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  1. 10, I'd rather turn the tables than risk losing an attempt at a counter-offensive.
  2. One, and then start planning the disciplinary hearing...
  3. 1, if they didn't want to eat what Boise selected, they shouldn't have put her in charge of food
  4. Hmm, tough choices this week... I do want to hear more about mythic land masses and potential Morgana bases... And the chance to lure the enemy into a trap should be considered... But I must know what became of the seagull. 2
  5. 4, debts should be repaid as soon as possible
  6. 3, this is a Navy dammit, not a schoolhouse. Save the fun for shoreleave
  7. Gonna go with 2 as well... And I must say, I'm damned tempted to see if I can cool Pola's heels a bit. Probably going to be my pet project when she's in my fleet. Actually, she reminds me a bit of a younger me, before I stopped giving a s***
  8. I think I'd just walk away, massaging my temples... But In lieu of that, option 3.
  9. Option 2, to help Scharnhorst get those men back to work. This is a Navy, not a college dormitory!
  10. I'm torn between 3 and 2... But they wouldn't be acting this... intensely unless there was a good reason. I hope. Option 2
  11. I support Kagawa-san's attempt to create better aircraft. This is the era of carrier primacy!
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