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  1. 1) Scharnhorst and Leningrad (madness)

    2) Kirov and New Orleans (party time)

    3) Kirov and Voykov (what would they even talk about?)

    4) Salt Lake City and Aoba (nice american forearms wink wonk)

    5) Leberecht Maas and Henley (baking buddies!)

    6) Kongo and Hood (battle of the matriarchs ...) 

    7) Kommuna and De Ruyter (aka precious cinnamon roll club)

  2. 2 hours ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

    Edit: Oh, oh I got one: Do the Belles have any memory of Belles who awoke in the distant past maybe? Like in the "golden age of piracy" or in the classic ancient times? Or when the sea people came? I don't think that Lore question was answered anywhere yet. Amiright??? ^_^

    Ooh, I second this one! 

    This maaaay have been answered in General Thread, but are Belle manifestations much physically stronger than humans? Are some belles physically stronger than others, regardless of or related to their ship size?  (Salt Lake City boxing with the sailors and Pola punching Mahan brings this to mind)

    Further on that, if they do physically injure themselves, are they manifesting blood to look more human? Or if they're heavily damaged via a fight or naval battle, would they look more mechanically damaged, like a Morgana or a broken doll? 

    (Just weird things I'm wondering about ...) 

  3. Kommuna and de Ruyter -- they're just so sweet!

    Mahan and Houston -- I think they'd have a fun chemistry.

    Kongo and Hood + Mississippi? -- I don't personally like the first two, but all three are just a trio of elegant ladies that must be seen.

    New Orleans and Kirov -- w/ Kitakami for MAXIMUM PARTY OVERDRIVE

    Scharnhorst with ANYONE, really, maybe LENINGRAD? -- The two of them are just a treat. I can't imagine how they'd even handle each other, though ... 

    Takao and Salt Lake City -- So Takao can admire her, ahem, arms.

    Leberecht Maass and Henley -- They just seem like they'd get along!

    Voykov and Kirov -- The definition of "Sugar" and "Ice" ... 

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