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  1. For the war effort? 2, obviously
  2. 3, this is a Navy dammit, not a schoolhouse. Save the fun for shoreleave
  3. Gonna go with 2 as well... And I must say, I'm damned tempted to see if I can cool Pola's heels a bit. Probably going to be my pet project when she's in my fleet. Actually, she reminds me a bit of a younger me, before I stopped giving a s***
  4. Option 1
  5. I think I'd just walk away, massaging my temples... But In lieu of that, option 3.
  6. Option 2, to help Scharnhorst get those men back to work. This is a Navy, not a college dormitory!
  7. I'm torn between 3 and 2... But they wouldn't be acting this... intensely unless there was a good reason. I hope. Option 2
  8. I support Kagawa-san's attempt to create better aircraft. This is the era of carrier primacy!
  9. Velasco and Canarias. We haven't seen much from España.
  10. Option 4: Call the whole hand a wipe and move on to the next one. Ok, fine, option 2.
  11. Heck, even the post-industrial pre-Great War era would be interesting. You've got all sorts of large naval conflicts with major technological and doctrinal advancements like the American Civil War or the Russo-Japanese War.
  12. Oh snap! B of course, Hood is just afraid of the competition.
  13. I wish to, once again, put forth Kongou and Hood
  14. Of course, U-1 was an alien! It all makes sense now... I'll see myself out