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  1. Good stuff in here, I especially like Shura's Canarias pic (the rendering and style reminds me a bit of Sekimichan{sp?]).
  2. I can offer my services. PM me for details.
  3. Echoing Von_Lipstig's sentiment. I'm curious on how the game-play features are working out after the back-end mess nearly a year ago.
  4. Wow, I'm glad you finally got a pixiv! I hope to see you post more there!!
  5. I thought the voting for the Mardi Gras pic was which 2 Belles would be *with* New Orleans.
  6. I vote for De Ruyter. :3c
  7. Interesting. That's the most I've seen Jojo talk on here. o_0 I hope your book did well at Comiket! (残念に思って、私はまさしく面白くない人です。っwww)
  8. He might take it to heart or he might not, it's up to him himself. Jojo just a very taciturn guy even if you try to talk with him in Japanese. You only see him talk at length about stuff on Twitter (he goes on for several tweets about VB updates, for example), but never to anyone else. (He seems like an interesting person and I just want to be friends with him ;w; but I can't help it(or try to) if I'm so boring to him, so such a feeling that ends up being non-mutual and it makes me depressed). Back on topic, I learned that concrit is needed if you ever want to get better at your craft, along with self-studying etc.. I sometimes ask the Discord for feedback on a WIP sketch, sometimes I don't. It really depends on my feeling on the pic itself.
  9. It's just some anime stylization, similar to how sometimes artists draw the eyebrows as "floating" over the bangs. Is Jojo even accepting of art critiques? (He'll probably ignores it like he does for most things )
  10. I've been out all day yesterday and today, so I hope everyone's Christmas was great! Cute chibis
  11. Both came out great!
  12. I should open commissions sometime early next year if all goes well. I could be a third string artist if the other 2 chosen ones are unavailable at the time (that is if David J likes my art enough, lol). .... lol I tried
  13. Very nice, Jojo.
  14. Jojo comes here sometimes, maybe there will be a way to buy it from him directly?
  15. (I keep pushing back on when I will be accepting commissions, but I'm prob not as good as the artists that David J had picked out, lol) I'm a bit confused, there will be commissions based on seasons but I see people mentioning a bunch of holidays too. How is this split up?