't be terribly hard to find, I'll be running around with the guys from Weapons Grade Waifus and Innawoods Operating Waifus. (If you like cool patches and anime references and haven't heard of either group I strongly suggest looking into them. Inna doesn't do a ton, but WGW is a patch dropping machine.) Cosplay wise I'll be one of the guys in tactical gear with a Harekaze patch (from Haifuri), a flight suit a Ace Combat 6 Garuda Team patch or I'll be in a khaki admiral's uniform. Look for the giant ruskie shoulder boards. You can't miss'em. Might also run a Valkyries TFS squadron patch... depends on how Muv Luvy duvy I'm feeling when I pack.
  17. Yes, it's not even done for one. The main draft is sitting with someone who handles my professional editing. Anything beyond that I'm happy to listen to. Edit: Belay that, she just had a professional commitment get dumped in her lap last second so no fun editing for a bit. I'm unlikely to be on the discord any time soon, but as before, any feedback, I'll listen to.
  18. This thread has lots of exciting ideas. Second the call for Cold War and Combined Arms Belles! Let's make 39' as successful as possible for BCS first though.
  19. You're a woman of many talents it seems Ms. Nel. Following to raid wallpapers as they're made.
  20. To counter all of this though, is the ambitious projects that have been successful or are still doing well such as Pillars of Eternity, the new Tides game which should release soon, and The Mandate, my favorite of my KS backings. It's vaporware at present with slow updates, but each update has enough data to make Mahan's head spin, and it looks like it might be something special. I've also put money towards physical games. Minis. You name it. For truly ambitious things like Tides, The Mandate, Under the Dog, or creator driven projects like Iga's "Bloodstained Ritual of the Night" you need to remember you are not purchasing a game or making a pre-order in the normal sense. You are funding the game or whatever you're after. Yes, ambitious projects might fail... but they can succeed too, and without taking a chance there's no chance at all that some of these great projects would ever see the light of day. Chins up lads and lasses. Taking a chance for something wonderful is still the right thing in many cases, even if you lose your gamble. Thankfully with BCS on the job, losing the role of the dice is not something I'm terribly worried about for Victory Belles. S/F TwoHeavens
  21. And it's up away in morning! Edit: Since I'm late, let me make up for lost time. Stand by for barrage. For Ace Combat soundtracks, Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation will always be my high water mark. For anime soundtracks in general, I recommend Choir Jail from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and as a bonus that's likely been here before, from HaiFuri High Free Spirits - TrySail (Can't actually find a good link for this one right now for some reason) and rounding it all out back to some Macross. Ikenai Borderline - Walkure
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