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  1. Some crusading music, becoming a steel and soul rending werewolf is option, but highly recommended.
  2. ...Thor's bead, did the RN actually show up?
  3. Rise above the mountains, light a fire in the sky, because the blood is running still, from the roots of Yggdrasil.
  4. Well as you may recall I myself am a Yank (though calling myself a Yankee feels disturbing and offensive) of Irish and German descent, and getting her into shape enough to make an Atlantic crossing, then having her fit out, and snagging a bunch of German American recruits and old salts from across the fleet was a very natural conclusion. However that plan was the most obvious course of action assuming no or minimal support from the Kriegsmarine. The plan could also sound biased in the favor of the United States. So I decided to let someone else raise it and force myself to consider other options. [OOC] That and it's what I consider the most obvious plan that has potential to be acceptable by Derfflinger. I love Scoot's version of her, she's an interesting character but if you had me write an HSF character besides raiders like the Seeadler (Now there's a Belle that would be truly wild.) because of my own inexperience with the Kaiserliche Marine my mind tends to conjure up very Prussian officers. Now Derfflinger's namesake Georg von Derfflinger had a reputation for loving his alcohol a tad much (by German standards mind you), being a life long soldier (his list campaign was in his 80s) and the former doing nothing or very little to impact his martial skill and tactical thinking, which is probably where Scoot's Derfflinger gets her own drinking habit. I'm not sure I'd personally follow that logic and justification on that if I was writing her. Perhaps she's rather like a fictional daughter of Field Marshal von Derfflinger. Not only does she not drink, or drinks extremely little, she loathes habitual drinking and considers excessive alcohol consumption a moral failing as well as a failing of discipline. She's a martinet even by German standards, and channels her irritablility into her training letting emotion fuel her direct actions while the mind remains cold, calm and implaccable. She has a dueling scar under one eye, but she didn't wake up that way, she simply arranged for swordsmen of sufficient skill to come and match swords with her. She has been defeated twice, once by a master German swordsman and an Italian heir to the Capo Ferro school, she stays in regular contact with both for instruction... and so she can challenge them for a rematch. And so on. Her modern crew have taken up the Iron Dog nickname with a passion, occasionally referring to themselves as the Iron Pack when morale is high. On the other side of the coin they sometimes call Derfflinger the Iron Bitch after a particularly severe tounge lashing, but never to her face and always with some degree of affection. Dame Derfflinger holds herself to her same high standards and will report to the Captain for punishment for her own infractions. Said infractions are fairly rare anywhere outside her own head, but the crew respects her for her standards being universal. Etc.
  5. I mean, I'd say the same about any strategic/tactical asset. It just so happens that submarines are strategic assets designed to go under water and then come up again, so if they happen to go under and not come up... that doesn't have to be the end of that asset. Especially now that modern medicine has conveniently figured out this nitrogen narcosis thing that I know nothing about because it's the literal cutting edge of medical research proven literally a couple days ago and these heliox dive schedules and equipment that I also know nothing about except hearing one of my chief petty officers hold forth at length about the subject in the ward room after a staff meeting because it is such specialist knowledge that even the experts in the field don't really know anything about it yet. Because it's the Fall of 1939. Okay maybe there's some slight bias for submarines implicit in that statement. Assuming Morgana are generated in that way it makes sense plot wise to me. From what we've been told for the game however, that's not the case. In a theoretical world where the Iron Dog gets to come out of the the eternal time out kennel she's in instead of just being the aquatic equivalent of a lawn sculpture for the British Admiralty at Scapa... I think they'd be hard pressed to find English sailors willing to volunteer to crew aboard her. The feeling of hostility quite mutual, and the tension from the phony war isn't helping anything after all. I also wonder if the Nazis would want symbols of Imperial Germany "back". There's a few remaining HSF ships in the Kriegsmarine of course but those ships are largely out of the actual combatant portion of the Kriegsmarine beyond shore bombardment, and that is after extensive refits. So restoring, fitting out and crewing a badly outdated battlecruiser that won't even have her outdated WW1 era weapons is likely not going to get on the KM's "to do list" any time soon. Some of it would of course depend on who she selected as her Captain, but I think the best results you're going to get is to scrape together some of her original crew if any are left in fighting shape (and they can be scammed away from the German military proper) and fill in the rest with international volunteers who don't like the British. Maybe Ireland would volunteer as a way to get into the Morgana war proper. Could be an interesting plot. What jack to fly on her would be it's own kettle of fish that I could see going many directions. [semi-ic]Honestly I'm looking for any possible out for the Derfflinger in terms of bringing her back. The idea of being a trophy for the British causes me physical pain and I can't help but think the old girl deserves better. That better might not mean active combat service either, though God only knows what Belles can accomplish with some creative engineers who know how to beg, borrow, scrounge and otherwise acquire needed parts and a motivated enough Captain who can make the budget happen by squeezing it from a stone if needed. [/semi-ic]
  6. In my opinion there's two limiters. One there's a difference between under and recoverable and well and truly sunk. Submarines by their nature get a bit more play in that particular condition than surface vessels, but I think the critical difference is, both Squalus and Thetis could be returned to active service, again a benefit of being a submarine. The average warship sunk cannot no matter how much work one cares to put into them. Two, the HSF have been decommissioned and struck from their respective naval list. Struck so severely that the Navy they once belonged to no longer exists. I consider this... not so much the killing blow as it is the closing of a chapter in a history for a lineage of ships, or individual vessels until called to service again (USS Mahan for example is once again in active service with the US Navy, as I mentioned in my own VB short story Forward Unto Victory.) It's the act of decommissioning that means the spirit moves on. Which of course brings up questions about Squalus and Thetis when they are taken into dry dock. Would the Sailfish and Thunderbolt still exist? However. Our own Scootia is the man to ask about the HSF. Considering that is literally the plot of the fan story he's writing, starting off the with battlecruiser SMS Derfflinger. Which, if any of the HSF could manifest a Belle, it would most certainly be the Iron Dog considering she was raised and anchored (still capsized mind you) near Scapa Flow. Which may be why Scoot selected her as the lead Belle for his story. Recap & Conclusion: Sqaulus and Thetis are unique in that not only were they still commissioned, while technically being wrecks/sunk they were in a condition that could and did eventually allow both boats to return to active naval service. You're not going to find many ships of any age that fit that profile, and precious few submarines too. All the more reason that both subs should be recovered with all due haste. A submarine is a valuable asset. A submarine with a Belle is valuable beyond measure.
  7. If anything I'd think it would be even more vital to salvage them at once. Chances are a fair few ships are sunk outright before the Belles can start fighting back, humanity will need every hull they can get. If they (the subs) manage to manifest they might even be able to help the recovery crews. The US Navy also had some pretty reasonable motivations to bring Squalus home, and I think those motivations would be even more critical with the Navy suddenly going to war status. I'd also theorize that they likely could manifest, as I believe both boats were still in commission as of the start of the war, and that seems to be one of the critical factors. Could be an interesting fan work if neither sub is in the game. A PoV for Squalus or Thetis awaking alone in the dark*, wanting ever so desperately to fight, but being unable to do so, being so terribly alone. Wondering if this is their fate. If they've been forgotten, abandoned. Such thoughts in such extreme conditions are more than enough to drive a human mad, I can imagine either Belle needing some therapy once they'd been secured in drydock for repair. But to end the story on a pleasant note you can have someone from the recovery team above wonder if what's been happening around the fleet might have happened to their charge. Scuttlebutt and superstition would make word get around. So if you want to keep the sub in her isolation without direct interaction, you have some sailors grab a bottle shove a note in it, seal it, and attach some ballast, and drop it over the side... where it will land approximately on the sub's conning tower or deck. Five words. "We're coming. It'll be okay." She grasps the disintegrating scrap of paper to her chest for a moment, tears of pain, of loss, of relief, if any did fall, lost in the salt water that surrounded her. Resolve was the emotion she found next. She wasn't forgotten, wasn't alone, and the same people fighting to save her would need her to save them in turn. Alternatively you could have some divers from the USS Falcon return to the site and come down and check on her. Or any of the divers from the salvage team. Lots of options. Speaking of unlucky boats and names though the Thetis/Thunderbolt really had a bad run of it didn't she? One of the only vessels in human history to be lost with all hands** twice. *That both girls would be awaking with the... human consequences of submarine accidents aboard is something likely best left unexplored and unmentioned for tact's sake. **To be fair four managed to escape the Thetis.
  8. Dear HQ, Requesting the names and grid coordinates of any Belles who happen to practice the more... original form of Yule, or otherwise appreciate the spirit of bah humbug. I'll be sending the latter a bottle of their preferred spirits and other survival necessities to hopefully ease the strain on sanity that is the Winter Holiday season and some appropriate seasonal goodies to the former, preferences towards axs or swords should be indicated in writing no later than one week before the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. T. Heavens, USMC Commanding ---- Actually more seriously, it's a topic that the staff would probably want to avoid at all costs because it's more sensitive than a complicated dance routine in a high density minefield, depending on where you take it and how but Belles talking about what they "believe" in general would be of great interest. It might be seem a bit odd, but bear with me for a moment. (Don't stick this bit in a dispatch to the Belles! I'd hate to look dumb in the Captain's Association dispatches that follow.) ------ To sailors and Marines, Belles didn't need to manifest for us to know they were there. It was, and is, an article of faith, we have evidence of this faith of sailors and their amphibian counterparts dating back to Greek Tiremes if not earlier still. Superstition drives the heart and soul of the sailor and the Marine and always has. Our ships are everything to us, and we love them as such. Shelter, sword and shield, a mental haven as the ramp drops on an assault craft, where you return, either in good spirits, flush with the twin thrills of victory and survival against all odds, or to be healed, or shattered, to be conveyed home or to be passed into the sea to eternal rest. For many of us over the centuries, those same ships became our place of final rest themselves. How could such creations, more than the sum of their parts, be it wood, iron or steel, not have something more to them than just being a mere object? So strong is this emotion, so strong is this conviction, this article of faith, that... it simply is. Civilians and the land bound do not question this faith, they see it as normal, and how we refer to ships and aircraft in most if not all world languages that have words for such things reflect that faith. Not mere objects. Her. She, not it. It's not that ships are just gendered in the same way certain words are gendered in say the romance languages either. They are referred to like one would refer to a person. In tones ranging from friend, to lover, to trying to start a bar fight during a particularly frustrating maintenance task. This linguistic reflection is subtle, but I believe because of it, many people who come into contact with a ship knows that there's something special in them. That a heart beats within her engines. The crews of the USS Constitution were men of courage and honor, but the ship herself is famous, a legend in her own right, lauded and beloved by every American who has heard her name. How could there not be something more there than just some wood and iron fittings? So when the Belles rose, we may have been surprised because it happened, but if any man or woman aboard was worth their salt, they weren't surprised that the Belles were there, because all that happened is that our faith was vindicated. So it appeals to an old salt like me to ask a superstition about their own superstitions. Belfast for example may well carry some belief or sense of the old Fae lore of our mutual home island with her. Respectfully submitted, T. Heavens, USMC Commanding
  9. 3 for me. Nevada might be "overly motivated" but one lesson you learn in the service is actually the secret acronym in the word "Navy". Never Again Volunteer Yourself. So thanks for that Nevada, glad to leave the budget in your capable hands.
  10. Update 125 Question: Captain: 1: Okay. So. When you say Command was “more than willing to cover the cost of all this,” did you get a firm promise that that doesn’t mean it’s coming out of our discretionary… y’know what? I’m going to the radio room. Send somebody to rescue me if I’m not out in four hours or so. 2: Well played, Nevada. Well played. 3: … Nevada, I’d like to thank you for volunteering to be the Fleet’s new finance liaison with Command. I should have a few hundred pages of adjusted budgets for you to look at by Friday, so if you can talk to our superiors to secure improved funding by next Wednesday or so we should be able to get a few things pinned down sooner rather than later.
  11. The Army Navy football game, that magical time of year when Marines and sailors set aside their differences to focus on what truly matters. Beating the ever loving dog shit out of West Point at North American Hand Egg. Especially when those bastards maliciously played better the last two years and managed to break Annapolis's decade plus win streak. That simply cannot be allowed to stand.
  12. I honestly have no opinion, I'm just having fun with the fleet problems. I do have one question though, and it's a bit superficial and silly, so pardon me, but why in the world does Arizona have a southern accent? She's got a straight up Texas drawl, I'm from Arizona, we don't talk like that! Haha. Aside from the occasional "y'all" and modernly a fair bit of Spanglish, I'd say we speak "normally" for the West, which is quite different from the South, Yankees and Midlanders. Is there a particular metric by which accents are assigned to Belles beyond strong regional ties?
  13. Lots of Kazoo players in here walking around with presumed Kazoo related childhood trauma. Load the catapult, one please.
  14. Helping uphold the image of the officer and a gentleman (or lady) Captain, Option 4 if you will.
  15. Romance in a time of armored warships. Wonder whatever that could mean. ;) Option 4 for me. Pass the rum and hoist the black flag. Then get the junior officers, and tell them to hoist the gin pennant... On Welly's flagship's halyard.
  16. Push too far, you run out of juice. Or lose coherency too far from your projector.
  17. Been listening lots of sea shanties recently. Not that I don't do that frequently any way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEWS5dGSDOc
  18. I would believe you'd get pretty positive results from that. I mean, Mign can speak for herself, but from listening to what everyone's saying, that seems like the best solution to me.
  19. Legate I don't think people are really asking for firm dates. I think they just want the kind of thing you were telling us just now, but in a KS update. Where's everything stand? How's the writing? How's the art coming? Sound design? Sound track? Where's integration and ongoing engine work stand? Not when it will be done necessarily. Just... what's happening. I think a lot of people would be content not having dates or deadlines, provided they have a general feel for what's going on with the actual state of the work. And don't get me wrong, I fully understand an update like that's extra work on the pile, but communication doesn't have to commit the studio to dates or timelines, and it seems like a lot of folks are feeling like they're really in the dark.
  20. WW2 is officially a world war, with combatants on three continents.
  21. I'd argue that making a Belle a Shintai would be incorrect. Shintai or Mitamashiro are items that contain a part of the god, the ship's hull is acting as a container for the avatar of the kami, and likely a small shintai from the parent cult as well as mentioned below. Making a ship a shintai would require making the ship a shrine, and shrines really can't be mobile for a variety of reasons, location is very important after all. Plus there's the factor where you're pissing off the the parent kami if the ship sinks in combat. In short, the key factor is the mobility, not how temporary the ship is or is not, and it can be argued the ships are temporary, as we know that the spirit moves from ship to ship in her line. The other critical factor, beyond the ships being a temporary vessel, is that the Belles aren't new Kami. Nor are they specific to their ships. Not as far as Shinto is concerned any way. Japanese warships are named primarily for features of the Japanese landscape with a few notable exceptions. These features would already have individual cults, long established. So if you have a woman turn up aboard the Ashigara, claiming to BE Ashigara, the cult of Mount Ashigara is probably going to want to be involved at some stage or another, because that's an avatar of *their* kami. Then making the ship a Mikoshi instead of a Shintai, best allows (from a Shinto perspective) a warship following a warship's business, with minimal risk of backlash from a ship being sunk and allows the Kami the dignity of being evacuated with the rest of the crew. The Belle can't leave, but a Shintai from the main shrine could be, and very likely would be placed aboard since the kami has chosen to manifest itself aboard the warship named in it's honor. I'll also say that I'm using the term "Gods" quite loosely here, and the IJN Belles likely don't see themselves in the entirely divine sense of the term at all. There might be one or two, but you'd have to have a hell of an ego to think like that, and we haven't seen a IJN Belle with that kind of loud personality yet. Note to self, do not let Scharnhorst hang out with any Japanese Belles who might translate the word kami for her under any circumstances. I'd also note there are no examples historically that I or my correspondents could find of entire ships being enshrined. We did find Mikoshi being installed on boats and ships however.
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