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  1. zhao-zhanghua

    Production Update #10: Beta No Go

    Since we have waited for so lang time,we should know at least what is done and what is still under work. So i agree with Arm.
  2. zhao-zhanghua

    Captain's Association Duo: La Motte-Picquet & Le Triomphant!

    God of RNG need option 1!
  3. zhao-zhanghua

    Christmas Belles Commission

    wow,so cool
  4. zhao-zhanghua

    Voting for the Interesting Offer Here!

    For mother Russia, MIlena Ivakina
  5. zhao-zhanghua

    Production Update #8: Beta No Go!

    Anyway ,we can know what happened during the development and let us wait for the new year
  6. zhao-zhanghua

    Belle Duo Voting: Hood & Kongou

    So interesting,a meeting of an old Lady and an older Lady. And I think Hood's great and great Aunt will win.
  7. zhao-zhanghua

    Favourite Belles

    Before I wrote the list, I read all the interviews completely,then: 1. Nürnberg 2. Киров 3.Kumano 4.Orion 5.Nenohi 6.Hans Ludemann 7.De Ruyter 8.U-29 9.D'Aosta 10.Kougou
  8. zhao-zhanghua

    Production Update #6: Beta No Go!

    So the back-end program crashes? It always bothers the front-end engineers like me. Good Luck I wish
  9. zhao-zhanghua

    Captain's Association Duo: Mahan and Leningrad Voting

  10. zhao-zhanghua

    Belle pairing ideas

    After a long thought ,I want to see Nuernburg and Kinov . Their personalities are almost the opposite ,and that would become surprising.
  11. zhao-zhanghua

    Beta Candidate #5: No Go & Swab the Decks!

    I'm a front-end development engineer, and I thought that if your back-end development is done, then the whole project would accelerate .
  12. zhao-zhanghua

    Captain's Association, Round 52: Vote by Sunday, 7/9, Afternoon, PST

    Seems no doubt this week , Lets see how HMS submarine appears in the Interview.
  13. zhao-zhanghua

    Update 68: Takao

    It's Tak-Ao-yama, and Takao is named from Ta-kao-san. So Ninja is right. Anyway, Takao is quite a classic samurai as I thought.
  14. zhao-zhanghua

    Captain's Association, Round 50: Vote by Sunday, 6/25, Afternoon, PST

    Orion is fine.