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  1. I realize that this isn't related to anything navy related but it is a history question, so... How widespread were wheelchairs at the time of WW2? With kind of some emphasis on were wheelchairs used in Japan in WW2, because I've been researching for that kind of information for my fanfic that I'll-probably-never-manage-to-write-but-I'll-try-anyways and so far I've had no success.
  2. Levinne

    KS Update 60

    Profintern seems like someone that I want in my fleet. Also her interactions with Mahan were pretty cute, when you consider what Mahan thinks of soviet Belles. ...Also, seriously, stop making me ship Mahan with so many Belles, I want to have more ships than just Mahan x everybody ever.
  3. A1. meanwhile i'll be here writing my Mahan x Algerie fics in my head
  4. A4, since she's the last japanese vessel on the board, as far as I can recall.
  5. Levinne

    KS Update 47

    Hah, I knew Kirov would be a winner! She's so fun! Definitely joining the fleet, that one.
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