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  1. Option 2! It is a very good option.
  2. Fat Thursday is a traditional Christian feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the celebration of Carnival. Because Lent is a time of fasting, the next opportunity to feast would not be until Laetare Sunday, and after that not until Easter. Traditionally it is a day dedicated to eating, when people meet in their homes or cafés with their friends and relatives and eat large quantities of sweets, cakes and other meals usually not eaten during Lent. Among the most popular all-national dishes served on that day are pączki in Poland or berliner, fist-sized donuts filled with rose marmalade, and angel wings (faworki), French dough fingers served with powdered sugar.
  3. I ask out of curiosity. It would be possible to create Fat Thursday Seasonal Belles?
  4. Option 2
  5. Option 2
  6. Polish School sailor orchestra "Żegluga" Berlin Tattoo 2017
  7. I vote Wicher for Halloween Belles. I wonder if the costume will refer to Dziady and Zaduszki - the pre-Christian Slavic rite and the Kraboszki mask. More hardcore than Halloween.
  8. Polish war film from 1967 with English subtitles. Film reconstruction of the legendary defense of Westerplatte. The facility, commanded by Major Sucharski, despite the imbalance of power, instead of 12 hours defending 7 days. There are ammunition and food supplies arriving, and the commander in a sense of responsibility for his people, convinced that they feed their homeland more than dead heroes, decides to surrender to Westerplatte. On September 7, the capitulation is signed. One of the most outstanding and most interesting Polish war films: a military victory replaced by a lack of hope, an unequal battle, a male adventure - a war of everyday life, suffering and suffering, and black and white schemes - respect for the enemy. And the key question is what is the duty to our country: to care for those who have survived and can be useful to us, or to fight at all costs, to the last drop of blood. In the dispute between rationalism and romance, the director and scriptwriter, although solidarity with the first position, do not refuse the other. Directed by Stanislaw Rozewicz
  9. Wicher decided to give the Polish Rectified spirit 96% a shot of the Belles that had just risen on the floor and those who have just started to drink . The next day are capable of fighting Russian and Polish Belles.
  10. ORP Piorun vs. Bismarck 22 May 1941 Author: Adama Werka Polish painter, graphic artist, maritime historian. The picture was based on the reports of the sailors witnesses of Polish destroyer ORP Piorun.
  11. 2
  12. After 75 years the bell of destroyer ORP "Kujawiak" on the surface. The bell came to the maintenance office of the National Heritage Agency of Malta and will be undergoing maintenance for the next three months. Later he will probably go to the Maritime Museum in La Valletta.