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  1. For all of next year I will commission one fanart for each season. Spring will be Bunny Belles, Summer Bikini Belles, Fall Halloween Belles, and Winter Christmas Belles. Two Belles for the other commissions and none can be repeats @Dmnt and @Lolwut can get first pick due to helping me find artists. To get a Belle pick you will need at least 5 votes for said Belle do keep in mind Dmnt and Lolwut will take first priority in any one of the (excluding Winter which are already picked) seasons. Once they used their first pick they cannot use it anymore, they can give up their first pick powers is they choose to. Everybody can pick two belles per season those count as votes. Edit: I've change my mind and decided to free up next year Christmas Belles, so you guys can pick next years Christmas Belles. Velasco and Chiyoda still off limits though. @DrYuriMom Wants to commission a Mardi Gras fanart it will have New Orleans and another Belle that we will vote in. Each commission will be during the season its stated in. Mardi Gras Belles (New Orleans) (Free to vote for x2) Bunny Belles will be commissioned around Easter (free to vote for x2) Bikini Belles around June (Bearn) (Diether) Halloween Belles around Halloween ( Free to vote for x2) Christmas Belles around Christmas ( Free to vote for x2) Off limit Belles are listed below New Orleans Nerpa Graf Spee Mahan (plan to do a special commission with her and allow for other Belles to get a chance) Nautilus Chiyoda (plan to do a special commission with her) Velasco (plan to do a special commission with her)
  2. Here is the water mark version of the Christmas commission and bump as a reminder that Mardi Gras is just a month away.
  3. Here is the watermark version
  4. Melisa is planning to post this and the Christmas one up with her watermark on can you wait til them? I really want ppl to see Melisa's art. And just credit me as David J when you do post it.
  5. Something I commissioned from Melisa and a reminder to vote for the Mardi Gras Belle since a commission can take about 2 weeks give or take. The girl with the green hair is Yamakaze and the one with the red is Arashi. I kinda pictured them being very angry Nautilus is a thing and has big boobs so they the made plans for their revenge. As one should know all plans of shipgirls and mice fall to pieces if the enemy is in the tactics room, Arashi from zhan jian shao nyu (Warship Girls) is not here due to diplomacy problem between Kancolle and WSG.
  6. Option 2 food solves everything
  7. Thought this would be interesting and since Nautilus uses them I think so would the other less detailed inclined US Belles would do so too. So that we won't get lost I posted them. Pacific War WW2 US Navy Terms US Navy Slang Wikitionary US Navy Slang PDF
  8. Here is a commission done by nashirasauce for Admiral Teofilo Hurtado to celebrate the new year
  9. I am planning to commission fanart for two Belles in Santa Claus cosplay to celebrate the upcoming beta and another year of the VB community. I am willing to shell out 250 dollars for the fanart one is obviously Nautilus and other undecided yet(leaning towards Nerpa or Graf Spee) I am looking for an artist willing to take this up if anybody can help me find one I will use your choice of Belles for the second one.
  10. Did that first thing, I am now extremely curious about the gift.
  11. Here are the Christmas Belles commissions enjoy done by the talented Aka Zai https://aka-zai.deviantart.com/ and Melisa Ong Mi Qin https://melisaongmiqin.deviantart.com/ respectively warning both do R18 stuff
  12. I vote for Option 3
  13. Casual clothes Mahan is great
  14. I planning to commission different artist for different commissions as much as possible and I do like your art.
  15. That's fantastic jojo!
  16. And the present of a beta since its suppose to come in mid December, if not we still have fanart
  17. Jojo uploads 2 more Mahan fanart, and Jojo is planning to make a Victory Belles doujin for Comiket 93
  18. @Dmnt sorry probably was not paying attention
  19. If Enterprise is in the game she should have grey hair like in Azur Lane instead of the stereotypical blond American stereotype (nothing against it but its to emphasize the Grey Ghost bit or at least have clothes in that color).
  20. Personal vote Bunny Belles Nenohi and Pola for lols Winter Belles D'Aosta and Canarias Halloween Belles Wicher and Camicia Nera Mardi Gras I third Leberecht Maass
  21. Mississippi's holiday planning is in full swing.
  22. Bikini Belle are all voted up. Bunny Belles, Halloween Belles and due to me changing my mind Christmas Belles are still open for vote
  23. Bikini Belles 3 Hood 1 Kirov 1 Espero 1 La Motte-Picquet Bunny Belles 2 Nenohi 1 De Ruyter 1 Lexington Halloween Belles 1 New Orleans 1 Wicher 1 Voykov 1 Camicia Nera 1 Rawalpindi
  24. Jojo returns in this NSFW Mahan fanart