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  1. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 118

    Probably the fact that the Royal Navy used the name Nautilus (Greek for "sailor") as far back as 1762 for a number of sloops. There have been ships in the Royal Navy named after a certain hunter from Greek Mythology since 1787, so I'm sure from then until now their paths have crossed once or twice... Other than some really generic names like Ocean or Shark, there aren't too many Belles that have so many past-life ships of different navies to draw from. No wonder "Naughtly-lass" is such a loose cannon: if it's Tuesday, I must be a USN submarine.
  2. Panay's Ghost

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    Romances be wrecked Before they begin By a hair On the coat Or a lot on the chin Burma-Shave Option 5 please.
  3. Panay's Ghost

    La Belle Galerie Redux

    Once upon a time, forum member Dano created a chart of the Belles we knew of at the start and put them in a handy grid format for all to enjoy. That was before the current forum changes, which added this album area. This seems a logical place for such a resource.
  4. Panay's Ghost

    Update 112: On Captains & Pin-Ups

    A few more thoughts then, to add to your thought process... Shimenawa are put around any suitably impressive object capable of attracting a kami such as boulders and trees (yorishiro). Since the hulls of INJ Belles have demonstrated themselves to clearly be capable of housing a kami (go-shintai), in theory the whole perimeter of any IJN Belle's ship should be festooned with them. That would likely be impractical to do (even with hemp in place of rice straw) out to sea, but to add to a ship's dressing when coming to port? That would depend on how much extra room said ship had to house the stuff: bigger ships could afford the room for heftier, more elaborate/impressive shimenawa. Given that shimenawa delineate the border between the mundane world and the sacred dwelling of (one or more) kami, a practical alternative application might simply be at a ship's access ramp and gangplank - to remind all those going aboard that they are entering a sacred place. ...But that's just me. I do think you've over-thought of the captain's title. I would counter that a Belle ship is not a Mikoshi since there is nothing temporary about her residence in her hull. The Belle-kami dwells in an object (warship) that just happens to be able to travel, rather than being in a temporary transport to take her to a permanent home or on a festival-long jaunt though the neighborhood. Possibly a better term for a ship with a Belle would be Mitamashiro (the object that houses an enshrined kami). I wonder how many of the IJN Belles actually view themselves as "gods", especially in the Western sense of the term, given that kami is much more broadly encompassing than that. Certainly they are spirits and it would be only proper to show them great respect (even if they weren't the ones standing between the Empire and the Morganas).
  5. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 111

    Option 6, please.
  6. Option #5 please. With luck the majority will get drunk enough to forget this intervention occurred.
  7. Panay's Ghost

    A fan artist appears

    The saga continues. Bravo!
  8. Panay's Ghost

    Update 107: The Most Dangerous Captain

    All of the options were wonderful, but I must limit myself to one: Option 2. For my reasoning:
  9. Panay's Ghost

    What You Can Find On YouTube These Days

    Of special note is at 4:00..."the captain lives in a broom closet". I'm not sure whether that means all captains regardless of ship size/class live in equal (lack of) luxury, or that destroyer captains live in a medicine cabinet over a sink.
  10. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 105

    Option 1. Between the royalties and the popcorn, I figure I can make a mint at box offices worldwide out of the comedic gold. ...How else am I supposed to cover the cost of seventy cans of icing? ;p
  11. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 104

    Except Texas is a battleship and this is the Cruiser Club. Houston could represent, but that would require her to help Redacted 8 with the cat-herding; I think there's a reason why she isn't present. As for me, Option 6. It's gonna be a loooong war at this rate so I'd rather not eat up all the tasty critters this early.
  12. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update 102: U-29, Voykov, and the Battle Engine!

    Option 1 please. After all, I've heard rumors that Shangri-La has a decent airstrip...
  13. Panay's Ghost

    History questions

    I found a copy of the 4 September 1939 *Rocky Mountain News*. In Denver it was reported as a German torpedo attack: Since your question is about October, I also discovered a whole site with clippings that include clippings from September 8 1939 through to 1941. Hope that helps.
  14. Panay's Ghost

    The Day They Died

    April 6 1940 U-1 (Kriegsmarine Type IIA submarine): Struck a mine and sank in the North Sea north of Terschelling, Friesland, Netherlands. Her wreck was located by divers in June, 2007. U-50 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIB submarine): Struck a mine and sank in the North Sea north of Terschelling, Friesland, Netherlands. 1941 HMS Comorin (RN armed merchant cruiser): Caught fire in the Atlantic Ocean and scuttled by HMS Broke. Georgios (Royal Hellenic Navy auxiliary ship): Bombed and sunk at Piraeus by Luftwaffe aircraft. HMY Surf (RN yacht): Bombed and sunk at Piraeus by Luftwaffe aircraft. HMY Torrent (RN yacht, former Anna Marie): Struck a mine and sank in the English Channel off Falmouth, Cornwall. 1942 HMS Havock (RN H-class destroyer): Ran aground and was wrecked off Kelibia, Tunisia. She was later hit by a torpedo from Aradam. HMIS Indus (Indian Grimsby-class sloop): Bombed and sunk in an Imperial Japanese air raid on Akyab, Burma. HMS West Cocker (RN West-class tugboat): Bombed and sunk at Malta in an air raid. 1943 M 4041 Dr. Augustus Heldt (Kriegsmarine auxiliary minesweeper): Struck a mine and sank in the Bay of Biscay off Le Verdon-sur-Mer, Gironde, France. U-167 (Kriegsmarine Type IXC/40 submarine): Scuttled in the Atlantic Ocean off Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain. She had been badly damaged by depth charges from RAF aircraft the day before. U-632 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean by RAF aircraft. UJ 2202 Jutland (Kriegsmarine submarine chaser): Bombed and sunk in the Mediterranean Sea by American aircraft. VAS 202 (RM VAS 201-class submarine chaser): Sunk at Trapani by Allied aircraft. 1944 R-192 (Kriegsmarine R-151 minesweeper): Sunk in the Tyrrhenian Sea off Cecina, Tuscany, Italy by Royal Navy motor torpedo boats. U-302 (Kriegsmarine Type VIIC submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the North Atlantic north-west of the Azores by HMS Swale. 1945 Amatsukaze (IJN Kagerō-class destroyer): Bombed and damaged in the Strait of Formosa east of Amoy, China by USAAF aircraft and beached at the entrance to Amoy harbor. Salvage was abandoned two days later after further damage by a storm and she was permanently scuttled with explosive charges on 10 April. USS Bush (USN Fletcher-class destroyer): Sunk in the Pacific Ocean off Okinawa, Japan by a kamikaze attack. USS Colhoun (USN Fletcher-class destroyer): Sunk in the Pacific Ocean off Okinawa by kamikaze aircraft. USS Emmons (USN high-speed minesweeper, former Gleaves-class destroyer): Damaged by kamikaze attack in the Pacific Ocean off Okinawa. She was scuttled the next day. U-1195 (Kriesmarine Type VIIC submarine): Depth charged and sunk in the English Channel south of Spithead Roads by HMS Watchman. Salvage attempts by the Royal Navy were abandoned by the end of the month.
  15. Panay's Ghost

    KS Update: Death and Taxes!?

    Option 3.