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  1. So has this been fixed? If not, is there a version in which it works, do we know which patch broke it?
  2. Was the reason that it's possibly the last one, for a long time?
  3. Okay, thanks!
  4. Thank you! Is there anything new for Godina in the latest three?
  5. Can you change the background so that you have the blue and no the golden background, like in the old UI version?
  6. The previous DLC always said which colleges got more adventures, so I'm curious, which ones are added in DLC 16-18?
  7. Thanks! I'll wait until the patch is finished, it's still supposed to be the last one, right?
  8. There's a new update? Where? I don't see it in the updates section. I'm guessing it's DLC 17 CP, right?
  9. Where did you find this update, is it for beta testers? It's not in the update section. Actually, I can't find any DLC 17 there.
  10. Thanks! By this fall you mean anytime between Sep-Nov? I'm kind of torn waiting for the next CP and trying out this one, since all of them are inevitably bugged in some way.
  11. Pity. Thanks!
  12. Was this fixed in any of the Steam patches that followed?
  13. If you haven't found out yet, open Steam, click on settings and you'll find it in the In-Game menu.
  14. Oh oh, when is it coming? Should I wait a few days before creating a new game?
  15. When did Orthography get demoted? With DLC 17? I just came back after a pause.