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  1. A doujinshi of my beloved bell
  2. I'm glad you like it
  3. need a bigger net for that job hehehehehe
  4. Yo dude do you still need new artist? Nice art hehehehe hehehe
  5. Going out with Captain
  6. This all I can do
  7. HEHEHEHE i'm not that good just do it for fun while i wait for the game
  8. Ohhh I forget that @Ninjapacman yeah I change my mind Dierther in bikini
  9. Nice
  10. I want to see Hood in bikini so
  11. Diether for Halloween hehehehehehehehehe
  12. Ohh ok I will try
  13. UwU what is this
  14. Try this guy
  15. Hahaha I don't why I draw Sharnhorst like this
  16. She looks like adult version of yukari akiyama
  17. I'm not good at guessing game who's that bell?
  18. So let's try to make them wear it hahaha give me the name I will try my best
  19. As long as I can draw I will draw
  20. So we really need maid costume in the game ha
  21. Thanks this is the second time I draw I think I got a art block for 3months
  22. Pardon me the katana is not straight hahahahahaha