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  1. Dunno I got jacket from junk dog from megalo box
  2. Imagine getting stab with that spear torpedo
  3. hello guy's any big update this month?
  4. A doujinshi of my beloved bell
  5. need a bigger net for that job hehehehehe
  6. Yo dude do you still need new artist? Nice art hehehehe hehehe
  7. Going out with Captain
  8. HEHEHEHE i'm not that good just do it for fun while i wait for the game
  9. Ohhh I forget that @Ninjapacman yeah I change my mind Dierther in bikini
  10. I want to see Hood in bikini so
  11. Diether for Halloween hehehehehehehehehe
  12. Try this guy https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=860591734007717&ref=content_filter
  13. Thanks I will try Mississippi right now
  14. Hahaha I don't why I draw Sharnhorst like this
  15. She looks like adult version of yukari akiyama
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