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  1. Will the Bunny Belles from this other topic be on this same line? I somewhat expected that to be more like a floofy easter bunny-like costume.
  2. Implying poor Béarn(who genuinely believes a battleship-carrier hybrid is a good idea) is an expert on aircraft combat... I'd love to see her again what she has to say on the matter tho.
  3. I must say... I never really paid much attention to it, but... for being a submarine, Nautilus has some... elements that make her hydrodynamics rather questionable.
  4. Option 5(?)
  5. If none of the others reaches 5 votes, I guess the one with most votes will go in? BTW, if at all possible, I'd want to move one of my votes. For the winter one. From Moskva to Canarias. Also, I vote for Kirov for Bunny Belles, even though at this point I don't think much can change.
  6. In all my life, there was one question I never thought I would ask myself: "What kind of person would say no to cake?" Now I'm seeing the answer.
  7. It's basically Mardi Gras' cousin. I'm surprised you don't know about it. According to Wikipedia, it is celebrated in Germany too(?)
  8. Not once in the entire doujin was there a "torpedo breaching the hull" metaphor... I still can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing...
  9. Sure, but everything seems to indicate that the case on point was definitely not consensual, and she somewhat seems to believe she's justified, so I wouldn't count on her really caring much for *actual* consent.
  10. The fact that Mississipi's commissioning was just some time after that change of name could explain why she even knows the original name. In comparison, "younger" belles might only ever have known it as Yavuz. Why is Mississipi using "Goeben"? It could just be down to personal preference, in addition to her actually knowing that name in the first place. For example, you'll never hear me call Libertad as "Galicia", even though my commissioning... uh, well... you get the point. That aside, I vote 3.
  11. "D-don't get the wrong idea. This is only to boost the crew's morale. It's not like I wanted to see you wearing this or anything." º//_//º
  12. I think my votes weren't counted(?) Also, I add Moskva as my second vote for Winter.
  13. I don't really know about carols, but one thing I can tell you is that in Spain the streets get their Christmas decorations as early as... last weeks of October... A "common" joke about it is something along the lines of "If they're gonna do it like that, why even bother removing them?"