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  1. The Army Navy football game, that magical time of year when Marines and sailors set aside their differences to focus on what truly matters. Beating the ever loving dog shit out of West Point at North American Hand Egg. Especially when those bastards maliciously played better the last two years and managed to break Annapolis's decade plus win streak. That simply cannot be allowed to stand.
  2. I honestly have no opinion, I'm just having fun with the fleet problems. I do have one question though, and it's a bit superficial and silly, so pardon me, but why in the world does Arizona have a southern accent? She's got a straight up Texas drawl, I'm from Arizona, we don't talk like that! Haha. Aside from the occasional "y'all" and modernly a fair bit of Spanglish, I'd say we speak "normally" for the West, which is quite different from the South, Yankees and Midlanders. Is there a particular metric by which accents are assigned to Belles beyond strong regional ties?
  3. Lots of Kazoo players in here walking around with presumed Kazoo related childhood trauma. Load the catapult, one please.
  4. Helping uphold the image of the officer and a gentleman (or lady) Captain, Option 4 if you will.
  5. Romance in a time of armored warships. Wonder whatever that could mean. ;) Option 4 for me. Pass the rum and hoist the black flag. Then get the junior officers, and tell them to hoist the gin pennant... On Welly's flagship's halyard.
  6. Push too far, you run out of juice. Or lose coherency too far from your projector.
  7. Been listening lots of sea shanties recently. Not that I don't do that frequently any way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEWS5dGSDOc
  8. I would believe you'd get pretty positive results from that. I mean, Mign can speak for herself, but from listening to what everyone's saying, that seems like the best solution to me.
  9. Legate I don't think people are really asking for firm dates. I think they just want the kind of thing you were telling us just now, but in a KS update. Where's everything stand? How's the writing? How's the art coming? Sound design? Sound track? Where's integration and ongoing engine work stand? Not when it will be done necessarily. Just... what's happening. I think a lot of people would be content not having dates or deadlines, provided they have a general feel for what's going on with the actual state of the work. And don't get me wrong, I fully understand an update like that's extra work on the pile, but communication doesn't have to commit the studio to dates or timelines, and it seems like a lot of folks are feeling like they're really in the dark.
  10. WW2 is officially a world war, with combatants on three continents.
  11. I'd argue that making a Belle a Shintai would be incorrect. Shintai or Mitamashiro are items that contain a part of the god, the ship's hull is acting as a container for the avatar of the kami, and likely a small shintai from the parent cult as well as mentioned below. Making a ship a shintai would require making the ship a shrine, and shrines really can't be mobile for a variety of reasons, location is very important after all. Plus there's the factor where you're pissing off the the parent kami if the ship sinks in combat. In short, the key factor is the mobility, not how temporary the ship is or is not, and it can be argued the ships are temporary, as we know that the spirit moves from ship to ship in her line. The other critical factor, beyond the ships being a temporary vessel, is that the Belles aren't new Kami. Nor are they specific to their ships. Not as far as Shinto is concerned any way. Japanese warships are named primarily for features of the Japanese landscape with a few notable exceptions. These features would already have individual cults, long established. So if you have a woman turn up aboard the Ashigara, claiming to BE Ashigara, the cult of Mount Ashigara is probably going to want to be involved at some stage or another, because that's an avatar of *their* kami. Then making the ship a Mikoshi instead of a Shintai, best allows (from a Shinto perspective) a warship following a warship's business, with minimal risk of backlash from a ship being sunk and allows the Kami the dignity of being evacuated with the rest of the crew. The Belle can't leave, but a Shintai from the main shrine could be, and very likely would be placed aboard since the kami has chosen to manifest itself aboard the warship named in it's honor. I'll also say that I'm using the term "Gods" quite loosely here, and the IJN Belles likely don't see themselves in the entirely divine sense of the term at all. There might be one or two, but you'd have to have a hell of an ego to think like that, and we haven't seen a IJN Belle with that kind of loud personality yet. Note to self, do not let Scharnhorst hang out with any Japanese Belles who might translate the word kami for her under any circumstances. I'd also note there are no examples historically that I or my correspondents could find of entire ships being enshrined. We did find Mikoshi being installed on boats and ships however.
  12. Fishing trawlers are ocean going, but they lack true endurance. You aren't going to circle the world in a trawler. You might be able to swing it, but it's way outside the design. Ditto the small water craft used by the RNLI, which are primarily focused on coastal operations around the British Isles last I knew.
  13. I think the line between a boat and a ship is really quite clear. The Navy (and Marine Corps) rule of thumb if that a boat can be carried by a ship, and a ship can carry a boat. Now obviously there's some exceptions to this rule, in the 20th and 21st century we saw massive floating dry docks and transport ships that are designed to quite literally ship ships, but that doesn't demote their cargo to boat status. So if we'd like to add some more qualifiers, we should look at intended use, and endurance. A ship is a blue water vessel (meaning the open ocean proper, no coast line hugging) intended for or capable of extensive voyages. A fleet oiler or replenishment ship is a ship because of their size, their endurance and their intended use to keep up with and support the fleet. So with that in mind, and the "rule" that every "ship" has a Belle to one extent or another, we can rule out a Belle popping up on every life boat or fishing trawler. Now the rest of this is just conjecture and over all I'm very in line with Pac. The origin of Belles come from faith. Even modernly if you told an airman, sailor or sea duty Marine worth their salt had embodied itself they'd no doubt be a little surprised, but would accept the idea quite readily, because of course the ship has a spirit. Sure it's a bit odd that she's up and walking around, sitting in the mess and jawing with the crew, but why wouldn't she if she was indeed up and walking around herself? Since the days of ancient sail, and I do mean ancient, like before the Peloponnesian War ancient, when sea faring was young, sailors have believed quite firmly in the spirit of their vessels. (Almost universally female on a global scale too.) This idea is so common that it's in our language when we refer to a ship or vessel. "She" "Her", always as if she was a person herself. It's why I think ship girl media's so popular, well beyond what the creators of Kantai Collection or other properties expected. If we go with the conception that gods, any gods, exist because of human faith, usually based on a significant concept or edifice, then Belles are a quite literal case of deus ex machina.
  14. I'd like to know more about the power ratio between Belles and their equivalent conventional ships, not that I'm intending a life of mild piracy or attacking conventional fleets... that anyone can prove... but purely for a sense of proportion. What type of tonnage can a Light Cruiser Belle take on and reliably handle? Has the INPF found a way to safely test Belle defenses? Hurling a 41 cm shell at Belfast is all well and good if it's more like tossing a wad of paper at someone than an actual attack, but if certain volumes of conventional fire can damage a Belle either by sheer volume or by a single overpowering shot, well that'd obviously be a bad thing to say the very least. Conversely what type of damage could Belfast's guns do compared to conventional weapons? The Town class cruisers were equipped with... 6 inch Mk XXIII naval guns off the top of my head, which would probably have... 800 m/s or so muzzle velocity. Some very brief research suggests Belfast would be getting about 76mm or so of armor penetration at medium range striking side armor... prior to manifesting herself that is. Final technical question, do Belles impact propulsion at all? Can Belfast jump her speed or make a slightly tighter turn that a conventional Town class ship? We've heard about augmented defense and weapons, but increased propulsion and range would be similarly valuable. P.S. Sorry for using you as the example Belfast, didn't know who else might be joining you. Courier with flowers and some fresh tea I picked up in the Pacific should be hitting your usual pier in an hour or so, and barring that, will pass things on to Rawalpindi.
  15. Indy Nidell of The Great War channel started their new WW2 series today, looks great.
  16. I thought we'd already heard about that multiple times from one Belle or another. That might just be head cannon stuff in my head though.
  17. I think you're absolutely right that I've completely over thought this, but a lot of the fun parts about the fluff surrounding Victory Belles so far is the world building. No ship girl media outside of VB has been willing to address what the world sees a Belle as for the most part, because that's more depth that those media properties need or desire to follow. It's simply of no real benefit to them. Work out the background and small details in game might feel just a bit more natural for people playing. I mean this whole discussion started because I looked at a couple words of Japanese and went "Huh, that feels linguistically and culturally wrong" after all. I'd expect you and Khorn to make similar arguments over finer points of German linguistics and culture as applied to the game if something stuck out like that to you. It's also worth noting that housing an incarnate kami or avatar of the kami to their desires... not to tradition, would be considered of rather grave import. So I'd expect Japanese belles would have quarters if they so desired. Pissing a god off is generally not something most people want to do. Especially when that god has a battery of 41cm guns. I wonder if Voykov has quarters. Or if she sleeps. Or eats. A lot of the Belles we've met have been quite "human" in their behavior, Voykov has more in common with the Terminator. Be interesting if she allowed herself such "frivolous" things. We also haven't met a truly "inhuman" Belle either which also has interesting potential.
  18. I always imagine Rawa sounding a bit like one of my drill instructors demanding the Captain(s) fall in for mail call.
  19. It would probably depend on the crew and kami in question. Chances are a room would be given over to a kamidana style shrine to contain the actual shintai from the parent cult. That room would be lined with a shimenawa, and possibly other critical areas. I could see an argument made for a shimenawa over the hatch to the engine room for example.
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