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  1. That's not the matter here. The different accents in Japanese don't really *write* things differently. Especially if we are already considering anything will then be romanized for readability. The different accents in Japanese basically *speak* in a different way, like using different words altogether. In fact, something similar(although it's not the same) can be observed in the way the Japanese belles address the captain. While belles from other nations consistently use the same words in their respective language(Captain, Capitán, Capitano, Kapitän, etc), Japanese belles have like a dozen different ways, and each uses whichever she feels like.
  2. Well, the thing with Barcelona is that most cons are rather shabby. For example, once inside it'd be somewhat difficult to quickly discern whether you are in the one dedicated to "Manga/Anime", the one dedicated to "Comic"(in general), etc. because all of them are made "with the same mold". They also have their video game sections, but realistically only big companies make it there, and more specifically Nintendo. IIRC, last year like 90% of the video game part was Nintendo. I still don't quite understand the need to have like 24 3DS with the new Yokai Watch for people to try. Case in point, not only would it be impossible for BCS to get a proper booth in Barcelona, but even then I don't think it would be remotely worth it, with the knowledge I have(I think) of the market.
  3. I believe the Minor Power's ports are right there in the Kickstarter page. Netherlands: Surabaya Turkey: Gölcük Spain: Ferrol Poland: Hel Fortress
  4. I vote 1. While I would never complain about the inclusion of a knife, I'm not all that sure about what they were expecting it to be used for, given the location is a warship. I mean, I don't think stabbing any of them would be a good idea...(?) Actually, can Belles even be harmed by conventional means anyway? If so, do they have some kind of healing(repair?) factor of sorts? Has this already been answered anywhere?
  5. This year I learned Mother's day has, like, 22 different dates depending on the country... Anyway, I say option 1. They DID agree that Boise was in charge of the food. If they DID agree but now don't like the results, maybe they will need to scrutinize the constitution and see if they find some article to enforce against her. (I KNOW someone will get it)
  6. I vote option 3 (even though there is no voting)
  7. The key here is in the full phrase of "give grief" grief Maybe the idiom only appears alongside the entry for "give" in the dictionaries you checked(?) Did Sun Zu then perchance reincarnate as Michael Bay?
  8. Next will be a belle running for president. In for a penny, in for a pound.
  9. This is very important.
  10. Oh... Oh. I get it, she's late, as usual. In fact, she's so late she'll appear in the next update being all "Let me tell you about planes." "What? What do you mean that was one week ago??"
  11. Before reading this update, I didn't know that "lamb fries" were a thing, but I sure as hell know that I didn't want to. BTW, where's Béarn? You DID say Béarn was in this update. These bait-and-switch tactics won't be tolerated for long!(?)
  12. I vote option 3.
  13. Will the Bunny Belles from this other topic be on this same line? I somewhat expected that to be more like a floofy easter bunny-like costume.