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  1. Half a gill of it, mixed with one gill of water per day, to be precise.
  2. I vote 3. About the weather thing... You'd think a Carrier Belle's planes should be able to fly even in very adverse conditions. Or are they no better than regular planes? I'm sure this must have been addressed already somewhere...
  3. Rule #1 of the Closed Beta: You do not talk about the Closed Beta.
  4. If so, there should also be a restricted zone in the forums only for beta testers(and staff, duh), so they can at least discuss the closed beta among themselves, as well as providing feedback.
  5. And what if, when already beyond those limits, the boat sinks? Can she magically get back to "her ship"?
  6. While this statement is true, I always assumed it was something they could only do when on board their own ship. Like, melding into themselves, if that makes any sense. But if they were to walk over to somewhere else, be it a different ship, or onto land, they couldn't "un-manifest" until they return.
  7. When I first saw the title "On Sleeping Belles", I actually thought it would be about literally "sleeping Belles". Like in, Belles, sleeping. Instantly I realized how silly such a thing would be, and was not surprised to see they really meant "non-awakened Belles" When they say that "Every ship has a Belle", do they mean EVERY ship? Like, even a shabby rowboat, for example? (when does something start counting as a "ship" anyway)
  8. Dmnt

    Update #113- Gneisenau and Takao

    I thought there were huge restrictions regarding alcohol on warships. But do those restrictions apply to the warships themselves? Probably not. Maybe they should?
  9. Dmnt

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    ... But please do go on(?)
  10. Dmnt

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    Are you suggesting that a Japanese Belle's captain is somehow also regarded as some sort of priest, or it's just me completely missing the point?
  11. Dmnt

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    For all we know, they could very well just disappear after the war ended, their mission being over, and being no longer needed.
  12. Dmnt

    KS Update 111

    I'd say 4 is the right answer. Sorry to break it to you all, but 5 is the shameful version of 4.
  13. That's not the matter here. The different accents in Japanese don't really *write* things differently. Especially if we are already considering anything will then be romanized for readability. The different accents in Japanese basically *speak* in a different way, like using different words altogether. In fact, something similar(although it's not the same) can be observed in the way the Japanese belles address the captain. While belles from other nations consistently use the same words in their respective language(Captain, Capitán, Capitano, Kapitän, etc), Japanese belles have like a dozen different ways, and each uses whichever she feels like.
  14. Well, the thing with Barcelona is that most cons are rather shabby. For example, once inside it'd be somewhat difficult to quickly discern whether you are in the one dedicated to "Manga/Anime", the one dedicated to "Comic"(in general), etc. because all of them are made "with the same mold". They also have their video game sections, but realistically only big companies make it there, and more specifically Nintendo. IIRC, last year like 90% of the video game part was Nintendo. I still don't quite understand the need to have like 24 3DS with the new Yokai Watch for people to try. Case in point, not only would it be impossible for BCS to get a proper booth in Barcelona, but even then I don't think it would be remotely worth it, with the knowledge I have(I think) of the market.