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  1. I never said to get rid of the super hard clues forever, just to have a better range of difficulty of them in each update (when needed). I just felt like last update was just mostly these hard clues and I brought up that most people might be confused. Well, I assumed so, because most VB fans might not have super deep navy knowledge.... unless all that's left now are the latter of those kinds of people and VB noticed and are aiming at them with these updates. Scavenger hunts can be fun, I agree. BCS can add a super hard hint for those hardcore fans, but at least have something else for the others that might be challenging but fun (but nothing too easy that it insults our intelligence :P).
  2. Well, I got (justifiably?) angry because it seemed like something that actually has been on my mind for months gets completely brushed off while something not even the main point of my feedback got a flippant remark. I felt like a goddamn idiot (for just asking to maybe make the hints not so esoteric?). Well, maybe any future feedback I might have might get relayed by someone of higher standing and a high chance of getting actual serious replies. welp, back to lurking I go.
  3. And here I thought BCS was open for any feedback and constructive criticism about their game(s). My bad, I won't do it again.... (or writing up at least anything taking more time than is necessary.)
  4. Going against the grain here: I'm getting a bit tired of the cutesy fluff pieces the last few months of updates have been, so I'm really looking forward to finally seeing some game play footage, like damn! Especially the 6 vs 6 Belle slugfest. The other non-battle parts of the game is still unfinished so I heard? Now for this update in particular, I wish I could get into it but all the [Redacted]s just left me in a tailspin of confusion and I just can't help but imagining Mississippi having a dinner party with shapeless, nameless Belle ghost blobs (this is as I described it to the VB Discord lol). I could maybe figure out only one [Redacted] but from what Korky's spoilers say, for example one [Redacted] sub "loves costumes". Okay? That's a terrible hint to casuals like me, and seems to be aimed at US Navy turbo nerds which I assume not many of the VB fans are. Having a range of hint difficulty is fine and can bring people together to work out the hints, which is pretty fun. I just feel like this update was "out of reach" to understand on my own.
  5. Thank you, I'm glad you guys like it.
  6. If the game has a big enough following in a non-English country/ries (for example, Germany or maybe the Hispanosphere ), would the VN parts be fully translated in that language in the future? I know it is a huge, expensive undertaking though since iirc the total word count for the VN parts is around 2 million words.
  7. I love that last Naughty Lass one, very delicious!
  8. Good stuff in here, I especially like Shura's Canarias pic (the rendering and style reminds me a bit of Sekimichan{sp?]).
  9. I can offer my services. PM me for details.
  10. Echoing Von_Lipstig's sentiment. I'm curious on how the game-play features are working out after the back-end mess nearly a year ago.
  11. Wow, I'm glad you finally got a pixiv! I hope to see you post more there!!
  12. I thought the voting for the Mardi Gras pic was which 2 Belles would be *with* New Orleans.
  13. I vote for De Ruyter. :3c
  14. Interesting. That's the most I've seen Jojo talk on here. o_0 I hope your book did well at Comiket! (残念に思って、私はまさしく面白くない人です。っwww)
  15. He might take it to heart or he might not, it's up to him himself. Jojo just a very taciturn guy even if you try to talk with him in Japanese. You only see him talk at length about stuff on Twitter (he goes on for several tweets about VB updates, for example), but never to anyone else. (He seems like an interesting person and I just want to be friends with him ;w; but I can't help it(or try to) if I'm so boring to him, so such a feeling that ends up being non-mutual and it makes me depressed). Back on topic, I learned that concrit is needed if you ever want to get better at your craft, along with self-studying etc.. I sometimes ask the Discord for feedback on a WIP sketch, sometimes I don't. It really depends on my feeling on the pic itself.