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  1. That's true of extremely polite and polite forms of Japanese, but in more casual settings it has gender-specific personal pronouns (I/me, we, you). Any woman will come across as tomboyish even now if she uses boku to refer to herself. In '39, only a woman masquerading as a man would do it.
  2. ... Remember that the Captain can also be a woman. What may result when a ship's spirit and a Captain "love each other very much" is a whole separate question...and putting the cart before the horse, anyway. Some of these Belles have whole cities/ states/ countries/ cultures full of lusty people for a namesake and sailors are historically lusty people, so I doubt it. Still, the Belles are all commissioned ships of war, with a mission in front of them. I'm sure some put that before their own passion:
  3. I believe the implication is that post-War, Mahan would get into couch-potato-with-a-book mode and get less exercise. No exercise + all the food she likes = a well rounded figure
  4. At the rate Mahan pitches, I wouldn't be surprised if she dressed up as a baseball player. I am intrigued by what Verdun and Camicia Nera came dressed as, though. Verdun has seen enough horror, so would she avoid anything too gore-heavy or pull no punches? And Camicia Nera wears skull-shaped bling every other day of the year - what could she possibly wear to top that? Decisions, decisions...
  5. And for Veterans day, another remote target ship: USS Utah giving the Fleet something to shoot at. (I love her mascot.)
  6. HMS Centurion as a radio-controlled target, versus the alternative to using a "robo-ship". I like that they left out BGM out of most of it so you get to hear how windy it is, as well as the splashes and gunfire. ...By the way, Centurion pre-dates World War I and survived long enough to be intentionally scuttled near Omaha Beach, to form a breakwater during the Invasion of Normandy. Hmmmmm......
  7. I think it's even worse than that: New Orleans struck me as a bartender, meaning she'd pour/mix drinks for everyone else in the room before she got around to herself. I'd be more afraid of her knowing the skeletons in my closet than the other way around.
  8. Number 2 for me. If the prospect of "him" spooks the rest of the Spanish Belles as much as it does Canarias and (to a lesser degree) Velasco, it would make sense to put those rumors firmly to rest one way or the other. However, spooked and hair-triggered is a recipe for disaster, and the Fog of War is foggy enough as is. Let the investigating begin!
  9. I doubt it, since I suspect David J would beat me to the punch. I'm not greedy. A whole submarine fleet decked out with 8" guns will do me just fine.
  10. So, if I really, Really, Really,Really, Really, Really, Really work hard at it I could get a 16" gun on Nautilus, right?
  11. The League of Nations was pretty underfunded, so it's possible every bureau in the INPF is cash starved. I vote Diana Argys.
  12. You don't say... I don't know whether to bless or curse Käpt'n Korky for introducing me to Postmodern Jukebox, so I'll see his Seven Nation Army for Blue Monday:
  13. So Bismark was just a 50 thousand t delivery device. I have no skin in either game, so I consider Bismark just as doomed as Cossack and Ark Royal.
  14. Yes, but
  15. That's probably a good question for the Lore thread *hint, hint*. A lot of the more uniform-focused Belles wear some rank insignia, but there are others who don't so it's hard to say how official those are.