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  1. Shirogane

    KS Update 119: Nenohi & Ark Royal

    USS Anderson (DD-411) A new ship in the game? Option 3
  2. Shirogane

    Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

    Option 5
  3. Shirogane

    Update #113- Gneisenau and Takao

    Option 1
  4. Shirogane

    Request - Weight of Explosives, 21" Mk V

    The Polish destroyers of ORP Burza and ORP Wicher were of the Type D1 Conjugator of La Precision Moderne.
  5. Shirogane

    KS Update 105

    So reading the text and I found a mistake in the text. When ORP Wicher talks and uses the word Kapitan should Kapitanie - because it is related to the Polish grammar and respect for the rank of military man. When he does not talk to him or he is not in a room, for example there should be a Kapitan.
  6. Shirogane

    Starting ports

    I would add Gdynia - the main base of the Polish Navy for ships, naval aviation base, fortified base and commercial port. Hel was the main base of the Polish Navy for submarines and a spare naval base. Gdynia had good anti-aircraft defense and could take large ships in the port.
  7. Shirogane

    General Victory Belles Questions Thread

    I wonder about the warships that were built during the war, but the work was interrupted or unfinished because of the beginning of the war, the destruction during the war or because of the end of the war sent to scrap. If VB changes history, then how does this matter look like?
  8. Shirogane

    KS Update 105

    Option 2, 3 and 5. Votes historical
  9. Shirogane

    KS Update 104

    Option 6
  10. Shirogane

    List of Belles in game Victory Belles

    Added to the list of confirmed destroyer of US Navy - USS Somers (DD-381).
  11. Shirogane

    KS Update 102: U-29, Voykov, and the Battle Engine!

    Slavic mythology is very rich in demons. Divided into good, bad and having different intentions: Boginka - in the pre-Christian beliefs of the Slavs, a female demon who is a personification of the forces of nature, hostile to people. The Boginka inhabited swamps, lakes, rivers and the sea. Women who died during childbirth, suicide and murderer of children were to become goddesses. They were imagined as ugly women with saggy breasts, large heads and crooked legs, or as beautiful young girls. The nymphs attacked the obstetricians, changed children, scare the horses at the waterhole and cattle in the field, destroy fishing nets. Bies - in the pre-Christian beliefs of the Slavs, personification of an unspecified evil spirit, demon of evil. The name bies derives from the Slavonian * bĕsъ, from the pro-European * bhoidh-, meaning 'causing fear, horror. The devils could penetrate into individual people and direct their actions (hence the term "zbiesiony"), they were also attributed to guarding treasures hidden in the earth. They were in forests, swamps and in deep water. After the Christianization of the Slavdom, the term bies began to be used as a synonym for the concept of the devil. Utopiec (locally known as topic, flux, utoplec, utoplec, utopek, topek, waserman) - evil and deceitful water demon from Slavic beliefs, often identified with a waterman and confused with a drowning man. Drowsies were born from the souls of drowned people and aborted fetuses. Similarly to waterers, all water reservoirs inhabited (in some applications including wells and roadside ditches) and drowned bathers and animals crossing the river. In some places they were also responsible for floods of rivers and flooding fields and meadows. The drowners took the form of tall, very thin people with slippery green skin, large head and dark hair. During the new moon, the drowners came out onto the shore. They often lured people to each other, playing with them in riddles. The person who tried to cheat on the riddles was melting immediately. Option 2 @Käpt'n KorkyIn 39 there were countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, which in 1940 were incorporated by force into the Soviet Union. However, the Polish communists are a long topic. The fact was the Polish communists in the Second Fleet of the Polish Navy and showed up only on September 17, 1939 trying to rebel, shooting their own brothers and officers or escaped and joined the red greeting the so-called. liberators. However, they did not get any unit, however, they helped to extract sunken individuals and were left to Soviet mariners and navy. A real communist Polish navy was established in July 1945
  12. Shirogane

    List of Belles in game Victory Belles

    @Käpt'n Korky Links to USS Stewart, HMCS Saguenay and HMS Ark Royal have been repaired.
  13. Shirogane

    KS Update: Death and Taxes!?

    Option 3
  14. Shirogane

    KS Update 99: Exeter & Chiyoda

    Option 1 Walka z wiatrakami.
  15. Lekcja 2 - Lesson 2 Być na gazie - Be on the gas - be under the influence of alcohol. Modlitwa Wieczorna, Apel Jasnogórski - Evening Prayer, Appeal of Jasna Gora - evening prayer at 9 pm directed to The Black Madonna of Częstochowa for the intentions of the Motherland and the Church. In the Polish navy, sailors sing a prayer. Capstrzyk - Silence at night - Quiet hours on ships from 21.30 to 5.00 during which the crew sleeps on the ship theoretically. Czasoprzestrzeń - Ang. Spacetime - cleaning in the corridor of the same place until dinner. Dziura - Hole - undesirable silence on the radio. Dzień słonia - Ang. Elephant Day - exercises in gas masks. Klaruj do wyjścia! - Clarify to the exit! - type of command of the ship's exit from the port. Łyskać - broadcast a message with the Morse code using light pulses. Stary - Old - experienced sailor. Tak trzymać! - Keep it up! - keep the direction of the command. In Polish artillery, a sign of hit the target. Złapać słońce - Catch the sun - measure the height of the sun using a sextant. Zmierzch żeglarski - Ang. Sailing twilight - majestic view of the sea in the morning and when it sets in for the night. Perfect weather for swimming. Ruskie - the colloquial term "Russian". Komuniści, Komuchy - Communists, Commies. Sowiety - Soviets - a description of the inhabitants of the USSR, and above all, mainly of the officers of the communist regime of that country. Na stanowiska bojowe! - Ang. For battle stations! - type of command for the crew after announcing the alarm or noticing the enemy. Fala - Ang. Wave - the phenomenon of creating an illegal hierarchy among soldiers, where soldiers with a shorter service period are subordinated to soldiers with a longer service period and often humiliated by them. Okręt podwodny - Submarine. Kontrtorpedowiec - Destroyer - In France, in the interwar period, the great destroyers began to be classified as contre-torpilleur, from which the Polish term "kontrtorpedowiec" came from, used until the Second World War. Niszczyciel - Destroyer - the name used for Polish ships together with the old name Kontrtorpedowiec. Krążownik lekki - Light cruiser. Krążownik ciężki - Heavy cruiser. Krążownik - Battlecruiser. Krążowniki pomocnicze - Auxiliary cruisers. Lotniskowiec - Aircraft carrier. Pancernik -Battleship. Stawiacz min - Minelayer. Jankes - Yankee - the colloquial term "American". Naruchać - arrange something, combine, often steal. "Gdy Pomorze nie pomoże, to pomoże może morze, a gdy morze nie pomoże, to pomoże może las. Jak Pomorze nie pomoże, to pomoże może morze, a jak morze nie pomoże, to pomoże może Gdańsk. Pojedziemy na Pomorze, jak Pomorze nie pomoże, to pomoże może morze, a jak morze nie pomoże, to pomoże może Hel" - When Pomerania does not help, maybe the sea will help, and when the sea does not help, maybe the forest will help. If it does not help Pomerania, maybe the sea will help, and if the sea does not help, Gdańsk will help. We will go to Pomerania, how Pomerania will not help, maybe the sea will help, and if the sea does not help, Hel may help" - Breaker language related with Polish marine bases and the possibility of help . Forest - Oksywie Gdynia. Gdańsk - Polish Military Transit Depot Westerplatte. Hel - the second base of the navy. Szyk liniowy, Szyk torowy - Ships going in one line. Przyjaciel - Friend. "Thirteen", Lublin - Polish observation seaplane. Lublin R-XIII bis / ter / G (hydro). Zanurzenie! - Dipping!- type of command on submarines. Głębokość peryskopowa, Peryskopowa!- Periscope depth - maximum depth of immersion of the submarine, at which it is possible to observe the surface of the sea with a periscope. Type of command. Handlowiec - Tradesman - Merchant ship. Maskotka - Mascot. Sztil - windless weather at sea. Halsować - flow with a broken (zigzag) course. Wachta - serving on the ship by one change of crew and part of the crew on duty. Wrak - damaged, unusable, sunken ship. Kok - ship chef. Latający Holender - Flying Dutchman - a legendary ship that is still floating on the seas and can not land. Gala banderowa - Gala flag - a ceremonial decoration of a warship. Eskadra - Squadron - a naval tactical team consisting of ships of various types. Dok - a floating or permanent port facility used for the construction or repair and maintenance of ships. Chrzest morski - Ang.Sea baptism - a sailing custom used when crossing the equator. Zwiad - Scouting.