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  1. These first looks are always nice to see each week. Also, how about some actual updates for the game itself?
  2. It's been...well, close to 4 years since the beginning of the Kickstarter with some progress on the game since then. I'm just curious what's BCS's plans for 2020 will be. Will we get more updates focusing on non-VN gameplay? More visual/audio media? Will this be the year where we can finally get a (beta?) start date????
  3. Really nice update! I'm glad that there's a speed setting on the battles, because 1x seemed a bit too "slow" for me, but it might work out since I usually play these mobile games while multi-tasking on the computer. I'm excited about the potential of each Belle having at least 20+ chapter character stories! I had thought Mahan was the default starter-ship for the US? I do vaguely remember she could be *a* starter ship if you pre-ordered the Alfred T. Mahan book a long time ago.
  4. I'm honestly think it's a drag for people to have to come to the forums and dig around to find out what's going on game-wise, since most of the recent updates is Belles chattering about in-universe stuff (or historical stuff like name-sakes and irl war service) . I mean a recent update was, well I would call it "frivolous", a small one that was just 2-3 Belles talking about a single sentence added on to a letter that was in an update over a year ago. If BCS can at least give progress updates on the actual game itself in at least 1 update a month or 2, that would be great. Hell, I think that had been promised in the past too.
  5. Bumping this up again so I won't hang on to the recent update thread for something somewhat offtopic. So, back in early November, we finally had a game-play video (2 versions of it, in fact!) of the battle mechanics. A thread on voting who will be in the next Fleet Problem was made, this video was going to be very similar to #1, just them in battle again as Legate mentioned in Update 122's forum thread. After the voting for FP#2 is closed on Nov 9th, Legate says it's now in production and to "expect it some time next month, *we think*" [italicization mine]. It's almost April 9th, a good 5 months since then and with barely a mention of it since. Remember, this was supposed to be another video showing off the battle module again, but during night battle. BCS had said a few times that they wouldn't show a video of game-play unless that module was near finished and and close to be integrated. So, you can assume that the battle engine is finished enough to easily make another battle video. What, exactly, are the statuses for the other modules if it takes this long to output another test battle on a nearly finished battle module? I can only hope that why this Fleet Problem is months late is because you guys are really cracking down on working on the other gameplay aspects and that the FP video fell to the wayside because it's not super high priority to be worked on. Why not tell us about those other gameplay aspects every now and then? How far along is the sortie module? the construction? the VN parts? Romancing? Fleet management? etc??? Anyway, that's my thoughts for the moment.
  6. I think by now, nearly 3 years after the KS started, that we all know too well the song and dance of game development here.
  7. This Kaga is more sharped tongued than the other Kagas I've seen, a nice change of pace. I like her design as well, simple and effective. By the way, from an update last May, would the next interview be with a certain USS Destroyer? Just a suggestion.
  8. Hmm, why wasn't there an update last Friday? I thought we were back at weekly updates again after December was mostly devoid of it due to the major holidays? Or is on a 3-on-1-off schedule again?
  9. That's right, plenty of other Belles to interview the [Redacted] ones. Like Hood is a good choice oooooor if you want to add some crazy spice to it.... Nürnberg. 😜
  10. I'm not too keen on whoever Project 33 is, too grumpy for my tastes. I agree with Two's point #2, but you guys already know my weariness on the whole [redacted] thing has been played out to the point of being super stale now (for realsies this time). Like Two said, it's been 2 years since the very last Belle interview and since then it's mostly the known Belles chattering with each other or the Captain. Other than a surprise Kaga in the Fleet Exercise video, there was been no other actual new reveals in 2 years. I'm also not asking for a full roster reveal either, but since the game has been delayed for quite a while, while not spice it up with new Belles sprinkled in every 2 or so weeks?...even if it wasn't planned because it was thought that game already would've been *out* already....seriously. BUT, I do like how they went about it this update. They focused on one Belle and gave us a few hints on her identity. It was much different than that one update where the Captain was going around to different Belles preparing for a party and there was like....15+ redacted Belles present. Like the Captain came across Mahan, [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], and [Redacted] making party decorations or something, and they barely have us any hints on the others. "Well, this one sub, named after a fish, likes making/wearing costumes!...." "I do know [Redacted] likes this certain poet", etc. So a good balance of [Redacted] and their hints is for the best.
  11. The art came out really nice! Though you might want to link to the artist's site in case we want to look at more of their art.
  12. I meant to post my excitement earlier but got caught up with other stuff. Wooo, finally some gameplay! I do like the updated UI a lot, very sleek and fancy. I like the voicework as well on most of them, but like 2 others had mentioned, I was a bit turned off by how on-the-nose (and stereotypical Southern) Arizona's accent is. Not to say the voice actress did a bad job or anything, but I felt like this voice would be better fit for someone like Mississippi (unless Ari and Missy actually share the same voice actress, then disregard this). Would the next gameplay video after Fleet Problems #2 be of the other stuff like fleet arrangment, building weapons, some VN play, etc?
  13. Wasn't it already mentioned that a ship has to be a certain tonnage and above to harbor a Belle? That made me think of another question. What would happen if a Belle got into a landing boat that belongs to herself? She can't go past her normal barrier, correct?
  14. I wonder why the Go/No-Go vote updates stopped? The last one was a long time ago. I liked them because they gave us an idea on what the team has been working on since the last vote and how far the game was trucking along.
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