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  1. (I keep pushing back on when I will be accepting commissions, but I'm prob not as good as the artists that David J had picked out, lol) I'm a bit confused, there will be commissions based on seasons but I see people mentioning a bunch of holidays too. How is this split up?
  2. Now don't overload Lulwut with so many requests, let him choose what he wants to do out of the bag of ideas.
  3. I will chose one answer and it is #2!
  4. Oo, which artist is working on it? @Lolwut I don't think Hews does commissions(or rarely), he usually focuses on his Patreon stuff (and draws mostly porn lol). He's pretty damn good at what he does though, he's one of my favorites.
  5. For a game that advertised "[...]you can date a battleship. *drops mic* Say whaaaaaaaaat?" the Belles seems pretty disinterested in romance. I guess it makes sense since war is brewing and they will have much more important shi-stuff to focus on. Unless this is like a "prelude" to the actual game and the Belles are too freshly "summoned" to understand the human emotion of love. I expected them to be a bit more open to the idea since romancing them in-game is a big thing. All I can think of is Mahan's little crush on the captain, but that's only because she's been around them for so long.
  6. I don't think we even know which ships are the starters at this point in time.
  7. New Orleans for Inktober. (I'm honestly a much better digital artist than traditional ;w;) I've been posting more Inktober stuff over at my twitter, but mind your step as I sometimes post or retweet ~sexy~ pics.
  8. 2
  9. I drew Bulldog too, it's nothing special:
  10. I was excited to see this thread active and thought more fanart was posted.... Please keep the dumb memes in here to a minimum.
  11. Hard to rank the latter ones buuuuut: Belfast New Orleans De Ruyter PK Nerpa Scharnhorst Mahan Nagato Kongou Stuart
  12. Was I reading this right, along with a multi-national Belle fleet, there can be a multi-national crew on a Belle as well? (oh haha, that rhymed)
  13. I want to see Kirov and New Orleans, it sounds like a blast!
  14. Welcome back lolwut. Keep practicing on the tablet, it takes a while for your mind/hand to get used to drawing on it (it only took me 2 weeks). Nice Boise head so far~ Good Mahan, Jojo.
  15. Welp. That sucks. Good luck on ironing out all the bugs then and hopefully this time it will go smoother.