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  1. I posted a doujinshi of Mahan of Victory Belles which I issued at Comike 93. The dialogue is translated into English by machine translation.R-18.
  2. I do things I can do with my current workmanship, so everything may change, but it may be as it is. Either way, I will draw various things. It is possible to mail my doujins overseas, but it is very difficult to receive the price. Moreover, it is very expensive. I am considering being able to browse with pixiv etc etc.
  3. I make a Victory Belles doujin Comiket 93(December 31, 2017) If someone comes to Comiket, please read it.
  4. It is Mahan on the way of drawing
  5. I am sorry, it means that there is a schedule to be released as a document after a new update.(Boise and Bulldog video Interview)
  6. 2.
  7. Boise and Bulldog, their interview is not written in the document, so it is difficult to translate. Can I ask you to create it again in writing?
  8. picture of Mahan that I drew a while ago
  9. I drew a picture of Mahan.
  10. I would like to know how much cost is required for human side when Morganas fights a human fleet without Belles. For example, do we need several battleships to defeat a Morganas light cruiser?
  11. The mountain of Kyoto which is the origin of Takao name is called "Takao-Yama" "SAN" and "YAMA" In many cases we will make mistakes even in Japanese.