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  1. Dmnt

    A fan artist appears

    You can argue out of it(if you so desire) by pointing that she's not exactly dressed as "Sinterklaas" (and considering what she's actually wearing, I'd hesitate to say she is "dressed" at all) Biggest argument being the "Santa" hat instead of a Mitre, among others.
  2. Dmnt

    KS Update 123

    While that's true, one must avoid naming their daughter(or son, or anyone) its variant "Hansel". It is a name that is known to cause much confusion.
  3. Dmnt

    KS Update 123

    You say this election was rigged like that's something weird... Aren't elections ALWAYS rigged?
  4. Dmnt

    Update 122: Fleet Problem Onepointfive y'all

    So... I must say I'm glad Velasco finally got to say a few lines... I will add... Kaga and Nenohi's lines when being sunk/taking critical damage(being defeated, anyway) don't sound all that convincing... Henley sounds WAY more distressed when talking about soggy sandwiches than those two after what in theory(?) should be a rather painful experience.
  5. Dmnt

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    BTW, I add Leningrad to my voting.
  6. Dmnt

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    I think the "middle" option would be to have the belles appear *behind* the overlay, so they don't obscure information, rather than disabling it altogether. I agree with Pac in that subtitles would be very welcome. That being said... it'd also mean having to translate each line(and it seems there'll be a ton of them) for EVERY language the game will be in.
  7. Dmnt

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    Canarias and Béarn
  8. Dmnt

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    Wait, it's actually possible to "play" music on a Kazoo? I always thought it just makes your voice sound weird. *dodges rocks*
  9. Dmnt

    A fan artist appears

    I see the test run of the new torpedoes was successful.
  10. Dmnt

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    Soo... This update, when a certain game also involving one protagonist, a bunch of girls and poetry just happened to release this very week one year ago. Small bonus for there being also tea, and the one handling the tea also happens to handle knives(if Leningrad's character art is anything to go by). It might or might not be just a coincidence.
  11. Dmnt

    Seasonal Belles Commission

    No inflatable wine bottle...
  12. Half a gill of it, mixed with one gill of water per day, to be precise.
  13. I vote 3. About the weather thing... You'd think a Carrier Belle's planes should be able to fly even in very adverse conditions. Or are they no better than regular planes? I'm sure this must have been addressed already somewhere...
  14. Rule #1 of the Closed Beta: You do not talk about the Closed Beta.
  15. If so, there should also be a restricted zone in the forums only for beta testers(and staff, duh), so they can at least discuss the closed beta among themselves, as well as providing feedback.