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  1. Mignonette

    Go Navy, Beat Army!!!

    The art came out really nice! Though you might want to link to the artist's site in case we want to look at more of their art.
  2. Mignonette

    Update 122: Fleet Problem Onepointfive y'all

    I meant to post my excitement earlier but got caught up with other stuff. Wooo, finally some gameplay! I do like the updated UI a lot, very sleek and fancy. I like the voicework as well on most of them, but like 2 others had mentioned, I was a bit turned off by how on-the-nose (and stereotypical Southern) Arizona's accent is. Not to say the voice actress did a bad job or anything, but I felt like this voice would be better fit for someone like Mississippi (unless Ari and Missy actually share the same voice actress, then disregard this). Would the next gameplay video after Fleet Problems #2 be of the other stuff like fleet arrangment, building weapons, some VN play, etc?
  3. Mignonette

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    Alright, that's understandable.
  4. Wasn't it already mentioned that a ship has to be a certain tonnage and above to harbor a Belle? That made me think of another question. What would happen if a Belle got into a landing boat that belongs to herself? She can't go past her normal barrier, correct?
  5. Mignonette

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    I wonder why the Go/No-Go vote updates stopped? The last one was a long time ago. I liked them because they gave us an idea on what the team has been working on since the last vote and how far the game was trucking along.
  6. Mignonette

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    Von Lip's question was asked back in *February* and even he was given a "a video approaches, but I don't know the timing of that." and my response of backing up Von with "I can't spoil it!!". There has been NO videos since before the back-end kerfluffle up to now. Are you giving us the same damn answer as of 7 months ago? That doesn't give the customers a lot of faith when the staff can't even figure out on when we should expect things. I could be wrong and there are hard deadlines known by the staff only, but why would you keep that info from the costumers? So they can be "surprised"? You know people can only await for so long (unless you are a hardcore fan). I checked the comments on the KS page and the last few comments not by Lazarus are people asking where the game is. I see comments in other shipgirl communities asking about it and get replies of "it's dead", "vaporware" and "lol it was a KS scam". Can we at least get some transparency here? Throw us a bone! What the hell is going on? I want an actual update on the game itself. Explain what the hell has been going on since from a year ago as an actual KS update and not just a forum post nestled away in a huge thread. The backers need to know as well. Slow down on the [redacted]. So does BCS *actually* have a nearly clear ETA on the next big, actual game update? or is it still "in the air", as it has been for the last 1-2 years?
  7. Mignonette

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    It's been a while since it was last asked, but is there an actual ETA on the 7 vs 7 video now? Or hell, how about the rough ETA some game play demonstrations? I'm not even going to touch on the estimated ETA of the Beta anymore after this (probably), all I can guess is it's basically not going to happen this year anyway with the way things are moving. How much longer will BCS keep just giving us text-only (let's not be smartasses by pointing out there's talking avatar pictures in them) lores, duos, answering questions on a game where we can't really apply it to? There hasn't even been videos showing off stuff like voice work (eg. the Bulldog video over a year ago) and that was before the back-end kerfuffle. Edit: I just remembered there hasn't been any Go/No-Go updates in months either. On the actual kickstarter page and not the forums, I can't remember when was the last time it was mentioned at all.
  8. Mignonette

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    Yay, Belfast-senpai noticed m(y question)e~ That warms my cold black heart. I like how Nagato has more of a bite to her sarcasm, poor Stewart.
  9. Mignonette

    A fan artist appears

    OOo, I'm honored that team liked the pic. :3 Like the dudes before me, I can plug my twitter/pixiv under the spoiler since it sometimes has unsavory R18 stuff on it popping up: ^^^ Links up there ^^^
  10. Mignonette

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    This time, Bulldog won't ask permission to use "appallingly foul language".
  11. Mignonette

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I think what the fellows before me where trying to say was how would Belles react to "fan" stuff? I brought this up in the Discord recently. I would be curious about their thoughts on it. Like, how would Belles react when they find out about their own fanclubs? Would female USO singers be dressed up as Nevada or New Orleans to ride the popularity wave? Would stag magazines have Belle pin-ups? .....Tijuana bibles? What about official government-sanctioned stuff? Maybe for a cartoon instead of Donald Duck in Nazi Hell-land, it's Henley (don't worry, it was all a bad nightmare and she was in the free US this whole time)? What about the thoughts of the Nazi or Soviet belles on their respective countries' propaganda posters?
  12. I think BCS is based in Texas from what I read (the core team, they have other employees scattered around the world)? Are there any big anime conventions in the state? Or you can cover your bases and hit up a big anime con on either coast like AnimeExpo or Otacon. Using the internet is good, but being there physically might seal the deal for some people.
  13. I know I brought this up over a year ago and might be a good time to bring it up again, but how exactly will you drag the interests of 1000+ people back to VB after 2 years since the Kickstarter? You can give them the beta keys, but I will be surprised if only 100-200 actually activates them and even less stick around for more than a month, and that's even with gameplay finally being shown after over a year of "fluff pieces" that is mostly just Belles dialoging between themselves and the captain (with maybe a tiny update on the game itself shoved in there at the end [or at the very beginning]). This forum isn't that active, and the unofficial Discord has 70+ members, but only 30 online at a time. It's even less on the other social medias. How exactly is BCS going to advertise this game to regain at least some of the backers that lost interest? Will you guys get a VB booth at some big anime contentions? Facebook ads? Tell me, I'm curious. I want serious answers please. None of the cutesy stuff that skirts the main part of what I'm talking about (you know....like last time :V ).
  14. Mignonette

    Canadian Pride!

    Welcome back!..... ok, see you later then.... I'm surprised you had come back here despite you kept bringing up the people who you had bothered nearly *2 years ago*. I think that's a long time to hold a grudge honestly, and I had hoped you moved on with something better to focus on. Might as well play Warship Girls or Azur Lane (or WoWs I guess) to keep passing the time until VB launches (I bet the beta won't be until October, lol).
  15. Aah, dang that's super rough. My thoughts and heart goes out to everyone who knew him, family, friends, and the team.