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  1. My recommendation regarding a viable business model is something similar to Marvel Heroes, which is a Diablo (action RPG) game that is free to play, but you can pay money to unlock heroes and or to buy boosts and additional hero costumes (skins). Where I think that game shines is that you have several characters to choose from at the start and then by playing to accumulate shards which allow you to unlock most of the other content. Also very important is that it's not pay to win, you never have anything that gives you an unfair advantage, it's all mostly cosmetic. They do have boosts that give you increased exp, or chance at drops, but some of those are awarded to players over time as well. They give you awards and benefits for logging in regularly or during special events. I imagine you could also have some sort of boosts in this game that allowed you to increase your level faster, or allowed you to try and convince a Belle to join you more easily. I am certain that if you make some different outfit skins for the Belles people will surely buy a few especially if they are very different as opposed to some palette swapped colors. I do hope that however you choose to do it, it's not structured in such a way that it almost feels like having a part time job in order to gain access to some of the content. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and reading more of the suggestions from the community
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