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  1. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 131

    Thanks for being willing to take up the baton, Wichita. Hopefully the Leningrad Stockholm Syndrome will fade with time... Wichita's looks are deceiving. I would have suspected her of being more of a free spirit than she is. And far be it from me to bite the hand that's been sending popcorn... Ad Astra Per Aspera. Well played. ...Wait....I seem to remember that in the Mother's Day Preparations, the responsible cruiser, [Redacted 8], was doing a herculean job of herding cats. ...And considered Kansas City barbecue the best in the country. And what was her part of the preparations again? Captain: And what are you overseeing?[Redacted8]: Location. And massed popcorn production. I think the Interviewer position is in good hands, Mahan. 😊 Speaking of barbecue and assuming each Belle is true to her namesake's barbecue traditions:
  2. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 130

    [REDACTED]: The Ghost is well informed. You are too kind. [REDACTED]: ... People don't talk to Scharnhorst like this. U-29: Nein. And make sure you don't either. While I consider it laudable for a submarine to speak softly and carry a full spread, being too reserved where Scharnhorst a battleship is concerned actually does her a disservice. Get in touch with Salmon, [Redacted]. You may find her "training exercise" methods worth taking note. I appreciated the response to my question very much, but why must you torment me so? I will not look a gift horse in the mouth, that would be rude. Danke. I look forward to seeing you next in my fleet, [Redacted].
  3. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 129: A Long Awaited Interview with Kaga

    It was and trust me, I am. But I also remember La Motte-Picquet's words of wisdom: That said, if working together includes live-fire target practice, consider a one-way trip around Bungo Channel with a rose for Tosa in her teeth a done deal.
  4. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 129: A Long Awaited Interview with Kaga

    'Mistake' indeed. Your mistake, Kaga, is whining to Mahan for forgiveness. I have neither forgiven nor forgotten.
  5. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 128: An Interview In The Blind

    Funny you should bring up the infamous Mother's Day Special, and those wicked, wicked subs... So there you go. I personally don't mind a heretofore unknown Belle being interviewed and remaining anonymous, but I think having a redacted Belle interview another redacted Belle a bit silly. There's over seventy known Belles not named Mahan or Belfast: press some of them into service.
  6. Panay's Ghost

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    But isn't the battleship HMS Lion under construction at Newcastle upon Tyne when the war begins? Even assuming that anything of the battlecruiser HMS Lion was left to reassemble (she was sold for scrap in 1924!), why would one settle for resuscitating that hull, when she could be provided a bigger, brand-spanking new ship? Unless that is what you mean by rebuilding warships that were scrapped. If so, then the only thing standing in the way of Vickers Amstrongs turning out a new receptacle for her would be labour and materials. The very same things that stood in the way historically. If things had turned out differently and there had been consistent available resources to finish her? Who's to say? I do think that the Captains of Belles have a war to fight though and while it may be Neutral, the INPF isn't a country. Shipbuilding from scratch should probably remain in the hands of the various countries, if for no other reason than even with a freshly commissioned ship and crew (and a handful of souvenirs from her battlecruiser days) , there is no certainty the Belle of HMS Lion would awaken. (And the Royal Navy is gonna need every ship it can beg, borrow or build).
  7. Panay's Ghost

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    A submarine is a valuable asset. A submarine with a Belle is valuable beyond measure. Far be it from me to argue with that statement. 😁
  8. Panay's Ghost

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    I couldn't agree more with TwoHeavens. I think the more interesting question is if Sinterklass/ Santa Claus/ Saint Nicholas believes in Belles... 😉 *** It has been established that Belles who are sunk and re-floated are never quite the same. I'm curious if that is true for the Belles of ships that were lost, re-floated and returned to service before the start of the war. Such potential does exist. Consider USS S-38 (SS-143): who had a mishap in July of 1923, but following repairs and clean-up has been in active service. Another example is the Spanish destroyer Císcar, victim of the Spanish Civil War but refloated and repaired. Would it be something from her past that she'd rather not dwell on, or would there be more obvious consequences to the Belle? There is also the question of ships in the process of being salvaged at the start of the war: HMS Thetis and USS Squalus. Both submarines have been below since Spring, with salvage operations well underway; under optimal circumstances (in real life) Thetis should be raised on September 3rd and Squalus on September 13th. As of September 1st however, circumstances have become less than optimal. Are they among the first casualties of the war, or is there still hope of recovering them?
  9. Panay's Ghost

    Victory Belles Lore questions

    Sadly, The Sullivans is not unique: USS Rogers (DD-876) was named for three brothers on USS New Orleans who were all killed in the Battle of Tassafaronga (which occurred less than three weeks after USS Juneau was torpedoed). The policy for US warships between 1900 and 1980 (i.e. during WW2) was firm: warships received names of deceased individuals only. The only reason then to give a US warship the name of a living individual, would be to "experiment" with what kind of link a Belle created might have; a move that would no doubt be controversial. Certainly if any Imperial Japanese warships popped up named after individuals (living or dead) that would be why... Last year's Christmas Party (Part 1) and 2... and 3.
  10. Panay's Ghost

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    Kudos for Nautilus: her first (only?) torpedo salvo actually hit the near side of a carrier! And did damage! Break out the champagne! ? Setting aside the questionable tactics, her change in depth was rather abrupt (I initially missed the change). Is there any way to note it more? Having the waves above her silhouette lower, perhaps?
  11. Panay's Ghost

    Voting for Fleet Problem #2

    So, unless you're going to tell me Nenohi volunteered to fill the slot, I'm curious who the submarine was on Arizona's team. Arizona probably should have mentioned in the Update the location and conditions, which were posted with the Youtube portion: Sea of Marmara 9:00am 2 Knot wind from the West Visibility: 8 Low Clouds: 2 Oktas Fine weather for a shoot-out. ...Sea of Marmara. And there was a delay because a couple of Belles kept flying Turkish flags. Hmmmmmm..... Next is a night battle. Even discouraging subs (Boo hiss) there are so many choices... In no particular order: Pola Houston Surcouf Scharnhorst Leningrad Wicher Nagato Perth Belfast U-29 Leberecht Maass Saguenay Hans Lüdemann Maillé-Brézé
  12. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 118

    Probably the fact that the Royal Navy used the name Nautilus (Greek for "sailor") as far back as 1762 for a number of sloops. There have been ships in the Royal Navy named after a certain hunter from Greek Mythology since 1787, so I'm sure from then until now their paths have crossed once or twice... Other than some really generic names like Ocean or Shark, there aren't too many Belles that have so many past-life ships of different navies to draw from. No wonder "Naughtly-lass" is such a loose cannon: if it's Tuesday, I must be a USN submarine.
  13. Panay's Ghost

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    Romances be wrecked Before they begin By a hair On the coat Or a lot on the chin Burma-Shave Option 5 please.
  14. Panay's Ghost

    La Belle Galerie Redux

    Once upon a time, forum member Dano created a chart of the Belles we knew of at the start and put them in a handy grid format for all to enjoy. That was before the current forum changes, which added this album area. This seems a logical place for such a resource.